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  1. Thanks for the advice i'll do it and report back Guthrie Zuehlke
  2. @8x SSAA it cuts the frames but it is still smooth. So stuttering is non existent. Because of all the addons I run I upgraded my RAM to 32 mb and that did seem to speed up my system some. Before I upgraded, I had 16gb. I monitored my RAM usage and it was using 80% or more pretty consistently. Once I doubled it things got smoother. I think it was bottle necking my CPU. I know a lot of addons will soak up RAM. The most important thing, however is the speed of the RAM.
  3. Yes I do. I turned on the dome lights using FSlabs Spotlight. This instantly cut frames in half with 8x SSAA. Went back to 8x MSAA got maybe 4 frames back. Went down to 4x SSAA, and frame rate was the same as 8x MSAA...Around 25-35 fps. The weird thing is that the Frame Rates are showing 25-35 fps inside the cockpit with dome lights on during T/O yet it appears smooth. Flight over New York at night in a thunderstorm with dynamic lighting on, dome lights on...smooth. Guthrie Zuehlke
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I loaded up at LaGuardia in a major thunderstorm at night with dynamic lighting on, and flew an approach. 30+ frames both inside and outside the cockpit. I know this sounds crazy but it's smooth. Guthrie Zuehlke
  5. First my computer specs. i78700k OC 4.8 ghz. Nvidia RTX 2080 32 gb Corsair Vengeance RAM @ 3200mhz Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD. Dell monitor with GSync 2560x1440 @ 144hz I fly the FS Labs A319/320 exclusively for Prepar3d 4.5 It recommends using MSAA for anti aliasing which i’ve always done. Today, for fun I tried 8x SSAA. For some unknown reason it actually runs the sim smoother in all situations. I tried lower SSAA settings and there was no difference in smoothness or frames whether it was 2x or 8x SSAA. I understand the different Anti Aliasing techniques, and SSAA should tax the system more. Others have reported bad stuttering. The opposite is the case for me. Anyone have insight into why this is? Thanks. Guthrie Zuehlke
  6. Yes. My Vcore is 1.375 with Hyper threading off. I do that because I found that the sim runs smoother for me with it off...I also set my load line calibration to level 2. I purchased some new RAM 32 gb of Corsair Vengeance, and I use the XMP Profile which runs it at 3200 mhz. Further speeding up the system. My temps are around 38C idle, and 52-60c running the sim. I’ve never seen a temp higher than 62C. Everything is stable. I ran prime95 for a day with no crashes.
  7. Recently, I’ve invested in some new hardware with the goal of achieving smooth flight with higher settings. I’m happy to report that all my hard work has paid off, with the help of these forums! I started with upgrading my video card to the RTX 2080 (not just for sim I play other games too) I purchased a Corsair liquid cooler H100i Pro. I already had 16gb of Ripjaw memory so I stayed with that. Finally, I purchased the 970 Evo Plus V-Nano 1TB SSD where I loaded Prepar3d and all my addons. I have an i7 8700k and I achieved a stable 5 ghz overclock on it, which took some work. The results are wonderful. Smooth flight with very few stutters even flying into JFK. However, reasonable compromises have been made to both my settings in Prepar3d and my addons which I will list. If you’ve read this far thank you! If I can help anyone with advice I’d be happy to share what i’ve learned throughout this journey. Thanks for reading! Addons PMDG 747-8 Active Sky REX 5 Sky Force, Environment Force, World wide airports HD Orbx All Global packages including Vector
  8. any word on the southwest colorado one livery for the ngx -700 Ian Bhenke
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