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  1. Help needed. Is anyone using LNM Ver 2.8.12 64bit for MSFS when using Neofly ver 4 and getting this error? which is closing the sim. Only from when I started using Neofly, usually LNM and MSFS works very well together. Any known fixes? Thanks
  2. When I downloaded LNM version 2.8.1 beta it installed by default AIRAC cycle 2106. The manual for LNM explains you use the Navigraph Data center app for MSFS 2020 and not FMS data manager is that correct? When I go to the Navigraph data center there is no link to update the AIRAC in LNM, Can anyone explain how I can update the default cycle to AIRAC 2210 which is the current one, Thank you.
  3. Anyone know if there is any plan to make LNM available in VR for MSFS 2020 or if there is a program already out there, could I have the details. Thank You
  4. Hello I am using version 2.6.4, my question is can I use a userpoint as the departure or arrival airport when I try to export the flight plan I get this warning message. Has anyone managed to do it? Thanks
  5. Hi Has anyone experienced this and how did you fix it. My XPLane is version 11.41r1 I updated my Navigraph AIRAC to version 2001 and I also downloaded CIFP zip file 200102 and put the CIFP file in Custom data folder. When I started XPLane I had this error message? Can anyone tell me how I can fix this? Thanks.
  6. Hi, yes that is what I meant, and when I looked in Scenery library I can see AIRAC 1913. Thank you for the help Regards
  7. Hello Again, I have just added LNM to my Navigraph mappings. I read the user guide and followed the instructions of creating a path to: drive:/user/username/appdata/roaming/ABarthel, and pointed Navigraph to that folder, I do not see the proc folder and txt files associated with Navigraph AIRACS. Strangely in the in the little_navmap_db where the instructions said not to put anything in.. I can see the cycle txt file from Navigraph. Is there somewhere in LNM I can check to see if the current AIRAC 1913 rev1 has been installed correctly. or can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Happy Holidays Kalibra
  8. Happy holidays everyone. Upgraded to ver 2.4.4 and I have a message "waiting for data" what is this referring too? The software seems to be working correctly just this message, anyone know how I can fix it? and what it relates to, is it something in LNM I need to configure or is it Xplane? Thanks - Kalibra
  9. Hi Bryan Maybe I was not clear in my question. Under buttons + switches in my registered copy of FSUPIC I could not find in the drop down list a alt static and prop sync control as shown in the FS2crew manual.. What can I use in FSUPIC to replace these Thanks
  10. Can anyone help with my problem. My Saitek Flight Pro yoke works through FSUIPC so the controller is disabled in FSX. So the recommended button and keys do not work alt static source and prop sync options. what settings can I use in FSUIPC to do the same thing.for FS2 crew.
  11. Hello Vic. I use AVG for anti virus on both machines, but not firewall management, that is done through windows. I have the following rules on both the client and server computer for SimConnect. Port 500 inbound/outbound Any protocol, i.e. tcp, udp etc.. Still not working. :( It was suggested that I put a post on the HiFi forum, which I will do later today. Thanks for the suggestion, they all help :biggrin:
  12. Rendi. Many Thanks for the config, I amended mine exactly as yours and still not able to use ASN. Do you have any more suggestions. About to throw it in the bin, probably will not as it cost a lot of money. You can see it here; https://www.dropbox.com/sc/bk2yn17nlyjmtjo/Bl282aO1G6
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