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  1. Anyone know if there is any plan to make LNM available in VR for MSFS 2020 or if there is a program already out there, could I have the details. Thank You
  2. Hello I am using version 2.6.4, my question is can I use a userpoint as the departure or arrival airport when I try to export the flight plan I get this warning message. Has anyone managed to do it? Thanks
  3. Hi Has anyone experienced this and how did you fix it. My XPLane is version 11.41r1 I updated my Navigraph AIRAC to version 2001 and I also downloaded CIFP zip file 200102 and put the CIFP file in Custom data folder. When I started XPLane I had this error message? Can anyone tell me how I can fix this? Thanks.
  4. Hi, yes that is what I meant, and when I looked in Scenery library I can see AIRAC 1913. Thank you for the help Regards
  5. Hello Again, I have just added LNM to my Navigraph mappings. I read the user guide and followed the instructions of creating a path to: drive:/user/username/appdata/roaming/ABarthel, and pointed Navigraph to that folder, I do not see the proc folder and txt files associated with Navigraph AIRACS. Strangely in the in the little_navmap_db where the instructions said not to put anything in.. I can see the cycle txt file from Navigraph. Is there somewhere in LNM I can check to see if the current AIRAC 1913 rev1 has been installed correctly. or can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Happy Holidays Kalibra
  6. Happy holidays everyone. Upgraded to ver 2.4.4 and I have a message "waiting for data" what is this referring too? The software seems to be working correctly just this message, anyone know how I can fix it? and what it relates to, is it something in LNM I need to configure or is it Xplane? Thanks - Kalibra
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