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Found 23 results

  1. Hello guys, I ask the experts .... my request is not aircraft specific, even if this case relates to MD11; I'm trying to assing to a joystick button a spoiler detent to increase/decrease speedbtrakes without success. I can only assign "Spoiler ON / OFF" but not incremental notches like for flaps to understand; I see in FSUIPC "Button and Keypresses/FS Control" there is the Spoiler Incr and Decr command but it seems to have no effect, at least on PMDG MD11. Does anyone know where I am wrong or suggest me the correct configuration in FSUIPC? Thanks in advance, Riccardo
  2. Hello all. I have been using a joystick with twisting function for my FSX. I just got my rudder pedal and trying to separate the tiller and rudder. So far I have managed to use the tiller by the joystick twisting without affecting the rudder but when I use the rudder pedal, the tiller turns and steer the aircraft on the ground. So is there a way to assign rudder pedal to rudder function only? I'm testing on PMDG 777 but I think the same will be for your 737 and MD11? (Yes, I have searched google for couple hours) Hoang Le.
  3. When I load the 737NGX and configure the Ailerons and Elevator. The Ailerons only move 2 degrees Left and right Elevator only an inch forward and back and the rudders hardly move. It doesn't matter if I config them through FSX-SE or Fusipc it still happens but not on other aircraft. Help Richard Preece
  4. Help any one Ive had a complete fresh reinstall of my system and finally moved over to FSX Steam Im having dificulty configuring the Saitek Joystick and Rudder, Its been recommended that for the PDGM 737 the throttles are configured through FSX which I have done and Ive tried to configure the elevators, Ailerons and Rudders through FUSIPC. however when I have done this the Ailerons only move 2 degrees in either direction the elevatoes only move about an inch forward and back and the Rudders hardly move at all. Ive tried running them back through settings within FSX-SE and taking out any conflicting commands in FSUIPC but I get the same. the Joy stick is calibrated and works for my Otter. So Have I missed something or has anyone had a similar issue and resolve it. a push in the right direction would be greatfull Regards Richard Preece
  5. This problem has really been bothering me for a long time. I have tried basically everything in the book to solve it. When I switch tasks in flight, say to check vpilot or go to chrome, my controller resets and causes fsx not to read it anymore. I tried porting it through FSUIPC and the same problem occured. I've gone through device manager(making sure it doesn't cut off for power saving), and did the same thing in control panel. I have run fsx in compatability mode, still no luck. When I check fsuipc anything to do with the yoke disappears. I've updated the drivers on saitek, and the problem is still there. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with vas because whenever I go into a high end scenery area or I use a heavy payware aircraft it tends to happen more often. It's literally making it impossible to fly because I can't seem to go through a flight without this problem occuring. Sometimes I don't even need to do a task switch to get this to trigger, the yoke itself will just blip on and off and fsx will stop reading the yoke. This also happens with almost all my other joysticks as well. The only way I know about fixing it is by switching between fullscreen and windowed mode a ton of times, but that only works to a point. I am completely at a loss of what to do next. I've heard its a common problem with windows 8, but I still have no idea how to solve it.
  6. Hi, I have a Xbox One Controller connected via BlueTooth that I am trying to use to control Chase Plane. Chase Plane picks up the button assignments from the controller no problem. My issue is that certain buttons on the controller are sending commands to P3D, even though I cannot find any of them assigned in the P3D controller menu. For example, the "Change View" button on the controller activates the "End Scenario" menu in P3d. The A or "Select" button actives the brakes. I have also tried using FSUIPC to intercept the controller commands and assign them to either a NULL command, a keyboard command, or a FS command. However, no luck; the default controller/P3D behaviour persists. I've tried searching through the various WIN10 settings menus, but have not come across anything that is mapping the Xbox controller commands to something else. Any thoughts on how I can remove the default behaviour of the controller and the commands it is passing to P3D? Thanks, Tom
  7. As PMDG is currently working on the 747-8, I thought that this would be the perfect time to make a suggestion. It seems that for quite a while there has been an ongoing problem with the use of FSUIPC to assign throttle inputs to hardware axes. I was hoping that PMDG and Peter would eventually find a solution but it doesn't look like it will happen. The only thing that has prevented me from moving all throttles assignments off of FSUIPC is that I am hooked on flying your 747 and I need the ability that FSUIPC gives me to assign multiple throttle inputs to a single axis (eg., 1>1+2 & 2>3+4). It would be great if PMDG could add optional menu item that would do this internally. What do you think?
  8. I am in the midst of setting up my yoke and throttle quadrant in P3D v4, and I am trying to do it without the need to purchase FSUIPC 5. There's a decent chance I'll cave. FSUIPC 4 has a default Delta value of 256 in the Axis Assignment tab, which I believe reduced my CH throttle quadrant levers from any noticeable jitter. P3D v4, on the other hand, is picking up the slightest bit joystick jitter as if the Delta was significantly lower. The in-sim effect is causing my cockpit levers to jitter quite noticeably. Changing the axis sensitivity in P3D doesn't seem to affect this Delta. So, my question is how do I adjust the Delta that Prepar3D reads in without needing to install FSUIPC 5?
  9. I am trying to add some functionality v4 that FSUIPC provided me in v3, and I can't seem to figure out how to add new key assignments. I am currently attempting to add new assignments to the standard.xml file in AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Controls In particular, I'm trying to add keys to toggle my beacon, taxi, and navigation lights. I'm using the eventIDs from http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv2/LearningCenter/utilities/variables/event_ids.html For example, I added this in my <Name>KEYBOARD_MAIN.Native</Name> section <Entry> <Key>CTRL+SHIFT+P</Key> <Down>TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS</Down> </Entry> Upon loading P3D v4, that assignment gets removed. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Hello All For some time now I have been using LINDA with my Saitek switch panel, Yoke & VRInsite MCP . Great tool, thank you Guenseli. But eventually I thought that it was time to add more buttons and switches. I decided to buy an Open Cockpits i/p, o/p board and build it myself, having had some experience with electronics and software, no problems except that I soldered all the diodes the wrong way round. Everything working ok, programmed most of the switches and lights with SIOC to operate via FSUIPC. But,as I a fly several different types of aircraft and it's not easy to detect in SIOC the aircraft currently in use. So, I used LINDA to write a bit to a user byte in FSUIC which I could then detect in SIOC. Each user.lua sets a different bit (Boeing, Airbus, default, ..etc). That was a bit better. But programming in SIOC is so... time consuming I though there has to be a better way. So more study and research. I thought to write LUA code to be run by FSUIPC. I looked at writing my own app and running it in LUA/FSUIPC but then I thought much of the code is already available in LINDA actions.lua but I don't want to touch that. After much trial and error and searching I found the lib-user.lua Just what I need. I don't need to write my own routines everything is available from here. So what now happens. All that SIOC does is operate one of the virtual joystick buttons in FSUIPC , e.g. # SIOC code Var 0994, name JoyStick1, Link FSUIPC_OUT, Offset $3340, Length 4 // Joystick address Var 0169, name SetJoyBtn, Link SUBRUTINE { IF &BtnSet = 1 { &JoyStick1 = SETBIT &BtnNumber } ELSE { &JoyStick1 = CLEARBIT &BtnNumber } } -- one variable for each button Var 0170, name PBtn1, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 3, Input 8, Type I { &BtnSet = &PBtn1 &BtnNumber = 1 CALL &SetJoyBtn } Var 0171, name PBtn2, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 3, Input 6, Type I { &BtnSet = &PBtn2 &BtnNumber = 2 CALL &SetJoyBtn } Var 0172, name PBtn3, Link IOCARD_SW, Device 3, Input 7, Type I { &BtnSet = &PBtn3 &BtnNumber = 3 CALL &SetJoyBtn } These button events are caught by LINDA in lib-user.lua # LINDA lib-user.lua code function handleButtons(joynum, button, downup) -- call handler VButton_handler (joynum, button, downup) -- this fuction is in the user.lua of each airplane -- or you can handle each event separtely (globaly) here. if button == 0 then end if button == 1 then end if button == 2 then end if button == 3 then end if button == 4 then end -- etc end -- function -- events for virtual joystick buttons event.button(64,0,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,1,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,2,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,3,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,4,3,"handleButtons") event.button(64,5,3,"handleButtons") -- etc and sent to the button handler which is in LINDA user.lua # LINDA user.lua function VButton_handler (joyNo,btnNo,downUp) -- switch case would be nice here -- only joy stick 64 -- FSUIPC is from 0 .. 31, Linda 1.. 32 if btnNo == 0 then VButton_1 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 1 then VButton_2 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 2 then VButton_3 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 3 then VButton_4 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 4 then VButton_5 (downUp) elseif btnNo == 5 then VButton_6 (downUp) end -- etc end -- end VButton_handler This means that each aircraft in LINDA has its own set of actions for the aircraft currently in use and has full access to all the LINDA code. BINGO!!! Also all the user.lua code can be edited in LINDA editor. lib-user.lua should not need to be changed except for generic actions. I put the default settings in the templates/users/user.lua for any new aircraft. At the moment all my encoders are working ok, but I think I might try write something to be able to control them better in lua. What would be 'icing on the cake', if it was possible to assign functions to the virtual joystick buttons from the LINDA interface, but I realize that that is not quite as simple as I first thought. :wub: My thanks to Guenseli and Peter Dowson for there dedication and great support. Hope that this will be of use to others A very happy Carliolian
  11. Hi all B777 fans! I am having a problem with my PMDG B777. After I updated the FSUIPC on my computer the B777 stopped during loading. When the countdown clock is passing 17 it disappears but everything seems to work as it shall.Exept i can't control the throttle from my joystick and the tail rudder and elevator won't move at all with both the joystick and my keyboard. I have the newest version of the 777 and FSUIPC. Have tried to uninstall B777 and do a clean install of the plane. Nothing works exept removing the FSUIPC. The problem have not happend before the update of the FSUIPC. the problem happend first with the FSUIPC version before the current one FSUIPC4 4.958. Do anyone have a fix to this? I have the non registered version of FSUIPC. I just love the PMDG 777 so i really want to get this fixed as fast as possible. I have had the problem for many weeks now. So need some assistance from you guys! Thanks in advance Best regards Even Schjenken
  12. Hello, Could you help me please ? How can i use functions who are in actions.lua through FSUIPC ? actions.lua from : http://www.avsim.com/topic/341971-pmdg-737-ngx-module-47-new/ Example in FSUIPC : Key presses : SET : CTRL + J >>> NGX_PUMP1_AFT_toggle or Buttons + Switches : SET : 1 >>> NGX_PUMP1_AFT_toggle Thanks for help. PS : i have create a specific FSUIPC macro for the test, but i dont want do this for each function. PMDGBaseVar = 0x00011000 -- 69632 PMDG_ClkL = 0x20000000 -- 536870912 PMDG_ClkR = 0x80000000 -- -2147483648 PMDG_dec = 0x00002000 -- 8192 PMDG_inc = 0x00004000 -- 16384 PMDG_RelL = 0x00020000 -- 131072 PMDG_RelM = 0x00040000 -- 262144 PMDG_RelR = 0x00080000 -- 524288 function NGX_PUMP1_AFT_off () if ipc.readLvar('ngx_switch_37_a') ~= 0 then ipc.control(PMDGBaseVar+37, PMDG_ClkR) DspShow("PMP1", "Aoff") end end function NGX_PUMP1_AFT_on () if ipc.readLvar('ngx_switch_37_a') ~= 100 then ipc.control(PMDGBaseVar+37, PMDG_ClkL) DspShow("PMP1", "A on") end end if ipc.readLvar('ngx_switch_37_a') == 100 then NGX_PUMP1_AFT_off() else NGX_PUMP1_AFT_on() end PS : i have also test an include in lua MACRO file !? But dont still work ? require("scripts.actions") NGX_PUMP1_AFT_toggle() end Thanks for advance; Sky
  13. friends, how I can assign the ENGINE START LEVERS with FSUIPC. I want to use my command CH PRODC and I have several buttons available. What command can i use for this. Como puedo asignar con el FSUIPC, los engine start levers. Tks in advice. Fher.
  14. Dear Community, I am trying to rewrite an EPIC script that works for the standard FSX planes, sending offsets to control various values. My script is sending the values itself. It does not simply send increments ("turning the knobs"). Looking at the PMDG_NGX_SDK.h, my impression is that the events only "turn knobs", but I have not found events to send values. Only the offsets in the section "MCP direct control seem to send direct values. Is this correct? I am looking for a way to send NAV and COMM radio frequencies to the NGX. Best, Holger
  15. Hi All, I'm wondering if there's a way to read the text of FSUIPC messages that isn't tied to the simulator panels. My screen reading technology doesn't seem able to get anything from them, probably because of the technique use to draw the controls on screen. Nevertheless, a lot of add-ons seem to use the messages for various purposes, and it seems reasonable that something like this might exist. I'm envisioning a program rather like an old-style computer console, possibly even running in a Windows command prompt. It would display the messages as they come in, and that's probably about it. The key for me is that my screen reader needs to be able to access them, and it can't currently. Any thoughts on this?
  16. Hello all. I'm working on finishing my sim pit for FSX. I found the GoFlight GF-RP48 push button rotary module, but cannot seem to find a whole lot of info on it. First thing I need to know is if it connects using USB2.0. Second I need to know if it is fairly straight forward mapping it with FSUIPC. Third I need to know if I can use this for knobs in the cockpit like the OBS and Heading Bug and things like that. I hope somebody here owns one and can help me make a more informed decision. I am still pretty new to flight sims and computers, so a descriptive answer is appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Hi, here's a short introduction to how to create Mouse Macros in FSUIPC for use with LINDA. What is it: A Mouse Macro is kind of like a recorded mouse click, which you then later can replay to get the same effect. It normally works very well, but there are a few limitations: Not everything works with mouse macros. There is no simple rule for this, you will just have to try. The recorded marcros probably only works for the version of the plane they were recorded in. If a new version of the plane is released, then the macros need to be recorded again for that version. You can use a different livery without problems, but you will have to check to see whether different variants works with the same set of macros. You can only record macros with a full version of FSUIPC, so you will have to buy it. That should be a no-brainer. FSUIPC is the most important addon to get for FSX in my opinion. I have only tried to record macros in a virtual cockpit and in windowed mode. It may work in the other modes as well, I just haven't tried it. How to create a set of macros: Load the plane into FSX. Be sure that the buttons and dials you want to use are visible. Open FSUIPC from the addon dialog. In FSUIPC go to the "Buttons+Switches" page and click "Create Mouse Macro". Enter a file name in the dialog that shows up. Please use a name that is descriptive... Like "mjc8q400" which was the name used by Capt. Pero's macros for the "Majestic Dash 8 Q400". The file will be placed in "...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules". The same place where Linda was installed. After pressing Ok, you are returned FSUIPC. Press Ok here too; this returns you to the cockpit view. Now the magic starts. Right click, left click or scroll mouse wheel on the button/dial you want to record. Do exactly as you would when flying. When you do this a green or red window is shown (the colour does not mean anything, it just switches between red and green for each time you record a macro). This indicates that FSUIPC noticed you clicked on something. Optional: You can now press TAB to try the recorded macro. This will perform the action again. If satisfied, then enter a name for the macro (up to 16 characters) and press return. If not satisfied, press ESC. If you want to record more macros, then repeat from step 6 again. If you are done recording macros for now, then open FSUIPC in the Add-ons menu and go back to the "Button + Switches" page. Click "End Macro Making", then close the FSUIPC dialog and you are done recording the macros. That is all there is to it... Easy B) How to use a macro from Linda: To use the macro from Linda, you should create a function that "fires" the macro. I am not going to explain in detail how this is done. You can check out the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 for an example. See the contents of the actions.lua file in "....\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\linda\aircrafts\Majestic Dash 8 Q-400". Here is an example of a function firing a macro from that file: function AP_HDG_press () ipc.macro("mjc8q400: AP_HDG_press") end In the line above "mjc8q400" is the name of the macro file (leaving out .mcro), and AP_HDG_press is the name of the macro. That is, the name you typed in while recording the macro. Please, please: Try to decide on a systematic way to name the macros. It should be possible to figure out what each macro does just from this name. This makes it much easier to understand what happens when examining/writing the Linda file. It also makes it possible for someone else (or yourself for that matter) to re-record the macros later if a new version of the plane is released. The names of the Majestic macros is a good example. I was able to redo them with the new Dash 8 version based only on the name of the macros. For instance. What do you think the macro "AP_HDG_press" does? Well, it presses the HDG button on the Autopilot (AP). If Capt Pero had called that macro for "Coolname1" then I could not have re-recorded it easily Editing macros: You can edit the macro file with notepad; do not use Word or another word processing program. When you open the macro file, you can delete macros you don't want (maybe you recorded some by mistake), and you can rename macros if you think you have a better name for a macro or made a spelling error. Be sure not to modify the stuff after the second equal sign. That is FSUIPC's description of what you did when you recorded the macro. I always renumber the macros if I delete some. I don't know if this is necessary. Recording more macros: If you go into FSUIPC and start recording macros again with the same file name, then the macros are appended to the file if it already exists. Macro files can be used if they are in the modules folder. If you create some macro files just for testing, then delete them after use. Otherwise you use memory for a lot of macros that never are used. If you need more help, then ask, or read the FSUIPC manuals. Helge
  18. Hello all, Just a little something that I thought I would share with you all. if you're interested in seeing how hard your landings are (for *every* landing!) here's a little Lua script for FSUIPC (I believe you need the payware version for it to work!) I can't take full credit for it, as I found the basic version elsewhere. I just added a few lines here and there. Basically, every time you land a little box will pop up at the side of the screen showing you how hard your touchdown is in Feet Per Minute. The box will then disappear after 15 seconds. Simply copy this code into a text file and save it as "ipcReady.lua" in your FSX/P3D Modules folder. Start the sim and get practicing! ipc.setowndisplay("FPM", 0, 60, 6, 1) function logvs(off, val) if val ~= 0 then -- if on ground flag just set, get VS, convert it and log it vs = ipc.readSD(0x030C) --original was 030C then 31A0 vs = vs * 60 * 3.28084 / 256 ipc.log("Vertical speed at touchdown = " .. math.floor( (vs * 10^2) + 0.5) / (10^2), 5) ipc.display(math.floor( (vs * 10^2) + 0.5) / (10^2), 15) end end -- set to call above routine whenever "on ground" flag changes event.offset(0x0366, "UW", "logvs") Hopefully some people can add some additions and we can improve it together!
  19. I am experiencing a weird situation with my X55 throttle, FSUIPC5, PD3v4.1 and the PMDG 777. Basically, when I advance the throttle from idle, the speedbrake arms and the reversers deploy, then as I progress the throttle, the reverses go to idle and the normal engine thrust kicks in. Is there some setting I am missing that defines a region of the throttle as 'reversers'? If so, where is it located? I have controllers disabled in P3D and run everything through FSUIPC. I don't see this with other aircraft (non-PMDG). Has anyone else experienced this? If so, were you able to fix it?
  20. Hello, I'm flying and really enjoying the DC-6. I'm using P3Dv4. My question to the community is this: how can I map joystick buttons to autopilot functions? If I knew the control names, I could do it. I fully understand how to use FSUIPC. It's that there's so many entries in FSUIPC for autopilot functionality... I'm wanting to map the following items: On/Off switch Alt Hold switch The disengage lever (sorry to not recall its name) An axis (if possible) or buttons to the gyropilot left/right knob Mode selector (gyropilot, localizer and approach) Glide wheel or pitch wheel up/down I'd be very grateful if someone has this information. Thanks
  21. Hi All, I have completed a control panel with potentiometers and switches using a Leo Bodner controller for the A2A Comanche. Using Linda and FSUIPC it is working ok. But I have a linear pot (axis) that I planned to use to operate the fuel primer, after skimming over the FSUIPC Manual it wasn’t apparent to me how to do this. I am able to use an axis to control flaps position using FSUIPC. My goal is to move the pot the full extend position to full retract position and have FSUIPC send a signal to Linda to activate the fuel primer for each cycle of the pot. Can this be done? I presently activate the fuel primer with a switch. Thanks for looking at this. Rozel
  22. Hello everyone, I am facing some problems with FSUIPC4 on FSX Gold Editition. I have installed FSUIPC as adminstrator and all of its files are installed in FSX's modules folder. However, FSUIPC never gets loaded by FSX. I realised that as soon as I launched FSX after installing FSUIPC, because the Simulator did not ask for my authorization to run FSUIPC. I checked FSUIPC Install log file, everything ok. I checked FSX.dll, everything looks normal. I really cannot understand what the problem is. I would appreciate your some help. Respectfully, GeKa
  23. Hi all. I had this Splash Screen hanging problem with FSX-S stopping on the initial splash screen and never loading from there. It was resolved by deleting the "logbook.bin" file within the Flight Simulator X folder inside My Doucments. If you want to find out how I am sure this was the solution to the problem in my case, read on. If not rename the logbook.bin file and let FSX create a new one on start up, back it up before deleting it, just in case. After experiencing this hanging on the splash screen error and finding no real help on the www, I decided a complete reinstall from Windows 10 up was in order. Cunningly, I made full system images at every step of the reinstall process using the native Windows backup tool. I installed all of my office programmes etc. first then set about Steam - FSX - FSUIPC - Linda - TrackIr before next setting about the Orbx scenery addons. After I had installed Vector and 4 patches, I decided to go flying as I missed it. A simple flight across 5 miles of the Isle of Wight in the default Piper Cub. Turned off the PC, went to bed, work, home, booted the PC and went to have a quick flight again before commencing the install of Orbx Europe etc. FSX hung up on the splash screen again, Impossible I was gobsmacked! But felt reassured that my painstakingly produced system image's would solve the problem. I set about using the last image created before Vector, taking me back to the full system state just before it was installed. I was even more gobsmacked to find out that even that did not solve the freezing splash screen problem But I realised that the only files that had not been replaced by the system image was in fact the Flight Simulator X files in My Documents folder. I ahd configure the system image file to replaced only drives C - F - G (Windows - Steam - FSX) whereas the My documents folder resided on my D drive and not on the image, the only files inside the Flight Simulator X folder were the Piper Cub flight and the logbook.bin files. I deleted the logbook.bin file attempted to start FSX and all was well again, it worked a treat Game on. Promptly I used the Image of Vectors install state to quickly get back to where I was and the newly created logbook.bin file worked a treat there as well, there was no problem with anything just the logbook.bin file. Reading through some forums I found some great help and advice but none of it worked for me. I only came across 1 thread that indicated deleting the logbook.bin file was an option. But did not believe it. Now I am convinced, blow me down who would have guessed it? on a newly created install Windows 10 up. I hope this helps someone out there, knowledge of this file's corruption when all is newly installed let alone an old installation could save a lot of time and effort, hence the reason to explain how I came to realise this was right for me at least. ALWAYS backup or rename the suspect logbook.bin file before deleting it, you will loose your pilot and flight records in FSX if they are not already lost, but that a welcome exchange in my opinion. That said one could always keep a back up of it so an uncorrupt copy could be copied over, I found the recycle bin is a great place to store these back up files, right up until the time you forget and empty it. Hope this helps someone out, lets go fly. A big thank you to the person who said delete the logbook.bin file, you were right, I am sorry I did not believe you.
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