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  1. At what URL can I check that the httpx.dll proxy is working? I tried http://localhost:54321/ but only get "{}" - while Google Earth is running perfectly with EarthProxy...
  2. FYI I'm trying to keep this page updated with the latest status:
  3. meandme

    PMDG 747-400 (module version 1.2)

    And here are more functions to add! function EICAS_ENG_page () ipc.control(72060, 0)endfunction EICAS_STAT_page () ipc.control(72061, 0)endfunction EICAS_ELEC_page () ipc.control(72062, 0)endfunction EICAS_FUEL_page () ipc.control(72063, 0)endfunction EICAS_ECS_page () ipc.control(72064, 0)endfunction EICAS_HYD_page () ipc.control(72065, 0)endfunction EICAS_DRS_page () ipc.control(72066, 0)endfunction EICAS_GEAR_page () ipc.control(72067, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_Beacon_toggle() ipc.control(71280, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_NAV_toggle() ipc.control(71281, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_STROBE_toggle() ipc.control(71282, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_LANDINGoutbound_toggle() ipc.control(71185, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_LANDINGinbound_toggle() ipc.control(71186, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_RUNWAYturnoff_toggle() ipc.control(71190, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_TAXI_toggle() ipc.control(71195, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_LOGO_toggle() ipc.control(71284, 0)end
  4. meandme

    PMDG 747-400 (module version 1.2)

    Could you please add these functions to actions.lua? That would be nice! function MCP_FD_toggle() ipc.control(72100, 0)endfunction EICAS_Cancel () ipc.control(72068, 0)endfunction EICAS_Recall () ipc.control(72069, 0)end
  5. meandme

    Wilco Airbus

    I'm working on one and is mostly done but there are a few knobs (and most of the MCDU keys) that are troubling me...
  6. meandme

    [old] LINDA v1.13 released!

    Could the update where the latest bugs have been fixed made public? Would be nice to not having to do the workarounds anymore...Allan
  7. meandme

    Map Version update

    Never mind, I figured out how to find the map versions!The latest VE/Bing map version is 700.I have also made a page where you will ALWAYS be able to find the latest map versions:**************************************************************************************************************************************************Enjoy!
  8. meandme

    Map Version update

    How do you find these map versions??Those who are posting map versions here, please let me know....