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  1. I have started adding links to free VFR charts that I find here and there to my worldwide list of links to charts: aviation.allanville.com/charts
  2. I think I have a similar issue as Japo32, but I have the ver. 1 of the MCP Combo. Strange it seemed to be working a few days ago when I tried it the first time, but today I cannot for the life of me get it to work, even with the new 4.0.2. When I turn on Fault Diagnosis mode there is an error about a nil value though - see https://winternet.no/temp/FSUIPC7.log
  3. At what URL can I check that the httpx.dll proxy is working? I tried http://localhost:54321/ but only get "{}" - while Google Earth is running perfectly with EarthProxy...
  4. Never mind, I figured out how to find the map versions!The latest VE/Bing map version is 700.I have also made a page where you will ALWAYS be able to find the latest map versions:*************************************************************************http://aviation.allanville.com/tileproxy/*************************************************************************Enjoy!
  5. How do you find these map versions??Those who are posting map versions here, please let me know....
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