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  1. I took the liberty to create a repository for this module on Github so we have a central place to enhance and improve it: https://github.com/winternet-studio/linda-fenix-a320 Pull requests are welcome.
  2. As Scott is no longer developing LINDA I wonder if there is any solution to fixing the radio tuning panel part of the VRInsight MCP Combo (I have v1) to support VATSIM's new 8.33 kHz spacing of the radio frequencies? Can it be found and fixed in the lua files somewhere? I'll try and look myself, but just wondering if other people have already done that... I love my MCP Combo - it's just too bad the software support for it is so bad...! 😧 UPDATE: I found something in for example LINDA\system\common.lua around line 2710 (Default_NAVCOM_plus) but I don't really know what to do with it...
  3. I have started adding links to free VFR charts that I find here and there to my worldwide list of links to charts: aviation.allanville.com/charts
  4. I think I have a similar issue as Japo32, but I have the ver. 1 of the MCP Combo. Strange it seemed to be working a few days ago when I tried it the first time, but today I cannot for the life of me get it to work, even with the new 4.0.2. When I turn on Fault Diagnosis mode there is an error about a nil value though - see https://winternet.no/temp/FSUIPC7.log
  5. At what URL can I check that the httpx.dll proxy is working? I tried http://localhost:54321/ but only get "{}" - while Google Earth is running perfectly with EarthProxy...
  6. FYI I'm trying to keep this page updated with the latest status: http://aviation.allanville.com/tileproxy/
  7. DivineSense, I'm with you all the way! I can only hope that your thoughts and your name match up Regarding the 3D maps I would think it's just a matter of time until someone picks it up for flight simulation - but who knows when... For TileProxy services I'm keeping an up-to-date list at http://aviation.allanville.com/tileproxy/ - I hope people will let me know if they find new services or tweaks. But I'm wondering about Google Maps and why it can't work. I would assume TileProxy downloads tiles just like a browser - and in that case, how can Google know that TileProxy is downloading the tiles rather than the browser - unless the user agent string says that it is TileProxy?? But in the services a user agent string from a normal browser is used, so I wouldn't think that would be the case???! Anybody can explain that?
  8. I found it here: http://www.flightsimlabs.com/interfaces/flyengravity-cdu-fsx/ - but there I can only use it with the Engravity CDU/FMS I believe... and I don't have that hardware. I need something that I can use with FSUIPC / Lua / SimConnect....or even plain keyboard commands...
  9. I'm sure this has been asked many times before but I'm baffled that I cannot search this forum....!!! And since I don't find this question answered anywhere obvious at PMDG website here goes the question. How can trigger the buttons on the CDU via external hardware? The aircraft has tons of LVars, standard FS controls etc to push all kinds of other buttons but I can't find anything that triggers the CDU buttons. How do I do that? I have registered FSUIPC, an VRInsight MCP-Combo, know the Lua language etc. so hopefully somehow there is a way... Regards, Allan Jensen
  10. And here are more functions to add! function EICAS_ENG_page () ipc.control(72060, 0)endfunction EICAS_STAT_page () ipc.control(72061, 0)endfunction EICAS_ELEC_page () ipc.control(72062, 0)endfunction EICAS_FUEL_page () ipc.control(72063, 0)endfunction EICAS_ECS_page () ipc.control(72064, 0)endfunction EICAS_HYD_page () ipc.control(72065, 0)endfunction EICAS_DRS_page () ipc.control(72066, 0)endfunction EICAS_GEAR_page () ipc.control(72067, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_Beacon_toggle() ipc.control(71280, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_NAV_toggle() ipc.control(71281, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_STROBE_toggle() ipc.control(71282, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_LANDINGoutbound_toggle() ipc.control(71185, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_LANDINGinbound_toggle() ipc.control(71186, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_RUNWAYturnoff_toggle() ipc.control(71190, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_TAXI_toggle() ipc.control(71195, 0)endfunction LIGHTS_LOGO_toggle() ipc.control(71284, 0)end
  11. Could you please add these functions to actions.lua? That would be nice! function MCP_FD_toggle() ipc.control(72100, 0)endfunction EICAS_Cancel () ipc.control(72068, 0)endfunction EICAS_Recall () ipc.control(72069, 0)end
  12. Ok, so this is intended and I can understand why in some cases (with some aircraft) you want that. But then at least the label in the display should be corrected accordingly.And also I would really like to have an option (preferrably per aircraft) where I could select whether or not it should automatically switch back. Wouldn't that be possible, Mr Crum?
  13. In the new version 1.11 there seems to be a problem with selecting, or in particular, remembering the EFIS mode. The last 3 buttons on the USER panel I have assigned to EFIS mode 1, 2, 3 respectively. When I choose mode 2 or 3 it correctly switches mode and shows M211 or M311 in the display and for some seconds the buttons and knobs also use that mode. But when I don't touch the panel for a while it automatically switches back to mode 1 when I hit buttons or knobs again - even though it still says M211 on the display! So there is something wrong there...I haven't tested this with the MCP or USER panels.
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