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  1. Hi Pessa, Do you run the EXE as Administrator ? Michel
  2. Hi. Context : Axis and Oh's 2.70b37 running as Administrator. Offline Mode checked (become Red). No configuration selected. I would like to test a FIP layout in development without MSFS running (Offline Mode). When i check Desktop FIPs or Web FIPs, AAO crashed. If i select a configuration before checking FIPs it did not crash. So, it is OK for my tests. Is it a normal behavior or is it a problem with my installation please ? Michel
  3. Al I have the same result as you showing the ngx_SPDwindow variable Result is 1 for the 777 and 0.8.. for the 737ngx I dont know how to resolve this Michel
  4. Al, I made the test and i have also 1 displayed on the MCP when in Mach speed. But i have it for the 777 and the 737 NGX. For you it seems correct for the 737 NGX. Can you confirm that ? because i read the code and it is the same. I think 1 is displayed because it is an integer value rounded but i am not sure of that, i am not a developer. Michel
  5. Hi ScotFlieger I find something comparing version 1.3 and version 2.5.7 Linda code. 1.3 extract : function Dsp0 (s) if _MCP1 () then cmd = "DSP0" else cmd = "MSG0" end 2.5.7 extract : function Dsp0 (s, f) if (_MCP2 () or _MCP2a ()) then cmd = "DSP0" else cmd = "MSG0" end If i take the logic of 1.3 version DSP0 and MSG0 must be swapped in 2.5.7 I make the change in the code for a test and now i read again the messages on the MCP1 display. Also it seems Dsp0 and Dsp1 are only called by MCP1. If it is right, there is no need to make all the tests inside the functions. But this is not very important for the result. Thanks to show me the direction to search. Michel
  6. Hi The display of the executed command on the MCP Combo version 1 Displays with DspShow seems not working since the new versions of LINDA. I dont know when it begin since i dont read myself these displays. One of my friends ask me to test it and i have the same as he has : nothing changed on the displays. Can anybody point me the direction to search why it happen ? Does it works for anybody else ? How does DspShow works ? I dont find the function in the libraries. Thanks for your help. Michel
  7. Mive1957

    Out Of Range

    Hi I dont know if it is the same problem but i have this one : "Range check error" in the LINDA Tracer when i use "Start all" button with PMDG 737 NGX loaded Michel
  8. Hi After some tests with Linda 2.5.7 and module 777NGX 3.2, the APU switch is working well here. I can assign all the five functions to buttons and make them work. Take care that if EGT temp is greater than 0 C the Start function will not work. To move to Start from OFF you need to push ON button twice if you use APU INC function. Michel
  9. Ok Andrew. I was first thinking that Linda will create the lua file based on the default one present in the source (copy of .default into .lua). It was fun to look again inside the Linda folders and how it works. So now back again flying ... Michel
  10. Hi Pete, Execute Linda. Select PMDG 777. Push the "Edit" button (left of "PMDG 777" selection) All the variant listed have the same assignements that you define for the 777-200 For the 737 NGX you need to make new assignements because it is another aircraft module. Good luck. Michel
  11. Andrew Thank you for your quick response. I make some tests : 1. Rename the Config-mcp.lua (wich doesnt works) into Config-mcp.bck and Rename Config-mcp.default (the one of your tests) into Config-mcp.lua So i use the same file that you use for your tests : and it works fine ... 2. Delete Linda and Linda-cfg folders and Reinstall from the Zip source Only Config-mcp.default file exist at this time Execute Linda and FSX with 737 NGX aircraft : file Config-mcp.lua was then created : this one doesnt works for me 3. Edit the new file created : seems to me that it contains basic FSX aircrafts commands The Config-mcp.default file contains the NGX* commands So my fault is that i dont use my old NGX lua file. Because the lua file does not exist, a new file is created with standards commands and not the NGX* one. So, now it works fine. Thank you again for the new version and new fonctions. Michel
  12. Hi ! I have installed LINDA 2.5 and PMDG 737NGX Module 3.0 today. I have the old Boeing MCP Combo. When i change value SPD, HDG or ALT on the Combo, it does not change in FSX cockpît. When i change value in the cockpit, it change on my Combo display correctly. Am I the only that have this effect please (may be i missed something during installation) ? Thanks for the work. Michel
  13. Hi, I have used 2 cards without problem with LINDA. You need to rename the second card as ScotFlieger suggest. Good luck, Michel
  14. Hi Thomas A friend of me has the same problem than you. After a lot of checking i decide to reinstall the last version of Linda and of the different modules on his PC. And now it works. I dont find the reason of the problem but it can be a solution. Michel
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