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  1. Thanks for sharing your preset! It made me smile whole last flight!
  2. For anyone interested: the issue was fixed after deleting and rebuilding fsuipc5.ini. Now everything is fine.
  3. I'm getting P3D crash. WAMA stays alive. And yes - instant switch is enabled. With instant switch off there is no CTD. FSUIPC is paid and up to date. If leave/enter is a standard sim feature then this could be not a WAMA problem at all. But still would be glad to get some help with it. Will contact you via e-mail. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Trying this app right now and getting CTD each time I Enter/Leave airplane. No matter which airplane and no matter what default airplane is selected in database (both Avatar and Camera pod tested). In Windows events log there is an entry about FSUIPC5.dll crashed for each CTD.
  5. Looks like it works in my case too - 1080 GTX also with latest drivers. 8xMSAA in P3Dv4.2 + Enhance + 8x transparency supersampling in NI = much less shimmering. Thanks for advice!
  6. Try to contact them here: http://www.protu-154.org/forum/
  7. My city :-) More correct name would be Archangel City or City of Archangel.
  8. Hi Oskar, Try to remove (backup and delete) this file - FSX/linda-cfg/aircrafts/A2A_Piper_PA24_Comanche/config-hid.lua. This will wipe out any joystick assignments for that aircraft and should fix the problem.
  9. Owned: 1. Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke $195 2. CH Products Eclipse Yoke $194 Saitek wins. The only yoke with 180 degrees of turn and better overall design (not so toy-looking).
  10. What performance boost did you expect? There should be no higher FPS inside FSX, but higher rate of scenery generation and therefore less blurries at higher flight speeds. Also you should notice that TP uses several cores of your CPU now (look into process manager for that). And FPS should be pretty much the same as with Beta8.
  11. Sure you 'could'! Just don't want... which is ok for sure. Saitek Yoke (Cessna one?) travel is not bigger than, let's say, X-55 or any other popular joystick - same 70-80mm. Moreover, you control them with different set of muscles and joystick deflection you do with much more sensitive and precise part of your hands - wrist (against the shoulder for yoke). But definitely agree, that desktop joystick with short stick will not provide correct muscle memory and feel of real stick in a real airplane and even more - of a real yoke. I've used to fly with yoke at home. Expensive custom built yoke with steel shaft, ball bearings and 180mm travel distance, and then learned to fly on P92JS which is with stick and had NO problems converting to it. And later got several hours in C172 and C182 - and no problem too. The difference in feel between consumer level controllers - no matter yoke or joystick - and real thing is so HUGE, that it absolutely doesn't matter what you use in sim. Home (consumer) sim flight skill is non-convertable to real airplane at all. That's why it actually doesn't matter what you will use - joystick or joy-yoke. And that's why it's better to use highest quality mechanics you can get for the same money - and that's inside joysticks, not the yokes. But for fancy entertainment reasons using good yoke in sim is more fun and 'realistic'. That's why I invested big funds into expensive yoke. But now selling it in exchange to good and MUCH CHEAPER joystick with long stick tweak. And that's not because of P92JS love - I'm flying in Cessnas mostly.
  12. Consumer level joysticks technology is much more advanced and polished than for consumer level yokes. CH and Saitek yokes all have the same flaws - sticky shafts and little travel length in elevator axis, which makes them mostly unusable if you want to do a good flare on landing. Even far more expensive devices like those from PFC and GoFlight have about 70mm travel in elevator (same as Saitek and CH). May be they are not sticky though. So, joystick is a better choice for the same money in most cases. And to be clear. Good joystick gives more realistic 'feel' than a bad yoke. Even if you fly 737 and moreover if you fly GA airplanes.
  13. Not sure about Samsung, mine are LGs - those have Dynamic Contrast and Dynamic Color functions. Samsung can use other names for that. My system is i3770k@4400 + GTX780, overall resolution set 720 + 1920 + 720 x 1280.
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