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  1. Is there any way I can contact them? I've been working on a small personal project to translate most of the stuff in the PT Tu-154B virtual cockpit into English and I wanted to ask them if I can upload the textures online when I'm done, but I can't seem to figure out where to go to ask them this. I already tried their email they have posted on the Project Tupolev home page ("site_admin@protu-154.net"), but it failed to send.
  2. To answer my own question: It's impossible to install and use the Simufly CIVA INS in the PMDG DC-6; checking the aircraft.cfg file reveals that the autopilot has no HDG mode (which was to be expected; I don't know what I was thinking, lol).
  3. Not sure if this belongs in the PMDG section or in here Thinking about putting the Simufly CIVA INS in the PMDG DC-6 since the GPS makes life too easy, and choosing to fly radials is not something you do when you want to make life easy. (Although, one could argue that if I don't want easy then I should just fly VOR-to-VOR) I wanted to know whether this would be possible in the DC-6, though, since the autopilot (laterally) follows either the turn knob or a radio beacon, and the Simufly CIVA INS unit typically works only when the autopilot is set to HDG mode. There are a few notable exceptions, but I'm pretty sure those planes were designed with INS integration planned; the DC-6 wasn't.
  4. Side note: I found that as long as if the Internal Vehicle and Receive shadows, the overhead lighting works okay. I've fiddled with it some more, and it seems that HDR Lighting and Dynamic Lighting can also be disabled, and the overhead lights will still work. Here's my current lighting settings. Note that HDR Lighting is off and Receiving shadows for the Internal Vehicle setting is on. Dynamic Lighting can be disabled too, but I like to keep it on since it looks nice and hardly adds to the FPS drop for me. 737 Overhead with the dome light on. Same thing but 777 overhead instead. DC-6 overhead with the cockpit flood light and the entrance light on. Same plane but with the captain's and F/O's red overhead lights and the entrance red light ("MAIN J. BOX") on. Same plane but with NO lights on. (for the people who want to compare the white flood light with no lights, since the flood light does seem a little dark compared to the flood lights in the NGX and 777) Glad to see my trashy iGPU pulls through once more. Thanks to everyone for your help, and good luck to anyone else who stumbles upon this thread to fix the same issue!
  5. Great; I'll try it tomorrow morning when I've got the time. Err... what? It's just Gyazo...
  6. Welp, that's a bummer. 8( At least the panel backlighting for all the lines and stuff still works, though, so it's not a total loss.
  7. *JustFlight; you think A2A would want to put their COTS Connie in P3Dv4 for free? :P I guess PMDG dropped support for it in the P3D lighting engine? It's the only thing that makes any sense at this point. I understand that, but I was under the impression that integrated graphics cards just ask the OS to allocate some of the RAM to use as VRAM, since CPUs don't come with dedicated graphics memory.
  8. Yikes. Better bring a flashlight with me on the next flight... I can indeed. Not sure what to say about this, honestly. Went into the BIOS a year ago and I set the DVMT to max. I'll admit I'm not 100% sure about what this does (doesn't mean 0%, mind y'all :P), but I'm pretty sure this lets the graphics card take up as much RAM as it needs from my main RAM unless the OS needs it for something else. I was thinking the same. If that's the case, though, then how come other night lighting works okay, like in the default Connie? And how come it worked okay in FSX:SE? (For the latter, I would suspect that the lighting engine is different between FSX and P3Dv4)
  9. Decided not to post this in a specific aircraft's subforum since I'm having this issue across all PMDG planes So a while back I decided to move to P3Dv4. I usually never fly at night so I haven't noticed this issue earlier, but it seems that none of the lights for the overheads work on any PMDG planes. In the 737 and 777, the overhead panel looks completely dark while all the switches, buttons, dials and whatnot look okay whenever the dome light is on. In the DC-6 (amazing job on that, btw), the red light works on the captain's and F/O's overheads on the sides, but the red light for the overhead has no effect. Here's some screenshots so you know what I'm talking about: 737 overhead with the dome light on Yes, the dome light switch is actually on Dome lighting works perfectly fine on everything else, though (MCP, pedestal, etc) Here's the overhead in the 777 And in the DC-6 (you can see that the overhead is dark, but the switches and everything else are red) I heard somewhere that you need to have HDR lighting on, which I do. Pressing "I" (India) also apparently does something? Not sure why the smoke trail toggle would be linked to the cockpit lighting (but then the Martin bar is triggered with the water rudder toggle, so whatever), but I tried it anyway. Neither of these made a difference. Here's my lighting settings. Maybe I'm missing out on something super obvious and I've just been too oblivious and bad at searching to figure it out. If it helps, here's my computer's hardware: Windows 10 64-bit (Home, if that makes any difference) i3-6100 (3.7 GHz, dual-core) 16GB RAM, DDR4 Intel HD Graphics 530 (sucks, I know, but it does anything I ask it to, as long as it's not GTA V or Crysis :P) Before someone starts going down the "something's wrong with your computer/sim" path, here's the cockpit lighting working perfectly fine in the Connie that Lockheed includes with P3D. I also recently did a complete system reformat in an attempt to fix an issue with SimConnect, so I doubt something's wrong with my computer. Also, I've been able to get the overhead lighting to work fine before in FSX:SE. I've since uninstalled my PMDG stuff for FSX to save drive space, but I guess I can go and install the NGX again if someone wants a screenshot. I have a friend who's running basically the same thing software-wise (also has P3Dv4, the NGX and 777 (not the DC-6, though), similar lighting settings in the game options, etc.) and his dome lighting works on the overhead without any issues, so this has stumped me for a while. Help would be appreciated; thanks in advance. My name's in my signature, please don't crucify me 8(
  10. Seconded. You need to be using the right equipment in your aircraft. In the CDU, press MENU > PMDG SETUP > AIRCRAFT > EQUIPMENT. On the first page of the equipment options, make sure you're using the Collins MCP. On the third page, your standby instruments should be the ISFD and not the analog ones. Also on the third page, make sure the autoland is set to FAIL OP. If you don't meet all three of these requirements, your plane will not be fitted with CATIII autoland capabilities. Also, on the first page of the equipment options, check to see if "G/S Capture before LOC" is set to allow or deny. If it's set to deny, then it might be safer to use the VOR/LOC hold first, then only swap to APP hold once you've been established on the localizer and the G/S comes live on the PFD. (Not sure if pressing APP right off the bat is still safe, as I've never tried it, so take this with a grain of salt)
  11. Is your electricity flowing normally? As in, are you running on ground power, the APU, or either/both engines, instead of just draining the battery? Read somewhere that the dome light comes on if the emergency lights are armed and power from everywhere (besides the battery) dies.
  12. I already did a system restore. I don't see why doing another one would change anything. That much is obvious. Can you please refrain from making useless comments, or just stop replying entirely, if you have nothing new or relevant to say, please? I opened this thread to get expert opinions; you've just been reposting the obvious and unhelpful details. :/
  13. Uhh? That was one of the first things I did, if you read my previous posts in this thread. ...what do you think I did? ._.
  14. Been poking around with .NET Framework installers. They all say that I have .NET Framework (3.0 and 4.0; 4.6 should already be installed with the OS) installed (as I said before, I found the respective keys in the registry and their folders appear in windir\Microsoft.NET\Framework and (...)\Framework64), but they don't seem to appear in the Programs and Features list like it used to before my system reformat. Maybe this has something to do with all these programs not being able to detect that the correct .NET Framework versions have been installed?
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