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  1. Is there any way I can contact them? I've been working on a small personal project to translate most of the stuff in the PT Tu-154B virtual cockpit into English and I wanted to ask them if I can upload the textures online when I'm done, but I can't seem to figure out where to go to ask them this. I already tried their email they have posted on the Project Tupolev home page ("site_admin@protu-154.net"), but it failed to send.
  2. 1230james

    PMDG DC-6 and the Simufly INS

    To answer my own question: It's impossible to install and use the Simufly CIVA INS in the PMDG DC-6; checking the aircraft.cfg file reveals that the autopilot has no HDG mode (which was to be expected; I don't know what I was thinking, lol).
  3. Not sure if this belongs in the PMDG section or in here Thinking about putting the Simufly CIVA INS in the PMDG DC-6 since the GPS makes life too easy, and choosing to fly radials is not something you do when you want to make life easy. (Although, one could argue that if I don't want easy then I should just fly VOR-to-VOR) I wanted to know whether this would be possible in the DC-6, though, since the autopilot (laterally) follows either the turn knob or a radio beacon, and the Simufly CIVA INS unit typically works only when the autopilot is set to HDG mode. There are a few notable exceptions, but I'm pretty sure those planes were designed with INS integration planned; the DC-6 wasn't.
  4. 1230james

    737 engine out?

    Could be something else in the background forcing it, like how the PMDG DC-6 can cause an engine to fail even with engine stress disabled since they have their own way of modeling engine stress for it. Can you try flying without the throttle maxed for engine 2 and see if it still works after takeoff?
  5. 1230james

    Civa INS Issues in the 707

    Fixed it! Apparently, Steam Overlay can cause issues with some third-party aircraft. Disabling it has caused the problem to cease. To anyone reading this who might be a complete newbie: Open the Steam client and go to your Library tab. Right-click on FSX:SE. Click on Properties. Uncheck "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game". If you have this issue and you (1) don't have FSX:SE, or (2) are not running FSX Boxed through Steam, then I'm not sure what to tell you. Best of wishes to anyone who's in that boat. I hope this helps!
  6. 1230james

    737 engine out?

    We'll need more specifics than that to try to root out the problem, if you can. I guess we can start with the simple stuff. Is there enough fuel going to Engine 2? Are the starboard/right side fuel pumps on? Is the battery on? Are you staying within operational limits for the engine?
  7. 1230james

    [P3Dv4] No Overhead Panel (Dome) Lighting

    Side note: I found that as long as if the Internal Vehicle and Receive shadows, the overhead lighting works okay. I've fiddled with it some more, and it seems that HDR Lighting and Dynamic Lighting can also be disabled, and the overhead lights will still work. Here's my current lighting settings. Note that HDR Lighting is off and Receiving shadows for the Internal Vehicle setting is on. Dynamic Lighting can be disabled too, but I like to keep it on since it looks nice and hardly adds to the FPS drop for me. 737 Overhead with the dome light on. Same thing but 777 overhead instead. DC-6 overhead with the cockpit flood light and the entrance light on. Same plane but with the captain's and F/O's red overhead lights and the entrance red light ("MAIN J. BOX") on. Same plane but with NO lights on. (for the people who want to compare the white flood light with no lights, since the flood light does seem a little dark compared to the flood lights in the NGX and 777) Glad to see my trashy iGPU pulls through once more. Thanks to everyone for your help, and good luck to anyone else who stumbles upon this thread to fix the same issue!
  8. 1230james

    [P3Dv4] No Overhead Panel (Dome) Lighting

    Hey, that worked! Thank you so much!
  9. 1230james

    [P3Dv4] No Overhead Panel (Dome) Lighting

    Great; I'll try it tomorrow morning when I've got the time. Err... what? It's just Gyazo...
  10. 1230james

    Civa INS Issues in the 707

    Still no luck... Anyone out there got any ideas?
  11. 1230james

    Civa INS Issues in the 707

    It's fine. Not like I can even move the camera around to click any switches in the first place. :P
  12. 1230james

    Civa INS Issues in the 707

    I never said anything about the switches not responding, I said Shift + X stopped working. I already said in the OP: So, yes, I'm sure I put the Civa INS stuff into panel.cfg.
  13. A few days ago I reinstalled FSX:SE and all my addons I've previously had for it. One of them being the CaptainSim 707. Before, I used to be able to fly the 707 using the Civa INS. Worked like a charm; just needed to insert the right card at the right time and everything would run smoothly. This time, though, I can't seem to get the plane to work right with the INS installed. Every time I add the INS to panel.cfg (or use the CIVA_panel.cfg that CS gives us; I tried both just to make sure), my Shift + X (like Shift + 2; the ones you use to pull up 2D panel popups) inputs stopped responding, and my mouse look controls get extremely choppy when I press space to move the camera, as seen here. I already looked at the official CaptainSim forums, and I found this post and this reply, but nothing has worked. Thought I'd post here just in case someone who isn't over at the CS forums but is over here sees this and can offer some help. Many thanks in advance. My computer's hardware, for reference: Windows 10 64-bit (Home, if that makes any difference) i3-6100 (3.7 GHz, dual-core) 16GB RAM, DDR4 Intel HD Graphics 530
  14. 1230james

    Anyone tried the 707 in P3Dv4?

    I tried porting it over directly from FSX. (Was that stupid of me?) Didn't work out so well; model and VC loads in fine, but nothing functions.
  15. 1230james

    [P3Dv4] No Overhead Panel (Dome) Lighting

    Welp, that's a bummer. 8( At least the panel backlighting for all the lines and stuff still works, though, so it's not a total loss.