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  1. I'm having this issue too and can't find a fix.
  2. I think I have figured it out however, my FMS DTK is way off. It doesn't make any sense the number it is giving me is 90 degrees or more off of my present track to the next fix most of the time. Is there a fix for that? The magenta line is right on, but not the green line and DTK track. This particularly happens when going direct to a flight or different fix mid flight.
  3. Can someone tell me how to go direct to a fix on the flightplan from present position rather than joining the route as filed point to point? It seems if I am flying direct from VOR A to VOR B, but I want to skip VOR B and go direct to VOR C, it will not go straight there from present position?
  4. This is just my opinion but seems to me like there are too many variables to compare this, unless you fly through the same area of turbulence in both planes around the same time. Maybe the "felt turbulence" is more because there's more turbulence during that flight. You could be dealing with different weather conditions and essentially different types of turbulence. This is a prime example of why PIREPS include type of aircraft. Light chop to a 737 could be moderate turbulence to a C172 going through the same area at the same time, but in your case there's no way to physically compare.
  5. Those look really good! Pleeeaaasseeee one of these two for the pmdg 737-800WL? I requested them months back in the paint request forum but nobody replied. I'd love to have one with tail number N186MS http://www.schemedesigners.com/images/BBJ-BizJet-Photo1.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2945/15384980762_36cf75b6ff_b.jpg
  6. Nope, Fall in Orlando yesterday when I flew out. Why Orlando had fall colors period...now that's a question itself.
  7. The immersion of this compared to FSX looks incredible due to the lighting and sloped runway....Looks like you're coming into a real runway not some flat piece of concrete....
  8. So Brian, You did say the SP1 update would include Emergency NGX at no charge correct? Didn't you also say this would be in update too? An update to the boarding audio......
  9. When assigned an ATC heading you do still select HDG SEL along with VNAV on the runway correct, as opposed to selecting only VNAV then HDG once airborne?
  10. Cool, this also just recently happened on a U.S. carrier. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3003335/Side-Father-daughter-pilot-American-Airlines-flight-time-mom-came-ride.html
  11. This is pretty basic however, from a default vanilla install cold and dark should automatically start like that to begin with. Something went wrong to get to that point.
  12. I'll check it out. Your support on the forums has been first class Brian thanks!
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