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  1. I think I have figured it out however, my FMS DTK is way off. It doesn't make any sense the number it is giving me is 90 degrees or more off of my present track to the next fix most of the time. Is there a fix for that? The magenta line is right on, but not the green line and DTK track. This particularly happens when going direct to a flight or different fix mid flight.
  2. Can someone tell me how to go direct to a fix on the flightplan from present position rather than joining the route as filed point to point? It seems if I am flying direct from VOR A to VOR B, but I want to skip VOR B and go direct to VOR C, it will not go straight there from present position?
  3. I ran it an additional 2 times after the issue before posting this and using the recognition in notepad I can say "checked 100%" 50 times without a single error until in the sim.... Guess I'll try running it more and report back.
  4. I'm having issues with voice that didn't exist in Legacy. I can't even get "checked 100%" and a few other phrases to register in the Reboot correctly however, when I use Windows Speech outside of FSX it recognizes the correct phrase 100% of the time no error at all. I don't get this......It recognized it perfectly fine in Legacy. I am English speaking with no accent in fact, I speak very clearly and articulate as I have to at work every day talking to airplanes on frequency.
  5. Thanks for the tips Bryan, as well as the information from the 737 consultants, I will keep those options in mind. The new interface is awesome by the way and thanks for taking tips and requests from us users during production! I've been stuck in the manuals scratching my head for hours already trying to figure out to use SOP 1 or 2! Is SOP2 from a U.S. Airline:
  6. So essentially in order to taxi out single engine with Reboot you have to start both engines, do check lists, then shut one down to taxi?
  7. I'm only seeing taxi in options but not out in the manual/procedures.
  8. So no single engine taxi out on long taxi routes for departure? I was under the impression this would be an option not just for taxi in....
  9. I don't have more than one aircraft in the fleet that I need it for so that argument doesn't apply to everyone. The OP said they only fly the NGX and 777 and inquired about updating for the 737 so it really isn't a large cost/fleet issue for some. It isn't any different than folks that pay $80 for the NGX in another platform again...oh wait it is 1/4 the price and a discount is included for current users. NGX Reboot also includes emergency in the first update for free. Real procedures and SOP's written by pilots in specific airlines for specific SOP sets, no setup needed plug and play.
  10. I don't have time to add too much as I am about to head out to work, but I use FS2Crew and LOVE it. I am especially excited about the Reboot that is about to come out with more SOP sets which will add variety instead of "the same old thing". Also, I have received awesome one on one support and forum support as well directly from the maker without delay.
  11. Purchased, Installed, and used! This thing is a game changer for sure!
  12. Thanks for the answer. I will only be using it in Prepar3d in those two aircraft for now. I was mostly curious if they update compatibility in a timely manner when anew version of p3d is released. I remember not being able to use many add-ons for quite some time in the last update due to compatibility.
  13. Before I pull the trigger and purchase this for my A2A C182 and Turbine Duke maybe you all can answer some basic questions. This is compatible both in the FSX and Prepar3d versions right? When a new version comes out are they quick to update compatibility? Does the GPS also pop-up so you can drag it to a second screen and also stay in the VC at the same time?
  14. Anyone have it yet, it looks like quite an impressive coverage area and detail for the price. Glad someone finally did this airport.
  15. Really quite an impressive coverage area, especially the free stuff alone!
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