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  1. Did I touch a nerve? ;-) Yes I know that ...and ? Obviously or I wouldn't have mentioned them. Thats exactly my point!! As you rightly said:: the ratings are there to "ensure that the game" is suitable for young children to play. My point being that FSX and FSX-SE etc etc are games suitable for 3 year olds' and over. Well that's very kind of you to offer. ;-) In that case I think I'll choose a flight-sim thats also a shooter..and is also rated Pegi 3, ('suitable for age 3 and over"). Its produced by Microsoft you know, and it's called Combat Simulator 3. I just hope that my 4 year old nephew isn't too frightened by the sounds of the loud aircraft's' guns, and the sight of war-planes on fire with pilots trapped inside falling to their deaths! ...... Microsoft War Simulator? Start em young ;-) (A flight sim - first person shooting game) .
  2. Its good to hear Dovetail confirm that "..our next flight simulator will be a realistic simulation style simulation" (whatever that means!!) , ....and that they want to produce "a highly detailed brilliant simulator". The thing is: Dovetail Games have been producing highly detailed brilliant simulators for years, namely their Train Simulator and Fishing Simulator; Both games are marketed and sold as simulator games and are rated 'Pegi 3', meaning 'suitable for age 3 and over', as is FSX-SE, which of course is also 'developed' by Dovetail Games...sort of. Who knows, we might even see a Pegi-10 rating on Dovetail's forthcoming 'brilliant' flightsim? ;-) Huh??? ------------------------------ Definition of "Dumb" meaning:... * lacking the power of speech * temporarily unable to speak:* refraining from any or much speech; silent. --------------------------------- Since this thread has over 17,000 hits and comments, I wouldnt call it dumb; ..or at least certainly not the dumbest on Avsim ;-)
  3. TooWings

    Guess what happens next? .......

    No I think its real enough. There have been quite a few such incidents recently, including these two...... .
  4. In my opinion, that means:- We DO have plans to release DFS on XBox once the PC version (and sales revenue) is well established, as per our Train Simulator and Fishing Simulator games. We are after all a games' company aiming to serve both the console and the PC/Steam market. Nah! That side of things isn't important to me. My aim is to see any half-decent MS flight-sim/game released on console within the next couple of years or so, so that I can finally kick back with a beer, pick up a controller and fly around on an XBox without having to jump through hoops with PC installs and such, which I've done for too many years -decades even. Call me lazy ..... ;-) --- FlightsimGuy wrote..... "Well there you go guys. Once again, we know nothing, but let the "certain" speculation continue on! Its the Avsim way!" -------------------------- Thanks FSG for the permission to continue with the debate and speculation. ;-) Sounds like you had a good weekend! ;-)
  5. ---------------- "Hi guys, Just to clear things up a little, we do not have plans to bring DFS to this time". -DTG_Aimee ----------------
  6. What's the difference between a sim and a game? What's the difference between a simmer and a gamer? What's the difference between a PC and a console? 1. Sandbox 'games' such as GTA-5 have no need for 'gameplay outside of the storyline; instead 'players' are free to walk, drive or fly around in that virtual world in the same way as players in FSX or X-Plane do when they choose not to do flight challenges (missions).. GTA-5 also comes with comprehensive manuals and maps. 2. The 'gamer' will possibly read the documentatior in the same way as the FSX 'simmer/gamer' might possibly do ;-) 3. A console just works..mostly. .
  7. :wub: I just like the way the lights twinkle at night. :wink: :wub:
  8. Keep in mind that consoles are bought for all sorts of reasons, including just accessing the internet and playing blue ray DVDs and music. In addition Sony's Playstation for example has numerous 'games' for simply relaxing to, such as the amazing 'Flower' there are games like Heavy Rain which are a combination of video game, puzzle solver and an actual movie. ...So I therefore suspect that many console users would be happy just flying from A to B in a flightsim, in the same way as many happily fly from A to B in GTA on both console and PC as we speak..... ..or even just walk around in the rain soaking up the amazing ambience ;-)........ .
  9. .
  10. Yes I had my doubt too ...but it sounds quite legit.... "Instead of a bulky, complex steering wheel, the Kurganets-25 tank has a pad inspired by the PlayStation's which is "easier for a young soldier to familiarise himself with", according to Tractor Plants VP Albert Bakov, and is a form that Sony has spent decades perfecting. Built to take out enemy infantry, the Kurganets-25 is actually not quite a tank, but it's a bit more serious than an armoured truck. It's currently being tested in Russia and should go into full-scale production in 2016".
  11. I wouldn't worry about it since some of the best military pilots and tank crews around the world use game-pad controllers these days. They are quite efficient and also ergonomically friendly, meaning there's less risk of suffering repetitive strain injury since the arms and hands can be kept close to the body rather than reaching out to a stick. BBC- 'The surprising use of games controllers' 'Russia reveals its latest tank is controlled by a PLAYSTATION controller'
  12. TooWings

    Co-pilot is captain's daughter

    No!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  13. But of course we've seen the box!! ..and it contains yet another Microsoft Flight Simulator variant - :smile: I made that statement based on science. On the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to be exact. ;-). .i.e Dovetail will more than likely deliver the flight-sim next year as planned..but we cannot say for definite, as you did. You're clearly not grasping this, so I'll spell it out again. First of all I didn't say that Dovetail will suddenly decide to develop their flight sim for console. What I said was: 'reading between the lines its almost inevitable that Dovetail will release a console version in due course, as they plan to do with Train Simulator and their Fishing 'sim'. Again I'll spell it out for you. Dovetail didnt say they have no console plans for their flight sim. Show me where they said that? What they did say was .... "We have confirmed Trains and Fishing will be on XBox. There are no plans to bring [Dovetail Flight Simulator] to XBox in the immediate future." Note that they said: 'immediate future'. The Cambridge Dictionary definition of 'immediate future' is: - "The period of time that is coming next". i.e. 'not immediately'. You are totally correct!! The speculation is wild and baseless, and people ARE just pulling these definitive conclusions out of thin air" in your world-view, in your mind. But in reality, this thread is simply a casual chat among simmer friends about a games' company producing a rehash of Microsoft's old flightsim game ...and the obvious indications appear to be that Dovetail will, in due course, port that flightsim game to XBox, as it is currently doing with it's PC-based games Train Simulator and Fishing Simulator. Its not rocket science. ;-)