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  1. This is the topic question: What's going on with FSW? Quoting all the intentions/advice of the past does not answer this OP. I came into the conversation when I saw the news, because that is a startling development of news. If the news post is true, then about 100 people in the world are likely to be quite disappointed. The only reason why they would not be disappointed is if DTG continues to release many major core improvements after release for free, but is that not a state of early access? If EA ends technically then that's it, any major further core development for free would be very unlikely. A patch here and there maybe. There will have to be a very serious and extremely captivating core update to accompany the release of FSW. If I know DTG well enough, that will not happen, and I would be happy to wrong about this. I wonder if a DTG train simulator business model is possibly what is in store, if it is, FSW fans will be waiting for a go to sim for decades to come, and DLC will be a huge part of that possibility of being the go to sim. Sounds familiar to a degree; P3D costs more initially and we get continued development for free with each version. We pay for the product and for its scheduled development, and that development is major, so its a good value. We also have a very healthy 3rd party system in place for P3Dv4. All this talk about the gaming/professional aspect does not matter if FSW lags behind the others...hence the OP question. "Gamers" will buy XP or FSX or P3D if they are that interested in aviation/flight sims, and if they aren't that interested in aviation, they will not be that interested in FSW either. It is good to see people holding onto hope for FSW. I do too, but I will not defend FSW as it is presently; DTG needs to show me some more evidence that this has a chance to be a go to sim first. There is some good aspects of FSW, but the bad outweigh the good for me. Them clouds and the grey ground effect is the cream of the failed crop....that should have been anticipated to be a blunder or been fixed quick....true sky or whatever excuses are simply not good enough at this level.....a "go to sim" level,... possibly going to be released in a couple weeks,...(???). This is the conclusion of my comments on this topic. <with a very positive and huge grin>
  2. none of this proves me wrong.... These titles has become this (singular) title. The first is dead. So why cant any new player of flight sims buy flight school since it was so well received as a single was not received well at all....plan B. Not all things to all people is an understatement, it is all things to about 100 people - that is all. The rest (a million +/- others) are flying something else, waiting for FSW to be worth running/trying. The beginning for P3D was v 1 and they are at version 4.1 now, they are not going to wait for DTG, and XP 11 is growing very fast; the VR in XP 11 is doing great for me. So what if its just a beginning for FSW, no competitor is going to sit around and wait for them. beginning to bear fruit on a cosmic scale is all. Still there is no value in developing a study level airliner for a sim that has no professional flight planning possibilities, no realistic wx, no airliner life at all at major airports, and no online ATC availability. DTG is doing things their way, and I wish the best for them, but so far its not looking good at all.
  3. Flight simulation has been and always will be an expensive adventure. DTG can make that initial expense kind of cheap, but have fun flying in the same weather, with the same lethargic ATC, with the same barren wasteland airports, and the same planes. When you get tired of the mundane you will either have to quit or pay. Hopefully the core of FSW will be developed further w/o any further price to FSW owners, but if it gets released in a couple weeks, I would not expect the core of version 1 to get too much of a face lift anymore.....then version 2 will have a price tag.....same road.
  4. When there is such thing as a "go to sim" the rest will die. In the mean time (which is the most probable future), whatever is the most realistic experience will be the most favored....FSW is not the most favored flight sim. I'm very glad that you are enjoying FSW, I'm enjoying P3Dv4 (mostly), X-Plane 11, and AeroFly2.
  5. Remember, there was a lot of "steam" for Flight School too. They plainly said it was geared for beginners and that it was not going to be open to add-ons, so where is it? Is there no longer such thing as beginners in flight sims? The future was not thought though thoroughly, and a waste of effort/time/money was the result. Yes Flight School was incorporated into FSW, but that resulted in so many people getting FSW for free and that could not have been the original plan. This was a reaction to the rejection of Flight School and the same is happening to FSW, except this time its getting very expensive to react to the rejection of FSW and I'm not sure the board of directors at DTG has that much of a heart for this competition, but of course we give Steven Hood all the time he needs to make FSW the go to sim. There will never be enough FSW hype, tee shirts, or hats to be able to help this project.
  6. Every sim has its strong/weak points. From the start, flight sim was a tiny 2 airfield fictional area. It has become a full world choice between several strengths. For example, with FS9/FSX-SE/P3D its a greater choice of the best add-ons. with AeroFly 2 its VR, with X-Plane its UI and ortho4XP. With FSW its stock GA planes and missions so far....still a long way to go before it catches up to its cousins. So as it stands right now, what simulator can you do it all with, none. But what sim has the potential to do most, P3Dv4. No matter what kind of flying you do, if you want to come as close to reality as possible in a flight sim P3Dv4 is the best choice. Not the cheapest but the most potential for realism. I think the Xplane 11 is coming along, but one pays a whole lot more for a whole lot less in the realm of add-ons.....for example weather add-ons! I have them all, but its with P3Dv4 that I do my serious flight training/simming with, the rest I dabble with, waiting for them to fully impress me. FSW may end up being the go to sim, but its no good to anybody if it dies like Flight School and MS Flight did.
  7. How can it be considered a go to sim if its released before its the go to sim? Thinking about it, why release out of EA if it does not exceed every feature (go to sim) of all other sims. Well, one reason is to push responsibility of them features onto 3rd parties, and that is fine, but then Steven Hood would be speaking in the place of countless other companies, and he is not qualified to do such a thing. I believe he is smarter than that. I cant think of another good reason to release in a couple weeks, unless there is a serious "1 TB" update, but this is very unlikely. So DTG is responsible for making FSW the "go to" sim, and if they release FSW before February, it cannot be the go to sim, nor will it even have the potential, there is still way too much to be done. The other flight sim companies are working too. The project seems to be losing steam.....pardon the pun.
  8. If FSW version 1 gets released from early access before February or even November (at this rate), it will die faster than MS Flight and Flight School. A flight sim world record of failure and a huge waste of time would be on the books. The 100 or so die hard fans of FSW are basing their loyalty on: "its early access" about...well.... a kick in the teeth. I will remain in belief of Steven Hood that he will make sure that this is the "go to" sim before it gets out of early access. I suppose there is a slight chance that there will be a 1 terabyte update to totally transform FSW by the end of
  9. From FCOM volume 2: The automatic start sequence begins by moving the APU switch momentarily to START. This initiates opening of the air inlet door. When the APU inlet door reaches the full open position the start sequence begins. I wonder if the APU inlet door was frozen shut and it had to slowly work its way open. Most excellent.
  10. Hi Roman, So many had high hopes with skyforce, and who knows, rex may yet redeem themselves, I hope they do. Yes we know there is no revolution, so essentially you are saying that there are plain lies in the skyforce manual, because the skyforce manual plainly states on page 3: "Sky Force 3D is a complete overhaul of the weather and environmental experience while bringing dimension to FSX, FSX Steam, and Prepar3D v1, 2, 3 and 4." The manual goes into some detail about how it accomplishes this. But I have not seen evidence of anything of the sort. A complete overhaul, is a revolution whether anybody wants to believe that or not. Page 4 of the manual goes on to claim that skyforce corrects the problem of misrepresentation of real world cloud classification. Really? I have not seen such a thing in any screen shot or vid that ASP4 + ASCA has not accomplished. Not even 1 of your screenshots show any more variety of clouds then I have seen with ASP4/ASCA. This is why I'm here asking for proof of these claims, since several people have defended skyforce, I ask them to defend not with descriptions, or claims of satisfaction, but with proof of these claims in the manual. This is very important for the future of flight simulation, because if we just settle for hype that is false, and reward companies that do not deliver what they claim, we remain more stagnant in that (most important) area of development. I want Hi Fi to have healthy competition to push forward to them real world cloud classifications and types. But Hi Fi need not worry at all about skyforce. Yes skyforce has some nice textures, but so did rex essential (cauliflower clouds n all) .....nothing new, actually quite old. What's new is that rex made some nice new textures that play better with Active Sky, but they charged you for a weather engine that fails badly, and they said they intend to charge you again for a weather engine; though they may just have to make that new weather engine free of charge. If no proof of what is claimed in the manual can be provided, then my statement is true; ASP4 + ASCA is just as good. Because with ASP4 + ASCA we have seen full and deep overcast, violent looking/feeling thunderstorms, visibility smoothing, many cloud layers built with diversity and as good as it can be with 3 cloud types in the sim. For the record, I want rex to succeed. I'm not looking for an argument or fight, I'm just looking for proof of what is stated in the manual....anybody?
  11. If you have not already, you may want to try the second tutorial and see if you have success with that.
  12. FSX-SE

    I have Topcat with PFPX and its nice to have the top for (currently) 4 planes in P3Dv4. If developers come around with quality 757-200 (PW), 767-300, MD82, MD11, ATR-72212A, and Fokker F28 planes in P3Dv4 then I could use it to its fullest. But at 17.99 Euros (about $22) its worth it to me. I have a Navigraph Ultimate subscription, so the airport/runway data is current as well. The downside is there is no indication that there will be further development and I see no activity on the forum since Sept 2016. Lots of talk about how "impossible" or difficult it is to get data to add to the list of planes in the program. I personally hate to hear excuses, and say 'don't get into the business if you're not up to the challenge'. However, I use topcat almost every day and it works great. Currently I'm flying on NAT TRACK B from EDDF to KIAD in the PMDG 744 and the performance recommendations/calculations from topcat were fine.
  13. ASP4 + Cloud Art in P3Dv4 looks just as good. Can anybody show us anything different/groundbreaking/revolutionary/totally transforming about skyforce....
  14. Still, nice looking but nothing new.
  15. When all is said and done, for THE developer, to not at least render some sort of aid/assistance/support, that is the part I hope most see. Correct that is this is not the rex support forum, but why say anything then? At least be a little helpful to show the world that rex customers are valued at least a little. An opportunity for excellent customer care/service was totally wasted.