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  1. Windows 10 is better than Windows 7 But I would say Windows 7 is better than Windows 8 So don't go Windows 8 whatever you do
  2. pracines

    North America waypoint?

    There is no doubt that this plan is flawed. I used to use Simbrief as well, but I switched to PFPX. Simbrief is still a very nice service, don't get me wrong. To compare exact same results for today AIRAC 1806: Simbrief - KORD RAYNR BRTMN DNIKA TAAYZ PETTY PECOK NOTAP YYB ANCER TUDEP 52N050W 53N040W 54N030W 55N020W VENER KOKIB CON LIFFY UL975 WAL M16 DOLAS L603 LAMSO LAMS2A EHAM Not a valid NAT for today PFPX - KORD ORD DCT PMM DCT ECK DCT YYZ DCT CERAW DCT ATENE Q907 MIILS N361B LOPRO N331B ELSIR NATR NETKI DCT NIBOG DCT REMSI L603 BELOX DCT BUKUT L603 LAMSO LAMS2A EHAM NAT R is valid for today I think the issue with Simbrief is the NAT track info is not current or more likely it does not have NAT info, and it tries to use current Flight Aware plans and gets confused. But like I said all in all if you have a current AIRAC and do a little research, with some editing, Simbrief is very good. The official source for NAT's is PFPX stays current (NOAA,NATS,PACOTS,AUSOTS,NOTAMS) as long as you pay the subscription fee.
  3. pracines

    North America waypoint?

    It appears Simbrief is in error because there is no such waypoint name, but more info is needed please: Which airport? List the whole plan? Destination? Which FMC what plane? The closest possible point is the IGN VOR Radial 084 at 37 NM in the State of New York
  4. Which witch is watching which watch to be sure we know precisely when P3D V4.3 is released🤣
  5. I will find this topic more fascinating after V4.3 is released. 🖖😂
  6. If by chance you need your flight sim navigation data updated:
  7. pracines

    Objective of UGCX

    I personally am glad that the other FS2Crew products did NOT take a back seat to UGCX. All one has to do is look at the FS2Crew homepage and see all that has been happening.
  8. If you want a ton to see, learn, and read about flight simming check out the MSFS gateway: From past to present. people, programs, training, opinions....
  9. pracines

    IRS reset

    Depending on previous flight length I sometimes use the Fast Realignment procedure as explained in FCOM1 SP11.3
  10. Essentially true Ray, however even after they make full use of the PDK, we will be able to say "we have not see the best yet". The question stated "What is?" not "what may be later?
  11. Whether it cost $1/day or $1000/day I have no intention of giving it up no matter what the cost. 🤑 With P3Dv5 here before we know it, and that new NVidia card coming out, its all worth it. Especially when you pop out at 55 feet AGL above LSZH Runway 16 CATIIIA after a flight from KIAD over the Atlantic....priceless, now that we have no OOM worries.💰
  12. Flightbeam is at the top of the food chain 100%.
  13. pracines

    Getting started with the A36

    glad to help - enjoy!
  14. pracines

    Getting started with the A36

    Its possible you are missing that you need to press the CDI button (on either of the GPS - lower left) to change NAV source from VLOC to GPS, only then will the GPS track the flight plan.