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  1. My response (not accusation!) to simbol has been taken way out of context by several who don't read the full post/dialog in context (this happens way too often), and this very thread along with many others is evidence of that. The context that this hotfix fixed a CTD and in turn the fix has been a mixed bag, but simbol said the fix to the fix was to reduce sliders - so I responded. The dialog continued with him essentially defending CTD's as either not existing at all or LM let them go, could be nothing else, so I responded with questions as to how this could happen. It seems that the word IF is totally ignored by so many and then I get accused of accusations??? What does a person have to do to get others to READ the word IF in a sentence?? If you go back and read what I wrote fully - Don't simply read what simbol wrote in response to me, carefully cutting out a small part of my post and responding craftily to me to make it look as though I was attacking him (he did this twice!- plain as day). I was simply uncovering the truth....and the word if is there. For anybody, whether LM or customers or testers to justify reproduceable CTD's is not excusable at this level. Also, denying they exist(ed) when they do/did exist (there was a hotfix right?- this very topic) is just as bad. I was just keeping the topic honest. There are many video reviews out there that claim P3Dv5 is awesome but when one clicks "read more" one can read the reality that its not that awesome...which is it? Honesty (complete truth) is the only way to truly find out this most important question.
  2. As I read through this thread I can't help but realize that this "new" order of things seems so (too!!) familiar. Just wait until new add-ons are brought to the table; it wont matter if you have an all new 10th gen processor, a 3080ti, and 64 GB of ram, there will always be the curse of lowering the sliders after all the raving about great performance. Now the curse includes: if you don't lower the sliders a CTD occurs; that may be "fixed" for now, but who knows what's to come.🤒 Amazing the range of reviews of this HF, no matter the level of experience, add-ons, or PC system. Some say its awesome, some say meh, some having lots of problems, some leaving P3D forever....very strange....everybody is correct AND everybody is wrong.😵 I have to conclude that the P3D alpha/beta/rtm test teams need to be MUCH more diversified at the very least. If not, I must conclude that the test teams are being greatly ignored.🤷‍♂️
  3. I agree with your concept, and these are excellent ideas for when money no longer matters to humans...definitely not in this age. Leave it to algorithms to do the work - they require no royalties at all. Fine details can still be achieved, we have seen it for ourselves already. Getting too many "partners" for ultra fine details would make the price of a flight sim, eventually released on Xbox, to be laughed off the planet.
  4. If anybody knows it will be Vahid from Sim Elite Solutions, for now he is checking it all out: https://simelite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2708
  5. It probably best to tell/describe what steps you took - this would avoid a sort of "telephone tag" conversation. I usually suggest flying the first tutorial flight EXACTLY as written, if one is new to RC.
  6. No apparent difference in speed - but the KF is lower in price, which in our case works well because on-board graphics is not something a flight simmer would need or want.
  7. Perhaps there is an outstanding bug regarding fuel in the wing tanks not implemented yet, or maybe a bug having to do with the new aerodynamics features. I sure am glad you emphasize this, incase it is a bug that MS/Asobo needs to be aware of...good job Aleex.👍
  8. The amount of fuel in the wings will play a factor. Also I should add if the aircraft is moving at t/o speed the wings will lift as well. We can't be sure at this point if wind is passing over the wings causing them to curve to the sky.
  9. Yea I agree, upon further review that runway does look "FS2000 perfect". I suppose if I knew which airport and then I could check the stats to make a better/honest call/critique.
  10. Wing Wed has more and more of a yawn factor for me personally. I'm glad others are impressed, but I have "seen" enough. Its gonna take the IFR vid to excite me (sim in action and features).😴
  11. Pretty much the same thing in FSX-SE. Many of us are hoping that the new MSFS will remedy the huge need for separate mods for basic realism. Better to suffer through XP11 as you already have it, than to have to suffer through XP11 AND FSX-SE.
  12. Excellent points Ray! I did not try the adventure route with RC, I stuck with PF2000 until FS2002 had ATC, but I went to RC3, and eventually to 4 when it was released. Yes ATC remains untouched, but LM forums have several topics concerning ATC and the need for improvements, but at the minimum, fixes. The P3D normal client forums are MUCH busier than pro plus forums, so that should count for something concerning who is a primary customer... 62,000+ vs 1300+ posts. And the pro-plus customers are not more versed in ESP than we are. We have been living ESP much longer. How JD had to do this back in the day may be one way, but today, algorithms are developed to automate many things. MSFS feature discovery vids explain the basics of this. Well I suppose if LM made a statement saying 'ATC is not important to them' I think more (than already have) simmers would abandon P3D for MSFS pretty quick...that would be a statement.🚮
  13. Nothing concrete that I know of, but from the looks of the ground operation menu options, it appears it will be familiar to P3D/FSX users.
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