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  1. Well my intention is to fly with FS2Crew and hopefully Bryan will be able to get the FO to work the new ECL, but if not, its easy enough to understand.
  2. While others will say day one purchase, I will be a nanosecond one purchase! 🤩
  3. pracines

    Black autogen textures - advice?

    Exactly, I was giving an alternative for the OP, and I directly quoted you because what you recommended is contrary to what I know and have known for decades because of others trial and error. I don't think that your calculations apply to the black texture situation, but since you wanted to bring calculations into the mix, I would present you with calculations that apply to where you were leading this. If you read the post you would find the recommendation to leave texturemaxload out and the reasons why. LM leaves texturemaxload out as a default likely for the same reasons and because photoreal scenery (megascenery earth) is not as popular LC textures (orbx). The cfg settings do the same thing in FS9, FSX and P3D, they make work in different degrees or effectiveness but they still do the same thing, so the link applies. No doubt there is a misunderstanding/disagreement, the main thing is that the OP issue is solved, I hope our responses can help the OP. I do not have black texture issues and I do not use the texturemaxload setting.
  4. pracines

    Black autogen textures - advice?

    For even more math and an extremely deep explanation, see: TextureMaxLoad is not needed in the cfg file, it is recommended (perfect) for products like mega scenery earth (photoreal scenery). The black texture issue only needs the bandwidth adjustment.
  5. pracines

    Black autogen textures - advice?

    It may help but I understood that TextureMaxLoad was perfect for photoreal scenery; from the P3D learning center: The entry in the P3D.cfg file your likely needing is: TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=30 Increasing this number will likely help eliminate the black textures, but can slow FPS and cause stutters. DTG increased this setting to 130 for FSX-SE, and that did not cause any issues across the board that I saw, but FSX has so much less autogen (textures) than P3D potentially has (quantity and distance drawn). In FS9, some (myself included) set this to 400 and there was no delay in texture drawing, but again hi-end CPUs & video cards (for the era) were required. So increasing 30 to something like 40 or 60 or even higher can be tried, but how it affects stuttering and performance is up to ones hardware and other P3D settings. You may find that 43 or 57 will do the trick.
  6. pracines

    P3d Wont start up!!!!

    Here is a P3D v4 YouTube channel demonstrating several troubleshooting procedures:
  7. pracines

    A cautionary AI tale......

    I agree MT6 populated the FS world greatly, but realistic schedules and traffic is more often best, because there are only so many parking spots in reality. With the upcoming product from FS Aerodata , it is said that we will have correct parking with correct airline gate assignments for every airport in the FS world, this coupled with correct RW airline traffic will be the cream of the crop. With a reasonable random set of GA and Military schedules I think that would suffice.
  8. pracines

    A cautionary AI tale......

    I feel your pain. The misconception of not difficult is very widespread, so many think its not difficult, and then you prove how difficult it is to attempt to manage such a task for even a couple airports and a couple airlines. The UT live forum is filled with the same boasting of how easy it is to make ones own AI schedules. Developers make AI programs and sell it for premium prices and leave it to users to fill huge gaps, with the claim of how its easy to do. Traffic Global (Global MY FOOT) is the same - way too many gaps in 2018. The original Ultimate Traffic (2005!!) should have been the beginning of a product/service that got better as time went by, but laziness and greed increased instead, for only the UI has improved/changed. The problems you discovered would be just a drop in the ocean if you fly to many different places all the time like I do. Maybe one day a company (no not me - I'm a pilot not a programmer) with integrity will come along and do it right with regular (monthly/quarterly) updates that totally fill the gaps even in Botswana or The Azores! The FS world is about to be ready for such a thing...
  9. Its much better to just subscribe to the Inflight Video YouTube channel:
  10. One would always avoid TS --- steer around them if possible or go to alternate. But if one want's to experience TS in sim - one should suffer the consequences or refrain from concern of normal ops/aircraft behavior.
  11. pracines

    Things I don't understand.................

    What about current FS2002 users, that's even less understandable⁉️
  12. pracines

    Ladders and flickering textures in Prepar3D v4.3

    The Inspector texture filter setting "Clamp" would/should remove the shimmering for the most part, but your AF mode has to be set to "User Defined/Off" not "Application Controlled "for the AF settings to be implemented in P3D.
  13. pracines

    WOW! How things have changed!

    3 years is a LONG time to not be simming (out of the loop). So much has changed in hardware too. I can build systems too, but I found that since that is all Jetline does ( build flight sim PC's) , I tried them, their systems and service are so excellent, I stopped building systems. They are totally on top of the software and technology curve. So many people build systems, then come here wondering why they have so many problems or performance issues - just have a look at the hardware forum. More money is spent in the end when there is a lack of knowledge. I just wonder when people ask for advice, then say thanks, but I can do it myself, I wonder why they ask in first place.
  14. pracines

    Step Climb

    In reality you need ATC approval, so normally the AP will never climb by itself. Rather than ask about basics/fundamentals here, its best to slowly go though the tutorial, you will learn so much more, so much better