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  1. Simmarket False Identify Purchase Please Help!

    Are you sure? You will see several people saying just after an FSUIPC purchase from simmarket, their CC was stolen. When I contacted Miguel and Pete about this, neither one cared at all. In other words your dads CC was stolen. simmarket will not help you, they will flat out deny there is a problem.
  2. UTC time wrong with FSrealtime

    A very inexpensive utility to solve time zone and DST issues in P3D and FSX:
  3. Navigraph charts also have a nighttime mode (black background) if you have a need for that option; that was a biggie for me and many others with multi-monitors especially.
  4. Daylight Savings Time Not Updated

    +1 The time zone fixer utility is a very inexpensive way to fix all time zone and DST issues worldwide for FSX and P3D. Worth a look.
  5. Unstable LNAV

    For the record that is not my video, I don't even own this plane. I just knew that there would likely be somebody else with a tutorial solution or a similar valid complaint; it took me less than a minute to find this video. I have never heard of Carenado employees giving support in this forum as it is unofficial. It is possible that a patch is forthcoming, but who knows.
  6. Unstable LNAV

    you are not alone
  7. Advice from XP Users

    This is how it is with just about everything including life in general - growing pains. Windows is no different, games getting updates, a new job, moving, a new child, everything changes. The majority of add-on developers are just as eager to get us back up and running upon new version releases. I'm running 4.2 and had to wait a couple weeks for a couple of fixes here and there, but the 20 or so P3Dv 4.2 add-ons I have, all work fine. And yes this happens to XP too. I have been doing this (spending money and waiting) for about 30 years and loving it, because it gets more and more real as the years go by....big picture.
  8. PMDG moving to own forum platform

    Surly there will be a way to get to the PMGD forum from the PMDG website
  9. Aerosoft CRJ is out

    I was hoping for a good CRJ and am glad I did not dive in. As I always do, I will look for YouTube video flights/reviews of version to be sure its the product that is the problem and not pilot error. I still look forward to the Aerosoft A320/321 for P3Dv4.x, and am glad I never touched the way overpriced FSL after hearing the scandal with it. Aerosoft has me scratching my head a lot with several decisions made of late --- Ready for takeoff and World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator, to name specifics. Aligning the Aerosoft name with cheap standalone stuff that will likely never succeed. Its like a willful effort to waste time, resources, and effort. Let the gaming sites or the windows store deal with them cheap gaming products for young children. If the fixes that were claimed ("waypoint turns") were not really fixed, I will have to resort to something other than scratching my head because I will dig into my brain! It is so good to have PMDG with FS2Crew; masterpieces that I can rely on for a most rewarding airliner experience.
  10. New SODE update 1.6.2 (eliminating stutter)

    I don't get it, the Flightbeam airports I have that use SODE jetways ( KPHX-KMSP-KSFO) all work fine using 1.6.2 and none of them airports have been updated since before SODE 1.6.0 was released.
  11. Scenery Libery Has glitched P3D V4.2

    Do you use the Lorby Addon Organizer for Prepar3D V4? If not, you may wish to look into it.
  12. Not able to access ATC in P3Dv4.2
  13. Any ideas?

    SODE 1.6.2 is the most recent version, maybe there was a problem with 1.6.1?? I have no idea if that is related to your issue but its worth a shot.
  14. New PC, Fresh Install, Flying around AUS

    The Avsim FSX Configuration Guide is a good place to start:
  15. Pmdg 737 autopilot issue.

    A few items are needed for anyone to be able to begin to help you. What Flight sim are you using? Version? What OS are you using? Any other possibly conflicting add-ons? Did you recently buy any other planes/utilities? What hardware are you using for flight controls? What are you using to calibrate your hardware? There may be others with other questions, but these basics will get a ball rolling.