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  1. I have this and I love it! hp-envy-32-inch-media-display-with-beats-audio
  2. lynthetrucker

    Lights at Night

    I have this line in the cfg: [sCENERY] AUTOGEN_TREE_MAX_DRAW_DISTANCE=9500.000000 Is this what you changed, if so , what to? thanks
  3. lynthetrucker

    Taxiways at LFKB

    +1 happened to some airports after installing MyTraffic. This was a quicker fix than waiting for support to fix it
  4. lynthetrucker

    Sometimes developers have these types of days ...

    A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong. Rodney Dangerfield
  5. lynthetrucker

    Ivy Bridge to Skylake?

    Thanks for the info Quote from the article "They are also on the 14nm die which means that they are more power efficient than their Haswell predecessors". Do you think this will solve the heat problem that my Ivy Bridge has?
  6. lynthetrucker

    Ivy Bridge to Skylake?

    Been wondering about upgrading my 3770K. Perhaps someone knowledgeable could take a look at this article and give us all an opinion.
  7. my 980 GTX is on it's way as a replacement for my 680 GTX. It's my understanding that all I have to do is: Install the new card update to the latest driver go to: C:/Users/Lyn/AppData/Local/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3DV2/Shaders Do I delete the Shaders Folder or the contents of the Shaders folder? Start P3d and the folder will rebuild thank you for any help
  8. lynthetrucker

    Best setup

    I use Microsoft Security Essentials, works well, runs in the background with a very small footprint, & best of all - it's free!
  9. lynthetrucker

    Installing addons prepar3d

    During installation of your addon, a window appears showing: "nameofaddon" will be installed in the following directory C:\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X Right next to this here is usually a small white box with three periods inside of it and then the word "browse". I can't remember if you click the little white box, or the word "Browse", but when you do, another window will open showing all the drives,directories on your computer. Just click til you get the p3d folder. It is probably: Computer\C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d V2 When you have Prepar3d highlighted, close that window and the install path should be correct hope this helps
  10. lynthetrucker

    oops time !

    There were a couple of thing I couldn't find either, but I went ahead and followed the directions for what I did find, and everything worked!
  11. here is post about updating video drivers that you may find interesting. It's the method I use. Ignore the part about Nvidia Inspector - not needed with P3d 2.4
  12. would you please share your Nvidia Control Panel settings, not clear what you mean by "in most cases". thanks
  13. lynthetrucker

    Aerosoft Airbus Extended P3D 2.3 Native Installer?

    would be grateful if if you could post a link to the "one small file". I also have this installed in 2.3 with no problems, enjoying it very much.
  14. Yes, it is. I like to use some fog to stop from seeing the autogen pop in beyond the LOD radius. I have orb x global & vector and have found using the orb x weather themes are less of a hit. I believe theme #2 is overcast with a nice mist(fog). system specs? Excellent name by the way!