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  1. You can configure the panel to be in a location that will be inside the cockpit and it will allow you to then interact with it. This is a manual process (panel config edit). There is a thread on these forums that describes how to do this (think a ATC VR search might pop it up). Once set up the window will always pop up at that location. Important consideration is I find under most circumstances the window can not be outside the windshield if you want to interact with it
  2. One thing I noticed with the maddog but also with default aircraft is when switching between VR enabled and VR disabled (back and forth) that the amount of VRAM used steadily creeps up until a crash occurs
  3. its actually a tiny little window in the 2D view that you can expand then close out. I think it has something to do with lights
  4. I just got the maddog today and was learning how to run it up from a cold start. What I noticed is that the VRAM kept creeping up even while sitting at the gate and eventually crashed. I am using a 2080ti and it started at about 5.1 GB and when it crashed it was at 8.2GB. I would guess there is a leak of some sort because I wasn't moving at all. Spent about an hour at the gate before the crash
  5. Quick question on this app. Is it primarily of value for airliner flying or is their value for GA as well (alt 2-3K AGL) ?
  6. I was wondering if any VR users have used the Leonardo Maddog MD-84 and could give some feedback with regards to its performance, readability, etc? I use a vive pro with 150% oversample in steamvr. I have had decent performance in 4.5 with the PMDG NGXu and Majestic Q400. I am currently using P3d 5.0 Any insight is appreciated
  7. Mini Hijack.....any users on here use the Maddog in VR? If so opinions?
  8. I had a similar experience. Turning off dynamic texture loading and setting vr options to single-pass (which it was before) and pre-render seem to have mostly restored it. Still seems a slight decrease perhaps related to some of the fixes they implemented for hard crash items
  9. Agree with everything said with regards to DCS If you are shy about jumping into something too complex to begin with you could always try the flaming cliffs aircraft. If you are interested in moving mud then you can't go wrong with the A-10C ….it has a large amount of DLC campaigns pretty much all of which are very well done. If you want a mixed experience (A2A, A2G) with a good amount of content the M2000 has some excellent campaigns is relatively easy to master If you want just A2A then the flaming cliffs F-15C is very easy to learn and has good DLC content Best thing is they are running a promotion right now until May 19th where you can try everything for free and most modules/campaigns are 50% off. Try it then buy it. I use the grim reapers youtube channel to help learn the systems. They have tutorials for all systems and break it down to the necessities Enjoy, Brett
  10. I just did a re-install of V5 using the same settings I had in V5 working flawlessly before the hotfix. The performance went down a good bit but I suspect it was scenery related. The first thing I noticed was the ORBX trees were not the ORBX trees, PNW didn't look the same. In the process of starting fresh
  11. So far I have been very impressed with the performance. I am really looking forward to the complex birds to be ready (PMDG, A2A, Majestic) along with AS/ASCA
  12. Yoyo, Where do you find the OnScreenDisplayMode parameter to set as double or single?
  13. Something worth checking out on it is turning off dynamic lights and reflections and see if that changes the working of the buttons. In V4.5 I would have that issue sometimes depending upon the lighting conditions if the pop-up panel was on the other side of the windscreen. Thus there was a layer from the dynamic light or reflections between me and the buttons thus causing them to not work. Not sure if this will help or if it is a completely different problem but figured it was worth mentioning
  14. Fix works beautifully for me. Maxed out slider settings for most over TE Rotterdam and very smooth. Using an HTC Vive Pro. Hope they get the WMR sets up and running as well
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