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  1. Restarting the computer seemed to do the trick
  2. Hi, I don't believe my MSFS has updated with the most recent update released on the 27th. From what I have seen the home screen menu layout should have changed and it has not. Is there a way to force it to do so. The program checks for updates in the beginning but doesn't apply any. Any help is appreciated Thanks, Brett
  3. I tried it out today. Its decent. I didn't mess around with the settings on graphics. Just went with the default VR settings. As of this time my preference is still with P3D but that could be a familiarity thing more than anything. Ultimately I would call them comparable.
  4. Thanks YoYo , by going back to old version you mean 5.0 HF2 or is there a way to just change the ATC window and keep 5.1?
  5. I'm sorry, i am not sure what this means
  6. I have 5.1 loaded and so far have been happy with it. I did notice that the ATC window will not stay up. It appears to flash and disappear. Other 2D panels show up (i.e. A2A panels). Any fixes for this or additional information?
  7. I just tell myself it is lightning and fly on 🙂
  8. My son had xbox game pass so I was able to download it for free. It looks nice but I lost interest in about 10 minutes using it in 2D. Then for kicks i fired up p3dv5 in 2D and same lack of interest. They both look pretty good. It is just not the same without VR...cant go back...lol In fairness, the title looks like it has a good bit of potential. The interface took a bit to get used to, found the control interface a bit clumsy but that could be a familiarity thing too. The lighting is very well done. Something to look forward to
  9. From a practical standpoint is this expansion basically just a livery expansion with some different doors that open up or are their significant differences in flight model, procedures, etc?
  10. I had a similar problem. Setting the timing source to multimedia and FDE to FSX sync to disable fixed the problem
  11. I turned on this feature and notice a smoother experience for P3D and a smoother and better FPS experience for DCS. Both using VR
  12. Looks like they have done some PDR work because everything looks better in my opinion
  13. Thanks Guys! I appreciate the detailed description. Will likely pick it up!
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