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  1. FSX-MS

    Oh boo hoo. I've resized and converted one by one, many thousands of AI textures over the years only to swap them all out for their full sized versions since P3d V4 was released. None it has even been a nightmare or even complaint in the slightest.
  2. FSX-MS

    It's a night and day difference between 1024 textures and even 2048, let alone 4096. Both of which can be quickly resized for what ever reason you prefer. Modeling techniques have changed as well, these various antenna options etc aren't actually part of the model but incorporated into the alpha layer of the texture itself.
  3. It's no different than from 4.0 to 4.1 was also previous to that with V3. Uninstall the Client and if you want the content as well, then install the new Client and content. It's in the release notes, not to mentions Poppet's fantastic tutorials. Addressed in how? Dynamic lighting is going to come at some cost. Again, in the release notes, they said "Improved Dynamic Lighting performance by filtering lights based on distance and size".
  4. If your motherboard only supports one M.2 drive, use it for your OS to get the most out of it.
  5. You can just change the type of spot from Gate_Small or Medium or Heavy to Ramp GA, just be sure to then set the radius to something that your aircraft will be able to use. You can still label the spot as a Gate of course, it will just remove the service vehicles that are placed when using Gates as a type of spot.
  6. FSX-SE

    The schedules are from mid 2017, hard to call that dated when even the most up to date custom setups are mostly from the same time period.
  7. Some of the cargo paints ARE included, the reason's we were all given was to keep the costs down when everything is already available for free. You are kidding right? Those are all available and probably of much better quality from a number of sources at AIG. There's also a tool available by one of the UTL users that converts AI flightplans into xml files used by UTL, I've got close to 20 in my setup currently with only a few duplicate issues which is still FAR better than any other AI package available. If you want to go about things the hard way sure, but a bit of research and you can also look into using UTL_FP available here I tinker with UTL out of curiosity and would use it LONG before MyTraffic but without a doubt, nothing comes close to old custom bgl AI setup.
  8. There's actually plenty of cargo operators in UTL, you just need to assign liveries to some of them. In these shots from EHAM and PANC, I had to add repaints but believe just the FedEx machines are from outside UTL.
  9. The State of Alaska also offers the airlines significant deals on fuel and parking etc.
  10. Ah I see, you could have specified a tiny parallel 11/29 alongside 12/30. When was is paved?
  11. Also a good place to get routes. https://flightaware.com/live/fleet/ASA
  12. Haha.. a new 11/29? It was just renumbered from 12/30. Add-on airports are a snapshot in time, they can't keep it 100% up to date all the time.
  13. Good call Steve and for the first time this new freeware pack won't be pirated at all, it's fully legit.
  14. Set and forget is awesome, but you will miss out on a TON of traffic that UTL already has in it that doesn't have repaints assigned to it.
  15. I use a custom AI setup which does take time to build but the results are far superior to anything available to purchase. A good base these days is to use the free ORBX AU AI pack for v4 and build it from that using the readily available paints and plans from the guys at Alpha India Group.