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  1. Yes, that's correct. In FSX the simobjects entries were included in the FSX.cfg.
  2. Dave_YVR

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Why go through the bother when you can get far better (correct fleet size and weekly or even bi-weekly rotations) results using bgl traffic?
  3. Dave_YVR

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Not even close. Each aircraft does one return leg per day and then repeats itself every day. Think on that how many aircraft large airlines would need to fill their schedule and how many dormant aircraft you would have awaiting their next day's single flight.
  4. P3d uses a Simobjects.cfg. If you don't use P3d, then you won't have one. If you do use P3d, it is located in your C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D vX folder.
  5. Dave_YVR

    Error message when start P3Dv4.2 with Ultimate Traffic Live

    Have you excluded the UTL folder from any anti-virus or system security?
  6. Dave_YVR

    CYCD Nanaimo uncontrolled tower

    There are actually very few towers with ATC in BC, they are Vancouver CYVR, Vancouver Harbour CYHC, Victoria CYYJ, Comox CYQQ, Boundary Bay CZBB, Langley CYNJ, Abbotsford CYXX, Pitt Meadows CYPK, Kelowna CYLW and Prince George CYXS. Many other airports have FSS on site and others are RCO (remote communications with FSS).
  7. Dave_YVR

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    I've never once had any issues with FTX Central or it's download speeds.
  8. Even though I have almost all of the textures reassigned, I have never intended to actually use UTL for my full time AI. The only real quirk of bgl traffic is that the aircraft fly direct. UTL on the other hand has quite a few, the majors being so many totally messed up routes and altitudes and also no idea of fleet sizes so you end up with grossly inaccurate numbers of AI. Here's a sample of a route. This is UTL's version of KLAX-EGLL
  9. When it happened to me, I had well over 1500 assignments done. Luckily I keep a semi regular backup of the repaints.xml on hand so restoring it all wasn't too bad at all.
  10. Dave_YVR

    Accidently deleted Traffic.bgl?

    Bob, the default traffic.bgl will not have any traffic at VHHX anyways. As mentioned before for the traffic you downloaded for VHHX, you need to add the included aircraft to your collection. That means copy and paste the textures into the correct model folder and then add in the aircraft.cfg entries. Once that is done you run AIFP and load those retro airline plans and compile.
  11. Have you tried turning your AI to 0% to eliminate that as a possible cause? From a bad model to a specific repaint or cfg entry, you just never know.
  12. I was there for that too! Not the greatest pic mind you (taken through fairly thick tinted glass).
  13. Dave_YVR

    FlyTampa vs FSDT performance impact

    So essentially you are saying that performance issues couldn't possibly be from ORBX SoCal, HD clouds, any actual weather, high-end aircraft or any combination of them or the location itself but it's all on FSDT? The likening it to complaining about the Ferrari in the wet made me actually laugh out loud, as the common denominator there just like in FSX and P3d is essentially always user error in it's install or setup. From mediocre hardware (originally an i5 2500K to an i7 6700K paired with from a GTX580, 970, 1070, and now 1080ti) spanning FSX to all versions of P3d, I've never had performance issues directly because on any one scenery add-on.
  14. The ORBX NA AI would only include traffic within the original FTX regions of the West Coast of NA afaik.
  15. Dave_YVR

    Ai Traffic and NDB Approach

    The AI doesn't have any clue or understanding about IFR cancellation or termination of any ATC services etc. The AI engine in the sim (FS9 right to the current P3d is essentially unchanged) was never meant to simulate the traffic that we try and throw at it let alone any sort of proper IFR procedures or separation.