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  1. Dave_YVR

    Ultimate Traffic Live

    Not a clue, I don't really follow those threads in their forums.
  2. Dave_YVR

    Best AI Traffic program for FSX-SE

    No offense, but it's not the program. Most likely something to do with your system or setup. I've installed both UTL and UT2 to test on 4 different builds and many many OS installs over the years and it's never been an issue. Waiting in line to taxi and take off also has NOTHING to do with the traffic program (UTL, TG, MyT6, UT2), it's just part of the poor ATC engine of the sim.
  3. Dave_YVR

    Ultimate Traffic Live

    Did you change your res to 1920x1080 and try installing it? TONS of threads about this on the actual UTL forums, should be the first place to check.
  4. Dave_YVR

    Getting rid of AI on taxiway

    It's pretty simple compared to many parts of FSUIPC. Being able to remove specific ai is exactly what you were looking for. Just edit to the dll.xml file located C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. <Launch.Addon> <Name>Traffic Toolbox</Name> <Path>E:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 SDK\World\Traffic\TrafficToolbox.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> Ensuring that the path leads to your TrafficToolbox.dll. After that load up the sim and you will have Traffic Toolbox in the tools tab of your sim, select explorer and it will show you all of the AI loaded within your traffic bubble. Right-click on any and select delete.
  5. Dave_YVR

    Getting rid of AI on taxiway

    Actually, it is possible. Using the Traffic Explorer from the SDK as mentioned above.
  6. Dave_YVR

    Getting rid of AI on taxiway

    You can delete specific aircraft using the Traffic Explorer included in the P3d SDK. It's easier though imo to just turn off the crash detection, the AI engine is incredibly stupid was never meant to simulate real world operations let alone the amount of traffic we try and make it work with.
  7. Dave_YVR

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    Similar to Dave's reply, but most commonly it's user error where they've added scenery and not removed conflicting airport files or followed/searched for compatibility threads about those addons.
  8. Dave_YVR

    AI traffic problem

    It's just the inefficiencies of the ATC system of the sim. Unchanged for over a decade. You could at some airports shorten the runway link to where the runway entry point is so that the AI will no longer backtrack, or just live with it at those smaller airports.
  9. Dave_YVR

    AI traffic problem

    In those cases, it's not a layering issue, you need to disable the orbx ade and object files for those duplicate airports.
  10. Dave_YVR

    AI traffic problem

    It could also be a particular model and it's bounding box I think it's called, where the sim thinks the aircraft is much larger than it is. What model have you noticed this happening with?
  11. Dave_YVR

    How to install WoAI into P3D?

    Why use the WoAI at all these days with P3D? The models for the most part don't work in p3dv4. Much much easier to use the FLai collection alongside PSXseecontraffic or using aifp and plans from AIG etc.
  12. Dave_YVR

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    What command are you using to get the jetways to attach to your aircraft?
  13. Dave_YVR

    Fly Tampa Airports ntdll.dll CTDs

    All good, it's just always a good idea to check the developer's forums first. With FlyTampa's you don't even need to register to have full access.
  14. Dave_YVR

    Fly Tampa Airports ntdll.dll CTDs

    People have wondered that since shortly after P3d V4 was released and only FT can answer that. The only airport they have advertised as V4 ready from the installer is Boston, but it's easy enough to go grab the updates/fixes ourselves as they have been available for a year and a half on their forum.
  15. Dave_YVR

    UTLive, GSX or P3D traffic problems ?

    At 10% UTL traffic, what was it that didn't work? GSX on its own will show you ALL parking even if it is occupied or too big or small for your aircraft. Is it GSX that isn't giving you options to park or is it the default ATC? Are the spots that you say are occupied, done so by UK2000 static aircraft or from UTL?