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  1. One of the biggest things to know about G-Sync monitors is to NOT get one that is just G-sync compatible as the variable refresh rates on those cheaper models don't go low enough for use in P3d or MSFS. Use Nvidia's list to check as you want a variable refresh rate that goes all the down to 1. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/g-sync-monitors/specs/
  2. ORBX removed the elevation correction for Vector in V5. In V4 and previous, vector was often blamed for various elevation issues even for airports that it didn't do anything to, most were from user error due to incorrect layering of the insertion points or inaccurate addon airports with respect to field elevation. I 100% agree about mesh though. While it looks great in flight, the added elevation issues it brings due to it being so accurate and FSX/P3d only seeing airports as having 1 elevation creates all sort of issues.
  3. They released the Freeware Airport pack for V5, wasn't it included in the update? Ah now I see. "Whilst this product can be installed into P3Dv5, you may encounter some compatibility issues with airports. Please check this forum for updates to the pack."
  4. LM updated many of the worlds airport footprints which is a plus but at the same time the updates to the actual airport buildings and parking took a few large steps backwards from the previous.
  5. Remember when there used to have a graph on non precision approach plates showing various speeds and the suggested descent rate needed to meet the profile? Good time to reacquaint with the E6b, lol granted there are apps that do all that now. 😉
  6. That's pretty unnerving, a stat like that would be bad enough if it was over the entire planet, let alone a small region.
  7. MEA's and MOCA's are good for when on airways or published tracks etc but that's not always what is being used. Assigning vectors below MRVA's is a major no no. There's a lot more usable IFR altitudes that ATC might use than what you see on the chart in front of you.
  8. IRL, the pilot doesn't know about vector altitudes or the minimum IFR altitudes being used by the ATC. The pic may have ultimately responsible for the safety of their aircraft, but ATC certainly does have responsibility with terrain separation.
  9. Steam is ridiculously simple to setup and super robust, there's a reason why it's by far the largest pc gaming distribution site.
  10. More FPS would be very unlikely, you are nearly doubling the number of pixels going from 1080 to 1440 (78% more).
  11. Why wait for something that may never show up when you can just fix it yourself by making an exclude with ADE like Wilhlem mentioned above?
  12. You should be doing this for ANY addon airport that you have within ANY FTX region. It's always been like that.
  13. Seeing it in a list but not in the sim isn't quite what people expected though.
  14. What is the actual error that you are getting? Does it specify Out of Memory? Commonly people get DXGI errors and claim that it's an OOM.
  15. Are you running Traffic Global? It adds about 1800 airport files to your sim and I'm sure they aren't compiled for V5 which will cause duplicate buildings and taxisigns. According to your scenery.cfg from the ORBX post you also have FTXAUv2 installed which will also have it's own YBCS. Check your ORBX Central Library insertion point and VERIFY that the FTX airports and regions is set to below your bottom most addon scenery (not the default, what you have installed).
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