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  1. Dave_YVR

    MAIW new military AI

    They use their own specific training areas of course, but otherwise its' within the usual airspace used alongside everyone else. Lots and lots of VFR and IFR military traffic out there.
  2. Dave_YVR

    No AI traffic in P3Dv4.1

    The older models won't cause your AI not to show up, but they may cause CTD's. Have you looked at airports all over the globe to see if it's a regional issue?
  3. Dave_YVR

    No AI traffic in P3Dv4.1

    trafficAircraft.bgl IS the default AI traffic file name. It's very odd though that you aren't seeing any traffic at all. Have you tried various distant cities to see as well? A rogue FS9 traffic file added with scenery for instance will cause the traffic in that region only to not show, but elsewhere it will. Check VHHH, YSSY, PHNL etc.
  4. Dave_YVR

    Crossing runways when taxiing

    It varies from airport to airport irl.
  5. Dave_YVR

    Small(er) GA AI in P3Dv4

    The ORBX NA traffic only really added traffic to the west coast FTX areas, but you can still use it in V4 by using the models included in the ORBX AU AI V4 pack. It's a simple enough swap as it's just the models. For bizjets etc, you can also bring in the Ultimate GA, Gulfstream, Global Express etc as many of those models have been converted for free by some of the guys over at AIG. As above, it's just a matter of swapping the models over.
  6. Dave_YVR

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    I guess it really depends on what users think they should be flying as even though they are flying routes in UTL, they aren't realistic routes and very commonly are FAR different than those that would be used in the real world. Have you seen the garbage that the default flightplanner commonly creates? There are also only a limited collection of pairings with routes, leaving thousands of pairings with no route associated to them, I would assume they would then fly the same as bgl traffic, direct. Sure you can create your own more realistic routes, I've done quite easily in UTL without powerpack but then you have to look at how many routes there are to do, that's almost more work than building a custom AI setup. It's good in theory, but it just wasn't well executed.
  7. Dave_YVR

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Actually, neither Traffic Global or UTL use real world flight plans, they use real world city pairings. Even though UTL uses flightplans and not direct airport to airport, they are FAR from real world, same as what you would get in a basic route from default the FSX/P3d flightplanner.
  8. Dave_YVR

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    The separation is controlled by the sim, same as it is with all AI except of course the ones that are live streaming data like PSXseeconTraffic.
  9. Dave_YVR

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    I do realize the coverage and while it covers most of the majors, it's certainly not the majority of airports and there is still the fr data quirks not to mention how much more traffic is out there than whats displayed on FR24. Don't take it as a dig on your product, it's more to do with FR data issues and the transponder-on ground ops.
  10. Dave_YVR

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    It's not wrong at all, it's just inherent in the program due to the nature of the data stream. Sure there are "some" gates occupied etc but it's still just not nearly as good of an overall representation of the traffic at the airport. What about the thousands of airports that don't have transponder on ground ops, blocked traffic or airports and whole areas that don't have nearby or less than ideal or adequate ADS-B or radar coverage?
  11. Dave_YVR

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    I have tried it but between the jumpy traffic due to limitations in the fr data and the ground coverage where I see and want the most accuracy in my traffic as that's where I'm the closest to the traffic is lacking. Many airports also don't have transponder ground operations or coverage on the ground. Even if they all did you would still be missing a ton of parked traffic. I'm not willing to pay $10/ mo for those issues alone. Performance wise while ads-b injected traffic is all calculated outside of the sim (theoretical gain I suppose) I still don't see any difference aside for less traffic overall, if anything from what I've seen is the ads-b injected traffic actually performs worse due to the above mentioned quirks in the fr data. That's just my two cents on it.
  12. Dave_YVR

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    You can disable specific airlines in UTL as it is now, but adding replacement schedules is a major pain. UTL is moving along, just very slowly. There has been a very recent update on its status and the powerpack is coming along. That all being said, even though I do have UTL and have re-assigned nearly every aircraft to use better models and liveries, I still far prefer to use BGL traffic for the reasons I listed above and others as well. Right now though at least, UTL and UT2 are still the best easier option for decent AI for those that don't already have a good collection to get good AI up and running.
  13. Dave_YVR

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    100% agree, there's nothing close to beating BGL traffic at this time, sure realtime ADS-B based AI traffic is pretty cool and has amazing potential, but it's still got a long way to go. MyTraffic however, with its ridiculous schedules, crazy city pairings, no sense of aircraft fleet size along with those hideous models and liveries gets a solid "not a chance will I ever put that on my system again". You don't have to be counting rivets or spotting AI to notice it, it just hits you in the face like looking at a neglected old beat up heap of a car sitting next to a brand new "insert nice car of your choice". And no, you don't get better performance using the lesser model, you just get an uglier sim experience. There really is no good install and go AI setup at this time, there has never been one actually. The best option for the general user who doesn't already have a good AI collection imo is a mix of UTL but using the BVAI package. There's a good free FDX, UPS, Atlas Air, Polar Cargo etc addon for UTL as well. The next best thing but does require some more work would be using AIG plans along-side the BVAI package, that way you get more accurate (as good as it gets currently at least) turn around times, city pairings and fleet numbers so that you don't have dozens of aircraft sitting unrealistically dormant on the aprons at your airports (UTL and oh yes MyTraffic is also very bad for this too).
  14. Dave_YVR

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Check your MD11 folder and notice the parking code and type is set wrong. atc_parking_codes=DLH atc_parking_types=GATE it should be atc_parking_codes=GEC atc_parking_types=CARGO Also while in there you could set it's wing_span to a more accurate 161 feet so that it will occupy a proper sized parking spot.
  15. Dave_YVR

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    There's actually no performance difference between simconnect injected traffic and BGL traffic. It ALL comes down to the number of aircraft that your AI is adding to the sim. Using the same models and liveries as BGL traffic, Simconnect injected traffic will not perform better in FSX or P3d. On that note, the whole reason why people who say that PSXseeconTraffic performs better is solely due to the fact that it's not displaying as many aircraft within the area around the user at the time.