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  1. Hi Nico, Any suggestions on how the best maintain my customized parking while working with 3.5? As we all know most airports especially payware airports don't have anywhere near enough ga/bizjet parking. I have been manually adding spots to help fill the fbo ramps with biz jets etc but am unsure how to best go about continuing this with the new version.
  2. A lot less models and liveries though which means less traffic. That is where any perceived performance gains from using the FS Traffic models comes from.
  3. Maybe by a little bit, but it's still not going to be much. Even the DDR5 over DDR4 you aren't really going to notice it yet except in benchmarks.
  4. Even from a good Sata SSD to an speedy new nvme M2 drive will only decrease load times by a few seconds.
  5. Theoretically much faster yes, but in practical use you really will need a stopwatch to notice. Benchmarks are nice and all but you don't sim with a benchmark.
  6. Partitioning imo is a left over from the old days. I'd keep it as one. My thinking though is that you ALWAYS want your Windows drive on the fastest drive that you have as it is the backbone of your build. If Windows isn't running as fast as your system allows, then nothing else on your system will either. You more than likely will have multiple Gen4 slots that you can use as well. The load times from the Gen 5 drives are going to be marginally faster so you probably wont notice the difference unless you use a stopwatch every time you fire up the sim.
  7. Oh!!! Now that is VERY good to hear! Thanks Nico!
  8. I'm thinking that it might be a really good idea to NOT skip the multiple parking codes if possible. AIG which as we know provides by far the largest variety of models and liveries uses multiple parking codes in MANY of the aircraft and it does conform to the SDK.
  9. Awesome, that is great news! Thank you again!
  10. Sorry, me again. More for clarification than anything. 5.6 "The file contains the incomplete [fltsim.x] sections; a section is incomplete:" where it mentions "if there is no or an invalid value for the atc_parking_codes key" What constitutes an invalid value? What about trackable military aircraft for instance? There are many instances where there is no applicable code to enter, so to pacify the query I just use PVT, but I can't find the reference to using PVT in the manual anymore.
  11. That is very good to hear, I assumed so, but it just wasn't clear in the manual. I generally run it at Live 2 and Static 3. I will look further into it in the AirlineTypeConversions.txt The regcode file is up to date for the A320Neos which is what I am seeing this by far the most common with. The missing ones are just the 20 A21N's but currently there are only 2 repaints for. Ok, that is some great info to go on. I'll see what I can figure out. Thank you! Quick edit.. I looked in PSXTraffic\output\info and have no AirlineTypeConversions.txt file.
  12. I have many custom regcode files that are of course kept in PSXTraffic\input\my_regcodes but the manual states that "data in the regcodesAIG folder is processed first before PSXT processes any definitions supplied by the user." How does that work with having duplicate carriers? Are we supposed to remove conflicting regcodesAIG files after every update? As a side note, I have been noticing duplicate special liveries that are specified in the regcode files as having only 2 regs assigned to it. Frontier Airlines in this case, out of approximately 10 aircraft, it's common to see the same livery in over 70% of the parked statics. Sorry for another question, but this too has been bugging for quite some time. Very common to get "no livery match found" in the log but the aircraft are indeed defined and usable in the system. In these particular examples below, I understand what it means, but why isn't it working? SKW CRJ7 UAL no livery match found - regcode file and aircraft title match JZA CRJ9 ACA no livery match found - JZA ONLY operates for ACA but the aircraft.cfg specifies icao_airline=JZA with the matching aircraft title/regcode entry
  13. It's in the same place as your aig-aitraffic-oci-beta folder.
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