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  1. I've been hard on it only because it's warranted. For example, in the screens you posted at LEBL. 2 UPS 747's and at least 5 or 6 FedEx at LEBL? Lol, and Air Hong Kong? UPS should be maybe twice a week with a single 767 and FedEx 3x a week with a 757. The plans are just horrible. A320's without wing fences let alone those with sharklets etc, the entire Alaska Airlines 737 fleet is only 900 without winglets? United Airlines is similar, with a few 700's with again no winglets at all. I could go on and on without even getting picky. As Simbol already mentioned it's purely because TG is adding FAR less traffic. Adjust your traffic slider to suit your sim. To each their own, it's just important for users to know that much better is available and it's free.
  2. You can always just remove the 2 parking spots and those elevation issues will go away.
  3. Wow.. they still have ALL plans running the same 2 return flights a day, 7 days a week. Just brutal. I don't even know where to begin on what needs to be addressed with this product. Maybe some of you may have heard that LAX is a fairly busy airport 🤔. The TBT is also a reasonably busy spot at LAX. Here's a screenshot comparison, exact same saved scenario between the free AIG AI Manager and the current version of TG. Traffic Global and AIG freeware
  4. Just be sure that you are opening the correct Hope, it's not default but the one included in FTX PNW in the FTX_NA\FTX_NA_PNW05_SCENERY folder.
  5. I'm over on the West side of ZBB myself. I see what you mean though at Hope in FTX PNW. The only way I could fix it was to just remove those parking spots. Seeing as the whole area is grass, you can then just park where you want.
  6. You aren't even close to the Rockies there yet, any chance you have FTX PNW? It seems that it might be a good investment if you frequent the area.
  7. It doesn't matter what airac data you use as the ILS is embedded in the default scenery. Both the ILS 03 at Gander and 23 at CYYZ are off slightly as shown in the pics below. You could edit them with ADE or use a different ADE hopefully with corrected locs.
  8. AEC only corrected elevations that vector introduced. Most issues come from bad default data or high res mesh.
  9. Sure TG sucks, not nearly as much as MyT does this day and age however, but they do work and shouldn't cause major drops in FPS. The best bet BY FAR is to use AIG's freeware AI Manager.
  10. What are your system specs? You should expect some hit depending on your system and how many aircraft are in the bubble around you.
  11. You won't change anything by reducing the number plans unless you remove the associated aircraft along with them. It's the number of aircraft that is causing the increased load time.
  12. Adding large numbers of aircraft will effect initial load times for sure. It's the price you pay to give the sim life. 😉
  13. I think there are 3 or 4 sites to sign-in to, 2 of which are the Avsim and Flightsim.com libraries. Once AI Manager has the model it doesn't have to go back again. Its not nearly as difficult as it sounds.
  14. You do know why there's a bigger hit over UTL? It all comes down to the number of aircraft in your traffic bubble. UTL might inject 40-120 aircraft at 100% whereas AIG's traffic will easily display 2-3 times that at 100%. If you take 40, 80, 100 etc from UTL and 40, 80, 100 from AIG, there's no difference in performance. Tune it to suit the needs of you and your PC.
  15. One of the biggest things is that you don't have do any of that. There's no liveries or schedules to add yourself, they are already as up to date as you can get without having to get airline schedules and paint your own liveries yourself. The models used by AIG aren't FSX leftovers like they are with UTL, they are fully up to date and compiled to work specifically with P3d V4+. As an example, UTL includes 1 livery for the Easyjet A320 that hasn't been used since 2011 and 1 livery for the A319. There aren't any Airbus sharklet or Neo models at all in UTL. There's also no Easyjet Europe or Switzerland included at all. AIG includes 60 different liveries between the 3 Easy airline variants from the A319, A320, A320SL, A320/A321 Neo. Yes, you can download and install them all manually in UTL and do all of the work yourself, but with AIG's freeware you can just let it do it for you. You can wait for a new season or livery update to come out in the next 12-48 months for UTL (maybe never), whereas it's common for AIG's AI Manager to have a few updates a month. I know personally I ran it yesterday and checked it again today and there was 5 new updates and about 6 new GA/Bizjet operators added. 5 mins later, it's all completed.
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