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  1. AIG's AI Manager. To get the models and liveries, it's the way to go.
  2. Curious what happens when you import the plan without the SID. Normally you wouldn't file a SID, it is something that ATC assigns you when you pick up your IFR clearance.
  3. To get most of the US and Canadian airlines added, I'd say around 60-90 minutes? Most of the larger European airlines would be another 60-90 minutes. It mostly comes down to your internet connection now. Parking wise, no they don't park where they should unless you have modified ADE's at your airports or the dev of your payware airport has done some gate coding. Just for reference, Simple Traffic won't park where they should either. It's best to start with a few of the carriers that you really want and then add from there. You can even install while you are flying and the sim is running, just don't expect to see the brand new traffic unless you restart the AIG Traffic Controller. It's pretty easy really.
  4. While he did mention Simple, he also mentioned correct real world types which Simple Traffic does not do. AIG = Free with proper model types and up to date liveries that you can either use with the included schedules or with Real Time traffic from the sim. Put some effort into your sim, it will reward you back.
  5. Many companies are required to fly IFR for insurance purposes. Positive separation being the key factor.
  6. I'll take updates every week if they make the sim better. So far since release day, they haven't been an issue at all. All of the drama, just makes me shake my head. Go get an Xbox if it's too much to deal with.
  7. Texture formats haven't changed. FSX liveries will work in MSFS if you know how to add them. It's an install issue that OCI verify will fix.
  8. I have FTX PNW installed as well as the DD Seattle Airports and don't have any issues here at all.
  9. The only thing I can think of if you don't have FTX PNW is where your insertion point is set.
  10. The best thing to do is report it to Asobo. The more people that flag it as an issue, the sooner it might get addressed.
  11. Have you set your ORBX library insertion point to where it's supposed to be?
  12. You could download the sound file yourself from http://www.mediafire.com/file/e957trysk3u7xzr/AITRSP_v1.8.zip/file?fbclid=IwAR1niqG-P1emVBxEo0vxLdvcomPleY_xeAZOdxm6JSRzqbrfbmvWaIwlwls It's the exact link that AI Manager uses to get it. From there go into your C:\ProgramData\AIGTech\AIGAIM\temp_model folder and delete the AITRSP_v1.8.zip that is in there now (it was probably a bad download) then copy the freshly downloaded one into the temp_model folder and then start AI Manager and run a verify.
  13. Wow, very interesting! I'm fairly sure those aren't from AIG as the aircraft reg's aren't the same as those used in AIG. Do you have a Vatsim model matching addon or anything?
  14. Get some screens up so we can have a look. Is Real Time traffic enabled?
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