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  1. FSX/P3d VAS issues have nothing to do with the pagefile, just let Windows manage it.
  2. It's worked fine from day one in v4 here as well.
  3. I paid for the upgrade from V2 to V3 as I really didn't like V2, but V3 really didn't do anything to impress me either.
  4. Looks like a descent build until you can add a different graphics card. The 750 Ti was already the weakest link on the old system.
  5. Back to the actual topic, do you have any specific's Chris? AI Type and model? Specific Airport and with that what AFX/ADE is it using?
  6. Except then you run the risk of actuall seeing some of those MyT models in your sim that you worked so hard to get looking good. hehe Yeah yeah I know that UTL has a few of them as well, it's just that those are the first things to get tossed out after installing UTL.
  7. Find specific AI and then check their wing_span setting in the aircraft.cfg to verify what is set compared to the parking available.
  8. So what I've learned is who to look for online now when filling BEV22 (callsign-Speedeasyvirgin) an A319 EGLL-KSEA yeah that's direct, departing at 0100z FL220. 🤤
  9. What other addons do you have?
  10. Sure, it's just a replacement of AF file for the airport. Also has some updated airline codes. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjPtH1cOFbgFxhLY6kvDM6Mqs_I7
  11. I tried to keep it as simple as possible to see how it all worked together this time. From the FTX_NA_PNW05_SCENERY\scenery folder I disabled all 4 KSEA bgl's. I generally get 2 - 3 stutter or slight pauses on approach all usually within 6 miles final otherwise it's pretty good seeing as the area is so hard on performance as it is.
  12. Here are the 5 lights that cross the runway. Whereas in the bottom shot, with an exclude added, the lights are no longer present. I removed all of the previous FTX PNW fixes for T2G Seattle as well as it was for the original version.
  13. Seattle works and looks great for me as well in P3d 4.1
  14. It being what exactly opened in a foreign language code? The fix has some textures and a couple bgl's in it. Nothing to open in Notepad at all. Or are you unable to extract the files?
  15. This fix/update doesn't fix the streetlights crossing the runway at 34R if using FTX PNW, but that too is easily fixed by adding an exclude over that small area.