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  1. For some reason I just (perhaps foolishly) assumed the -F was being included in initial release. Thanks for the update. Glad it'll get here at some point.
  2. Just download and run the new installer. It will take care of everything and remove the prior version for you.
  3. I'm actually in a similar boat and thinking of finally going from 4.5 to 5.2. Do I need to uninstall all my addons as well as 4.5 or will completely uninstalling 4.5 take all my addons with it? I'm assuming adding them back into 5.2 is a from-scratch process?
  4. Is the night lighting custom? Can't stand payware airports that are using the native night/taxi lighting. It's misplaced, unevenly spaced, etc.
  5. I don't think there are any as I believe Delta don't have any 320SL in their fleet. I could be mistaken tho.
  6. Yes. I did a quick circuit around KDFW (FSDreamteam) with default clear skies and had extremely low frames given the circumstances.
  7. Exactly. I don't understand where this idea comes from.
  8. Totally confused. So the version on SImmarket is still the same one but Aerosoft does have an updated version?
  9. And you've completely checked the Aerosoft forum as well as here in the Avsim library?
  10. Bigt


    Digital Design here as well.
  11. Performance does seem good and the airport is very nice. However, does YBBN not have runway exit lighting or green centerline taxiway lighting? I have none in my installation.
  12. I just purchased from Simmarket and installed. My taxiway signs also disappear at certain viewing angles and heights. If at night, this means that the taxiway centerline lighting disappears too.
  13. The V4 installer is out per the their Facebook and the listing at Simmarket seems to have been adjusted to reflect that as well.
  14. I was definitely expecting better sounds especially based on how PMDG described the new custom sound engine and the variations in sound from the RR, PW, and GE's. After a flew flights, I'm definitely disappointed in this aspect. In this regard, FSLabs is (IMO) the best in the business.
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