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  1. Definitely looking forward to flying some freight routes with this one.
  2. That XP lighting is pretty incredible, I must say. Very impressive!
  3. For me, I think it was because I had not cleared/deleted the previous VHHH entries in the scenery library from version 1 of the airport. Once I got rid of those, V2 worked and appeared as it should. So I can't say for sure that this will help you but it is what (I think) helped me.
  4. I'm confused as to why you can't see the validity in what is being stated in this thread. Do you agree with CS price model?
  5. I'm getting those Scenery.cfg errors on p3dv4 start up. What exactly do I need to do to get the scenery to work? EDIT: Think I got it sorted.
  6. Seems that the, "..many who are prepared to buy it anyway", have commented that they would only do so during the sale. If you want to pay PMDG/FSLAB pricing for a CS product, go right ahead. Most (including me) don't think it is a justified price. When on sale, that obviously changes.
  7. I have to echo my disappointment as well. There is no way in hell I'm paying that price for a CS aircraft. They are not at the PMDG nor FSLABS level. Complete joke. I'll wait for their Christmas sale if they have one.
  8. Well that came out of nowhere. I thought they were completely defunct.
  9. As mentioned, EBBR and LEPA are quite good. I also have and like EDDS and LFMN. JustSim also often work closely with Digital Design which, in my opinion, have some of the best night-lighting around.
  10. Sarcasm and the look of disgust on my face are hard to convey in written language. I realize he was talking about LM and I should have commented further. I don't think LM, overall, could give a rats you-know-what. They have bigger things to do and bigger things they make money from such as our US defense contracts. Do they ultimately care if they are competing with MSFS...I highly doubt it.
  11. Feel bad for who? What are you talking about?
  12. Indeed. It sets the most recent case-law, which is important and essentially is the standard. That being said, there are always appeals so it may not be done.
  13. Thank you! Just installed this program yesterday but I did not deactivate the default traffic.
  14. Is this to be done so that Daedelus and other default airplanes don't show up as you increase the traffic slider within P3D?
  15. Um, how bout now?.....................................
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