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  1. Well in my case, I've swapped the default sounds and added those from another P3D bus maker which are much more immersive and are custom to each livery. But again, they start playing no problem during pre-flight/boarding, and then once pushback starts, all the cabin announcements stop. Not sure what the issue is.
  2. My announcements were playing fine during boarding and pushback and then stopped...no safety briefing or anything after the initial boarding/boarding music stuff. Seems buggy so far.
  3. I would say LukeAirTool for cabin crew announcements/actual recordings of such from various airlines. It has a pretty good catalogue of airlines to chose from as well. It also allows you to create your own if you want to go down that route.
  4. I am a huge FSL fan but if they come to MSFS with an A320 variant as their first release, I'm in agreement in that it will be a very hard sell for me. They really do need to focus on the A330 and speed it the you-know-what up. They could also use a lesson in (more frequent) communication.
  5. I mean for what it's worth, we're flying jets on a computer....at home....the whole thing is a cheat
  6. I'm honestly really looking forward to the A350 but these 380s will be interesting as well.
  7. Not to get too off topic but I believe SLH Designs is currently working on LFPG.
  8. Would this be required if the scenery was purchased and installed with ORBX Central? Normally the updates go without issue using that. I will give it a shot regardless, I suppose.
  9. Same here. Major stutters. Very disappointed with the performance on my machine as it was fine before.
  10. This has happened to me a few times and is pretty frustrating. I have no idea why it happens.
  11. That's unfortunate. I would have totally left my LatinVFR version behind for an INI KMIA. Hopefully they reconsider eventually.
  12. They did but it is not very good, in my opinion. That said, I'm thinking OMDB or WSSS will be the next INI scenery.
  13. Oh man, I absolutely needed muscle flex in my flight sim...
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