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  1. Thought the MCDU ("Macdoo") was more Airbus lingo and doesn't apply to Boeing for example?
  2. IAE first with modeled differences from the CFM. Other improvements later.
  3. Interesting. I was literally on the FSL forum earlier this evening browsing the Announcements section to see if there was any news update where they often post it. I'm not actually familiar with a "Previews" section on that site. Where is that? EDIT: Never mind, it was under the Concorde general discussion and the specific thread was "Previews".
  4. Where was this posted and was there any mention of any Airbus products?
  5. I get the stance but their stuff is absolutely top notch. Either way, it will be good to have competition.
  6. Not to get too off topic but Flightbeam is working on bringing their KMSP and KPHX products to MSFS. And one would think that PacSim will eventually get KSLC into the mix as well having done it previously for P3D.
  7. Careful. You're making way too much sense for some of the people in this thread.
  8. Doesn't make it new. Which is what my comment was stating. That is all. Either way, as a former P3D tube flyer, I'm happy to finally have this must-have addon back.
  9. This was the case in the P3D version....it's not new.
  10. Ummm, how about an in-depth bus simulation? Like FSLabs? What good is comparing the Fenix Airbus to a PMDG 737......I mean seriously?
  11. Add me to the list of those who experienced this today. I was attempting to land at EGLL and as I dipped below 3000 feet the winds suddenly picked up to about 250kts and basically spun me around and down into the ground. Pretty annoying to have a flight end like that.
  12. Oh FFS, it's a legit bug that has been acknowledged. We don't need to know nor care if it doesn't affect you. The part that matters is that it is being addressed.
  13. Couple questions I'm confused about. Is this mod of any benefit to those of us who fly tubeliners? Also, if it's using Google data, does this add photogrametry in places that Google may have data for but the default MSFS Bing does not?
  14. Unless I missed it, the most I got in regards to the next world update was "stay tuned". Video was useless.
  15. Good quality versions of those are desperately needed also, I agree.
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