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  1. Okay, then, will rely on darn Setinstaller because no one is responding for a week almost.
  2. Can someone tell me how can I bring back my Milky Way texture without Setinstaller? It is black now in my sim and I can't see it on the sky. Thank in advance.
  3. 31. I did not stated the opposite, you stated the opposite. I have Reshade, I have Tomato Shade and Setinstaller, which I removed last night. In order for all this to be removed I need to remove lot more than ShaderHLSL folder. Also I have Pascal Sky Textures. That also have to be removed. This basically means I need to remove significant part of my shading in order for you to start with shading from scratch. Something in your presets is not right, because for 4 years of me, using tomato shade I had never had such problems [ blue clouds for example]. Hm. Okay. So, just back to my previous shading. I suggest, next time, when someone creates a topic about someone's shading to consider that there might be people like me having trouble with it. Thank you in advance, have a nice day.
  4. I think you are not aware of the fact that ever since HF3 of P3D Tomato Shade needs to be constantly monitored. Otherwise it won't work properly. Do you know how I know - test your tomato shade with for example custom scenery from FlightSimJewels French Polynesia and society islands. You will see that the water masks that represent the coral reefs are missing. You need to change your tomato shade in water texture to match the refraction there. Otherwise it won't work. Which is why I change my tomato on every session, so it can work properly as shading my simulator. What hotfix of this sim you are using. Also I have noticed you are using Academic version. I use PROFESSIONAL PLUS version of the sim, so things might be a little bit different than yours. About your clouds - It does remove them. In my sim. I don't know how it is yours but in my sim this cloud shader does not work and it is not my fault it is not working, I did backup and I realized that your shader does not work in my sim, for some reason. Rogen, something tells me your version is more tweaked then mine. I suggest you check your p3d config file and tell me why. Dear. Why should I install my sim from scratch to obey your issues? I mean, you do realize that my sim is freakin' huge and it will take 2 weeks to install? Why should I do that since the problem is your shaders, not my sim?
  5. Rogen. I do not use the custom cloud shader, because in my sim that shader removes my clouds completely from sim. I use tomato shade and Setinstaller you provided here. The Setinstaller I changed once. The rest of it is that before every sim session I have [ which lately are many, because I prepare videos for two months ahead] I change stuff in Tomato Shade. I read what you said, but honestly, I do not understand half of it. For some weird reason, Rogen, my simulator does not accept the shaders you provide the same as yours. So I wanna ask - please, make a detail description on how I can use your shaders without facing problems, like the blue clouds I see or the sky fog, that makes ground blurry and really not visible. It is obvious that your tweaks do not work the same way on my system as yours. Something definitely is not right and I want to know what it is and how can I fix it. Because, from what I've read in this thread till now nothing is working the way it supposed to. Also I change tomato shade before every session. That's because I know that shaders change after every time I have a session with the simulator. And if I do not reset tomato shade the shaders in sim will be broken. This cloud problem I face a lot. I gain dislikes lately in my videos, since I use your shading and effects. I don't know why, but it will be good if you look it up and see if there is any errors in your presets. Thank you.
  6. I am facing a peculiar problem again, Rogen. I would love to know how can I remove this white fog under the plane on cruising altitude: I attempted to reduce haze effect, also sky fog removal in Tomato Shade, also disengage of volumetric fog in P3D settings. For now with no peculiar help. Thank in advance.
  7. Chaseplane is best. I use it for years. I make my own cameras for it, btw.
  8. Enjoy some views: With Sethinstaller from @Rogen. Hope you guys like them. Expect video in 28th of October with it.
  9. Guys, I would say you do not need to hope on Asia. It is very clear for more than an year that ORBX is leaving P3D which if you ask me is sad. I can give you new hope - prepare for photorealistic Asia. Because I plan on doing so.
  10. I have RTX 4090 and i9 13900KF. My pc is better than 99% of pc's on the planet. I can run max settings all I want and my sim won't drop under 30 fps even on PMDG 777 at KLAX with True Earth.
  11. it's called cloud2.fx the second shader. Yes, I have a keybind to reload shaders in sim, I use the number 7 for it. So I am aware. My specs you can find in signature. Problem is, still black clouds. Okay, I reset the cloud.fx shader file, after reloading it showed up, but it looks kinda same as before:
  12. Well, my replies are everytime approved, which means, I wait more then you to see my reply. Anyway, I am not going to use Envtex and Envshade. Can I ask for the particle fx shader text as well? Also how you regenerate the shaders? I mean, you regenerate them in sim? I also have second cloud shader. What should I do with it? Also, this are my image and texture quality options: So, as you can see I use the same texture filtering as you. Also, I find out that your custom shader for clouds does not work in my sim This happens for a second time. I am in Active Sky atm and still clouds and precipitation are missing. It is supposed to be snowing with clouds at 6000 feet, that's the weather I put. Hhh. Well, I don't know what version of P3D you are using [ perhaps HF2?]. I am on Hotfix 3 and those tweaks obviously do not work the same way for everyone.
  13. There is a video in my channel with it. Give it a visit if you can!
  14. it's not true. I left on my own, after another warning. You guys like to peak on me for no reason, thank you. Very nice forum behavior. So awesome.
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