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  1. Fingers crossed, would be very good news if V6 materialised .
  2. Today in in 2008: British Airways Flight 38, a B-777, crash lands in Heathrow (London, England). All 152 aboard survive – first-ever B777 loss. Engines failed 2 mi from runway, crew skillfully managed to glide. Enquiry found ice clogged fuel flow, failure traced to design issue.
  3. For heavies Im totally into P3Dv5......I only use XPlane now for flying around the ORBX UK ( sometimes Europe Ortho4XP ) in my Tornado Jet at 200 ft nap of the earth................... 😃😋👍 The more flight sims we have installed the better the choice, even if some we may not ever fly again.
  4. Thanks for the reply CW46. I`ll look into Spad Next. Cheers.
  5. Hi, Im thinking of buying this but have heard it might not work in P3dv5.....Does anybody have this working in P3dv5.3 Any advice appreciated. Cheers.
  6. This sounds too good to be true. Are you running generally on full graphics and getting a stable 30 FPS? Im still on the fence waiting to update from the original 5.3
  7. I had a funny feeling about this. Im going to wait now before updating the original 5.3 which is working pretty much fine for me with the NVidia 497.09 drivers.
  8. "Else uninstall all the packages (do not deactivate) and full reinstall inc shader delete w/o deleting generated files, unless you encounter post install problems." Yes thats probably the safest way. Thanks!
  9. Is it correct that all we need is to download the Prepar3D_v5_5.3.15.28131 zip and run setup? I already have installed the original 5.3 when it came out ( ) Appears to be a new complete install of 5.3 Thanks.
  10. Yes its like a lucky, or not so lucky dip. I usually keep all the Nvidia drivers that Ive downloaded as backups so to speak..
  11. Ive been very impressed with it working very well here with 5.3 since 4th Dec.👍
  12. Many of us have three sims, and fly one of them the most, and have addon purchases for all three of them, I`m just happy that P3Dv5 is of the quality it is today, and with addons I`m pretty much content. If 3rd party developers stop supporting P3D then so be it, it wont change my enjoyment in the sim.
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