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  1. I just got a new Bravo Throttle Quad because my previous one had a throttle slippage problem that was maddening. I plugged in a brand new Bravo that I bought and they aren't cheap. I went to my fav airplane at the moment, Black Square King Air. The left start switch, using the mouse, will not go up into the start position. It will move from the middle position down to off, but not up to start. What a strange glitch, what could cause this? Any suggestions?
  2. When using V/S, I can get about the rate of descent I need thanks to the map with the arc (aka the "banana"). But if I have to get down as quickly as possible, what rate should a push of the "DSC", descent key, produce? I tried it a couple of times and it works, boy does it! I was getting a 4000 fpm rate and the monitor was shrieking "pull up, pull up". Well of course I did, but why would it give me that much? In the real 737, the Lvl Chg button never produces 4000 feet per minute. Something like half that would be more appropriate. Is this something I can set? I'm perplexed. Where is the documentation?
  3. Holy cow! I didn't know I could do this! I just clicked on it and it worked as you said. Thanks so much, this will really help me in the future.
  4. I'm still fairly new to the BS King Air, but I like it a lot. I have the GTXNi. Today I was flying into Santa Barbara California. Just east of the airport, there are high hills that make you stay at 4400 feet. When you're clear, you have to really drop down to the sea level airport. Since the A/P control panel is out of view, I have to look down there away from the flight instruments. Instead of selecting V/S and trying to get a good rate down, I thought it would be better to hit the Descend key. Well, that produced a descent rate of almost 4000 feet per minute! So steep that the voice warning was telling me to pull up. This can't be right. Why does it command such a steep descent? Is it adjustable? What's the best way to make a fast but reasonable descent in the King Air? I don't know of a way to put that A/P panel up where I can see it.
  5. I have a new Bravo so I can fly the ATR. I set it up using tutorial from SimHangar. For a couple of weeks it worked fine on the ATR. I also use it for PMDG737 and XP12 737, with profiles for each. Then on ATR, #1 throttle started moving out of Notch position, falling to flight idle. I would move Bravo to reset it, but it would quickly fall again. I yesterday tried deleting all throttle 1 assignments and reassigning them. That worked for 1 flight. Now it is either at full reverse position or full throttle. No in between. The other throttle works fine. The 737 doesn’t appear to be affected. What should I try? How can I tell the difference between an assignment conflict and a hardware problem? I lack expertise to fix this. Can someone suggest a strategy beyond “Check for conflicts”? I really like Bravo and I just want it to work.
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