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  1. Are RNAV approaches doable in FSX ? Thanks Jack
  2. j14g


    I hear you loud and clear, and will go the re-install route. Regards
  3. j14g


    My sincere apologies, people. I didn't realize how unethical my request was. But, now I am enlightened. Jack
  4. Hi, Could someone who FTX Pacific Fiords installed email me, or reply, with a copy of their pakt.bgl files ? I want to compare my pakt.bgl files with them to eliminate any errors that might exist. Thanks a lot, Jack edit: removed email address from post
  5. Thanks Dave. Your initial suggestion of going to FSX did the trick. Able to resolve my issue. Jck
  6. I want to do a Windows search of all the .bgl files in Homer (PAHO). I have an elevation issue. How do you do a Windows search ? Thanks, Jack
  7. Is there a file/program which will identify the AFCADs for any particular airport ? I'm hoping to reduce the distortions created by installing .bgl upon .bgl , that is new scenery on top of old or default airports. Thanks, Jack
  8. Hi, The airport at Homer (PAHO) is corrupted. It looks like piles of sand have drifted over sections of the runway. I have reinstalled SAK and updated the library files, to no avail. All the other airports in the SAK region are fine. Can any one suggest where I could go to correct this anomaly ? Thanks Jack
  9. Sorry Bert. Don't know where to find option for PM
  10. Hi, Looking for John's mod .AIR file for the CT206H dealing with panel height. Dated 2013. Thanks, Jack
  11. Hi, I'm looking for the AIR file mod for the Carenado CT206H which corrects for the high panel to improve visibility, dated 2013. Not longer available in the Careando forum. Thanks much Jack
  12. Hi Bert, I'm sending you a PM for this T206H mod also. Jack
  13. Can you please send me a copy of the mod Gaugec90efis file ? I lost it reinstalling FSX and can't recreate. Jack at jackandclaire@comcast.net

    1. j14g


      I just haven't had any success moving that text file into the 3d.xml file. Driving me nuts


      Thanks Bert

    2. j14g


      I tried copy and paste the text file on the forum page but that didn't work. Is there another copy ?

  14. Cancel that request. Took me awhile to figure out. Thanks Jack
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