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  1. Are RNAV approaches doable in FSX ? Thanks Jack
  2. Hi, I'm looking for the AIR file mod for the Carenado CT206H which corrects for the high panel to improve visibility, dated 2013. Not longer available in the Careando forum. Thanks much Jack
  3. Can you please send me a copy of the mod Gaugec90efis file ? I lost it reinstalling FSX and can't recreate. Jack at jackandclaire@comcast.net

    1. j14g


      I just haven't had any success moving that text file into the 3d.xml file. Driving me nuts


      Thanks Bert

    2. j14g


      I tried copy and paste the text file on the forum page but that didn't work. Is there another copy ?

  4. j14g


    OK, I understand
  5. j14g


    NB: gauge01=C185!adf should read gauge01=C1855!adf
  6. j14g


    Yes, in the US they are becoming obsolete. However in our virtual world they are still relevant as navigational aids, and show up in our airport charts as the final approach fix for precision approaches. I doubt anyone is using them for approaches, even if they were taught how.
  7. j14g


    A LOM is not an IAF....Yes, LOMs are probably more accurately referred to as the final approach fix (FAF), which is the point of glide slope intercept . Commonly an NDB is used in precision approaches to identify the beginning of the final approach segment.and I wouldn't consider 2 runways worldwide 'regularly' Huh?
  8. j14g


    pager94,pardon me for butting in ......bstolle, as examples, check out the LOMs at KLAX ILS Rwy 24 (278 OS) or KBOS ILS Rwy 4 (375 BO).
  9. j14g


    In the U.S. everyone hates them. I'm not sure that's true. In some areas of the Northwest US and Alaska they are valuable navigational aids. In your next check ride, review them with your instructor .
  10. j14g


    I'd like to have an ADF in place of VOR2 to identify NDBs. Has anyone got any ideas about how that could be done ?Thanks,Jack<edit>.......but an RMI would be even better !Thanks again,Jack
  11. >For those with *panel* issues, please post them here in this>thread so I can build a consolidated list of things to work>on. Bob, of all the issues identified by your loyal fans, has any particular one piqued your interest or have a priority in your mind ?Thanks for your work.Jack
  12. >>Another item - it would be good if you could finish>programming the Performance Data Computer System..>This item gets my vote, too.Jack
  13. Hi Sean,I had this problem also, ie, flying out of KSEA this time of the year during daylight hours. Try flying at night or changing the season. That worked for me, but don't ask me why. Someone mentioned it was a quirk in the FS program.Good luckJack
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