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  1. Is there a simconnect or the likes command that I can assign to my alpha yoke that when i push a button it toggles the message window, vice having to mouse over to it and click on it? Actually while I am at it how about the same thing for the connect button that has to be pushed at the start of each power up? Thanks Tom
  2. I agree on the pop up but what I am looking for is a way to map the Radio button on the application to my Yoke light switch. so i don't have to switch to the application to click the lights on and off, a keyboard shortcut like SHIFT F1 would permit me to do this. I think it has to be coded in the program though. Although I have been thinking about a macro that might work but again I am not a programmer so I don't know how practical this is to do either.
  3. All, First what a great program, If you need a light in a place where one is not to include a better light for lighting up the runway this is the program for you. I am so impressed by it. 5 stars for sure. Now that said one weak point is that you have to manually a lunch the applications and then turn the lights on or off from withing in that application. Not a big deal but it requires effort and a pause away from P3D. Now supposedly there is a pop windows that will allow you to control the lights but it is not DirectX 12 compatible at this point. Now, let me say I am not a programmer at all, but can anyone figure out a way to use a simple key stroke to turn on the lights on or off. Then it could be mapped to a switch on my flight controller using SPAD.Next or FSUIPC? In my head I see how this would work but I have no idea how to implement it. a macro maybe? IDK. Anyone have some thoughts? I have asked the same question on the FSlabs board but thought I would post it here as well. Good day... Tom
  4. Quick update. If you enable rain within P3D and turn off AS it is there but it is fine or faint to see. Looks like it a problem with P3D or could this be a video card / driver issue? Best solution might be just to keep EA turned off until it works correctly. I was thinking this is a problem with AS but now I am almost certain its P3D. We are getting close but it is just not there yet. Side note: If anyone is getting rain with EA and and HIFI AS enabled could you please post a screen shot. I am thinking its an EA issue but I am not ruling out other causes. Tom
  5. So it might be there but ATIS is reporting moderate rain and the sound is correct for moderate rain, I would suspect that if its there it should be a bit more visible. I am leaning toward an issue with EA rendering of rain but, I have not tried not using AS and using the P3D weather engine to force rain. Side, note, I have seen rain before with EA and AS but its hit and miss. I have posted this question on HIFI board. Maybe they have an answer. I would rather not switch weather engines, but I do like what i see with FSGRW. Tom
  6. Hello, Has anyone noticed that there is no visible rain with EA turned on but there is with EA off? The strange thing is there is the sound of rain but its just not visible. Tom
  7. Thanks will see if that works. Tom
  8. Thanks for the info on the free part. Anyone have an Email contact for them. You cant get to a person until you register, and I cant register. IRT the name part, I did use my real name. But its a goofy thing because what if your name was Bob Smith? any idea how many Bob, Robert, Bobby... Smith's there are in the world, and if your real name had been used already you had to come up with something different. I hope there programs are better thought out then there webpage security. Honesty, I used to work for a 3 letter US agency, that did not make you jump through as many hoops to login as these guys. And don't get me started on the Chin Diapers... Tom
  9. Hello, First let me say that I don't know if this is the right forum or not for this post, but the P3D community has always been helpful, so I figured this was a good place to start. Does anyone know if FlightSIMLABS is still a working company? I have been tiring to get access to there site so I can download and pay for FSL Spotlight program. I have been working on this for almost a week now. No answer back from them? Seems I cant even get an email address to inquire about my application. So if they are still in operation, can anyone provided me an email address to someone who I can inquire about the status of my account. I will say that I wish by bank, and other sensitive accounts had as much security as these guys do on their site. 🙂 Regards Tom
  10. Thanks all for the input. I might try running the free-mesh first and see if it makes a difference before i drop money on a payware option. Thanks gain for the help
  11. Good day all, This might seem a bit strange to ask but I am honestly confused. I have Orbx Open LC North America and the Base Pack will adding a Global Mesh add on do anything more for me scenery wise? or is it redundant with these two add-on? I am mostly happy with the scenery in P3D but if adding a mesh package would improve things I am will to do so. On the other hand I am not about wasting money on something that will not help at all. Hope someone can stear me in the right direction. Thanks Tom
  12. Its probably too late now, but after you recreate everything, (all you have to do is recreate the folder names in your documents directory. I would recommend that you invest in a copy of Acronis True Image. This backup software will make an image of you drive and store it on another drive. It can be setup to make a incremental backup at almost any interval. I made a full backup and then do incremental backups every day, this way I am only one day behind anything I have done and possibly screwed up. Just a tip from a person who has done the exact something Okay I will admit it it more then once 🙂 Any good software and will save you lots of head aches going forward.
  13. I think most of us are guilty or saying we checked things and then to find out opps we missed that. Happy things are working for you. Side note: I inadvertently plugged my yoke into a different port yesterday and dropped out shortly after take off. plugged my USB volt meter in to the same port and it was only showing 4.8 vdc moved to a port that was showing 5.0 and everything is working. (I strongly endorse the USB voltmeter to help you troubleshoot USB issues) One thing I have done is I have color coded my USB plugs to what port they plug into when everything is working. (a piece of colored tape in the plug matched to the same color on the hub, It seems as long as long as I plug them into the same ports each time I have no problems. If you have a lot of USB devices this might save you time when you unplug them. Also, I have some of my devices (4 FIPS, Yoke and Throttle) plugged into USB2 hub that is plugged into a USB3 port on the computer. The chain goes USB3 Computer port > USB2 Powered Hub> USB3 powered hub x2> FIP X2 and FIP X2. I did it this was so I can power cycle the FIPS independently of each other. The Yoke a Throttle are just plugged into the USB2 Hub feed by the USB3 port. My point to this is a lot has been written about not plugging into USB3 ports, I am just pointing out that you can plug into a USB3 port on your computer but you need to have a USB2 powered port between your devices and the USB3 port on the computer, and that port needs to supply as close to 5 VDC as possible, definitely nothing less the 4.9 VDC.
  14. I had the same problem with the Alpha FC yoke. turning off the power management in windows 10 fixed it. then a service pack came out for 2004 and it broke it again. The worst part about the problem is your right sitting on a tarmac no problem had it site for an hour. but start to flay and 15 minute or less into it disconnected. Also You might also want to get a USB volt meter. They are on Amazon for about 15 USD and check your hub voltage output. I have some ports that only out put 4.8 VDC and guess what, they don't work with most devices. Regards, Tom
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