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  1. Hay don't misunderstand me, I would rather have it take longer to come out and have it right rather then rush to deliver and have it less then perfect. Do you all need beta testers? Thanks again for the reply
  2. Hi all any more info on when I can get the new Reality XP GNS 430/530 for FSX? Looks like things are moving slower then anticipated? Regards, Tom
  3. Hello, I enjoy this AC and most others from this maker, however one thing bothers me and that is i have to go in to the windows manager and manually change the VC Wndows and Instrument Reflections setting each time I fly the AC. Is there a way to permanently change them I prefer them off by default? If there is no way to make this change then is there a macro file of some other work around that I could use? Regards, Tom
  4. Flightsim store no longer carries the product... Is it still available and supported? Thanks Tom
  5. I want to put the Mindstar G1000 in the SR22. With RXP GNS530 I can simply replace the CAR GNS530 gauge with the RXP gauge. Is this possible with this AC. Off topic a bit but I want to do the same thing to the New C206 and C208 G1000 equip AC. Again possible? I assume if I can do it with one Carenado AC I should be able to do it with all of them... Thanks Tom
  6. Tom3123

    Nose-High FDE Fixes

    John, would love to give your modified patch a shot. can you tell me where to find it... Regards, and thanks Tom
  7. All not sure what fixed it but its working again. seems that something else was getting carried over as SkipperMac suggested. I simply saved a default of the 208 with the engine working and everything works fine now. dumb stuff but it works. I had loaded the new CT 206 which has a cold and dark cockpit option that might have been the issue. Again thanks for the help. Tom
  8. OK this is a new one to me. I think I need an aircarft mechnic. I have been flying the C208 for years and all of a sudden today it wont fire the engine. I mean the starter sound is there and I have normal indications but the engine wont start. It sounds as if I am out of gas but the tanks are full and I am moving the condition lever to mid way after a few seconds.... This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. no other AC in my hanger has this problem. Also, to make matters more strange if I start a difference AC and then switch to the C208 the engine is running and if I kill the engine and try to restart it it starts right up. The only thing I did was make a small change to the breaks in the aircraft.cfg file but I dont see how that could have been the issue. Anyone got any ideas.??? regards, Tom
  9. Thanks Bob I just don't remember this behavior with my CH yoke. Makes sense to me that this would happen in real life. Again thanks for the help.
  10. Got a new Saitek flight yoke pro and have found something that I did not see or at least can't remember seeing with my CH yoke. The ailerons don't seem to center after a tun and the yoke is return to center position. The yoke calibrates out fine and a visual view shows the control surface returning to center, but the only way for the aircraft to stop turning is to turn the yoke the other direction until the turn stops. If this is normal then fine, if not does anyone have a fix?