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  1. Take a look through this discussion. You may find some help there, toward the last of the thread. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/574186-carenado-p3dv5-patch-is-out/ Hope this helps, Jesse
  2. Not really sure what my issue is in that case. I submitted a ticket at Simmarket and got this response: "Once vendor will upload a P3Dv5 installers to us we will let you know by mail." I noticed the product page still only shows compatibility up to P3Dv4.
  3. Great News, Shaun. However I don't see the version 5 installer in my downloads at Simmarket. Should I contact them or are the files just not uploaded yet? Jesse
  4. Aha! Sure enough, right there they are. I just didn't see any distinction of which ones are freeware in Central. It only shows up as freeware or Payware in Central once you open each particular scenery. Doesn't take much to confuse me some days.😉 Thanks again, Jesse
  5. Hi Bert, I am brand new to ORBX; never used it before P3Dv5. So I'm still learning my way around some of this. Can you tell me where or how to get these freeware updates? I have the Global, NALC, and PNW. Thanks as Always, Jesse P.S. : I noticed the Global update makes the included lighting compatible now.
  6. I'm afraid I don't know, Jim. Wish I could be more helpful but "glass" is a little above my pay grade. 🙂 I fly old school analog and when I feel the need for something more high tech I add a GNS 530/430. Although it doesn't really sound related, and you probably already have tried it, the only thing I can suggest is that maybe those aircraft need the compatibility patch. The instructions and patch download are available on the Carenado site in the support section. Here is the link: https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046625614-Installing-Carenado-aircraft-in-P3Dv5 Hope this helps or maybe someone else will have a solution for you. Best of luck, Let us know how it works out. Jesse
  7. Thanks for clarifying that Bert. I'm afraid my explanation was not totally clear. I was just trying to make the point that you have to select P3D in the installer and then in the next window also select (bullet in) the V4 choice prior to browsing to the P3Dv5 location. I understand how to do it; Ijust don't know how to explain it. 😉 Thanks again for your clarification. Good to have you watching over us. Jesse
  8. Be sure you are using the P3D version 4 installer and selecting P3D version 4, then pointing to P3Dv5. Don't skip the second step to select the v4 option. Jesse
  9. KSAT updated to P3Dv5 compatibility is out. It's better than ever before. Thanks for your efforts Shaun.
  10. Anyone else using the xml add-on method notice the loss of the click sounds? Jesse
  11. I sure would like to know how you accomplished this. I have tried many different ways, but have never gotten an Alabeo or Carenado aircraft to work. If you would be willing to share your method I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Jesse
  12. Did you apply any particular setting to achieve this realistic effect, or are you speaking of the general real flying experience that ASP3D fulfills? Thanks, Jesse
  13. Hi Shaun, I finally got around to purchasing, downloading and installing KCRP yesterday (took less than five minutes for the whole process). Have been thoroughly enjoying this one. Beautiful, great performance and very low vram footprint. Also thank you for pointing installer to the P3D addons folder. A great way to do it. On top of that, I just saw this fantastic news on your Facebook page. (KSAT is my home airport): Can hardly wait to also add KSAT to the P3Dv5 world. Thanks, Jesse
  14. Very excited to see this. Love KSAT and KHOU. Anxious to see them all in P3Dv5. Thanks, Jesse
  15. Haven't noticed any cloud shadows on the ground in the videos/screenshots. Anybody know if they will be there in final release? Jesse
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