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  1. @roadrabbit149 It may be related to your installation. Read through these instructions very carefully following each step. https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046625614-Installing-Carenado-aircraft-in-P3Dv5 Be sure you are using the P3D version 4 installer and selecting P3D version 4, then browsing to P3Dv5. Don't skip the second step to select the v4 option. Jesse
  2. The product page at Simmarket says: "Product images show blending of ortho-imagery with DEFAULT Prepar3D landclass textures, for ortho-imagery blending with Global Landclasses a free download is included". Anyone know where to find that download? Jesse
  3. @blaunarwal Have you tried Verify Files and Resync in Orbx Central? Jesse
  4. Keep in mind this removes all hazards including all antennas, etc. Jesse
  5. @C2615 and @BerndB Thanks for the input. This has clarified the dilemma for me quite a bit. It seems to mostly be an issue of an aging GPS database (Not to mention the occasional operator error). There doesn't seem to be any way of reliably predicting the anomalies. So its just a matter of being prepared for a lack of vertical guidance as suggested. Thanks again, Jesse
  6. I have been surprised when flying some GPS approaches to discover they have no vertical guidance in the simulator. The published approach seems to indicate LNAV capability, but no vertical is displayed in the sim during the approach. My question is if there is if some way to determine if VNAV capability exists for the anticipated approach at the sim airport during preflight planning. (I guess I just don't like surprises during an approach. 😧 ) I am using the RXP GNS 530/430 in P3Dv5. Thanks for any help or suggestions. Jesse
  7. I believe that should only be true in the case of a sudden wind change (i.e. windshear). And even at that the difference would only be very transitory, quickly stabilizing at it's previous indication. From a practical standpoint, wind speed and direction only affects groundspeed. Jesse
  8. No, it's about 2D cockpits (I think). Please pay attention. 😃😃 And while you are away from the cockpit could you please make some more popcorn? Lotsa Smiles, Jesse
  9. Interesting. I have been wondering pretty much the same. Maybe we would some day see a subscription based ActiveSky?? Some other developers have already begun dropping support for P3D; who is next and how soon? I think ASP3D is probably my most essential add on and I have always wondered how they can maintain suc high levels of development and not be charging more for updates, etc. I'm just hoping P3D does something that rejuvenates interest and future add on development. Jesse
  10. So... What stopped you this time Ron? 😁 Jesse
  11. The Great Waldo Pepper. Jesse
  12. I believe you should be able to skip step 2 and then you will only need the .cvx file from step 5. You can add it as Ben explained in step 7 or simply add it to the original airport scenery folder. If I'm wrong hopefully Ben or someone else will correct me. Hope that helps, Jesse
  13. Just tried taking off, landing and taxi full length of runway and taxiway with no issues in the Carenado PC-12. Seems the old issues are fixed? Might be you're right about it having something to do with the Q400. Jesse
  14. Excellent approach and very well explained. Jesse
  15. Perhaps the exclusions you were seeing were to set to exclude objects in earlier versions and didn't apply to P3Dv5 objects? Without a specific example that I could see I'm not sure I can help with that. As far as the "automatic" placement of the exclusions those are placed by ADE 1.79 by default whenever an object is deleted. They are very small and may be difficult to spot but I don't recall any instance of it not working for me. Give it a try. Just save the generated OBJ file (I rename mine as Excl files to avoid confusion) and add to the location of your other scenery files for that airport. Jesse
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