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  1. Interesting. I have been wondering pretty much the same. Maybe we would some day see a subscription based ActiveSky?? Some other developers have already begun dropping support for P3D; who is next and how soon? I think ASP3D is probably my most essential add on and I have always wondered how they can maintain suc high levels of development and not be charging more for updates, etc. I'm just hoping P3D does something that rejuvenates interest and future add on development. Jesse
  2. So... What stopped you this time Ron? 😁 Jesse
  3. The Great Waldo Pepper. Jesse
  4. I believe you should be able to skip step 2 and then you will only need the .cvx file from step 5. You can add it as Ben explained in step 7 or simply add it to the original airport scenery folder. If I'm wrong hopefully Ben or someone else will correct me. Hope that helps, Jesse
  5. Just tried taking off, landing and taxi full length of runway and taxiway with no issues in the Carenado PC-12. Seems the old issues are fixed? Might be you're right about it having something to do with the Q400. Jesse
  6. Excellent approach and very well explained. Jesse
  7. Perhaps the exclusions you were seeing were to set to exclude objects in earlier versions and didn't apply to P3Dv5 objects? Without a specific example that I could see I'm not sure I can help with that. As far as the "automatic" placement of the exclusions those are placed by ADE 1.79 by default whenever an object is deleted. They are very small and may be difficult to spot but I don't recall any instance of it not working for me. Give it a try. Just save the generated OBJ file (I rename mine as Excl files to avoid confusion) and add to the location of your other scenery files for that airport. Jesse
  8. I have been using similar methods to update airports as well. Another technique for creating exclusions which can save a good deal of time is to simply select "Lists" from the tool bar, then "Scenery Objects". Click on "Select All" and "Delete". ADE automatically adds a small exclusion at the insertion point for each object. Of course if you want to exclude only some of the objects then select only those in the list which you wish to remove. ADE will automatically move to that point making it easy to verify you have the correct object. I have done more than a hundred of the ORBX Freeware airports using this method quite successfully. Saves a lot of time. Hope that helps, Jesse
  9. For the sake of clarity, note that the POH takeoff checklist does not call for flaps, in fact it specifically calls for flaps to be retracted. I have also watched a number of youtube videos of 421c takeoffs and have never seen a takeoff with flaps. Of course if flaps help you in the simulator no harm using them I suppose. Hope this helps, Jesse
  10. For what it's worth I just ran a test combining the LM shader fix with ASP3D Build 8005. The visibility is vastly improved and the ASP3D Maximum Visibility setting is working perfectly. I have an idea the upcoming build will work very well. Jesse
  11. I think you will all see a new beta from HiFi very soon that will be compatible with the LM fix. It was released briefly yesterday afternoon but apparently had some sort of issue with simconnect I believe. So they withdrew it for repackaging the installer. Didn't sound like a big problem so I think we should see it soon. Keep the faith, Jesse
  12. Yeah. That's more or less what I was doing. The Season Manager seems more accurate and simpler. I think now I can fly in real time with both live weather and correct seasons on the actual date. And so much easier to do. Jesse
  13. Really glad that I caught this thread. Purchased a one year subscription to Simelite Season Manager today. Set up was easy, less than 5 minutes. Just start once a day and you're seasons are current. Also tested historical. I went back a few weeks to default fall textures of this year in my area. That has always been a problem around here, we just don't get all that color. But it was absolutely correct with season manager. For me it is well worth the $2.00 per month. I would recommend this. Thanks to everyone's input and recommendations. This is one less annoyance in my sim world. Jesse
  14. Thank you very much. I think I will give this a try as soon as I get a chance. It may fit very well with my desire for more "live" realism. Jesse
  15. This looks very interesting. Do you know if it will work with ORBX. I assume that ORBX just reads the current season from the season manager files and applies the appropriate textures. The other thing I am wondering is if there is any performance impact. Again, I assume not. And one other if you don't mind. Is this also compatible with P3Dv5? Thanks for any help you can provide while I will continue to research a bit more. Thank you, Jesse EDIT: Found the answer to P3Dv5 compatibility. And, Yes it is. I just overlooked it before.
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