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  1. JesC

    A Newbie's Thought/Suggestion

    Thanks for taking an interest. I recognize that there must be a great deal on your schedule. I, as a newbie, just wanted to share my thoughts and a possible suggestion for your creative thoughts. It's a great product and I am really enjoying the addition to my simulator. Your support is very appreciated. Thank you, Jesse
  2. JesC

    A Newbie's Thought/Suggestion

    I guess that makes sense to me. I wondered why Reality XP wouldn't have had a solution for this already. Hi Bert. That sounds like a great tip. I think I just may happen to know someone like that. 😉
  3. Hello RXP, A newcomer to the RXP GNS gauges, like many others, I am a little disappointed by the somewhat out of date data base used in the GNS simulations and the current lack of ability to achieve a practical update solution. I don't really know the exact age or what Airac Cycle they use but I am running into a lot of missing approaches and changed runway id's, etc. I know little to nothing about how all of this works, but I have been using fsaerodata for about a year to update the P3D nav database. It is an excellent product that updates airspace and runway numbers (even adding the new numbers onto the runway); as well as updating all approaches, SIDs and Stars,and airways and intersections. It works quite well in the default GPS's and therefore any addon aircraft that are tied to the default GPS. I don't know how it might work or the feasibility of doing this, but was wondering if there may be a means in the future for the GTN units to utilize the P3D nav database which is updated or possibly even being able to directly access the fsaerodata updates. Or, maybe even a Reality XP collaboration or licensing agreement with fsaerodata? This may be way off base or an even ridiculously impossible idea but I thought it worth throwing out there to offer as a possibility to consider. Thanks for listening and thanks for the fantastic GNSv2 products. Jesse
  4. JesC

    Carenado Avidyne

    Well, I don't believe it but as soon as I posted this and returned to the sim the answer hit me right in the face. In Advanced Settings I selected "Link Simulator GPS Waypoints" and there it is. Thanks to everyone for all the help I have found here with my searches and to the very nice manual. I think I'm catching up! Jesse
  5. JesC

    Carenado Avidyne

    Just purchased the GNSv2 units a couple days ago; so a real "babe in the woods" here with many questions. I have been just about wearing out the search function here and finding many answers and working my way through things. However, I have been finding some mention of this issue here and in reviews,etc. but never anything definitive; so here goes. I'm using P3Dv4.3 and trying to get everything to work in the Carenado Cheyenne II. All seems to be functioning fine but I'm not seeing my flight plan or path in the Carenado Avidyne. Is there a means of doing this? Some have mentioned linking to the default GPS data, is that what I am trying to do? Is this a crossfill function? Thanks, Jesse Note: I am currently using fsaerodata to load Navigraph Airac cycles to the sim default nav database. Don't know if that matters.
  6. The location of mine is a bit difficult to get to for any accurate measurement but it looks like it may only be a couple of inches. The video seems to represent it pretty well. It has never been an issue for me, though. I don't think I know the mechanical reasons well enough to say why. Perhaps because they are very robust pedals and require a good deal of pressure to move them. I know single engine work in a twin will make your leg tired much the same as in the real thing. The Saitek pedals I had before were not even close to the realistic feel of the Ruddo and the Saitek have considerably more travel. So I'm not sure travel distance is the only consideration. Hope that helps, Jesse
  7. I don't guess I have the exact answer you are looking for; but I can tell you that I have been extremely happy working with Jetline. After just over a year of use I am still completely satisfied with the VirtualFly Yoko yoke, TQ6 and the Ruddo rudder pedals. So if you do decide to go that way I think you will be very happy. I think VF have started manufacturing the TQ6 with Hall Sensors now. It's called the TQ6 Plus. Be sure to ask about that at Jetline. It should really improve the TQ. Hope this helps, Jesse I should add that I really don't think it should be a big problem having two sets of controllers available. Again, you might want to chat with Jetline folks on this too. They do a lot of custom setups and will have great input. They always seem very willing to discuss these sort of issues.
  8. JesC

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    If anyone is interested I left some comments in the other Twin Comanche thread in the P3D forum. I never seem to know when the conversation is moving from one thread to another. 😀 Rather than repeat myself here's a link: Hope it is helpful, Jesse
  9. JesC

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    After three days of pretty exhaustive flying and discovery I am thrilled with this simulation. I'm flying it with the Nastax option and having a great time working on my IFR proficiency. It has really upped my level of concentration. I also love the unique old style panel layout. It is increasing my awareness of my instrument scans. Also enjoying challenging my navigation skills in general. I'm getting re- familiarized with using those trusty sectional charts, too. Very valuable skills. It has really been sharpening my abilities and rounding out my simulation options. Satisfying. I have found it refreshing to fly without an autopilot. I think that is a credit to the flight dynamics. And more to the point; the flight dynamics are awesome and represent the Twin Comanche very well. In fact, few sim aircraft realize basic flight dynamics this well. (Crosswind landings are to be relished for the experience in this one.) It's a real joy to hand fly. I really wouldn't want to turn it over to "George". The sim/computer performance is excellent and textures are beautiful and very realistic, particularly in the VC. Sounds are excellent as well. Very compatible with the flight experience. I could go on and on, but i will just say I would highly recommend this one. I don't think you will be disappointed if you are looking for something more than another "cookie cutter" formula aircraft. For sure it's a great addition to my hangar that really rounds out the available flight options, enhances learning flying and increases proficiency in flying skills. Oh... and a lot of fun, too! It is a realistic flying experience that can add more to your flying experience and sharpen your skills. Jesse
  10. JesC

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    If it supports additional sales it's probably a good idea. Although I haven't had a chance to purchase yet I, for one, am definitely looking forward to the existing panel without autopilot and the added challenge of the old style DG. In fact I will probably fly without the GPS as well. Guess simmers are definitely a finicky lot. In which case I definitely qualify. 😉
  11. JesC

    Small plane, big job ahead.

    Cessna 421C - 1487nm maximum range and pressurized to get over some of the weather. Jesse
  12. JesC

    First impressions

    Friends, Pardon me for interrupting the thread; but I will be brief. My above post was filtered for a "word not allowed". I have no idea how that could have happened. I simply do not use any sort of objectionable language. The edit is embarrassing to me. I try to be polite and respectful to all. I don't remember the exact word I used but just want anyone reading to know that my meaning was "clueless". Now if that gets filtered then I truly am clueless. Thanks for your patience. And "back to your regularly scheduled programming". Yours, Jesse
  13. JesC

    A2A Bonanza revisited

    She, Martha King, is talking about adding additional right rudder when lifting the nose and taking off. It might be helpful to practice this is no wind conditions to get a better idea of the effects on the aircraft. Jesse
  14. JesC

    A2A Bonanza revisited

    This video may be helpful to this conversation: And maybe this will give some insights into the stall/spin issues: Jesse
  15. Version 1.3 of the Alabeo Cessna 421c has been officially announced on Twitter and Facebook now. Some very nice changes; subtle but makes this a very nice model. Maybe, Alabeo's best. NEW VERSION 1.3 ALABEO C421 GOLDEN EAGLE FSX/P3D - Landing gear warning conditions adjusted. - FD bars and inop flag adjusted. - Flight Dynamics improved. - Minor bugs fixed. Thanks to the "fixers". 😉 Jesse