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  1. @Ray Proudfoot To my surprise, after trying quite a few times I have been unable to reproduce the crash under the circumstances you suggested. However, after considering why that may be and following some additional tests I think something else is at play in my current situation. When I considered what was happening I recalled that a while after successfully following and testing the suggestion to use prefer max performance I then updated my Nvidia driver to 461.72. So as an additional test today I returned to the default Nvidia control panel settings and did some more tests. I have yet to be able to reproduce a Device_Hung error since, even in my most consistent scenarios. So I guess to sum up my situation, after months of consistent crashes and testing it seems that either lowering the max power in MSI Afterburner or setting prefer max performance in NCP, or using the 461.72 driver will resolve the crashes on my system. I think this seems consistent with what @SteveW @westmanand @simbol have been saying.Time will tell if this is reliable for others but for now I hope it is helpful. Jesse
  2. Ray, I have been plagued by DXGI crashes in V5 for quite some time. I haven't associated menu use or "aircraft select" with the crashes but the crashes were regular and completely repeatable even in a plain vanilla default V5 installation. When I get time I will try your aircraft selection scenario but I would expect that it very well may initiate a crash. My test became a flight set up with the default Commander at KAUS. Crashes always occurred before I could even make one circuit. I have seen two solutions work reliably for me. I can use MSI Afterburner to lower max power to 93% or I can use the Nvidia Control Panel Prefer Max Performance setting. In either case I have yet to experience a single crash. Hope this is helpful, Jesse
  3. Hi Bert. This has definitely fixed my issue and seems to make some serious improvements to the PC12. Interestingly, I found it easier to edit my existing panel.cfg to reflect the new gauges rather than trying to make all of the GTN to GNS edits. But all seems to be working as expected now and I am very pleased with having the PC12 back in my hangar. Thanks so much for the excellent support, once again. Jesse
  4. Thanks for the rapid response Bert, PM is sent and I will follow up as soon as I can give it a try. Your support has really been fantastic so often. Your work is a major part of my simulator experiences. Jesse
  5. Hi Folks, Just recently reinstalled the PC12 in P3Dv4.5 HF3 with dual RXP GNS 530 v2's. In GPS mode the CDI is not deflecting when right of course. Left of course it responds as expected. The VOR indicator responds correctly whether right or left of course. Have been fussing with settings and searching past posts a couple of days and coming up empty for a solution. Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks, Jesse
  6. Is your environmental sound slider turned up? Jesse
  7. schweito Read through these instructions very carefully following each step. https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046625614-Installing-Carenado-aircraft-in-P3Dv5 Be sure you are using the P3D version 4 installer and selecting P3D version 4, then browsing to P3Dv5. Don't skip the second step to select the v4 option Jesse
  8. Bob, Initial results seem very promising. I think at about -30 MHz is where I'm getting the best stability but will continue experimenting. My early efforts were somewhat hit and miss as I was slow to understand the Precision X1 app. Still don't have it down very well, still have much to absorb. At any rate, your help is greatly appreciated. I was about to throw in the towel. I hope our discussion has also been of benefit to Thomas, the OP as well. Thanks again for your patient help. Jesse
  9. I assume we're talking about the core clock rather than the memory clock? I'm guessing this will become more obvious once I get into it, but your guidance is appreciated. This is a bit outside my comfort zone. Jesse
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into it. Hadn't had much trouble with this till moving to 5.1 HF1. Then started having consistent crashes at or in the vicinity of certain airports even with a completely in clean install of the default. Moving back to original 5.1 then started producing the same errors. Have spent hours looking for a cause and seem to be coming up dry. So this may have some real merit in my situation. Thanks Again, Jesse
  11. Hey Bob, How do you do that. I'm having a terrible time with this error. Thanks, Jesse
  12. Maybe this will help? https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/read-this-latest-windows-update-issue.13309/ Jesse
  13. Mike, As far as the "popping" into shape, you may want to try raising the tessellation slider some. Just be careful because it can also have a performance penalty. Hope that helps, Jesse
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