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  1. The Pulse/landing/taxi lights are no longer working in the TBM 930. The position (nav) lights work but that's it. I have the mod TBM 930x mod from Paul Falke installed. Any thoughts on a fix? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks Glenn! Outstanding videos. Looking forward to flying FS2020 soon. I purchased an HP G2 Reverb VR headset. I built a relatively inexpensive home cockpit (PFC throttle quadrant, saitek switch and radio panels, etc )in my permanent residence and use the TrackIR. However, with the laptop at 2nd home, I want to shoot for total (VR) immersion without building an expensive cockpit setup. The laptop itself i7-1087 CPU at 5Ghz, 32GB DDR4 RAM at 3200mhz, 2TB SSD, and an Nvidia RTX 2080 Super GPU at 8GB (VR tuned). Cheers mudhen
  3. Thanks...So, the actual track device doesn't need to be mounted on the laptop correct?
  4. Hello all I've been using Track IR on a single monitor with my desktop for years. I am purchasing a laptop (for second home) along with a 4K monitor and would like to put the Track IR on the larger monitor. Is that an issue or not, and secondly, what settings do I need to adjust? Thanks in advance mudhen
  5. Hello all Making the jump from XP11 to FS2020. Quick question: I'm going to purchase the premium deluxe version; will it include all the current changes and updates when I download it, or do I need to update it manually after the purchase? Thanks in advance. Mudhen
  6. Thanks for the inputs. Believe I will migrate over to XP11 anyway. Cheers RP
  7. Just back from deployment. What's the verdict on the AS CRJ at the bro level? I've been waiting for sometime and pleased to learn it has been released. Split comments on AS forum. Thanks. RP
  8. Put flytampa Amsterdam at the top of scenery within FSX. If it works you can step it down until it doesn't. Regards
  9. I have an issue with cargo pod appearing/reappearing in FSX. In the chocks I deselect (ungreen) the passenger cargo pod...all is good then usually a few minutes into flight, it will pop back on...I select shift +4 and deselect again, then it may or may not reappear again. Love this aircraft...nice work. Rich Perry
  10. Thanks...I went to REX and installed the naturalENB...very nice...I'll move to DX10 shortly...I have plenty of CPU and GPU horsepower (i7 4.8GhZ oc'd) and GTX 980 respectively... I think my previous ENB experience was using it in conjunction with megascenery and I could never dial in the settings...I used SweetFX with FS9 and liked the flexibility and ease of use. I'll probably move to P3D one day...but enjoying the heck out of FSX right now...I realized I had installed FTX global but didn't update...when I purchased FTX Trees HD...I was able to update the global settings...remarkable improvement...even with UTX v1. Rich
  11. Copy....what do you alter in fsx.cfg when migrating to DX10 from DX9, if anything? I assume I simply click on DX10 in FSX...then run Steve's fixer? Do I need to alter Nvidia Inspector settings? Thanks for the vector.
  12. I've used SweetFX and ENB in the past and it was somewhat of a mixed bag (day/night tradeoffs)...I was curious if there are any recent (2014-15) updates and setting recommendations available? Is it possible to get sunlight rendering or dynamic shadowing in the cockpit--similar to P3D 2.4--within FSX through the use of ENB? Thanks in advance. Rich Perry
  13. If you have FSUIPC you can simply match an unused switch/button or key to adjust your heading bug (HSI). Some basic heading indicators also have a heading bug which also can be slewed via FSUIPC if they don't a have a bug dial in the field of view.
  14. Absolutely incredible! I downloaded sweetfx configurator as well and spent a few hours dialing in settings--HDR, Technicolor etc etc...run the configurator while flying and tweak as you go. I use nhancer with NickN settings for FS9...seems to work well together. The only minor negative at this point is, as you enhance daytime settings, adding brightness and contrast (actually making FS9 look less dingy), you may see pitch black (provided by REX)lighten up a bit...but I'm sure I can find a proper balance between daytime/nightime environments. Thanks to OP for this brilliant addition to FS9. Rich
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