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  1. Thanks for the inputs. Believe I will migrate over to XP11 anyway. Cheers RP
  2. Just back from deployment. What's the verdict on the AS CRJ at the bro level? I've been waiting for sometime and pleased to learn it has been released. Split comments on AS forum. Thanks. RP
  3. Put flytampa Amsterdam at the top of scenery within FSX. If it works you can step it down until it doesn't. Regards
  4. I recall the shift+F5 displayed chocks/flags/pins for the Carenado King Air 200 and C90 with engines off....is that function available for the new i350? Thanks in advance RP
  5. I was able to repair the usb connector and computer finally recognized the device. I first went to Windows controller and made sure it was recognized there, then contacted PFC support who told me to assign it as a joystick via the PFC GUI utility. Once I completed that I installed pfcfsx.dll to modules and configured settings via FSUIPC. Deleting FSX.cfg was simply a process of elimination to isolate the problem. Turns out it was more hardware than software related. Thanks for the inputs.
  6. Working some issues related to troubleshooting PFC throttle quadrant so I deleted FSX.cfg and restarted...re-tweaked etc. My question is, do I need to reinstall/re-run addons like FTX global, ultimate terrain, and REX or are those settings unaffected by deleting/rebuilding FSX.cfg? Thanks in advance. Mudhen
  7. Moved my computer a few weeks ago and had to unplug everything. When I plugged my PFC throttle quadrant back into the USB port, it no longer is being identified either in FSX controls dropdown, nor in FSUIPC. I tried to configure in PFC config as twin-turbo prop throttles, but no luck. I have FSXpfc.dll loaded in the modules folder. Also, I unplugged it and plugged into various other USB ports with no luck either. My Saitek rudders and CH yoke were identified and work fine. Using Win 7 64-bit. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. That was it...I have precision flight control throttles with a spoiler lever which was assigned in FSUIPC....so unassigning the spoiler lever in FSUIPC did the trick...thanks so much for the assist...it was a real head scratcher. RP
  9. it is off when I first start then on its own, the box becomes green and the pod appears...I've uninstalled/reinstalled several times with no luck. Thanks
  10. A really nice aircraft I bought a few days ago. I have an issue with the cargo pod reappearing in flight after it has been checked off (shift +4 config menu). How do I save in the clean (no cargo pod) configuration? Thanks in advance. RP
  11. Nice review...superb aircraft...does what it was designed for...getting into and out of small airstrips and cruising nicely in the 6-12k block. I'm having a small issue with the pax cargo pod popping back into view when it was deselected in the shift+4 menu. Same comment on the limited docs. Brilliant! Rich
  12. I have an issue with cargo pod appearing/reappearing in FSX. In the chocks I deselect (ungreen) the passenger cargo pod...all is good then usually a few minutes into flight, it will pop back on...I select shift +4 and deselect again, then it may or may not reappear again. Love this aircraft...nice work. Rich Perry
  13. At a few payware airports (e.g., KATL, KPHX), I get a few buildings/houses floating about 3-500' near the airport--everything else is fine. I've got FSGenesis, FTX and UTX for terrain and landclass. I have most of the payware airfields loaded below UTX in config. Thanks Rich Perry
  14. Thanks...I went to REX and installed the naturalENB...very nice...I'll move to DX10 shortly...I have plenty of CPU and GPU horsepower (i7 4.8GhZ oc'd) and GTX 980 respectively... I think my previous ENB experience was using it in conjunction with megascenery and I could never dial in the settings...I used SweetFX with FS9 and liked the flexibility and ease of use. I'll probably move to P3D one day...but enjoying the heck out of FSX right now...I realized I had installed FTX global but didn't update...when I purchased FTX Trees HD...I was able to update the global settings...remarkable improvement...even with UTX v1. Rich
  15. Copy....what do you alter in fsx.cfg when migrating to DX10 from DX9, if anything? I assume I simply click on DX10 in FSX...then run Steve's fixer? Do I need to alter Nvidia Inspector settings? Thanks for the vector.
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