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  1. Lewicide

    Pedestal text

    Just saw this post Still need it ?
  2. Lewicide

    Lite version ?

    Cheers tanker Edging towards buying Just need to know if it is more or less frame hungry than the Phenom 300.
  3. Lewicide

    Lite version ?

    Does it come with a Lite version for a better frame rate ? Couldn't get a single reply on my previous post enquiring about frame rates or stutters. Makes it hard to decide as to whether to buy Carenado's latest and expensive (for Carenado) offering. Cheers
  4. Lewicide

    Frames ?

    In the past I have had framerate problems with Carenado's Proline 21 pits Any comments on the framerates in Fsx that may help me decide to buy this or the other producdrs version ? Cheerz
  5. Lewicide

    Addtional shorts repaints

    Got it thanks and cheers
  6. Lewicide

    Addtional shorts repaints

    G'day any idea where I can get these liveries ? the links above get me a server down message from aerosoft (for more than two weeks) and the links to aussiex.org, well they're gone. and we don't do facebook I am particularly want the QANTAS one cheers
  7. Lewicide

    Addtional shorts repaints

    Most painful flight of my life, a Sunstate/Qantas unpressurised 360 from Gladston after rupturing my eardrum diving while doing research at Herron Island Ouuuuch
  8. Lewicide

    Maximum range

    KI am about to purchase the fsx version of this ac what is the fuel capacity of the current fsx version ? did PMDG add the extra tankage ? cheers Lew
  9. Lewicide

    Any manual?

    Friction levers or knobs depending on AC apply friction/resistance to movement of the control levers to prevent them creeping or being easily bumped They have no real use in FS
  10. Lewicide

    My 340 paints

    Thanks got the paint It's beautiful Cheers
  11. Lewicide

    MFD bug ?

    10-15 minutes into any flight the MFD turns itself off. No problem turning it back on with the power switch. The main HSI flickers when this happens but continues funtioning fine. Checked batteries gens and inverters all seem fine. Any ideas ? Cheers
  12. Lewicide

    Pedestal text

    Many thanks for that Works fine, cheers and many thanks.
  13. Lewicide

    Pedestal text

    My copy 1.1 doesn't have the ORIGfokker50_interior.MDL file in the lite or full versions just the fokker50_interior.MDL fokker50_interiorx64.MDL fokker50.MDL I'm looking in the model folders in both versions (FSX) so I'm not sure what to replace it with
  14. Lewicide

    Pedestal text

    I'll give that a shot Thanks
  15. Lewicide

    Pedestal text

    G'day As I responded in that thread, what did you replace that .mdl file with and where did it come from ? Thanks for the reply Cheers