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  1. I suspect that any sign off will be it simulates what they are trying to simulate as opposed to certified accurate.
  2. Yes, but what will it offer over what the Working Title team has already provided?
  3. Just be careful how you interpret the results. So many people throwing that MSFS 60% number around yet that includes all use to include Infrequently. What is infrequently, well that depends on the person who answered the question at the time. If you just consider the Most of the Time bars then MSFS use is only slightly higher than Xplane 11 or P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 use together. Yes over 2 million copies have been sold, but among the survey group users MSFS is only slightly more than Xplane 11 or P3Dv4andv5. However, 33% have moved from a previous version to MSFS as a primary sim.
  4. You are right, Orbx installs their stuff in a seperate folder in your USER folder. Aerosoft are the guys who dump stuff in your Documents folder.
  5. I never said you CAN'T put files elsewhere, I stated W10 will put your user folder on the boot drive. Even if you move your Documents, Music, Downloads, etc some applications will tend to keep trying to put files into the user folder. If someone else builds a profile then their files automatically get saved to the boot drive. Also some developers are now installing files to your Documents, eh hem ORBX. If i've done the backflip to create a symbolic link, I am not sure I'd want those files on a dinosaur drive.
  6. MSFS is under 120GB and W10 Pro runs me about 33GB. Of course Windows will also put your User folder on the boot drive and my current user folder is at 322GB with Documents, Photos, Music, Videos, etc. Since the computer I ordered only offers 1 M2 slot I went with 2TB.
  7. The defrosters should operate as part of the cabin heat. IIRC that is how it operates in the airplane.
  8. I was thinking more the parallels in the certification process that when the FBW of the A320 came into question the regulatory agency deferred to the manufacture. When the MCAS came under scrutiny in the 737MAX the FAA did not have the in house expertise and deferred to the manufacture. The flying public tends to trust these regulating agencies when it comes to the certification of Transport Category Airplanes and when the agency does not have the in house experts to validate the manufacture met specific safety requirements, you have to ask who is running the aircraft certification process? Either way in 5 years the public will go right back to boarding airplanes as unlike the DC10 which was easily identifiable by its third tail mounted engine, John Q Public could not identify a 737 versus a A320 or a 767 versus an A330. In fact generally, all John Q Public generally cares about is how much legroom they get and how cute are the flight attendants.
  9. Give it 5 years and the traveling public will forget.
  10. That would be torque effect because as you level off in cruise P-factor diminishes. P-factor is caused by the disymatary of thrust across the prop disc caused by the difference in the AoA between the left and right halves of the propeller. Thus in a climb when the relative wind enters below the spinner P-factor is at its greatest while at cruise when the relative wind enters directly into the spinner (or nearly so) P-factor diminishes. Torque effect is caused by the motion of the propeller acting through the center of gravity. As power is increased the nose tends to yaw left (in clockwise spinning propellers.) During training in the King Air I demonstrate both concepts in flight with a properly trimmed airplane in straight and level flight. With my feet on the floor, In the first case I add power and the nose yaws left, that is torque effect. I retrim the airplane and keep the power the same and raise the nose to about 15 degrees nose up. Again the nose yaws left, this is P-factor. Since I am doing this in a twin there is almost no spiraling slipstream. For guys who have flown jets their entire career this is an eye opener. (Military types who started in the T-37 and never flew a prop their entire lives until the King Air.) I have not seen a vector in the MSFS Aerodynamics video coming off the propeller to the left, so at this point, I assume that any left turning tendencies in the sim are faked (or computed using simple constants) and not computed using the modern aerodynamics. This seems supported by the SDK that does not show any of the aerodynamics associated with the propeller. However, we will have to see what is released with the next aerodynamic updates and hopefully, an updated SDK to support the models, since they advertise moving from the current 640 vectors to over 1,000.
  11. Yep, I remember carrying the little AC-U-Kwik book to have the frequencies for FBOs. Thus I could have the ramp rats waiting on landing.
  12. It will also get rid of the call for services on ground frequency. Another brilliant decision made by a software engineer with ZERO aviation experience.
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