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  1. It is the PMDG factor. Everyone expects that every product will come with thousands of pages of manufacture provided documentation for free. Most of these documents today not only copyrighted but also restricted IAW with Export Administration Regulations (EAR.) They have always been restricted, but now today these documents also include an EAR statement.
  2. Eaglesoft Citation XLS+ costs $119.95
  3. Everything you need, minus the instructor and courseware, is in this document. https://www.cnatra.navy.mil/local/docs/pat-pubs/P-764.pdf Complete every maneuver to NATOPS and you should be good to go.
  4. OK, I was able to get into the P2ATC Grammer Training today and it was recognizing my voice. I guess with all of the various options and reboots one of them finally clicked for W10. I think it was disabling Exclusive Mode under the old control panel, Sound, Recording, Advanced (which is normally hidden by W10) and then rebooting.
  5. Bruce, Thank you, I ran that a couple times already and there are no errors. I even went into device manager and tried to update the drivers and W10 stated it already had the best drivers installed. The Turtle Beach Z60s seem to use a default Windows Driver as there are no drivers on their site either. EDIT: OK, Exclusive Mode was clicked (buried settings in W10 only viewable through the old control panel) and it seems deselecting that AND rebooting cured it for me. What a major headache and I have no clue why that would be turned on my default if it causes problems. Maybe there is supposed to be a process for an application to request and take exclusive control of the mic? Either way Grammer Training worked today so I suspect the software will work again.
  6. I am not sure what to look for there. W10 hears me fine it is just P2ATC that seems to have issues. I also lost the little microphone icon that use to show up in the task bar. Anyone know how to make that come back as Windows+H does not seem to work.
  7. Dave, I have been through the config settings a dozen times now. No matter what I do there does not seem to be anything to force the microphone other than in W10. Again W10 hears me just fine, it seems that something in W10 2004 no longer wants to play with Pilot2ATC.
  8. I agree, some people just need to take an appetite suppressant. It is many times better than either FSX, P3D, or Xplane. In fact from what little we can see it is better than most of the add-ons offline ATC programs.
  9. W10 updated to 2004 yesterday and today Pilot2ATC no longer works with my mic. My microphone works just fine in W10 and passed the speech setup in W10 and Cortana. It is just Pilot2ATC that now seems broken.
  10. Yes and sites like that and I assume Microsoft Desktop will miss local variances on proncations. JSTRM in Florida is locally pronounced Jetstream.
  11. His avatar is a Star Trek Pog or something. They were really famous with the kids a movie or so back.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds4nEz59oRw I remind myself every time I go online. It is so true of any online community. So you can either let the trolls win, or realize that people are not chocolates. A study published in Psychology Today found that likes on social media created an endorphin rush that was equivalent to crack cocaine. Needless to say people who are not getting likes are probably feeling pretty glum. So if someone says something nasty to you, throw them a curve ball and like their comment. They are utterly confused and you get the satisfaction that you just played a psychological game with them. Now if I get a bunch of likes on this post I can feel good until I think hard about it.
  13. About 5 or 6 years now. They were one of the hot items for our Center Examiner so we made sure to point them out to everyone who was getting a type.
  14. Not all waypoints are pronounceable. Computer Navigation Fixes (CNF) are designated waypoints that are purposely made unpronounceable as they are used for alignment only and may not be assigned by ATC. You normally find them on IAPs and are inside of parentheses.
  15. Even though many seem to eschew this term, it is used all of the time. Having spent 24 years of military flying I also still say "Tally" and "No Joy" when responding to traffic alerts. We can go on with the people who still say five instead of fif, nine instead of niner, or oh instead of zero.
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