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  1. Agreed, Flytampa KBOS takes the lead for me, I have most of the airports from the top three developers (IMHO) Anyone know of a good addon for CYYC Calgary International? I have one from FSimStudios but it's not for P3dv4. Cheers, Jim V
  2. morpheous

    AI Models

    Ok thanks for the info, I have both My traffic and ultimate traffic Live. I'm currently trying our PSXseecon and like it alot other then the strange taxi behavior of AI and the the fact that VOTATC has no control over it but i think I'll keep it for now. Cheers, jim
  3. morpheous

    AI Models

    Hello, What models does VOX use for their AI traffic? Is it the standard P3D models? I was wondering how to get the program to use the models from BVAI which are more realistic. Can this be done? Thanks Jim V
  4. morpheous

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    That did the trick, thanks! Jim V
  5. morpheous

    Steering Tiller disconnected from Rudder

    I have FSUIPC and it does control the steering tiller but it also moves the rudder so my question is is there a way to control the tiller without moving the rudder? PS I do not have autorudder enabled. thanks Jim
  6. Hello, Is it possible to assign an axis to the steering tiller and not have the rudder pedals move along with it? I have a joystick axis that I've assigned to the steering tiller but it also moves the rudder so when I go to apply brakes via the rudder pedals the steering is immediately centered as that is the position of my rudder pedals when the brakes are applied and the steering control is then assigned back to my pedals, hence it would be nice if they behaved as they do in real life and are not connected. I've searched the internet but can 't find an answer to this. Cheers, Jim V
  7. It says it updates the following: Soundpack includes: - All Switches (238 sounds) - All Levers (47 sounds) - GPWS Callouts (34 sounds) - Authentic Cockpit Ambience, Packs, Circuit Breakers, APU, Standby Instruments, Chime, Trim Wheel, Speedbrakes noise, Ground roll, etc. Says nothing about engine sounds Jim V
  8. Does anyone know of a good turbine sound addon to pmdg 737 for v4? I've been playing around with 737 ultimate for xplane and really like the sounds of the engines in that model provided by audiobird, just wondering if there is a p3d version. thanks Jim V.
  9. morpheous

    VOX ATC Sound @ 50% in sndvol W10

    I have to lower the P3D volume to 50% as well, that's the workaround. I would love to have VOX only come thru on a headset, with P3D coming thru on the speakers, how did you get that to work? Jim V.
  10. morpheous

    VOX ATC Sound @ 50% in sndvol W10

    All the voice volumes are currently at 100% is there another setting I should be looking at? Jim V
  11. morpheous

    VOX ATC Sound @ 50% in sndvol W10

    So there doesn't seem to be a clear solution to this volume issue? I'm experiencing the same, 50% volume reduction everytime VOX speaks. Jim V.
  12. Hello all, I have the VOXAtc panel installed in my 737ngx and up until I did a fully reinstall of p3d v4.2 it was working fine. Now whenever I try to call up the VOXAtc panel I can't see it anywhere on my screens.. (I have three) I can see the recent communications panel but not the main ATC panel even though it shows as checked in the p3d panel manager. Any ideas as to what I can do here? Jim V
  13. morpheous

    Insert Vector point

    The original question was generated because I was unsure how the FMC would calculate the top of descent if there was a blank DISCO on the legs page, I'm assuming that its assuming the points are connected regardless of the DISCO or not? Appears that way to me. Anyways thanks for the comments. Jim V
  14. morpheous

    Insert Vector point

    So do I just leave the Disconnect in the FMC or join the two points? I understand I will need to fly hdg sel after that point but as the post above says its more just a reminder to myself to hit hdg sel or I can easily end up flying directly to the next waypoint by accident. Jim V
  15. morpheous

    Insert Vector point

    Hello, Is it possible to insert a (vector) waypoint into the FMC? Many times there is a disconnect between the last waypoint in a STAR and the first waypoint on the approach so I usually just connect the 2 but I know that I will be vectored onto the approach so is there a way to tell the FMC that? Jim V.