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  1. I would actually prefer if we all remain friendly and share experiences about the BATC. Thank you. I had a pretty flawless flight yesterday from EDDF to LSGG. All handoffs worked nicely from clearance to landing. However, from reading through various posts on the Facebook BATC group as well as my previous experiences, it seems as if a lot of people suffer from the failure of the program to hand you off to approach and/or tower, while descending on a STAR. Hopefully, this gets fixed, because it seems to bother a lot of people. Some suggest to simply tune to approach without hand-over. I will try this next time.
  2. Sorry if I'm the only one, but I still haven't understood what I should do, when BATC stops talking when I'm on a STAR. Should I then just descend at my discretion (which is rather unrealistic) and call "establish on approach" when intercepting the ILS or what is the solution here?
  3. As much as I like the immersion that BeyondATC provides, I just can't get approaches to work properly. Clearance, taxi, take-off and cruise are all just fine. Yesterday I did even get a descent clearance without declaring "ready for descent" first. So far so good. But then BeyondATC always messes up somewhere on the STAR. Yesterday, on my flight to ENGM I was cleared down to FL090 which is also a constraint in the STAR (as far as I remember) but after that never heard from ATC again. Then I decided to descent at my own discretion because I was getting really high on the profile. Shortly after, ATC told me that I'm off course (which I wasn't) and cleared me direct to a waypoint which I had already passed. I then simply landed without further messing with ATC. I really hope that they get this fixed. As long as there is a STAR with no vectoring component (as the one I received yesterday), then it should really work...
  4. Fully agree. ATC programs which are button-controlled are a joke in terms of immersion. The ability to "speak" to the program with relatively flexible phraseology adds a ton of immersion. But to each his own...
  5. Never used it, because it would be a breath of death for my wallet. Why do people compare a cheap $30 add-on to a ridiculously expensive subscription based add-on? It should better be A LOT better than Beyond ATC at this insane pricing. I'm perfectly happy with Beyond ATC in early access. With all the patches coming daily it will have a bright future ahead.
  6. So that means, I'm also allowed to descent at my discretion in order to intercept the localizer and glideslope? I'm asking, because today I did get a "cleared ILS 06" from ATC but was never cleared to descent further. Never heard from ATC again until I decided to descend without clearance to intercept the ILS. This was confusing to me, because I would have expected to get further clearances to descend down to the FAF.
  7. The add-on is great, when it works. I can't get it to work reliably on my machine. And I tried everything. After a couple of successful flights, I had CTDs on short final on my last 3 flights. It is driving me insane. But others seem to have much less or no problems with it. Then it's a great add-on. Totally worth a purchase. I'm hoping for the next updates...
  8. It seems as if an update to various system drivers (incl. the Realtek driver) together with turning off the display sync did the trick. No more crashes. Looking forward now to doing a couple of flights!
  9. Thanks. I have now turned Display sync off, which at first did not solve the CTDs. I have now updated all of my system drivers inkl. the Realtek sound drivers and I was now able to start a flight. I just left Barcelona for Palermo. Let's see how things go. Keeping fingers crossed.
  10. Updated GSX to the latest version and also tried without GSX. Still not working.
  11. Not yet. Actually, I don't know where to start. Sometimes the sim crashes moments after hitting "Ready to fly". Sometimes before. Then, in some cases, I can enter the cockpit but the screens are all just blue. There is no clear pattern. I tried loading the Fenix app before starting MSFS, but also tried to let MSFS load the app. This also sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I eliminated all add-ons in the community folder except for the Fenix. Also wiped the exe.xml. Installed the newest AMD display drivers, etc. etc. I tried nearly everything in the past two days but can't get it to work reliably. Today, I was able to do one flight, but then it crashed on final. And as I said: With other add-ons, I have no problems.
  12. Great to hear that all of you are enjoying the new version. On my system, it just doesn't work. Keeps crashing all the time. If I replicate the scenario with another aircraft, then no problem. Must be the Fenix. Used to be one of my favorite add-ons in v1, but v2 is just useless for me. Too bad.
  13. Is it just me or does the new version feel very strange when handflying? I did some circuits in EDDF and it doesn't feel like flying an Airbus anymore. Descent rate is very unstable. I'm not a real world Airbus pilot, but shouldn't it be that you command the rate of decent and the Airbus should maintain that without further input on the stick? That's not how it behaves on my system. Descent rate swings up and down wildly even with calm winds. Setting flaps results in huge changes in descent rate, etc. Very strange. The old version felt much more like I would expect from an Airbus. Performance is great btw on my rather old system even without a fresh install.
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