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  1. Is it just me or does the new version feel very strange when handflying? I did some circuits in EDDF and it doesn't feel like flying an Airbus anymore. Descent rate is very unstable. I'm not a real world Airbus pilot, but shouldn't it be that you command the rate of decent and the Airbus should maintain that without further input on the stick? That's not how it behaves on my system. Descent rate swings up and down wildly even with calm winds. Setting flaps results in huge changes in descent rate, etc. Very strange. The old version felt much more like I would expect from an Airbus. Performance is great btw on my rather old system even without a fresh install.
  2. DX12 was perfect for me in SU10. But now just a horrible stutter fest...
  3. Anyone else with AMD graphics card also experiencing heavy stutters with the new version? The old version was butter smooth, but with the update my sim became virtually unusable.
  4. Why not just relax a bit and wait? I'm very certain that the Asobo one will get a great community mod down the line. Once modded, it will definitely be able to compete with the payware options...
  5. Yep. Same here. Starting at Gate 340 in LEMD was impossible before. With dev mode enabled, I'm now able to enter the cockpit without a crash!
  6. I'm suffering from the same problems. I can load a flight and the cinematic previews show up. But once I hit the button to enter the cockpit, it instantly crashes. I managed to get into the cockpit a couple of times when starting the flight on the runway, but not at the gate in cold-and-dark. I also tried various things to no avail. MSFS is just completely bugged at the moment.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestion, but neither one helps. Still getting crashes with the FBW A320 everytime I attempt a flight. So frustrating.
  8. But the dev version doesn't work either since the SU5 mess. On my system it immediately crashes once I loaded a flight and enter the cockpit. The whole sim is unusable for me.
  9. My MSFS is also unusable since SU5. The hotfix did not fix anything on my end. When I try to start a flight in the FBW A320 the sim crashes as soon as I enter the cockpit. I really do not understand why they don't even test the most common add-ons like the FBW A320. So the sim is now bricked for me until they release a real fix for this mess.
  10. Good to hear about the patch. My MSFS is crashing all the time. Not playable. All that drama in the last two days really begs the question why in the world do they make those updates mandatory? Would have been so nice to just keep the old version for 1 or 2 more weeks until the dust has settled down and then update. Would have also let to much less drama on the forums...
  11. The known issues includes a note that you have to start on the runway with the engines running. Is that true?
  12. I'm also having quite some problems landing the CRJ in windy conditions. It has a really hard time to drop the nose once the main gear is on the ground. I have to push the yoke forward to get the nose on the ground. I don't think this is how the real aircraft behaves on landing, isn't it?
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