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  1. carlito777

    Virtual Reality not on drop down P3Dv4.3

    I had a similar problem. Oculus Rift was working fine in all VR apps (incl. X-Plane 11), but no „Virtual Reality“ item in the P3D menu. Reinstalling the Nvidia driver did the trick. I tried all kinds of solutions but only a reinstall of the driver helped.
  2. Title says it all. According to posts on Facebook, it still seems to have some bugs. Looking forward to reports as I don‘t have time to test it at this moment.
  3. carlito777

    This is why I'm using XPlane 90% of the time

    Nice shots. But (stock) X-Plane with Ortho4XP still looks way better. And what did it cost you to get your P3D to look like that?
  4. I have wildly fluctuating fps with this update. Performance is actually worse than with the previous version on my system. Too bad as the previous version was really ok.
  5. carlito777

    LINDA and X-Plane 11. Good news?

    Another one hoping for X-Plane support some day. X-Plane has come such is long way and would really benefit from LINDA support.
  6. carlito777

    Hey armchair captains, is this Really our Dream Job ?

    Airline pilot would be too boring over time for me personally. But I can fully understand that for others it is a dreamjob.
  7. carlito777

    11.20 coming to final

    These are all fair points why YOU might not like VR at this point. But it doesn‘t mean that VR is not practical for other people as it is today. I would also not fly in VR on all occassions but for some it is already amazing in it‘s current form.
  8. carlito777

    11.20 coming to final

    You haven‘t tried VR yet, right? Otherwise, I really can‘t understand that statement.
  9. No, it doesn‘t. With all the and-ons you mention, fps in the FF rarely dips below 30 fps and it is very smooth (as X-Plane is generally smoother than P3D at the same fps). In the FSL fps still fluctuate wildly and are below 30 fps most of the time even with moderate settings. Performance wise the FF is significantly better.
  10. The FSL bus is great. Attention to detail is supperb, sounds are great. But performance sucks big time. Compared to the FF bus in X-Plane, the FSL is a stutter fest. And smooth flight is my highest priority. Therefore I have almost grounded the FSL and fly the FF almost on a daily basis. And the FF is also great in terms of system depth.
  11. carlito777

    Aerosoft CRJ is out

    Did a flight in the CRJ from KEGE to KDEN today. No problems whatsoever with LNAV or ILS capture/glideslope. Even in very tight turns and with significant crosswind, the CRJ followed the LNAV path nicely. It was a very enjoyable flight. The CRJ is very nice to handfly and performance is very good.
  12. carlito777

    A bit of XP11 action...

    Yes, I wondered the same. He just vanished. And he used to be very active on the forums. Very strange. And this is certainly a loss to the AVSIM community...
  13. I fully agree. I also finally bought the FF A320 on the weekend. Haven‘t touched P3D since. The performance is incredible (esp. compared to the FSL bus in P3D). And handflying it feels so believable. It is really a joy. X-Plane in general has come such a long way. So many gaps to P3D have been closed with some things even better now in X-Plane. The FF A320 could be my final reason for a complete transition to X-Plane.
  14. carlito777

    Aerosoft CRJ current status?

    I get CTDs when using the PFD and ND pop-ups. Very frustrating...
  15. Yes, I second that. I never understood why developers spend their precious time on things like tutorial flights. Nowadays, there are so many great and free sources of information available. Apart from written documents, Youtubers like Blackbox711 are a far more efficient and also better way to learn how to fly an Airbus. Blackbox711, for example, was a real-world Airbus pilot, who can teach you tons of things on how to operate the bus in a much better (and correct) way than a tutorial flight or add-on manual ever could. So why should devs waste time on these things. They should rather focus their time on developing new features and ironing out bugs.