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  1. Thank you, Rob! Very helpful. Seems to support what others are saying that it performs roughly as good as the FSL A320. That's a dealbreaker for me on my ancient machine (4770K@4.5GHz + GTX1070), as this means that I can't sustain a stable 30fps+ which is crucial to get a fluid sim on my 4K@30Hz monitor. Next year I will buy a new machine once the requirements for Flight Simulator 2020 are known. Then it might be worth a try.
  2. Why? Maybe not all people have a 9900K@5GHz and a RTX2080ti like you and really care about performance. Hearing that it performs worse than the FSL A320 is a deal breaker for me and I would like to know this before wasting $100. Especially reports on relative performance compared to other add-ons are always usefull. Especially with weaker systems. My ancient machine for example cannot run the FSL A320 in a reasonable way. But the PMDG 777 and NGX perform nicely. So I would definitely like to know how the NGXu performs relative to other add-ons. Reports from people with beast machines like you have, are really pointless. Of course it runs well on that beast of a machine...
  3. Whatever the final release date may be, I think it is really refreshing to see someone in charge who obviously has expertise in project management. Compared to the usual amateur "project management" seen in other FS projects with all the missed deadlines and wrong promises. With the well structured announcements and an ongoing news flow in place, it is really not that hard to wait. I'm really looking very much forward to 2020...
  4. Can anyone with a mid-ranged system please elaborate on performance? I'm still on an old 4770K@4.5GHz + GTX1070 system and would like to know how it compares to the old NGX.
  5. Point is that this is a thread about the iFly 747, isn‘t it? So what else are your praises on PMDG good for other than trying to convey that it is superior to the iFly? Isn‘t this a comparison? And it is one made without even owning the iFly. I would rather prefer hearing from those who actually own the iFly what their experiences are with the new update. Thanks.
  6. And? Do you own the iFly version? The PMDG is great. We all now that. Apart from that any of your comparisons without owning both products are completely pointless.
  7. Even if that might sound really harsh, but viewed from a distance one could really think that some people get obsessed with that "as real as it gets" stuff. Most people around here are living their childhood dream of becoming an airline captain in a desktop game, because for whatever reason they never made in the left hand seat of a real airliner. What difference does it really make if every AI plane you see from within your desktop game corresponds to a real world airplane? Especially considering the very real life reasons why the developer has not made the initially promised progress. Just get chilled, guys.
  8. +1 The window geometry in the NGX is absolutely annoying. Hopefully, they fix that in NGX v3.
  9. It is very nicely done. Performance is great, too.
  10. Maybe we all should just stop feeding the troll and get back on topic... I‘m still on 11.26 but given all the positive comments, I‘m inclined to give 11.30r1 a try. By the way: Thanks to all who are brave enough to give the betas a try and report their findings here.
  11. I would question this statement. Yes, you do loose some FOV which takes away a bit of the immersion but on the other hand you gain immersion from being able to see out of window and at the same time looking at the panel. Moving from Surround to a tiny 32 inch monitor is of course not going to cut it. But a 55 inch offers the same FOV as two 27 inch monitors. And the edges you loose do not add much to the immersion. As stated above, Surround is great for the FOV and the feeling in turns, but it is not better in any regard.
  12. My 49 inch TV is perfectly sharp and by no means inferior to a monitor. Since it is 4K, it has even higher PPI than a 27 inch HD monitor. So why would it be a problem to use a 49 inch screen as a desktop monitor?
  13. On the other hand the view is very distorted with 3 monitors. And combining the large screen with TrackIR also gives you the opportunity to physically turn your head to look through the side windows.
  14. I made the same switch about a week ago. Went from 3 x 27 inch to one 49 inch Samsung UHD TV. Be aware that you will loose a little bit of the immersion because the view is not as wide any more. So in turns you don‘t get that same feeling of being in a turn as with the triple monitor setup. Nevertheless one single screen is great because you now also see the panel of the aircraft which is great. I would not go smaller than 49 inch. This size seems perfect to me.
  15. The kernelbase error is typical for bad overclocks. So I would be really cautious to accuse LM or TFDi if it could well just be a homemade problem.
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