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  1. kevinh

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    You can trim just as correctly by holding airspeed with elevator. Pitch and airspeed are inextricably linked for a given flight path and the chances are the pitch you selected to trim at was governed by the airspeed you want to fly at. Generally speaking small changes in attitude cause larger changes in airspeed and vice versa. So holding airspeed is likely to be more precise than holding attitude. Especially with a PFD and a speed trend vector. Even more so at higher speeds, where pitch hardly varies.
  2. kevinh

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    The only incorrect technique I know of is to fly using the trim. As long as you learn to use the trim to zero elevator control force it’s all good. Of course. If the stick force is insufficient people wouldn’t be able to trim at all. But higher, more realistic, forces would make trimming much easier.
  3. kevinh

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    Marc, I was talking about the point you had made previously, that the trimmed column position in a sim yoke doesn’t move, as in the 737. How does your reply relate to that? What you said applies to any aircraft, whether the trimmed yoke position moves or not.
  4. kevinh

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    True, but that doesn't really help with trimming a PC sim. It just means the trimming process for a GA plane (or any aircraft using elevator trim tabs) is less realistic. As in all things, practice makes perfect and the more you fly without autopilot the easier it gets.
  5. kevinh

    744 rain effect

    Yes that’s what I would have assumed too. Would rather it was announced after it went into beta. Anything else is just tempting fate. Given the significant differences in the 747-8 I wouldn’t bet on a short beta testing period.
  6. kevinh

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    It’s not a spring and much more complex than a sim yoke. The column force, provided by a computer controlled hydraulic feel unit, varies with dynamic pressure and stabiliser position. At a given flight condition it behaves like a spring but the forces are much higher than a hobbyist sim yoke or joystick. Trimming by feel is a much harder with hobby equipment because the forces are much lighter.
  7. About half of the presentation is devoted to GFO. I watched it streamed live but I don’t think 30 minutes is excessive if you really want to find out what it’s about now. No doubt there will be a formal announcement to read soon enough.
  8. The presentation outlined what GFO offers and given a little thought it's not hard to decide whether this kind of detail suits your needs or not. I hope PMDG make a formal announcement here to back up the presentation and perhaps fill in some detail which might answer some questions. Certainly it would be good to be able to see the presentation slides properly. The big question for me is how much, if anything, of GFO will be included in the price of a PMDG aircraft addon. Will users have to purchase or subscribe to some or all of GFO? Obviously I wouldn't expect actual prices and timescales to be announced, but I think we should be given an indication of the charging model, if there is one, and whether any of GFO will be included free with OC2.
  9. Where did I say you should hand the keys over to VAs? All I said was that some VAs may have reliable data you could use.
  10. kevinh

    understanding trim air behaviour

    Pack is short for package. It’s not an acronym.
  11. Sorry for being so late to reply. All data is potentially useful. If you can get all the current gates used by an airline worldwide based on information from employees at that airline, albeit via a VA, that’s got to be more valuable than observations from a rampie.
  12. So I take it you intend to maintain an up to date database of gate assignments for all the worlds airlines at all airports? Or perhaps you’re going to rely on airline codes in default scenery? I thought this might be one area where the community could contribute accurate information but it seems not.
  13. Fine, but I think I made a valid point about online dispatch needing to be live. Of course VAs generally can’t yet say they are ready, and willing, to support GFO with such data. I just suggested what could be done.
  14. Sure you can, but if you want to find all the gates an airline uses at an airport to select one then it becomes harder. We get our data from members who work for the real airline and have up to date information. Even without such contacts a VA can collate all the internet information you describe to produce a set of gate data so individuals don’t have to do the same searches each time. VAs potentially represent a valuable source of data for GFO.
  15. Any info the dispatcher gave on Saturday would be out of date when picked up by a pilot requesting a gate the following Tuesday. I think the lag of relying on human dispatchers would be problematic. At BAV, we don't use dispatchers except for certain special events. Normally, pilots self dispatch. BAV provides them with an up to date list of gates at all our destinations so they can choose an appropriate gate in lieu of destination ATC being online to assign one. If VAs provided gate data to GFO then your system could assign a free gate immediately.