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  1. Thank you but that wasn’t quite the point I was trying to make. The continuing development of P3D causes problems for developers as they have to keep updating old products to maintain compatibility. It takes up resources which would otherwise be creating new products. Inevitably older versions cease to be supported. New products take longer to develop as the platform evolves. Clearly platform development is a good thing, as it creates new features and better simulation for developers to exploit. But it has a downside too.
  2. It isn't like going from FS9 to FSX. You don't need a new computer to switch to P3Dv4. I get better performance from P3Dv4 than FSX-SE, I didn't change anything. The only upgrades you might need are a better graphics card and some more RAM. Also you have to budget for the cost of P3D licences of any PMDG/A2A/FSL addons you have. Supporting multiple versions of addons for numerous sim platforms is going to be an increasing problem for developers of complex addons, especially when FSW matures as a product. FSW is of course an alternate 64 bit upgrade path from FSX and potentially a much cheaper one.
  3. I was talking about comparing the view from the inside. I thought that should have been clear as that was the problem you reported.
  4. Try loading the Cessna at a gate and take a screen shot of the view outside for reference. Then load the NGX. The height difference relative to the gate should be clear.
  5. There is a pitch issue, which you need to keep in mind. PMDG tried to make pitch trimming more instinctive by reducing elevator effectiveness when out of trim, so you feel more control force to trim against. The more out of trim the less the effectiveness until it gets to zero. Unfortunately this has the side effect of reducing pitch control if you are out of trim. In AP control this isn't an issue as the aircraft is always in trim. When flying manually if airspeed changes and you don't trim to compensate then you will find yourself running out of pitch authority. In the real thing though you may may be pushing (or pulling) against trim the elevators remain effective.
  6. You resurrected this old thread just to agree with a rather contentious post? I’ve got both XP11 and P3Dv4. Both look good out of the box. But I use P3D almost exclusively because of the aircraft addons available for it. Whatever floats your boat. There is no correct answer.
  7. See this pinned topic for the recommended workaround for this problem.
  8. Looks great Mauricio, thanks for sharing this. Adding it to my collection of Atlas Air liveries.
  9. That’s great. I’m a GCVA member so I look forward to flying the new liveries you are making.
  10. Thanks Daniel. The page still says the files aren't available, but if you log in you get a download link. Installed and it looks great. You mentioned you would be painting a cleaner version?
  11. Look forward to downloading this livery. Seems the file isn't available at the moment, hopefully it will be uploaded again soon.
  12. It’s possible that your hardware throttle input is noisy and as a result will always override key commands like F2. Try disconnecting the hardware and use the default keys to control thrust. That should allow F2 to activate reverse thrust.
  13. The 777 is different because it is fly by wire and therefore the pitch couple effect is automatically controlled. As a result Boeing does not advise against using A/T with AP off
  14. It may not be advised on the 737 and 747 but it is normal on the 777. Advised or not it reverse will work with A/T engaged in the aircraft and the sim.
  15. Linking this to the erroneous mindset that reinstalling Windows can help fix sim issues is a fallacy. I very much doubt it is "more often than not" that people attempt to fix sim problems with Windows reinstalls either. Having an outdated operating system is not foolish if your primary aim is to run FSX, an unchanging and unsupported piece of software. If you have a stable FSX installation why risk upsetting that for the sake of keeping up to date with Microsoft? Such updates can and will break compatibility with older software, and if it is unsupported then patches to get it working again are not going to be forthcoming. If and when addons start to require Win 10 as a minimum then an OS upgrade is essential, until such a time it is an option. It's not an option Microsoft would recommend but they have a vested interest in moving the whole of their customer base onto Win 10. In the end it comes down to a personal choice to upgrade or not after assessing the pros and cons. Upgrading is not the best choice for everyone.