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  1. Simbrief allows for winds. If you don’t have real weather available or don't upload wind data to the FMC then that will not take account of any tail winds and so predict insufficient fuel. As Mark said it might just be putting too high a figure in for reserve fuel. That should be the fuel required to reach your alternate plus 30 minutes holding, 45 under FAA rules.
  2. 21% N1 sounds about right for ground idle. It's best to post in the correct subforum. Otherwise people may give you incorrect or confusing advice.
  3. To ensure terrain clearance the transition altitude must be higher than the highest terrain in the area covered. The USA has a national transition altitude policy and 18,000 feet satisfies this. European countries operate their own policies, and many have regional differences for TA. Regional TA can therefore much lower than would be needed in mountainous areas. Whether it should be is another matter. Making TA higher doesn't make descent any steeper. Flying in Europe it's easy to associate resetting the altimeter with beginning approach, but that's just a coincidence.
  4. Peter Forum admin can't help you with this.You need to contact PMDG support, link is on their website. There was a problem with activating legacy product licences but I thought they had fixed that.
  5. Re 2, zoom 0.3 seems excessively wide. Make sure you have wide aspect view selected in P3D options. This defaults to off in P3D but is a big improvement for widescreen monitors. Also you only need to use the AP switch once each flight, twice for an autoland. Why compromise your view just so you don't have to turn to see it?
  6. Switching the battery off with external AC power connected wouldn't turn off power. It just isolates the battery. The TRUs would provide DC power. It would probably shut down the APU if that was running though.
  7. You can assign a spare axis to the P3Dv4 axis steering set and it will be used as a tiller input, separate from the rudder. Not perfect but it works for now until PMDG are able to get the 777 tiller steering updated. Its not in the manual but that doesn't mean you can't do it.
  8. I asked PMDG support about this and they said it was because of the problems caused by opening the pdf files from the OC. I suggested they replace document links with a link to the docs folder but no sign of that happening. I made my own shortcuts and put them in a desktop folder.
  9. Usually the waypoint you want to go direct to is already in the flight plan, so you don't need to type the name in. Press the line select key to the left of the waypoint name. This will put the text in the scratchpad for you. Then you press LSK1 to make it the next waypoint, verify the new plan and EXECute it.
  10. Just save the scenario (P3D) or flight (FSX). That will create a PMDG panel state save too. Name it something memorable. Might be worth saving an approach position too so you can practice that part without doing the whole descent.
  11. Terribly sad news. To say Jim will be missed is an understatement. He was a great contributor to our hobby. I only personally came into contact with Jim in the Avsim forum. I always felt his contributions were positive, beneficial and above all fair. Thank you Jim.
  12. Hi Ollie, You add fuel when N2 stops increasing, also known as maximum motoring speed. The isolation valve allows crossbleed of air from one side of the air system to the other. When open it permits the APU to supply both engines with starting air, one engine to supply both packs and so on. It can be closed to isolate a fault in one side of the system from the undamaged side.
  13. You can pause the sim and save the flight before it crashes. You will then be able to restart FSX, load the saved flight and continue with VAS usage restore to normal.
  14. Go to www.pmdg.com and log in to your store account. You may be asked to create a new password. Once that's done you can go to you order history and download the latest installer.
  15. Yes, but the P3Dv4 version (V2) first appeared last year. This is an update to that, and not a free update either.
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