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  1. Their forum shows there are plenty of criticisms of products with no warnings and little resistance. Have you considered the possibility that it might have been the way you criticised things, not the criticism as such? They said the -700 was an early access product and still in development. Stuff is being fixed. Features are being added. There's no need for buyers to be aware of issues. Some people don't like the way the PMDG forum is run. That's fair criticism. But it's PMDG's forum and if you want to join you need to do so on their terms. If you don't join you can still get support directly with PMDG.
  2. No, thats a misconception. How do you imagine the thrust setting gets to the engine, from the MCDU or from the thrust lever position? TO and FLEX/MCT set N1 through the engine FADEC. TO is a computed takeoff thrust rating based on ambient conditions, not maximum N1. In effect the thrust lever is sending the engine a digital signal which is the demanded N1. It's not much different in a 737 but without the physical detents. TO and CLB thrust will alwaysoccur at the same thrust lever position under FADEC control.
  3. That isn't actually true. In TO and FLEX/MCT you are setting N1 as those are manual thrust modes. Any time you are in manual thrust the thrust lever sets N1. In autothrust the blue doughnut indicates the maximum N1 the ATS will set. Normally that's CLB N1, but it will be less than that if the lever isn't in the detent.
  4. The update has made a big improvement in display stability for me. Overall fps is about the same but it's now flyable and reliable for me. It seems to have fixed the panel state problem too. Progress.
  5. My biggest issue is the poor DU smoothing. Everythings fine until you hit a bit of turbulence and then the PFD, ND and upper ECAM can go totally unstable. The route dancing all over the place and the attitude ball varying from full pitch down to full nose up. Wild swings of ISA and altitude. Sim framerates are about the same as the PMDG 737 for me and smooth as butter apart from rapid heading changes on ground which can stutter a bit. You need to be able to limit DU frame rates to get a smooth result. It looks to me as if interpolation routines are going unstable with uneven frames. Either that or remove the turbulence effects on the displays (MCDU positions were rock solid not showing huge deviations as on the ND). This is a show stopper for me. It's a shame as it looks fantastic and the systems simulation is wonderful. Not quite as immersive as the FSL but the detail is all there. The AP will fly straight through a low speed restriction on departure (no problem if it's 250 knots) and the A/T is very abrupt. Auto jetway was useless for me. After getting to the gate the jetway stopped and started repeatedly then gave up. Works fine with manual selection. You can't disable the tug on Ground Services if you aren't using pushback. This is necessary if you are on a start and taxi away stand. I had to plough through the ramp vehicles. Agree with Carl @cavaricooper, support using Discord is useless. You can open a support ticket on the website (I have done regarding the displays) but a user forum is a good way to share issues and see if others have solutions. Edit: I tried changing to GPU rendering but it made little difference. CPU fps reduced on ground, seemed slightly better in flight, DU instability remained.
  6. Well it's broken again, either that or search functionality has been drastically reduced. You can't choose what forum you want to search (there is no advanced search any more). Under "Content Search" there is no mention of "forum", let alone a means to select the forum you want to search in, as there used to be. If it automatically searches the forum you are in that's all very well until you search again too soon. Then you get taken to an error page (which belatedly tells you how much longer you should have waited to search again). Then you have to navigate back to the forum and re-enter your search because you can't easily get back to the search page. I understand searches must be limited because of server load but there will be a much bigger server hit if every search looks at all content. Also you get a lot of irrelevant matches that way too. Controls over what area you want to search in are essential, surely?
  7. Looks fantastic. Looking forward to reading the reviews.
  8. Hi Jozeff, They're all enthusiasts, that's why they are prepared to put in the hours in their spare time. I expect they all get a share of sales revenue but as you say it's likely that thousands of hours are involved and that would be a huge cost at typical software developer rates. You might want to start with just the A320 base model. When the sharklets expansion was released FSL said the EFB will eventually be added to the non SL versions in a future update (no timescale was given though). So you could end up getting the EFB at no extra cost. The EFB is a useful addition but not central to the simulation.
  9. Ray, It would be nice if they were more definite but Lefteris is playing his cards close to his chest. Anyway that's a matter for the official forum. Not this thread. What I said in passing about Concorde was just speculation on my part.
  10. I thought they had Ray. They were involved with the failed Dovetail 64 bit platform so I'd be very surprised if they didn't develop for MSFS. They certainly haven't ruled it out. I didn't see the Concorde announcement you refer to, but plans change in this industry on a regular basis so what they ruled out in 2020 may be back on the cards in the future. I was just musing about what might be possible, in relation to the topic which is the price of FSL's products. As Michael said there's a menu for MSFS in the Control Center (though not one for P3Dv5) so it's a very strong hint it's in the current plan (but it might quietly disappear if that changes 😉). Not a definitive statement of course, but this isn't an official forum. I didn't say no one was employed by FSL, but do you really think all the design team are 100% paid employees? Most work in their spare time as far as I'm aware. Given how many years the A320-X took to develop we're lucky that's the case.
  11. FSL have said they will develop for MSFS. What aircraft I have no idea but I assume it will be Airbus and then Concorde. They offer their products for a premium price because they are deeper and more realistic simulations and will no doubt set that price relative to the MSFS market, which is lower than P3D generally. You say Microsoft "absolutely does" reduce prices. I can't say I've seen much evidence for that.They absolutely do not do so for flight sim products. The idea this is usual business practice for software simply doesn't stand up. Even if it was the case you forget that businesses like FSL, unlike commercial software providers, don't have to make profits to survive. The labour is mostly provided by volunteers, not paid employees. It's a niche product in an already niche marketplace. You don't sell premium products at bargain prices. Basically without high quality developers operating in this way high end addons simply would not be available to buy at all. We'd all have to be happy with Aerosoft level products. Not bad by any means but not as satisfying to use as PMDG and FSL. Whether you want to buy into that is up to you but you can't expect them to reduce their prices according to your expectations.
  12. I don't know of much software that reduces in price over time. Usually a new version is released, often at a higher price, and the old version retired. Software sold on CD or DVD can find its way into sales, but that's a physical product and a matter for the retailer who has stocks to clear. The present FSL P3D addons are the latest release, not out of date or facing competition from a better rival. Why should you expect the price to reduce? Also I doubt if Aerosoft would be pleased if FSL reduced their prices. It could wipe out their Airbus sales unless they too cut the price. We'd all lose out if developers went out of business because of a price war. The idea that the people who run FSL, PMDG, Aerosoft, etc might not have business acumen isn't really born out by the clear evidence of their success. I would also point out that Microsoft and Lockheed Martin also don't reduce their software prices over time. Are they also run by amateurs?
  13. Not strange at all. Developers are mostly sim enthusiasts trying to get some return on the thousands of hours they put into writing code, supporting it and enhancing it. FSL are constantly adding features and functionality. You get most of that free of charge.
  14. It isn't a pricing model that applies to flightsim addons though, is it? Never has done. The Level D 767 still sells for the same price it always did even though it won't work with 64 bit platforms. Why should FSL reduce their prices like that? It would only upset existing customers who paid the full price. It is expensive but the quality and fidelity is very high. If you want the best then you'll pay for it. There are cheaper alternatives available and many are happy to settle for that.
  15. Thanks stratone, I wasted a day on the MSFS forum trying to find an answer to this issue. I should have come to Avsim first. Limiting fps to 30 in Nvidia Control Panel totally tamed the excessive GPU use in the menus. Could be my imagination but it seems to load quicker too. It was putting me off running MSFS. Now it runs cool, smooth and above all quietly. 👍
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