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  1. kevinh

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    Have you tried deleting ARPT_RWY.dat in the PMDG Nav Data folder?It will rebuild itself. Deleting this file has been known to resolve terrain issues. ARPT_RWY.dat is a file generated by PMDG software from the nav data, so might explain "PMDG only" terrain issues.
  2. kevinh

    Using PMDG 777 ILS

    Actually you don’t need to do this. It improves realism but you can use a sim like the 777 without ever buying up to date nav data. I only started buying data after I joined a VA.
  3. kevinh

    Assumed Temp. B747-8 GE nx-2867

    My solution was to create a pseudo -300 profile from the -200 base by increasing the maximum TO weight to the -300 value. Seems to work well enough. Same engines, same wings just heavier weights.
  4. kevinh

    Tutorial #1 Engine out after takeoff

    It shouldn't be doing it by itself. Do you fly other addons apart from PMDG? One of those might be activating auto rudder. P3D.cfg gets written to with current config settings when you close P3D and if that was corrupted in some way that could cause incorrect values to be saved.
  5. kevinh

    Metal makes me happy

    Steve, that livery looks great. Looking forward to installing the finished version.
  6. kevinh

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    Not much to choose between Boeing and Airbus regarding automation these days, apart from the 737. The same would be true with an Embraer, but the extra interest would be in different design philosophy and flight management. An MD-11 would be nice though. Has anyone said that yet? 😉
  7. kevinh

    Landing wheelie bug report.

    Robert, I've been trying some tests at KEDW in the 748 and was able to replicate the effect the OP saw. Weather and wind are not part of the cause. I was using P3D default clear skies. The primary issue is that ground spoilers have no effect on lift or drag at touch down. Also, there is no apparent increase in drag with the nose held high. It's easiest to see the effect if wheel brakes are not used, so the only other drag is from ground friction. If you touch down normally at Vref and try and hold the nose up there is enough lift to take off again (as long as airspeed is still above stall speed). Before lift off occurs, as rad alt increases towards zero, airspeed also increases by a few knots. I assume this is due to ground friction reducing to zero. On a long runway you can repeat this cycle several times. If you land normally, putting the nosewheel down, the airspeed trend vector is unaffected by ground spoilers. Deceleration should increase markedly with ground spoilers extended. Again, it's easiest to see this with no braking or reverse thrust. The ground spoilers should also reduce lift. This would force the aircraft down on its wheels and prevent lift off even with airspeed above stall speed. As lift isn't reduced the aircraft is well above stall speed at touch down and still ready to fly.
  8. kevinh

    Brake Pressure dropping too fast.

    I don't think it's failure related as I see this too and it was evident on a pre-release video of the 747-8. As you say, the accumulator should be able to hold brake pressure for a long time. In the current 744 and 748 sim versions the accumulator pressure visibly reduces as if there is some leakage of fluid from the metering valve to return. Edit: The leak is in the accumulator as pressure drops even with the parking brake not set. Maybe PMDG wanted to introduce a little leakage to the simulation but at the moment it's too rapid. The chocks allow you to release the brakes and properly cool them without risk of them seizing on.
  9. Pressing the lsk beside ZFW to put the actual ZFW in the scratchpad is a shortcut in the sim, so it isn’t the only means of entry. In the aircraft you need to enter either ZFW or GW. The other weight field will be automatically filled. I didn’t think there was a user option to force manual entry of ZFW on the PERF page, but if there is the OP could see what ZFW the sim thinks is present by disabling it and pressing the lsk by ZFW.
  10. kevinh

    "positive climb" before v2 call ?

    They are two separate events, not directly linked, so can occur in either order depending on how you rotate. If you used the 748 EFB for preflight then you may have applied the optimum derated thrust. This would reduce acceleration on takeoff and make it take slightly longer to reach V2 from Vr.
  11. kevinh

    Offset landing at Seatac airport Rw 034

    Installing ORBX Open LC North America will have no effect on runways, navaids and airport scenery at KSEA. The ORBX scenery will improve the appearance of the default landscape but nothing else. As others have said you need to install an update for KSEA.
  12. kevinh

    Several questions about the 737 NGX cockpit

    Just to confuse things the VC10 had an OAT gauge on the F/E panel. I was designing software for a VC10 full flight sim and assumed it would indicate SAT, as it would on any normal aircraft. No, a VC10 F/E told me, it indicates something between SAT and TAT. Apparently the OAT temperature probe had some ram effect, but there was no data to show how much. I don't suppose it was designed that way, it just was how it was.
  13. kevinh

    Several questions about the 737 NGX cockpit

    SAT and OAT are effectively the same thing.
  14. kevinh

    Autopiolet direct to with FMC?

    Maybe not 😉 though I recall Kyle saying direct routes were quite common in the USA. Definitely not in Europe. Anyway, a direct route is very easy to enter in the Boeing FMC. Just enter departure and destination, the arrival runway, then ACTIVATE and EXECUTE the route.
  15. kevinh

    Autopiolet direct to with FMC?

    To be fair, a long haul flight may well get a direct to waypoint ATC routing in flight. Also the same FMC logic applies in the short haul 737. It’s just a question of ergonomics. The Boeing FMC doesn’t need a direct to function because upselecting a waypoint for does the same thing. The Airbus FMGC doesn’t work the quite same way so a “Direct To” function is very useful.