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  1. Your answer to the OP was that there was no MZFW option available in the sim (which was and is true) but that didn't address his observation that he used to be able to use a ZFW of 635,000 lb, now the maximum is 610,000 lb. Your latest reply doesn't answer the question I asked, has something changed that wasn't in the changelog? You just repeated the warning not to edit aircraft.cfg. I can only assume you don't realise this has changed either. Edit: I see the MTOW remains as 850,000 lb (as per the higher MZFW option). If MZFW is 610,000 lb MTOW should be 875,000 lb.
  2. That doesn't fully answer the question asked in the OP. The MZFW of the PMDG -400F used to be the higher figure (635,000 lb). Now it is 610,000 lb. I had setup the weights of the PMDG -400F in TOPCAT so everything matched properly. My TOPCAT setting hasn't changed so I have no doubt the higher MZFW figure was in the standard configuration previously (there was no option). It appears something has changed, but it isn't mentioned in the change list. Can you confirm this was intended and why it was done?
  3. I’d agree that LCD displays were introduced as standard production in early 2000’s. I don’t think it was an option. I don’t know the exact date, but I would guess 2001. The 747 operator I was working with at that time told me their new 744s would have LCD DUs. I’m fairly sure aux hyd 1 has always been available as an option. BA had it on their -200 aircraft and would certainly have specified it on their -400s. Autostart has always been available AFAIK. I have no idea when the updated fuel system was introduced. I don’t think it was before 2004.
  4. It’s not for you to tell PMDG how to run their forum. Anyway I think Kyle was very moderate in his replies to you.
  5. The original announcement mentioned surprises. Letting us know what’s included would spoil that.🎅
  6. kevinh

    PMDG 777-300ER egpws terrain shows all green

    The only time I’ve seen the all green effect on the PMDG terrain display was when I was getting false terrain warnings at an airport. Deleting ARPT_RWY.dat solved that problem. Could the OP’s issue be related?
  7. kevinh

    PMDG 777-300ER egpws terrain shows all green

    That’s not correct. The terrain database is an integral part of the EGPWS. It’s what puts the E into EGPWS by enhancing GPWS functionality.
  8. Having the override pumps on is normal until you reach the tank/eng switchover point. They aren’t there just for takeoff, they provide pressure to supply engines 1 and 4, overriding boost pressure from tank 1 and 4 boost pumps. There was no reason to think that the reserve tanks would not to supply tank 1 and 4. Though if you were expecting them to have supplied 2 and 3 then you might have concluded the transfer valves were stuck closed. Even without the reserve tanks there should have been enough fuel to make it, assuming you had planned the fuel load with appropriate reserves.
  9. The only time I used it in the 747-8 it worked flawlessly. Yet on the basis of your one failure you say it’s a “fair luck situation at best”? Note, in the -8 the reserve tanks feed main tanks 1 and 4, not 2 and 3 as in the -400. It sounds like tanks 1 and 4 were supplying engines 2 and 3 through the open crossfeeds, as they should. Rather than quit your flight, why not continue like that?
  10. If there was a setting required to make the simulation correct it would be stated in the introduction manual. On that basis I think it’s best to use 100% sensitivity so as not to introduce any unwanted lag.
  11. kevinh

    P3D 4.4 & 8i: Smooooth

    Sorry to be pedantic but there’s either the -8i or the -8F. No -8iF.
  12. kevinh

    How to make FSX accept long tail numbers?

    If you delete the state.cfg file as I mentioned there will still be a problem with this livery as described in the post above. In the short term the simplest workaround is each time you load the Copa livery load the aircraft options for HP-1526CMP from the CDU. It won't change the ATC id for FSX but that isn't very important. A semi-permanent workaround involves changing the tail number for the Copa livery to HP1526CMP (i.e. delete the hyphen). This makes it 9 character long and the NGX will be happy. Delete the state.cfg file for the 737-800NGX WL (if there is one) In FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800NGX WL edit aircraft.cfg, replace HP-1526CMP with HP1526CMP In FSX\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\Aircraft folder rename file HP-1526CMP.ini to HP1526CMP.ini. Delete any related truncated .ini files in the Aircraft folder so they won't appear in the NGX CDU menu. Copy the renamed file to the backup folder. This is a bit more involved but will mean you can load the aircraft as normal and not have to remember to select the correct aircraft options every time.
  13. kevinh

    How to make FSX accept long tail numbers?

    Even if you don't change anything there is a problem in the NGX with long tail numbers (both P3D and FSX). I just reinstalled the NGX for FSX to see if I could replicate what the OP has reported. When you first load the Copa aircraft (either P3D or FSX) it shows the full length tail number HP-1526CMP in the preview or details screen (P3D or FSX respectively). However, in the CDU under PMDG SETUP/AIRCRAFT it shows the aircraft to be HP-1526CM. There is no aircraft.ini file for this tail number so it uses the default PMDG options (also creating an aircraft file called HP-1526CM.ini). You can select LOAD FROM ANOTHER and HP-1526CMP is listed. If you select that the appropriate Copa options appear. FSX will further confuse things if you try and edit the tail number in the details screen, as the OP did. It seems the FSX UI can't cope with more than 8 characters as an input for a tail number and PMDG has a limit at 9 characters. This may also apply to the 747 and 777 too.
  14. kevinh

    How to make FSX accept long tail numbers?

    This is an FSX issue, not PMDG. FSX remembers tail number changes made in the details screen according to the variation number (FLTSIM.xx in aircraft.cfg). If you delete a 737 texture in the OC the variation numbers for other liveries will change. This confuses FSX and it may apply any tailnumber changes you made in the details screen to a different livery to the one you altered. This is why Kyle was so adamant that you should not do this. There is a solution to reset this so you don't have to keep changing tail numbers. Navigate to this folder on your system (use your username and drive letter of course). C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\SimObjects\PMDG 737-800NGX WL You will find a file called state.cfg there. Delete it and all the tail number and callsign changes FSX has recorded will be deleted too. You should find PMDG aircraft now load as intended (assuming you havent changed aircraft.cfg). I don't have the NGX installed in FSX any more but it appears to me that it is FSX which truncates tail numbers to eight characters if you change them in the details screen.
  15. kevinh

    747-8 fly by wire roll channel

    Fly By Wire does not necessarily mean any control augmentation is involved. It may simply be the replacement of a mechanical linkage with an electrical one. In previous 747 versions the outboard ailerons had an electro-mechanical lockout mechanism to stop them moving at higher airspeeds. Replacing this with FBW probably saves weight and improves reliability.