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  1. RNAV it, she, he didn't decent

    I think it's more likely to do with availability of technology than a requirement for the 737NG. After all the 737 Classic had operated without a VSD since the 1980s. Airbus first put a VSD on the A380.
  2. RNAV it, she, he didn't decent

    It’s worth knowing Simon’s maths techniques, but there is an easier way. You adjust vertical speed until the green arc on the ND map is over the position you want to be at when you reach the new cleared altitude.
  3. RNAV it, she, he didn't decent

    If it was about aircraft size the 747-8 wouldn’t need a VSD or IAN but it has them. No doubt the 777X will have it too. Having a VSD improves terrain awareness for any aircraft. So there is no reason not to have improve display features or enhance the navigation system in a new or upgraded design.
  4. RNAV it, she, he didn't decent

    Actually the 737NG’s first flight was three years after the 777’s first flight. So the NG is a newer design.
  5. Flying over London

    DX10 did nothing for my system. If anything it made things worse. In my opinion switching to FSX-SE is the best cure for FSX problems. It runs smoothly and doesn’t need tweaking. Most importantly it fixed the memory leaks in FSX. I’ve never had an OOM using FSX-SE.
  6. I’ve tried both and I found the Aerosoft EGLL looks better and has better performance than the UK2000 scenery (without the extreme setting).
  7. FMC Maint pages

    To have found the information the OP asked for I would have had to search the forum to find the relevant posts. What is wrong with asking him to search for himself? I’ve answered many questions here by searching the forum as I remembered a post that answered the query. But in those cases the person didn’t know the answer was already in the forum. The OP clearly suspected it did but opened a thread anyway. If he’d said “I’ve searched the forum but didn’t find the answer” I’d have been much more willing to search for it myself. You call my post supercilious and histrionic. If any post in this thread is superior or theatrical it’s yours.
  8. FMC Maint pages

    Have you tried searching the forum yourself? You expect other users to do that for you? As a hint, try the pinned threads in the general forum first.
  9. Engine badly start with Oil Temp stuck

    It’s not a bug as the NGX works fine without FSUIPC and PMDG don’t support it. However many people use it successfully so it can be done. So the problem is with how you implemented the start lever mapping.
  10. Short fuel in the middle of the pacific

    The golden rule is never go to sleep on the job. To each their own, but I don’t see the point in making a flight and not participating in most of it. Better to use time acceleration and supervise the flight than sleep through it. It sounds like wind wasn’t accounted for in the planning. Either that or a tailwind was predicted and planned for but the weather engine didn’t provide it, or wasn’t loaded.
  11. Engine badly start with Oil Temp stuck

    Dan, on the 737NG the engine bleed valve position doesn’t affect starting but the isolation valve switch is important. It won’t necessarily be open with packs off so it’s best to have it in open. Also from the OP’s observations APU air pressure must be getting through as N2 is rising. It sounds like the OP’s set up is correct. I’ve no idea what the problem is but I don’t think it’s operator error. I’d suggest opening a support ticket.
  12. Take off roll issue

    You placed it in the runway so it is correctly lined up. If you taxi onto the runway, especially using keyboard control, it might look lined up but a small heading error could send you off the runway edge during the takeoff roll.
  13. The mass distribution of fuel along the wing can be modelled mathematically and does not need to be part of the simulation platform created by placing 3D volumes of fuel. In the same way that the mass distribution of passengers and cargo does not have to be simulated by 3D models.
  14. Slow slats retraction

    Yes but it’s low pressure and configuration that triggers the ADPs. In the PMDG 747 they never get triggered by flap movement or position. Pressure remains at 3000. Flow from the pump due to an actuator moving should reduce system pressure somewhat as the pump increases flow to compensate until the pump output reaches maximum flow then the pressure drop increases rapidly as flow increases further. Pressure low enough to get the ADP running. If you open the EICAS HYD page and operate the flaps you see the demand pumps never run.
  15. Slow slats retraction

    Hi Robert, Actually this is true in all 747-400 as the flaps are driven by systems 1 and 4 which always have air driven demand pumps. However in the PMDG QOTS II hydraulic demand does not affect hydraulic pressure. It never varies from 3000 psi. If the EDPs are running the demand pumps are never needed, unlike the aircraft.