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  1. @Dave_YVR Thank you for having a look. It is quite impressive as you get close to it. It is a pretty simple, bare runway. You can start from it, but it’s too high up for a small single engine prop to start.
  2. Evening, I noticed something off this afternoon. Flying the SUNST4 sid into KLAS, I saw a huge plateau just past Hoover Dam. When I looked on the P3D map, there was an airport with the ICAO RN01 (right beside another airport called U30). The name that’s displayed is Randolph-Turning Point 1. I’ve checked my add on folder and used ADE to search the default airports, but no luck finding an airport named RN01. I can select it from the airport menu. Does anyone know what this is and/or how I can get rid of it? Thank you, Colin EDIT - figured it out. If you have the MAIW traffic pack, there is a folder in there for Global Waypoints. Apparently, there are over 700 ‘random’ waypoints. Not sure what they are for. But at least the first mystery is solved.
  3. @Brian_A_Neuman Thank you for the explanation. I’ve been trying to download a file by Patrice Mathieu of a repaint for the Carenado ATR. He had upload a Canadian North repaint on October 23. Instead of a picture it just shows the Avsim vertical stabilizer. When you click on the link you get a message saying it’s not longer there. I then started noticing other files missing that had been uploaded around the same time. I’ve sent Patrice an email before Christmas, but have yet to see a reply. Is there any possibility of it being added? Thank you for everything you and your team does. Cheers, Colin
  4. Good morning, I’m thinking of editing the aircraft config file for the CS B732 Combi. Specifically I’m talking about the station load section under [weights and balance]. The CS aircraft utility called ACE allows you to add/remove passengers which will then be added to the config file (but only the passenger model). In the sim, you can add shipping containers to the combi and freighter models and the changes will be made to their respective config file. What is missing is the option to add both passenger stations (aft passenger compartment) and a couple shipping container stations (forward passenger compartment). Has anyone attempted this? I’m trying to figure out two things. First is which rows of seats would be removed to accommodate freight? And, what would the coordinates of the shipping containers look like? Cheers, colin
  5. rowcoach


    Is there a new Quebec City scenery?
  6. Quick update. There is a file in the scenery folder that acts the same as a CVX.bgl. Deactivating terr_CYYT.bgl fixed the elevation issues I was having. When I hear back from the developer, I’ll let them know that deactivating this file should make it compatible with ORBX. Cheers, colin
  7. Hey John, Thank you for your time today. The only way I have learned is through trial and error and by checking the forums such as this one. I'm going to try to make my own elevation correction using ADE to see if that helps. I'll be sure to post on here once I get it figured out. Cheers, colin
  8. Hey John, No need to apologize for dumbing it down for me. I'm learning as I go. I've looked for an elevation correction file in scenery/world/scenery for CYYT, but there isn't one. I could make one using ADE, but I wouldn't know what to correct it to. I feel that there should be one as I've run into this issue with other airports, but no such luck. I'll keep looking to see if I have missed something. Cheers, colin
  9. That was what I was wondering. It comes with it's own installer.
  10. @medx421 Thanks for the reply! The first step I do before installing any new scenery is to make sure that there are no conflicting scenery files in the ORBX folders. Had that problem a couple times, so that's usually the first place I check. Anyway, the pictures I posted were after the FTX files were turned off. Cheers, colin
  11. Good morning John, This is a payware scenery for P3D. It's from Grand Island Sim. Thank you for the suggestion on Little Nav Map. Love it !! I'm showing default terrain, ORBX AEC and ORBX APT, the default airport, and last on the list is my GIS scenery for CYYT. I have deactivated AEC, but noticed no difference. I seem to recall there is no need to delete the apt file, but I could be mistaken there. The pictures below show what happens when you approach the runway. Whatever it is, you drive through it instead of over it. I've contacted the developer's support page, but probably won't hera back until the new year.
  12. @w6kd Can you confirm this works in P3Dv4? Jon’s last post on page 2 says that SAS 1.70 doesn’t support P3Dv4. Thanks, colin
  13. Hello, I installed a new scenery for CYYT yesterday. Everything around the terminal and the taxiways seem fine, but there are conflicting textures on the runways. I have used Vector to turn off automatic elevation correction, but the problem persists. I’m guessing there is a duplicate airport BGL file somewhere. Is there a way to check for duplicate AFCAD/AF2 files that an airport may be using? Thanks, Colin
  14. I have had no issues with the GTN750 in the ATR. I believe you have to use a key shortcut (shift + 9 in my cast) to expand it.
  15. Dave, I actually had no idea Canadian North and First Air merged until I was updating some of my AI flight plans. We don’t get either coming to YVR, so kind of out of site, out of mind. I may have another source for a texture, but I’ll know more after Xmas. If I’m unable to find one, I may attempt to do one myself. I’m by no stretch of the imagination a professional painter, but I’m getting better. I’ll keep you posted. Cheers, colin
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