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    1984: sublogic fs1, 1993: a320 final approach (amiga), 1994: ms fs4 (mac), sublogic atp (pc), 1995: fs5, 1993-1998: 6hrs B737 LH-sim, 1993-2005: PPL, 1998: XP4, 2002: fs2002, XP6, 2004: fs9, 2010: fsx, 2013: p3d, 2015: xp10
  1. Yes, same here. "F18 Interceptor" for the Amiga was my first own sim, too. Then I had "Approach Trainer Airbus 320" (by Thalion Software), then Sublogic's "ATP (Airline Transport Pilot)" followed by MSFS95 (FLTSIM 5.1), and so on... I am 47 by now and I find that flight simulation is still an interesting hobby, although I am off quite frequently for some drone experience in the meantime (Phantom 3). But when the weather is too bad, I am flying my PMDG T7F around the world B)
  2. Enjoy summer, the developers posted. So this autumn or winter might be the rigth time for the launch... I'll be aboard B)
  3. And we have even some which were already stored but than returned to service after a year... http://www.planespotters.net/Production_List/Boeing/737/25359,D-ABEI-Lufthansa.php B)
  4. Hello to the developers of "MCE and RCv4 to X-plane" (FS++) and "World Traffic for X-Plane" (classicjetsims)! Just as an updated information about using RCv4 with WT v1.2.3: When the WT AI traffic functionality is used as described in WT's manual (see quote below), than this AI traffic interaction can be heard inside RCv4 controllers' handovers. The controller says: "A-I-P-L-A-N-E-A-C-F contact Bremen radar on 118.2" and the aircraft answers: "118.2 A-I-P-L-A-N-E-A-C-F". So the callsign used is the name of the stick plane file "AIplane.acf" WT uses for generating up to twenty AI AC/s. Quote from the WT manual on page 18: Plugin Control of AI Aircraft This option allows World Traffic to control the X-Plane multi-player aircraft. The purpose of this option is to allow the World Traffic aircraft to be visible on your TCAS display. Follow these procedures to use this function: From the World Traffic Key Command Menu, select the Preferences option. Make sure the last option shows that Plugin Control of X-Plane Aircraft is “Currently OFF”. Press the ENTER key on that line if it is “Currently ON”. This must be off before you change the number of X-Plane multi-player aircraft. In X-Plane open the Aircraft – Aircraft & Situations menu. Click the Other Aircraft tab. Set the number of aircraft to 20 or the maximum aircraft that you want to have displayed. From the World Traffic Key Command Menu, select the Preferences option. Set the last option so that Plugin Control of X-Plane Aircraft is “Currently ON”. A stick plane will be drawn on the X-Plane TCAS and radar displays showing showing the location of closest 20 planes. The plane used is a generic stick plane that you installed in section 1.1 (Installation). (unquote) Maybe the developers find this information new, interesting and (hopefully) useful. Your work is very much appreciated! B)
  5. That is what I like very much about flight simulation. Everyone who once used to fly the skies in real world but now has retarded from doing so can continue to fly in the virtual world. Other people who never had the chance to fly a real A/C can do so in their sims. That is really a blessing of virtual reality made possible by the ongoing development of computer technology... B) BTW: I am meanwhile 46 and had first contact with FS in 1984 at the age of 15...
  6. Thanks for the video link! Looks and sounds very promising! B) Release within 2015 at X-Aviation. Wow, just bought their SoundMaxx yesterday. Can't wait to take the pilot's seat in that beautiful piece of programming art :wub:
  7. Wow, that is really good to hear! (sensational IMO actually!) B) I really enjoy your WT v1.2.3 product with all the aircraft objects, types and textures. Once I understood the use of "route files" and "ground routes" it all worked great! I especially like the elegant behaviour of your AI traffic. Taxiing is adaptive to the actual situation (pushback with tow truck, slow taxiing on ramp, faster taxiing on the taxiways, gentle turns... best of all AI traffic I have seen so far!). Also very mentionable: the crab landing method during cross winds followed by the combined pitch and rudder compensation during flare is really a joy to see! Also very impressive: the proper use of beacons, strobes, landing lights and taxi lights according to the actual phases... :rolleyes: It would be really great if You, FS++ (MCE and RCv4 for XP10) and Ray Proudfoot (from the AVSIM RCv4 support team and maybe even the RCv4 original crew meanwhile again) could join to get at least two user requests for XP-10/11 done in a perfect way: great AI traffic which interacts with ATC during all phases of flight from start up to parking position... That would be a dream come true for the whole X-Plane community! :wub:
  8. Thank you for the infos and the NI screenshot. I will give it a try right now. B) May I/we ask you which driver you are using? Currently I am running 352.86. Do you run the "recommended" 337.88? Edit: BTW, your FF 757 and T7 screenshots are great!
  9. RCv4 for XP10 has the same functionality as for FS9/FSX... You can choose the pilot's (your) voice, the voice of the co-pilot (who can take over communications) and the voices of ATC controllers (and you will hear them all). We have to wait though for the AI traffic's voices until AI traffic like WT 2.0 might be handled appropriately...
  10. Last week I have tried World Traffic with Bluebell's new A/Cs (hundreds of up to date planes) inside XP10. The A/Cs look at least as good as UT2 (if not even better) and their behaviour in taxiing, take off and landing is the best I have ever seen. Even the UT2 planes use to have this "Lego train" style of AI traffic on the ground... WT A/Cs are more elegant and are also beauties at night: Will be interesting to see the improvements coming with WT 2.0. Hopefully FS++ with MCE and RCv4 will be able to communicate with each other and this way would be able to offer a complete offline ATC with voice recognition, ATC from clearance to parking stand and AI traffic influences...
  11. Maybe you are right, maybe there will be a WT2.0 soon: we will see... (I am new to WT, so I still have a lot of optimism) B) AI traffic would be a great immersion enhancement for MCE+RCv4/PFE etc., because surrounding air/ground traffic must be drawn a huge amount of attention to... :blink:
  12. Hi and thank you very much for all the detailed infos, explanations and outlooks! :rolleyes: Just FYI: the "old notherly" EDDP RWY 08/26 was renamed 08L/26R and the "old and short southerly" EDDP RWY 10/28 was replaced by a new 08R/26L. This runway is used mainly by DHL hub operations 24/7 located south of the field. https://www.google.de/maps/@51.4190047,12.2309985,3821m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=de Once again: your RCv4 implementation for XP-10 works perfect! BIG THX! B) One thing I noticed is that RCv4 for XP10 uses the standard voice sets and not the "MeatWater Radar Contact 4 VocPack" I had installed actually (spoken a bit faster and more equal in loudness, IIRC). The reason: your program uses my PC path "C:\Program Files (x86)\rcv4", which was the original FS9 installation. My RCv4 for FSX installation path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\rcv4x". The good news: this way my RCv4 key mapping for FSX can remain unchaged and the "XP10 CTRL+SHIFT+..." key mapping is used exclusively inside the "other" installation. Probably it is a good idea NOT to use the "MeatWater Radar Contact 4 VocPack" for RCv4-XP10 when using it for MCE in the future? "One word" about AI traffic (and interaction with RCv4) inside XP10: yesterday I bought "World Traffic" (v1.2.3) for XP10. Since end of February 2015 they (classicjetsims) started launching updated versions in short intervals. A lot of new AI plane sets (WT Packs) were published until the end of this March. So there is a lot of "action" on this field and forum users seem to be very happy with it. Today I got my registration key file emailed for "World Traffic" and I may quote this sentence out of this email: (quote) "The Updates link is where you can download World Traffic updates at any time and there will be many. Look for STAR/custom approaches and departures for the world's airports using Navigraph data, ATC radar, and some other new features as well as lots more planes coming soon in World Traffic 2.0." (quote end) So there will be a "World Traffic" version 2.0 for XP10 quite soon. Exciting developments going on in the XP10 world on a broad basis... B)
  13. Thank you for bringing RCv4 to XP10! I bought FS++ RC4TOXPLANE and made a little testflight from EDDK to EDDP this week. RCv4 for XP10 works really fine and is much more responsive/faster than inside FSX. Good job! If there would only be some scheduled AI traffic inside XP10 that RCv4 could interact with... One question: the database RCv4 uses seems to be the FSX database. I noticed this during the approach into EDDP: the RCv4 ATC still used the "old" FSX RWY 10/28 (being replaced by 08R/26L which is accurately represented in XP10). Is there a way to update the RCv4 database to the actual XP10 scenery? Will be interesting to try MCE in the future with XP10/RCv4!
  14. This is great stuff! :rolleyes: I am so happy to have switched to XP10 in the beginning of last march... There are a lot of great developments going on out there. This B737 classic will be definately on my buy-list! In episode 61 of AoA's Aviatorcast Austin Meyer (founder of X-plane) states a lot of his plans for XP10. Especially interesting for me is his affinity for 3D vision. He wants Oculus Rift (or any other available/similar 3D vision device) to run as soon as possible with XP10 AND wants to incorporate a "leap motion controller" device to interact with the cockpit switches and levers using your hands/arms... B) (e.g. https://www.leapmotion.com )
  15. Just FYI: I am really looking forward to this great "symbiosis". Being myself relatively new to XP10 but at the same time very convinced of its seriousness, this really closes a significant gap. XP10 being now updated regulary worldwide in terms of airports, navigation and basic earth data makes it a dynamic place. Unfortunately AI traffic lacks RW flightplan/fleet options and RW WX data has no historic database (real time only). IMO XP10 is made for serious simmers and is way ahead of its "competition"... B)
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