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  1. For the last 20+ years. "s" worked like a charm, quite why they have decided to reinvent the wheel on this is lost on me.
  2. solved it... turn off absoloute axis... Liam
  3. +1 its almost like 0.30 is a default, and it returns, tho this is my first time with an xbox controller. Liam Reynolds
  4. Thanks. You need to keep an eye on the AIM (its link is 5 lines long! - Left hand side of the link above, 8th block down.) all info regarding airports and airspace is listed there. If there are issues with airspace being overloaded, or an airport needs to slow the arrival rate, then that's when you will be told what time you can take off and issue the flight with a slot. If they need to reroute you, the aircraft operator may get issued with a re-route option, with a time limit to its validity, it's all based on real time info and is sent direct to the owner of the flight plan. In the AIM you will find info that's live for the day for instance, Spain was having a sector overload today so they put a restriction of handling x amount of aircraft per hour... so they issued this. THE FOLLOWING SCENARIO HAS BEEN APPLIED FROM 1120 UNTIL 1400 UTC. . FL5DGU:(REG ID:FL5DGU18) ------------------------ . DEPS:LEAL, LEAM, LELC, LEVC DEST:ANY NOT VIA SECTOR LECMDGU REFILE BELOW FL345 UNTIL BLV . DELAY THRESHOLD VALUE 20 MINUTES . NMOC - BRUSSELS# If you have a flight plan in the system that has a relevant flight related they will send you that message, via the method that you filed the flight plan. it's the responsibility of the operator to refile accordingly your (ATC Slot will have the ID:FL5DGU18 .) so then you go look at the AIM, find the reason for the slot delay and then re file as needed. I was just browsing around on the site, and at the top, i found this under Initial Network Plan (right at the top in the middle) its for the next day, based on current issues that may arise. https://www.public.nm.eurocontrol.int/PUBPORTAL/gateway/spec/_res/20170219/20170218-165643.pdf?APPID=initial_network_plan Hope this gives you an idea. - The AIM/ANM is the on going live info. Liam and then right at the bottom of the PDF i linked above i found this gem of info... https://www.public.nm.eurocontrol.int/PUBPORTAL/gateway/spec/_res/1802_1430_1902.pdf
  5. There is one in Europe, it's called the called the NOP (Network Operations Portal) by CFMU (Central Flow Management Unit)/ Eurocontrol. Access is restricted to the real juicy stuff (only airlines and maybe ground handling have access is via a user account and a one time key that changes every 15 seconds.) But there is a large portion of it that is available to the public. https://www.public.nm.eurocontrol.int/PUBPORTAL/gateway/spec/index.html Its a flight simmers dream if you have access as I once did. - if it flies through any part of European airspace, its flight plan will be in the system. it offers info into management flows, flow rates, restrictions, flight plan reroute options and a whole host of other functions that i probably don't know about now. In Europe if a ATC sector has an issue, The flight (if its still on the ground) is issued a (CTOT) Cleared to Take Off Time (Slot), the plane has a 15 min window to take off at that time so that it arrives into the affected airspace/airport at a time based on the EET/speed of the aircraft as filed on the flight plan. If the airspace is closed, then the flight plan is suspended until its re filed around the airspace restriction. (noted on the flight suspended message) also on the site above on the left hand side listed under AIM. Hope this helps Liam (Former) Navigation Services Officer/Tactical Flight Planner, British Airways Citi Express
  6. What Matt Said... I just landed into FACT from FNLU after 3 and a bit hours (with a go around) , and still had about 1 - 1.2GB VAS remaining.... and that's with FTX Global, ASN, REX clouds, Textures and Airports HD. With 4GB only being available, sadly you cant have your cake and eat it.
  7. Mine is stuck because I kinda removed the chocks, before they could disconnect.... Liam
  8. Page 29 (NC.1) of the QRH.... Chapter NC Liam
  9. I am aware of this happening, but never read the report, what an indepth factual read that was. ( I didnt read the whole thing) But thanks for sharing. Liam
  10. I just typed my departure airport into "Origin" in the FMC, and hit request and then it shows all the routes in the database for 73, 77 and 74 aircraft types, take the route you need and your good to go. I took the 777 option in the video i'm currently uploading (@14:20 for the 1/2 shameless plug) and it loaded straight into the FMC Liam
  11. I Think, (and im a noob painter), That its this.....
  12. I think i read in the notes its a double press.. (oh, or "greater pressure than the autobrake is currently applying") Not sure if i am allowed to copy paste the Intro Manual, But page 150 under the heading "Hardware toe brakes" tells you how they need to be released and why. I wonder if its possible to get an FMC option added for a red coded "AUTOBRAKES" to appear when they work in place of "BRAKES, its not a bad idea given we have no idea if they are, tho i guess you (and i really hate the word) assume that NO EICAS message of failure means they are engaging? Liam
  13. I landed on a 15000ft runway yesterday and without reverse the plane decelerated in a manor i would expect. my breaks were at 2 once i got to the stand. Maybe fly into a super long runway and see what happens without reverse. see what happens? Artur, Sounds like you were maybe at flight idle and not ground idle? there's an option for that in the FMC IIRC to help with that. Liam
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