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  1. I have had the same issues, but it started happening after the update. My controls were already calibrated. Any other ideas?
  2. So i ran them all but still doing the black screen and no landing gear. It seemed like they didnt install. It would pop up then go away. Any other ideas?
  3. Same here. Fresh install of os and v4, is it a simconnect issue? do those redist need to be ran?
  4. tdohrer


    With the release of v4 of p3d would it still be a good idea to install the uiautomationcore.dll or something like that i cant remember the exact name into the sim folder. I remember seeing it in the manuals but havent been able to find it. If it is still a good idea can some where point me to where it is located these days?
  5. Hello, I have a question about aircraft in the P3D, why is the view when you first load your plane behind the aircraft? Is there a way to change this?
  6. i did a repaint and having issues with the night lighting, I have a photo showing what is going on but seems like its been awhile since i have had to attach anything and its changed. How does one attach photos now?
  7. there are people that have or do fictitous ones would you mind providing the template?
  8. Any one know if this has been fixed?
  9. any way you can post the kit with those features? id love to put my cargo scheme on that.
  10. i will take a look thanks for the pointer!
  11. Yeah i have looked there but i have quite a few paints and they are fictional based. I would rather find someone to work out a deal with to get them done that both sides go away happy.
  12. Hello, I am looking for a painter for my va repaints. I dont mind paying for them just want someone who has the time to do these so i can get them done in a decent amount of time. The paints are for fictional airlines. Let me know if your interested and info so we can see if we can make it work for both of us.
  13. So far that fixed it, thank you for the help! it was huge.
  14. Does anyone know of some people that do repaints? i have been trying to do it myself and my artistic touch is not good. Any info would be helpful.
  15. found an older diver 362.00 that should work or no?
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