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  1. So I have an Acer Predator GSync with 60 to 144hz capability's. How would you recommend I set it for a smoother experience. Thanks Randy
  2. The default KDEN in P3dv4 stutters when dialing gauges and rolling down the runway every 3 to 5 seconds. It also does this with Flightbeam KDEN but worse. Anyone have an idea how to fix this. KDEN is the only airport that does this. Thanks Randy
  3. flynman33

    P3Dv4.2 Freezes and Funny Noise

    No blue screen of death. The sound was the first time I heard that on this PC.
  4. flynman33

    P3Dv4.2 Freezes and Funny Noise

    Jim, I was on the BETA team for the 787 and did not have issues till the release version I did a full uninstall of the RC2, the last beta version and full install of 1.1.1 with ADMIN PRIV. Again, when the 787 software is installed I can not fly any aircraft without a CTD. Without issues,
  5. flynman33

    P3Dv4.2 Freezes and Funny Noise

    I had no Fault Module report. Just a CTD and strange noise. With the 787 software uninstalled I do not have the issue. I believe it is with the QW software.
  6. flynman33

    P3Dv4.2 Freezes and Funny Noise

    I discovered that I could not fly other developers aircraft as well without the same problem. So I removed the 787 from my hard drive and loaded up the PMDG 747-4 and did a KSEA/UUEE flight without an issue. This is the same flight I had been trying to complete with the 787. There seems to be an issue with the QW V1.1.1 787 software.
  7. flynman33

    P3Dv4.2 Freezes and Funny Noise

    CPU fan is snug. I found a chassis fan disconnected.
  8. This happens no matter what aircraft I fly When I fly the QW 787I have not checked the WXR box so I am not running weather. The model will CTD on the runway before T/O roll, after T/O roll, during climb and any point along the flight, it happens at random and it also freezes my PC. It can happen when clicking on any gauge. Generally before 90 minutes of flight. When it freezes it makes a strange audio noise that sounds like cards clicking on the spokes of a bike. Also just a hum. I don't believe it is GPU driver related. I have no event viewer or APP crash report to share Thanks Randy
  9. flynman33

    NUM PAD Issue

    To the Moderator. If you delete this please message me why. Last week I updated to v4.2 and upon loading I noticed that the NUM PAD no longer worked for panning around the flightdeck and to look around the outside view. Later that day I downloaded the newest version of FSUIPC. Two days later I attempted to fly V4.2 and had the poorest performance I have ever had I then went back to v4.1 until I read a post that the new version of FSUIPC was causing major problems, I deleted FSUIPC and went back to V4.2 and found a workable copy of FSUPIC. I still am having problems with the NUM PAD panning. How do I solve this. Randy
  10. flynman33

    Default AI Airraf are Back

    Its a freeware product I don't remember
  11. flynman33

    Default AI Airraf are Back

    Upgraded to P3d V.2 over the weekend, went back to 4.1 last night because 4.2 cased lags freezing and stutters,virtually unflyable. Now the default AI traffic is back along with my 3rd Party AI program. How do I get rid of the default AI. Thanks Randall Smith
  12. The main issue for me was the the constant freezing up and stutters when trying to enter information in to the panel. I could almost deal with the NUM PAD issue.
  13. Went Back To V4.1 after 7 hours of trying to troubleshoot. V4.2 was lagging way behind any mouse clicks by about 10-20 seconds. Trying to takeoff and it would stop and go all the way down the runway basically making it a slide show. I lost the ability to use my NUM PAD to look around the flightdeck and to scroll around the aircraft outside. Going back to 4.1 solved this. Do you have any clues as to what is going on? I think this needs to go back to the BETA team. Randy Smith
  14. flynman33

    Can I do a Repair Install P3dV4.2

    So can I do a repair install. Also why are some of us having issues with the loss of views with the number key.