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  1. Jeff. I inserted AdaptiveSimGroupEnable=False in to my cfg and flew the same flight that I was having CTD on and was able to complete the 1 hour flight. Thank you very much. I guess I can wait for you to get a fix done. Randy
  2. I have this same issue "AFTER installing AIG-OC" on my hard drive. [20:27:10.243] INFO SODE.FSLOOP : - SimObject 'Flightbeam_KPDX:Jetway 1 GATE_C 5' [kpdx_jetway]. ID: 135 [20:27:10.243] INFO SODE.FSLOOP : - SimObject 'Flightbeam_KPDX:Jetway 1 GATE_C 3' [kpdx_jetway]. ID: 136 [20:27:10.243] INFO SODE.FSLOOP : - SimObject 'Flightbeam_KPDX:EDP KPDX' [12bPilot_SODE_Environmental_Data_Probe]. ID: 133 [20:27:10.243] INFO SODE.FSLOOP : ### FILTERING OBJECTS: R=40000m, Bubble Lat/Lon: 45.742366, -122.596179 ### [20:27:10.346] INFO SODE.FSLOOP : ### Active SimObjects: 63; Active Wind Data Probes: 1 ### [20:27:51.285] FATAL SODE.WATCHDOG : Sim Process running test failed! [20:27:51.298] DEBUG SODE.FSPROCESS : Cleaning up Memory... [20:27:51.315] DEBUG SODE.FSPROCESS : Removing Top-Menu structure... [20:27:51.315] DEBUG SODE.FSPROCESS : Closing Connection to FS. [20:27:51.425] INFO : Terminate SODE. I was flying the PMDG 737-7 out of Flightbeams KPDX to CYVR. When the aircraft crossed the BTG VOR 10 miles north of PDX the screen would freeze and then CTD. I disabled my AIG AI aircraft and deactivated SODE and was able to fly 15 minutes before I terminated the flight. Then I disabled the AI function of SODE and enabled AIG and had the same freeze over the BTG VOR again. I also deactivated SODE and activated AIG with the same CTD at the same point. Sounds like 12bpilot has some work cut out for them. Randy
  3. Can someone share their CH control settings
  4. Question.....Cuda Cores 2560 vs CC 3072..... Would I see a reasonable performance gain by upgrading from a EVGA RTX 2070 Super with 2560 CCs to a EVGA RTX 2080 Super with 3072 CCs? Thanks Randy Smith
  5. Ya, Typo. I have 16GB. I hope whatever is in this first P3dv5 Hotfix will also improve performance as well. ooops
  6. So I'm going to throw this back out for another discussion. My current system has an Intel 6700k OC'd to 4.7.Asus z170-P MOBO, 6GB 3200 DDR4 Crucial RAM, 750 WT PSU and a EVGA GTX 1080FTW2 GPU. I have been looking at building a new system to facilitate P3dV5 and MSFS 2020. My thoughts were to buy a I7 9700k CPU and OC it to 4.7/4.9 and an Asus Z390 MOBO and bring my PSU/RAM/SSDs and GPU over to the new system. Would I be better to UPGRADE to an EVGA GTX1080ti and sell my current GPU or go for a new CPU and MOBO. I am reading the 2080 GPU are really not worth the extra cost. What would you do?
  7. The time has come to move to Windows 10 so I can consider MSFS 2020 and have better security. I will be using the Media Creation tool. Do I need to delete everything P3dv4.5 related off of my hard drive and reinstall everything all over again after the upgrade. If you know of an easier way to complete this task I am all ears. If you have any recommended Youtube videos please provide the link. Thanks Randy Smith
  8. I will keep the scenery files in tact and see if I can map them successfully throught the scenery library. I am though going to delete my 3rd party aircraft and reinstall them to the new ssd. I gather I will need to keep my C/Program Files/LM/P3d folder and not delete it until I know what I can do.
  9. Last night I installed my SSD. I then downloaded P3dv4.5 and tried to install it to my SSD which I have labeled my E/Drive. I pointed the P3d install to the e/drive and commenced the install. It did not install to the SSD but did a sort of repair to the current P3d on C/drive. I now understand that I cannot have 2 versions of P3d on the same drive. So if I were to remove the Client/Content/Scenery installers off my C/drive along with my 3rd Party aircraft. Could I leave my 3rd party scenery files on the c/drive and then map them through the scenery library to the ssd and still get fast loading times. Is there anything on the P3d Forums about this. How would you move P3d to a SSD if it was you. I want the SSD to be a dedicated P3d Drive...
  10. Today is 2 weeks, I have heard that Orbx is part of the problem. I went back to 4.4 but the reversal has brought the same issues with it.
  11. I have all the sudden without touching anything on my settings or PC have lost all ability to have input with my Thrustmaster Rudder pedals and P3dv4.5. I am able to re-calibrate and save through the P3d settings but no response is the SIM and they are operating correctly inside the device and printer menu. Does anyone have a good starting point to resolve this. I have tried to re-calibrate with no luck. Thanks
  12. What are Speed Trees. How do you disable them? Thanks Randy
  13. Simbol I am using Windows 7. Should I shut auto update off?
  14. Last night I was doing a KLAX/ZSPD filght with the PMDG 747-800. About 6 hours in the PC and P3dv4.5 crashed. The below is my AppCrash report. It logged 6 errors before it CTD. Any ideas how to fix this. It happened under P3dv4.4 as well recently. Thanks Randall Smith Version=1 EventType=WindowsWcpStoreCorruption EventTime=131994458764446067 ReportType=1 Consent=1 UploadTime=131994458768502067 ReportIdentifier=0726d6f8-5c36-11e9-8512-2c4d544ed578 Response.BucketId=2116719330 Response.BucketTable=515412878 Response.type=4 Sig[0].Name=OsVersion Sig[0].Value=6.1.7601 Sig[1].Name=Type Sig[1].Value=MissingWinningComponentKey Sig[2].Name=Path Sig[2].Value=x86_policy.14.0.avg.vc140.mfc_f92d94485545da78_14.0.27012.0_none_d411c77bf2be0a74 DynamicSig[1].Name=OS Version DynamicSig[1].Value=6.1.7601. DynamicSig[2].Name=Locale ID DynamicSig[2].Value=1033 State[0].Key=Transport.DoneStage1 State[0].Value=1 State[1].Key=DataRequest State[1].Value=Bucket=2116719330/nBucketTable=515412878/nResponse=1/n FriendlyEventName=WindowsWcpStoreCorruption ConsentKey=WindowsWcpStoreCorruption AppName=Windows Modules Installer AppPath=C:\Windows\servicing\TrustedInstaller.exe
  15. So I have an Acer Predator GSync with 60 to 144hz capability's. How would you recommend I set it for a smoother experience. Thanks Randy
  16. The default KDEN in P3dv4 stutters when dialing gauges and rolling down the runway every 3 to 5 seconds. It also does this with Flightbeam KDEN but worse. Anyone have an idea how to fix this. KDEN is the only airport that does this. Thanks Randy
  17. No blue screen of death. The sound was the first time I heard that on this PC.
  18. Jim, I was on the BETA team for the 787 and did not have issues till the release version I did a full uninstall of the RC2, the last beta version and full install of 1.1.1 with ADMIN PRIV. Again, when the 787 software is installed I can not fly any aircraft without a CTD. Without it.....no issues,
  19. I had no Fault Module report. Just a CTD and strange noise. With the 787 software uninstalled I do not have the issue. I believe it is with the QW software.
  20. I discovered that I could not fly other developers aircraft as well without the same problem. So I removed the 787 from my hard drive and loaded up the PMDG 747-4 and did a KSEA/UUEE flight without an issue. This is the same flight I had been trying to complete with the 787. There seems to be an issue with the QW V1.1.1 787 software.
  21. CPU fan is snug. I found a chassis fan disconnected.
  22. This happens no matter what aircraft I fly When I fly the QW 787I have not checked the WXR box so I am not running weather. The model will CTD on the runway before T/O roll, after T/O roll, during climb and any point along the flight, it happens at random and it also freezes my PC. It can happen when clicking on any gauge. Generally before 90 minutes of flight. When it freezes it makes a strange audio noise that sounds like cards clicking on the spokes of a bike. Also just a hum. I don't believe it is GPU driver related. I have no event viewer or APP crash report to share Thanks Randy
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