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  1. Hi GGFlightSimmer, Hope this helps you, as I had the very same problem, I uninstalled all PMDG products including PMDG OC. I then after reinstalling OC, reinstalled all PMDG aircraft one by one, then each time they just updated using PMDG OC with no further problems, even the DC6. Best of luck Keith
  2. Hi Alcides, Thank you for your prompt response, I am going to try this route and will report back Thanks again Keith
  3. Hi, I am regularly getting this message and don't know how to establish the reason. Anyone having similar problems ? Best regards Keith
  4. Hi Folks, My latest problem is that every time I get to 1% scenery load the system crashes. Any ideas please, as I don't want reload the lot again Best regards Keith
  5. Hi, I have recently bought a Valve Index and it is fantastic in all sims except P3D v5.1, I am hoping someone may have achieved some decent working settings for the OVR software, that could share with me please Best regards Keith
  6. Hi Bruce, Many thanks for your info,I'll keep you posted with my response from the LM P3D v5.1 forum if I get one. Best regards Keith
  7. Hi Alistair, Many thanks for your comments ,really appreciated, I must say this is the only program that gives this problem for me, and I am not at the moment running any FSDT programs that I'm aware of. I guess its a LM problem, I'll put a post on their forum to see if it provokes a response. Keep you all posted Best regards Keith
  8. Hi Mark, thanks for your help, I have already set this up an no joy
  9. Hi Bob, Well today this situation is happening, I close down P3D v5.1 by the normal way and then watch it disappear from the top position in the Process Explorer table, I then thought I'll just check to see if it's popping up at a lower activity position and there it was (see pic). My next obvious move was to open up the properties tab in Process Explorer which provided the path problem showing [Error opening process] so then I thought I would use the "Kill Process" tab however I then got "Error opening process: Access is denied" so now I am at loss to know what to do or where to go next, any comments are most welcome. Best regards Keith Can't Kill P3D v5.1Capture by Keith Sheldon, on Flickr
  10. P3d V5.1 is still running 3 by Keith Sheldon, on Flickr
  11. Hi Bob, Yes but as I understand it that list is only a history list and not current situation ( I think this is just based on the time being shown that you were using the item) I may be wrong here though
  12. Hi all, P3D v5 still running 2 by Keith Sheldon, on Flickrjust returned after 3 hours and still getting this
  13. Hi iwebber, Thanks for your response, but Prepar3D v5.1 does not show in task manager anywhere until you go to start say Active Sky (also latest update) or SIMstarter (also latest version) and then you see the message "simulator is running" so I am still confused.com Best regards Keith
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