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  1. Hi Mark , Please see my post from yesterday The White Box is now gone 👍
  2. Sheldo

    Thank you

    You deserve them 👍
  3. Sheldo

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  4. Hi, Thank you so much for this info I'm sure other users will appreciate the information,now that's what I call after sales service 👍 Top company, top service, simply the best 👍 I really appreciate your time with me on this one Best regards Keith
  5. Ok Thanks for that info,but can you not move it from the windscreen on VR for your other aircraft (which I have all) Surely It makes no sense if its simply a sensor for the graphics, to be stuck in the center of the screen does it ? Maybe its me ? I would welcome your views Regards Keith
  6. Hi,Thanks for that ,but I'm sorry I don't understand what it is used for,and when in the past the only way was to slide the 2D slider to 100% to get rid of it then the FMC pop up wouldn't show up to allow me to move it to another screen. If it's intentional I would like to know what it's for please. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding your comment,but why have it in the windcsreen if it can be moved ? Q.O.T.S. is now functioning the way I always had with all of my PMDG aircraft (no white box) If I'm seeming to appear ungrateful to your response it's not intentional believe me, I was really happy to report this find as its been annoying me since I started using VR occasionally with PMDG aircraft. I do hope you can help me with how to understand it's use and necessity please, as I would rather not have to keep remembering to reset the 2D slider to 100% to remove it when I want to use my Oculus Rift. Regards Keith
  7. 😍 Well I don't know what you did in this update of QOS but the white box in the windscreen has gone guys !! It's still there in all other PMDG aircraft (hope this helps you find what was causing it) Good luck Keith
  8. Hi Bert, Many thanks for your response,I have just cracked my problem thank you Sir,It was a setting that I had put in Process Lasso today,so I guess we were on the same track. Thank you for your time,I'm away to my bed now that is solved Good night Keith
  9. Hi, Can anyone throw any light on this unusual happening please ? On the startup screen where the aircraft (Vehicle) is spinning even that is stopping and starting in conjunction with the fraps frame rate going from 40 to 20 then back again I don't want to lose all of my installation work if possible by having to uninstall P3D as I have a mountain of software in there. Regards Keith
  10. Hi Marc, I am so glad it's not me doing something stupid,thank you for your response, I guess we will have to just wait and see who and how this niggle gets sorted . Best regards Keith
  11. Hi Kyle, Thanks for reply,where should I post it then please ? Best regards keith
  12. Hi Kyle, after a long effort I now know how to post an image (I hope !) Just thought "A picture is worth a thousand words" Hope this helps you 👍 Keith
  13. Hi again Kyle, I have now tried the NGX and Q.O.S in VR and set the 2D panel to 50% and can now see a light transparent rectangle and a light transparent FMC in the windscreen using Oculus Rift VR system hope this helps with your study Best regards Keith
  14. Hi Kyle, Ok I have now got a method that works to remove the white rectangular box from NGX windscreen by sliding the 2D setting to 100%,but now it's not possible to unlock and move the FMC to another screen or even o the same screen as it simply goes blank when I hover the mouse over it and click (If I click again it returns) If I slide the 2D back to 0 it brings back the normal FMC with the unlock function working again. Can I ask that you try to find a reason why and a solution please All the very best Keith