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  1. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Thanks, I must have missed that. Guess I really am unable to reproduce this now for some reason. Very odd.
  2. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    How many people who get the CTD with couatl running (or not restarting it), have tried running without Active Sky? The flights I ran Friday/Saturday, I ran without AS and didn't CTD. I haven't had a chance to try it with AS to see what happens, but I'll start one soon.
  3. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Hmm. That seems a bit odd, but you might be onto something. I can't seem to reproduce the CTD anymore, but I checked what I wrote awhile back and it looks like my CTD was 40nm before JOOPY. If PFPX is accurate, that seems to be on the FIR line as well.
  4. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Two attempts with the HOIST FP and no CTD for me. Guess I'll try it with ASP4 running to see if that changes anything.
  5. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    I'm curious if you can repeat this. I mentioned this awhile back, but I had a flight I flew 5 times. First three times it crashed and I was certain it was reproducible, but then the last two it didn't crash. This was all flown on a single weekend over a single weekend with no changes. For some reason the results were different the last two flights. This was in 4.1. Now using 4.2.
  6. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    No CTD even with couatl running on my first attempt with the HOIST FP. Used the PMDG 747, but didn't use AS or any weather programs. Just P3D, my installed scenery, and the 747. Just started another flight that I'll leave running overnight, so we'll see how that goes.
  7. Confused on takeoff Procedure

    Bob, What's on the FMA when this happens? Do you see VNAV on the FMA? IIRC, the light will go out, but it will come back on at 400 feet when VNAV becomes active.
  8. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    I don't use these. I'll try to make a list of what I have installed this weekend. Hopefully Friday night.
  9. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    All my CTDs have been at 1x. 16gb here. Maybe that's not even enough these days?
  10. Do you mean the aircraft maintenance manual? I can't see PMDG including one of those if that's what you're asking.
  11. P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    I haven't tried removing coualt completely, but I've had the CTD without using GSX.
  12. Choosing a Delta hub scenery

    MSP gets my vote.
  13. PMDG Forum Section

    The support portal wasn't working? You have to create an account (it's a separate account from your PMDG store account). Do that and login and then you'll see a tickets icon. Click the tickets icon and you'll be able to start a ticket to communicate with PMDG support directly.
  14. PMDG Forum Section

    Unfortunately, I'm not a mind reader so I can't possibly know if the person I responded to is aware of the PMDG support portal. They stated they were having problems with a PMDG product and I was pointing them to the one place they can get guaranteed help at the moment.
  15. PMDG Forum Section

    Go to the support portal and file a ticket. If you don't already have an account you'll need to create one.