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  1. Same issue here as well. I haven't tried a completely new install as of yet, but I don't seem to have the cloud textures either. I literally just installed a theme, and even manually installed the textures prior to the below picture. I do have the hotfix installed, but I honestly couldn't tell you whether this issue was the case prior to the hotfix or not. I also didn't seem to have the CloudArtFiles.xml that REX is supposed to install. I still the ASCA one, despite the fact that I haven't opened ASCA since I think a day after Sky Force was released. 100% certain I installed the cloud models as they were in the clouds folder, but the CloudArtFiles.xml wasn't correct. No clue why. I did manage to get that installed by using "restore" in Sky Force, and then running it and clicking the install now button for the cloud models. I have no idea what's going on. EDIT: I forgot the picture. This is all that gets installed, despite Sky Force saying things are installed.
  2. I do. The only airplane I have issues with is the FSLabs A320, and hopefully when they release their update that's supposed to bring the performance up to other aircraft, it won't be a problem anymore.
  3. I'll have to verify again when I get home tonight, but I'm fairly certain KB4056892 is what installed on my 6700K. Are you running W10 on that computer?
  4. Thanks for the link. I'll have to run the powershell test tonight to verify the update is working properly.
  5. You can download it from FSDT.
  6. Yes, the date on the scenario page. I'm not sure what you mean by the last part. AFAIK, PMDG just looks at the date that's set in the sim, and if that's outside of the date range for navdata, you get the message.
  7. Make sure the date in P3D matches the date range for the navdata.
  8. I so very much want to like the weather engine as there seem to be things you get with it that you can't if you use other engines, but the abrupt weather changes are killing it for me. I'll stick it out for a week or two, but I suspect I'll be going back to ASP4 shortly. Who knows, maybe I won't miss anything.
  9. I'm sure some are curious about the abrupt weather updates. Here's what Reed had to say about it on the REX forums.
  10. Seeing the same here. It seems to be accurate to what's actually happening in the sim, but it doesn't match what the weather report says it should be. Wind seems fairly accurate on my end, as does a quick look at the clouds. EDIT: Scratch that part about the clouds. Just re-read the weather report and it's showing FEW clouds which isn't accurate at all to what I'm seeing in P3D.
  11. I hate the mobile style pop-out menu companies use these days (I'm looking at you too, ENVDIR). I'm not using this on a phone; there's plenty of room for a menu on my monitor.
  12. The user manual installed on my desktop, but it also looks to be in the Sky Force installation directory.
  13. Try the REX store anyway. I don't know if it's because I registered on their forum with my previous orders, but I haven't purchased anything directly from REX and was able to get the 15% off on the REX store.