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  1. sthenion

    No Flight Controls

    Sorry I should have said no control surfaces are functioning. It was the gust lock. Thanks!
  2. sthenion

    No Flight Controls

    Hello Just purchased, installed successfully and got ready for a little test flight. I'm probably going to embarrass myself by asking this, but I don't have any flight controls other than nose wheel. No elevator, ailerons or rudder. Is it one of those did you read the manual things? I'm using just a joystick with all flight controls assigned and working perfectly with all aircraft. I don't use fsuipc. Thanks
  3. Im very excited to see that it is working very well in p3d v2. Very functional and flyable. The only blip thats really bugging me is that the left landing gear wheel doesn't turn. Anybody have the same issue? I tried tinkering with conact points but no luck. Is this a contact point fix? Thanks
  4. Hello I bought it yesterday but how do I get the p3d v2 version? Thanks