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  1. Ephedrin

    New Computer

    You are allowed to officially have 2 computers with the same addon being installed on it. So there is no urgent need to deactivate it. However you might run into problems when you try to activate it a third time if you do significant changes to your hardware. Anyway, if it really goes bad, you can still deactivate it ob the old pc or ask the pmdg support for help if you cant resolve it yourself. They are very kind and helpful.
  2. Ephedrin

    HUD text fades in and out

    There is a setting in Active sky in the clouds section, I don‘t know its name right now... it might be the wing fade effect. Turn it off. The hud is actually simulated outside of your airplane and this effect hides it.
  3. Ephedrin

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    whatever modern jet they'll do... they will need to figure those "legal and technical" issues out that prevents FS2Crew to use the ECL. There was such a hype around FS2Crew when they released the 744 that it's a shame that this couldn't be worked out between the two of them. And those future aircraft will most likely not use paper checklists anymore. The 737 MAX will likely be the last.
  4. Ephedrin

    Two strange issues with fuel and engines

    Ray, FSUIPC is extremely powerful... both in helping and in corrupting. this behaviour you have explained is 99% happening due to a misconfigured FSUIPC. it happens SO easily that you miss something, a wrong check mark, a missed one, a double assigned axis, forgot to check airplane specific at some point... aaaand so on. As long as you aren‘t Peter D. himself I doubt that you (as anyone of us either) fully understands the internals of FSUIPC. I have crashed and killed that ini so often, I can‘t count it anymore. Move it out of the modules folder, just as Kyle and Chris adviced and check the airplane. If it‘s ok, you can look for the 3 737 sections in the ini and completely delete them (everything with 737 in the [ ] brackets. Then you can use this ini again and recreate your 737 settings. If it gets messed up again, you‘re probably better adviced to use a completely new file. That‘s FSUIPC as it is...
  5. Ephedrin

    Why isn't my Cargo Door working?

    It‘s actually a user-to-user quick help forum as well as a forum to discuss the function of systems, procedures and so on. FS pilots can easily get in contact with real world pilots and the developers can talk freely without the urgent need of perfect support like on the official (and paid) support portal. However there isn‘t much sense in asking questions like „why isn‘t my cargo door opening“ here as the actual function and usage of the aircraft systems are explained in the manuals. And using the search function (Ctrl+F) in a PDF is a lot faster than typing a question and waiting for an answer like this. All above when the same questions pops up over and over again, best added with the words „bug“ or „issue“ you start to ask yourself „why is there a manual?!“ however this forum is really great if you wonder how to fly certain procedures like a go around or an rnav approach correctly. Or what‘s the reason behind the IAN approach in the 737? Perfect forum for that.
  6. Ephedrin

    737 night flight how to switch on the lights

    Yep, and in doubt let your hand search for something it recognizes. But we have to click here 😄 I would check that the shader-mod or PTA or whatever makes it THAT dark isn‘t set too extreme. A pitch black cockpit is something you almost never would find, there‘s always some light at an airport. But I had a PTA preset too that made it impossible to find the battery on a 737 or A320 overhead.
  7. There must be a conspiracy...
  8. Ephedrin

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    Haha the MD11 will never die, at least im this forum xD I think it was done (for FS) at a time when there wasn‘t much infrastructure. The technique was too young. No good weather, no good graphics, no FS2Crew, no good airac support, no EFBs, no PMDG GFO around the corner, much smaller customer base, almost no addon airports, no good performance calculation and all that stuff that makes a 747 or a „boring“ 777 or Airbus a great addon. I am sure if a developer of the high standard of PMDG made an MD11 today it would sell a LOT better than then. But I think there are further reasons behind PMDG‘s decision than little sale expectations. We won‘t get one from them...
  9. Ephedrin

    CDU entries during diversion

    Use Route 2... or the ALTN menu. I‘m not at the FMC right now but I don‘t think that messing with the actual areival airport in the active route will work out.
  10. They say so on reddit ;-D
  11. Ephedrin

    Every panel states starts with baro on hPa

    Just an idea but is the sim itself maybe set to the metric system by default? Maybe this influences the load up state. What airplane loads in your default flight?
  12. Ephedrin

    SDKs, APIs, and a whole lot of headache

    Regarding something as complex as that it‘s probably best to file a support ticket with that question. This is mainly a user-to-user forum and you definitely will want to talk to the developers. http://support.precisionmanuals.com
  13. Ephedrin

    Objective of UGCX

    nope. My place is in the cockpit, not at a drone cam monitor. I'll get rid of couatl asap.
  14. oooookay, thank you for that reminder. I absolutely missed the material point.