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  1. It hasn‘t even been announced, there was just a teaser by RSR in another thread. Nothing has been announced, confirmed, assured. It‘s actually nothing but a rumour. So I don‘t expect anyone knowing anything further or - for a PMDG member - being allowed to tell us. I personally hope for a new product, even if that means it will have its price. But te NGX is getting old and has its issues with P4D.
  2. Actually... no. great teaser, as always :D
  3. I only have created new panel states for the 737 and 777 (and FSL A320 as it also has problems)... I‘m not yet allowed to fly the Jumbo in my virtual airline so I barely use it atm but nevertheless I can‘t remember having experienced the caution light issue, but I might have forgotten it as I fly almost every day :D
  4. 2 minutes per panel state. And as many people most likely modify them anyway.. would be great if sth worked perfectly out of the box but reality is different. And I somehow doubt pmdg have encountered and shipped those obvious issues. I don‘t even think that everyone has the problems as I only have the FMC message but not the warning light with the same airplane. Kyle, as many topics find their way in here on a regular basis, maybe a (locked) pinned thread „on-to-do-list“ would make sense?
  5. I am sure you have noticed that everyone is having fun in here and nobody takes it too serious... The good thing about a forum is, nobody has to click on certain threads. :D
  6. Totally with you :D we just have to continuously get on their nerves while avoiding Kyle‘s ban hammer and maybe one day Robert gets so annoyed that he accidentally developes an MD11 of the gods... xD
  7. I drowned mine in the caribbean sea and he wanted to sell a new copy to me...
  8. Cant see it on the mobile phone :D still the pigeonworks-everything-hidden-behind-colors-to-satisfy-the-boss?
  9. XP: nothing at present that we would have been told about, the last statement was something like „maybe someday, but not planned yet“.. further: the 747-8 as an expansion to the 747-400 is in development and a 737 MAX version was something like „announced“ (the typical way of teasers) by Robert Randazzo in another thread. Also the J4100 is in Beta testing for v4. nothing more is known as far as I am aware of.
  10. Ah ok... I think I‘ve seen it once in my 737.. but I normally only fly the same livery that doesn‘t have it :D
  11. The 747 is a new product that -afaik- uses p4d features while the 777 is still a „recompiled“ fsx addon... not to downgrade it. But I think there might be the issue. I also haven‘t experienced any crashes with the Airbus and regarding the Q400 I guess it‘s the most reliable and stable addon available... but looking at the way some sceneries have been ported into P4D I have no doubt the problems we have aren‘t airplane-made most of the time. I found this quite interesting: I had issues with orbx‘ Dubrovnik drawing water textures on the surrounding mountains. Also I had the island of Molokai completely covered with water textures. After I uninstalled kjfk all problems were gone, crashes and texture issues.
  12. Isn‘t that the cam button outside the cockpit door? It‘s not simulated anyway, is it?
  13. Jean-Claude, i also had repurchased and redownloaded sceneries. ONLY those which were sold as compatible. I had the same ntdll problems using the 747. Ntdll absolutely most of the time means there is anything installed into your v4 that is not compiled correctly. Search for ntdll on the p3d forums, using google, if you don‘t believe me. I had the problems in Europe, Asia, far away from New York and I somehow trust PMDG and RSR more than some scenery developers. And it definitely was a scenery. Since I have uninstalled it I haven‘t had a single crash anymore. I really recommend you untick all your scenery and then add it step by step. You can do this by developers to save time but I am sure this is your way to success.
  14. The proper way is to select another approach / STAR an check that the previous appr is overwritten. If not, do so. What exactly are you doing? What simulator do you use? What is the version of your 737? You can find the version in the control center.