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  1. Oh thanks for that hint! So adding this line and then playing with the value might change it? is there a "guessed" value you would start with? edit: oh... just opened the file and got what you meant.. 😄 thank you!
  2. I see. Yes I meant the v2. I'll try to play with it a little I think. But right now it's either different from yours or I'm doing sth pretty wrong. 🤷‍♂️ I don't think my installation is buggy but as I have initially installed it under an earlier version of P3Dv4 I will try a reinstall. Thank you for your replies.
  3. That‘s nothing to do with the calibration. The levers in the airplane move 1:1 with my hardware levers. But the engines take about 20 seconda to fully respond which makes a save approach almost impossible as you can‘t react on wind or even on deopping gear and flaps..
  4. Hello everyone, I haven't flown the marvelous Turbine Duke for ages, probably since P3Dv3 and I noticed that in v4.5 the engines spool extremely slow. I believe to remember them having been much more responsive in earlier versions. So I have had a look at the aircraft.cfg if I could find any value to possibly tweak the spooling times of the turbines but had no luck so far.. Does anyone know IF (and how) this can be accomplished? The plane is still one of the best in my GA hangar but the engines are really no fun like this and it would be a real pity if that couldn't be tweaked.. thank you Marc
  5. Yeah, I've tried some combinations of addons and effects and it seems thes FPS drop only happens with the A2A PBR C172. It's just fine in other addons so I guess I'll have to work with my system or bring it up in the A2A forum. 😃
  6. Hello everyone, I've recently switched from the F1 GTN750/650 to the RXP version(s) and I really like it so far. However I would like to let you now that I see a performance drop of 10FPS (!) compared to the F1 version. Usually having been able to fly in 4K at 40FPS the latest PBR implementations into my mostly used addons have kicked in a lot, now an addition 10FPS drop brings me down to 20FPS in the A2A Cessna.. that's almost not flyable anymore 😕 Thank you and merry remaining Christmas 😃
  7. Hi Manuel, no difference when the assignment is deleted. I still get the warning, that I'm not at a gate.
  8. thank you! can't try it atm but will it help (on my side) to simply delete the control assignment?
  9. Hi guys, using the tail wheel lock in taildraggers like Manfred Jahn'*s C-47 or the Milviz DHC-3 triggers UCGX. It doesn't matter if I click on the lever or use LINDA. as I'm usually not at the gate when I do that but on the runway or longer straight taxi ways I get the red in green warning that the aircraft is not at the gate and UGCX can not activate. Is there something I can do to prevent this or can you look into that? Thank you Marc Edit: The tailwheel lock has the standard Shift-G assignment in P3D but I don't use this command.
  10. the old LINDA profile I have seems to work so the lvars should be the same except the new stuff. maybe, with a bot of luck, Bryan will have just little work with it 😃
  11. 36400%?? 100% is full, 50% is half full... 36400% means 3640 times the max payload... I guess you won‘t be too lucky with that entry. If you want to enter payload in kg or lbs you can do that... but not into the percentage field...
  12. The database on the identification page of the FMS shows the correct cycle?
  13. Christian, as a side note... as the EULAs are written in perfect english the google translator has absolutely no problem to translate it into the most common languages. Most software, independent from flight sim, are sold only as a license. Some licenses are locked to one person, some to one computer and some allow a resell. It is important to read it, not to do so is no excuse if a company decides to sue someone due to violations. Most parts of the eula contain all that standard stuff regarding copies, uploads and risks, but whenever you plan to sell software (licenses) the eula is the first thing to look at.
  14. Hi, it‘s been a few days, but anyway: the CH yoke comes with very loose wire connections. This is intended to make mods easily doable but can and will lead to violent spikes. I had to open the yoke and crimp those connections. Since then I haven‘t had any control issues. There are several threads about this issue in the A2A forums, unfortunately CH products don‘t seem to care too much about informing their customers who actually don‘t want to modify the hardware.
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