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  1. Avoiding an improvement in performance and visuals doesn‘t make sense xD nothing to regret but a lot to win.
  2. crashes with reports pointing towards ntdll.dll <<often>> occure due to incompatible addons that have been made for previous versions of P3D.. There has been a long post by RSR in the beginning of v4 about this.. Check your addons for incombatibilities. And honestly from my personal experience I would start with sceneries.
  3. I would have thought there must be a reason for Boeing to name a knob "cursor control"... 😜 Robert knows his clients 😄
  4. Ephedrin

    Plane shaking

    Depends on your setting... on my PC I can see and use everything else too until I click fly (or whatever it is named). When you have „black out desktop“ checked it shows as you describe...
  5. Ephedrin

    Exciting times?

    I've always loved the DC-3, as many people do.. Great pictures for sure! And for some people flying a legend came true... 🤠
  6. Ephedrin

    Exciting times?

    With Clipper Tabitha May parked in the background xD
  7. Ephedrin

    Exciting times?

    While I definitely hate teasers like these without any further statement WHY it hasn't been released (the whole behaviour around it) I want to try to be fair with PMDG. They have added at least the rainmaker feature to the J41 for sure. After the presentation of Kyle's GFO progress I hope for other things that have found their way into this airplane. Maybe a new FMS, maybe an EFB, who knows. Maybe the cockpit feeling that was added with the 744.. But I honestly think that the J41 will be released "shortly" after the 748. They want to introduce Rainmaker, EFB (and so on) with the 748, something that I fully understand. Let's hope for a great little commuter with "retrofitted" features instead of a plain and "not so beautiful anymore" portover to the 64bit environment, as it has been with the NGX. Fingers crossed..
  8. Ephedrin

    Landing in (LGMK) Mykonos

    Why do you continually start threads having problems flying the airplane and asking for help and when you are asked something back to help you, you write „thanks for the answer I will try again“? It‘s always the same... if you‘re having trouble with english just write in your mother language. We can use translators. But I don‘t think you are very successful mastering the airplane... But you really should make yourself comfortable with the 737, go through the FCOM if possible, learn its functions... what you describe sounds to me like you have accidentally pressed the TOGA button and the airplane goes around. But none of us is sitting next to you. We really need information if you want us to help you.
  9. Ephedrin

    Two suggestions about the 747

    Who needs a push feature in the Q400? Just release the brakes with hardware throttles at idle and it will taxi backwards 😂 (i know, i know)...
  10. Ephedrin

    FSDT KJFK weird PMDG 777 Cockpit

    by activating collision detection 😜 No. Your understanding does. Read what Kyle wrote. If you park one of the biggest airplanes in the world at a gate that is designed for airplanes half its size you will run into issues. In your sim it's graphical issues. In reality you just wouldn't fit in there. If you had an A380 you couldn't even use most heavy gates. Size matters in aviation quite a lot.. And a 777 with a length of 64/74 meters and a wing span of 60 meters needs a bit of space.
  11. Ephedrin

    How to Activate NGX

    Tom, the important steps for loading any complexe addon aircraft (not only PMDG) is: - Start P3D (ideally as admin) with a default airplane turning such as the F22. - select aircraft, airport, time - start the flight. to change airplane: exit the sim completely, wait until it is deleted from the task manager!! This may take some seconds. Then restart it. Those addons are calculated outside of the actual simulator at big parts. If you reload them or change them you only reload the parts that are calculated inside of the sim but everything else will keep running as it was. And then of course it will go crazy.
  12. Ephedrin

    Night Flood light texture problem.

    If you hadn‘t looked only at a 10 years old product on a new sim bit the later addons like 777 and 747, you had found out that this HAS been adressed. The light is just fine on both, only the 737 is that old that it can‘t be changed that easily, just with a simple patch. It‘s an old code that has to be rewritten. The NG3 is in development, you can wait for it or use spotlights. It‘s free.
  13. Keith, the white window in VR is a feature/bug (however oe may call it) of P3D and PMDG together. It is actually an important little gauge in the top left corner to use the model‘s lights properly. But it is a 2D popup window and P3D shows all 2D popups in the middle of the screen in VR. You can hide it with the transparency setting but this will hide the other popups too. Everyone here who uses VR would welcome a solution by either PMDG or Lockheed Martin but until now all we can do is set the transparency accordingly to how we use P3D.
  14. Ephedrin

    PMDG Sound Mute when lost fokus

    Nope, the 737 doesn‘t have it. If you loose the focus, you‘ll loose the engine sound but keep the air con (or vice versa). The later addons have options for it.
  15. Ephedrin

    777X new boeing plane

    There is a relatively high chance that we will see it. Not during P3Dv4 though and probably not even v5, depending on how fast LM brings out new versions.. As Aurelien has already pointed out, PMDG does nothing without having the official data of this aircraft and therefore they need Boeing be fine with giving this data to them. But as long as airplanes aren't even delivered and in daily service with enough people having background knowledge on this type anyway there is absolutely nothing to expect from a simulation addon developer who even developes and releases on a competitor's (Lockheed Martin) platform. Not to blame PMDG for this of course 😄