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  1. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    somehow I doubt PMDG would receive that amount of material about the latest products from Airbus/EADS after having created a flight sim imperium with Boeing aircraft. and IF then I really doubts it's an A380. I mean... you can land it at the big hub airports.. most 380s actually fly for a small amount of airlines on a relatively small amount of real routes... If it was a new Airbus, I would guess a 350.. or if not new then a 330 and 340. the 320 series is covered by FSL and hardly to beat. what I personally would love to see after they own a Douglas and have made a Douglas... the Douglas line. DC3, 4, 8, 9... oh hello MD-11 (kidding).. but I doubt they would sell that successfully. So... rather not :/
  2. That's amazing... I had a 21'' monitor in 16:9 for my sim view and a 4:3 smaller monitor for my charts and so on. it was fine. Now, as I don't watch TV anyway, I took my TV (39'') and connected it via HDMI. I'm sitting in my 747 right in front of the TV and really FEEL like looking down to that GSX-guy walking to my front wheel to connect the tow bar. that immersion is impressive!! I'm so looking forward to my purchase of a 4k TV/monitor. holy mary... And my sim performance (P3Dv4) is even better now! The frames have increased and it's still running fluently..Funny times ahead :D
  3. I think they are going to release a bunch of new features with the 747-8. Including their Rainmaker and also this new product line everybody is/was talking about. I think it is part of the 748 and releasing this on an earlier step would destroy the "wow"-effect..
  4. External Strobe Light Timing Needs Tweaking

    I have noticed that when I hold at a red light with my car behind another car of the same model and year the turn signal / blinker / how it's called??? isn't timed the same either.. you know this effect, when they light up simultaneous and then lose themselves again until a few sequences later they match up again... at revisions something can be changed, another charge of bulbs can take a little more time to flash... nothing is 100%
  5. I hope we GOT something until then ^^
  6. Beacon lights key command

    Ok, good point. Tjat‘s one you even use only once... I got it
  7. Beacon lights key command

    Maybe a silly question: but why is the beacon switch that important for you to be linked to a hardware button?? You use this switch twice in a flight... first before the engines get started or the plane moves, whichever happens first and the second time after your engines have stopped and no further actions have to be expected... a bit of a waste of hardware options in my opinion. All the time you click around on the CDU and the MCP and then the beacon switch makes a difference to be toggled with one mouse click, two in summary?
  8. Speed Bugs

    Also pleaee notice that there might be some currupted panel states. Until they have been updated you shouldn‘t use the presaved panel states but load up the default state (it is called so) and then shut down the aircraft and set what you need and then eventually save a new panel state.
  9. Navigraph Nav Data out of Date

    He wrote his airac cycle is 1108... that would require the sim date to be set in 2011... in the navigraph manager delete all existing PMDG entries and let the search find them again. PMDG is normally found automatically. Run the manager as administrator.
  10. FS Panel = Own design

    What? The? Beeep? Are you drunk? People asking for help never ever would be beaten here... rather this happens to people who talk rubbish and/or accuse the people who offer help and knowledge... nevertheless it doesn‘t sound like a home cockpit but more like a summery of possibilities to connect different screens and devices to a multifunctional cockpit that can be used with all kinds of addons. But, yes, there is a forum here on avsim for just that purpose. And many other forums on the internet and many groups in facebook.. regarding the size of the tablets (and so on): the screens in a 737 or A320 cockpit are not that big. The CDU isn‘t either. There are measurements on the net too, just google it. But as always: you have to be comfortable with it. And well, you should be able to afford it :D aivlasoft probably have the system requirements on their homepage. Shouldn‘t be that much as you want to use it on a second computer. (No idea if that‘s actually possible)
  11. Can I Remove Sounds From The Cockpit?

    Lol jep, it‘s quite funny to explain aircraft systems to friends when they don‘t expect you to know that stuff and it just happens that they start the topic or experience sth of it... a few days ago I sat in the garden with two friends of mine at night and an airplane flew 5000ft above us... (the STAR leads just over the house)... one said „pretty big“ and I responded „Airbus A319, not thaaat big“. He said „how do you know?“ and I said „the strobe lights... thats airbus. And the only carrier that late here and on this approach route is Germanwings. So it‘s a 19.“ I‘m pretty sure I heard him roll his eyes
  12. 787?

    Sceneries and aircraft addons are comparable like apples and saxophones.
  13. Can I Remove Sounds From The Cockpit?

    The 737 cockpit is very loud. I had the opportunity on christmas 2016 to fly in the cockpit with my cousin for four flights. The fans ARE loud, the wind sound is even louder and the only time you actually really notice the engines are during start up (packs off) and when they spool up for take off... then the rolling sound takes over and when you‘re airborn and all above later in the flight when you accelerate to 250 knots and more it‘s that loud that you can barely talk with the pilots from the jumpseat without headphones. Though you do hear the engines changing thrust on windy approaches.
  14. Steering The NGX - Problem On The Ground

    p3D controllers MUST be enabled in the options but you need to delete the assignments of the rudders for ALL found axes. (P3D assigns main axes automatically to all found controllers, even to virtual axes like gaming mouses and other game controllers. Be pedantic!!) I suppose this to fix your issue.
  15. Brakes and LG Horn questions

    Not necessarily. i have the CH yoke and throttle. CH is known for not (and now forgive me if this word is written completely wrong or used in the wrong sense) crimping their wire connections. This is intended to make it possible to easily modify the hardware (although loosing warranty when the seal is broken). If you have a little skill or have s.o. who can do it you can open it (I guess there isn‘t any warranty left on those old pedals :D ) and crimp the connections. 255 isn‘t a high resolution at all but when you tighten those connections I think it will help a lot. CH products are pretty robust.