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  1. Oliver, I'm sorry, it was my fault. Your answer made me frown since I was sure that there was no trim delay after the first button depress and so I was quite baffled last night. I checked my whole hardware setup IN THE SIM again and my GA autopilot button box had elevator trim up and down assigned to one of its rotary knobs which I use via AAO. It seems that once I had used that knob the sim added this button delay even though it's not part of AAO. At least I can't explain it in any other way and after I deleted it the delay is gone. Thanks for the heads uip 😃 Marc
  2. Hi Oliver, I've been away from the sim since Feb and a lot has changed on all sides so I really need advice. I am almost sure that when I used AAO for the elevator trim back then this trim pause after the first button press and the repetition which is built in the sim was not there in AAO. Now I assigned my trim buttons to "ELEV_TRIM_UP/DN" and the trim stops half a second before it continues. Obviously this is totally unrealistic and in reality it would even be extremely dangerous. FSUIPC for example added this behaviour to make sure that buttons only get pressed once but there is an option in their .ini file to remove it. I have searched the AAO folders but wasn't able to find anything and neither could I find anything in the documentation. Is there any way to remove this behaviour so that a button repeats itself immediately if held down?
  3. Cheers everyone, this is probably not a support question but rather a "save my sanity" request... I have recently switched to a new PC and since then I can't figure out anymore how to assign the FLC function of the Working Title G1000 NXi via AAO. I had this working since I got AAO but I can't figure it out. There are various FLC and Speed Hold settings but... 🤷‍♂️ On top of that I was using a slightly older version of AAO where the settings were organized differently. Can anyone help me with this one? Thank you 😃 Marc
  4. Hi Oliver, I had this problem,too, as I was using AAO on my second screen which was connected to my OLD graphic card via DVI. My new one doesn't have DVI anymore and so I can't use the second monitor anymore and my AAO windows opened outside the screen. Much talking around, I could not find the folder(s) you mentioned above but found this path that included the user settings for MSFS and P3D. C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\LWR (just to let you know 🙂 ) Cheers, Marc
  5. Oliver, doing this it will only turn the altitude down here, regardless if I set 16384 for up or 8192 for down. Is there possibly a bug? Also I noticed that the value box of the key down event adds 1000 on the right side and the value for the key up event adds 100.
  6. ahhhh... okay. doh... the whole things starts to make sense to me now lol...
  7. okay, that is what you meant with "keep the script as simple as possible".. thanks a lot this helps a ton and doesn't require any acceleration anymore. I'll send you an email for 2.07! thank you!
  8. Hi Oliver, I know it's an english forum and normally that wouldn't be a problem but I've tried to get my rotary buttons to work for 2 days now so I'll write it in german now, I hardly understand what I do anyway.. Ich hoffe, du kannst mir helfen, zumindest bei einem Einstieg, dass ich darauf aufbauen kann. Ich habe die letzten beiden Tage dein Manual durchgearbeitet, hab die RPN Befehle auf der P3D-Seite als Vorlage genommen und versucht, wenigstens mal einen der Knöpfe mit der PMDG NGXu vernünftig zum Laufen zu bringen. Alles was ich schaffe, ist immer entweder eine ewig langsame Bewegung (per Mouse events 16384·(>K:#70032) ) oder eine grobe und irgendwie völlig ungenaue Bedienung durch die "Simulator synch" Funktion. Ich habe mir die von dir vorbereiteten Scripts angeschaut und verstehe zwar grob, was du da machst, aber nicht, wie ich das auf eigene Scripts anwenden kann. Mir fehlt da einfach das absolute Grundwissen über jegliche Programmiersprachen. Unter Punkt 4.2 ist mir zwar klar, was du mit dem Beispiel (L:Scripts-MyAltIncScript) (>K:AP_ALT_VAR_INC) meinst, aber ich bekomm es nicht zum Laufen, die Werte 100 und 1000 haben nachher keinen Einfluss auf nichts. Bei mir sieht das dann so aus: (L:PMDG·737-MCP·ALT·inc)·(>K:#70032)· Hatte aber auch schon andere Formen. Unter MCP ALT inc steht 16384·(>K:#70032) wie im Manual. Unter einem Mouse event hätte ich jetzt als Laie auch verstanden, dass hier die selben Mausbeschleunigungen wirken, die PMDG eben bei Bedienung mit der Maus eingebaut hat, dem ist aber nicht so. Alles was ich erreiche, ist ein langsamen raufzählen der Höhe in 100 Inkrementen, einen 100er per Raste des Drehknopfes bei langsamem Drehen, schneller zu drehen lässt die Funktion nur aussetzen. Mir ist klar, dass die Funktion "Fast turn" dazu gedacht ist, ein zweites "schnelleres" Script zu nutzen, das dann die 1000er nutzt, aber ich habs seither nicht geschafft, irgendsowas zu schreiben oder zu finden. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich mir auch die PMDG Module für LINDA angeschaut, um über die Art der "incfast" codes auf eine Idee zu kommen, aber das sieht eben wieder völlig anders aus. Ich wäre dir super dankbar, wenn du mir da mit einem Einstieg helfen könntest, dass ich die MCP Drehknöpfe sinnvoll nutzen kann. Alles andere war überhaupt kein Problem, auch die Toggle-Funktion im Manual zB für die Flight Directors konnte ich problemlos umsetzen. Aber die Drehknöpfe und die PMDG Beschleunigung lassen mich verzweifeln. Viele Grüße Marc
  9. Yes it seems so. It's going to be a steep learning curve but it looks promising. 😃
  10. I just found the PMDG section in the documentation.. Well I guess I'll try this one first ^^
  11. Grüß dich Oliver, I'm a complete newbie to AAO and have always assigned my buttons and axes using FSUIPC and Linda. Now I got the FlightsimPM GA autopilot panel which has rotary knobs for heading, altitude etc. So I got AAO and now I'm trying to assing the rotaries to the PMDG NGXu MCP. At first using the Key Down event only I was only able to increase the HDG by a single degree and then nothing happened anymore until I changed the value behind the event, then the heading increased by another single degree. So I went searching the internet and found an old thread in the FSUIPC forum where Pete told someone to use "release" events too, so I tried the same in AAO and now I can indeed increase the HDG. However it increases by a minimum of 2 degrees every time, sometimes even 3 or 4 degrees. This is how I set up the knob: I played a bit with the repeat feature and with the ones and zeros behind the event but either id didn't change at all or by the same it does now. So is there a way to reduce the heading increment to 1 degree per hardware detent? Or will this require writing a script? Danke dir, Marc
  12. @killthespam again here too: Not PMDG staff, no moderator, absolutely nothing else than you or someone else. with the exception of having had access to PMDG Global Flight Ops since June and a beta signature for that reason that I put there myself, everyone can do that. If someone behaves like he wouldn't even dare in front of his parents and does that repeatedly just to cause a bad mood in the forum I will tell him off, as easy as it is. If he wonders why I will tell him the reason. I'm not entitled to do it nor do I have the order, I do that because I can't stand people who come in and accuse, insult and impute other people HE doesn't know of laziness or even intentional bad work. Every custumer, you, me, other people, have the right to complain, even to flame around every day. But if you do that you should be aware that it can backfire on you. If you can't take that then think before you post. if you - or someone else - has a problem with it, then tell me, I can deal with it or you. Even without using "foul language", if "BS" hurts you so much. It wouldn't hurt me, I can take what I can dish.. That guy who you (or others) fight for hasn't acted like a prima donna at least. He knows that he's acting terribly and won't get anywhere with the PMDG staff with that behaviour. If he hasn't known he does now. And he hasn't run to avsim to cry and complain about bad bad Marc and PMDG. BTW: If THAT would have been the reason I would be a really bad choice for a beta tester... believe me, I give PMDG a hard time too. lol. So maybe remain with the truth. That Julian hasn't posted so much that it would be impossible for you to look for what I meant in the forums.
  13. I can‘t see where Flightaware would take its information from except from the ADS-B exchange. Flightradar is a bit more detailed, you can see it quite well there: At some airports you can follow aircraft almost to the gates, at some they disappear right after leaving the runway. And sometimes they copilot simply forgets to turn off the transponder and they remain visible for minutes after reaching the gate. I can only assume but this sounds a lot like what the traffic does in MSFS.
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