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  1. Ephedrin

    Using PMDG 777 ILS

    Haha I was actually just referring to the cruise altitude on the pressurization panel 😄 but number 3 sounds like a lot of fun xD The range might be quite low xD
  2. Ephedrin

    Using PMDG 777 ILS

    Yeah if he got to manage the cabin pressure. „There‘s this annoying sound I can‘t figure out. I don‘t understand it the 767 doesn‘t do that, I don‘t want to manage that.“ Better I‘m silent now... and maybe we should just leave this thread for good...
  3. Ephedrin

    PMDG aircraft and default P3D ATC

    Editvoicepack will do that. But it‘s become payware too with P3D. For FSX it might still be freeware, but I‘m not sure.
  4. Ephedrin

    Horrible FPS in both VC and external view

    I would laugh my a off if there was any coincidence... I had massive performance issues with only the 747 too right a few days ago and got rid of them when I disabled my intel graphic chipset in the device manager (again). The latest win update reactivated it. You could check this too. You normally should find that chipset right above or below your graphic card. You won‘t break anything and can easily enable it if something goes strange.
  5. right click on the undocked EFB and "lock" it. It caught me too 😄
  6. Ephedrin

    EFB Data Question

    yes, that's correct. However it relates to the digitally delivered "ready to use" data by Boeing. This was those 400.000$ p.a. However PMDG has the raw data available but has to write it into the EFB manually and this takes quite a bit of time. I honestly don't think so. They know very well that this is one of the most important features of the 748.
  7. Ephedrin

    cannot get the plane working

    Odgaard, we have to sign all of our postings in the PMDG forum with our full names, otherwise the posts may be deleted. Anyway, there is a lot of information missing to be able to even help you. Have you got a new computer or have you built in new hardware? In both cases it might be the case that your product verification isn't valid anymore. Have you unregistered your addons before upgrading the hardware? Have you had to re-enter the serial keys? Your rare describtion sounds like a registration issue in which case you will have to submit a support ticket. support.precisionmanuals.com You'll have to register a support account there. Additional info for you: The download version on the PMDG website is not the very latest version. There are reasons for that but you will need this version to be able to then update to the latest version via the Operation Center. But again, "no power, flaps" sounds like an unregistered addon.
  8. Ephedrin

    Flight plans using Simbrief Question...

    The only thing I could imagine causing this is that you are using different nav databases in Simbrief and for the PMDG airplanes. Do you have a navigraph subscription? If yes, check that both your airplane's navdata and the Simbrief database are up to date. If thesy don't match it is possible that your FMS doesn't know certain fixes or airways that are provided by Simbrief. Anything else doesn't make much sense to me. There is simply no reason why the route should be interrupted.
  9. Ephedrin

    Trackir and PMDG

    Louis, When I used the track switch to pan around I found it extremely hard to fly a manual approch properly. All above in smaller airliners like the 737 it‘s not uncommon to fly a visual circuit (pattern in America) without any autopilot. Sure, you have the runway selected and displayed on the ND but on a visual approach like this there is no FD guidance or magenta line to follow. As the name says you have to look out to aim for the centerline. Now I found it extreme exhausting and almost impossible to hit the turn and at the same time glance at my instruments to not over- or undershoot my speed. With TIR and a little practise I found it incredibly easy to to that. I can‘t speak for Chase Plane or Ezdok (or against it) but I imagine it being a lot more „unnatural“. They are great addons for sure but I don‘t see their benefits for the actual flight. At cruise level, of course, I disable TIR too and use the pan function. And to look at the CDU or to go for a MFD button I enable it, press the button, look down to the MFD and disable it... it feels so natural managing the cockpit. Not as easy as pressing one button once but normally a pilot doesn‘t jump left and right or lies down on the pedastal to look at the OHP either 😄 but the main advantage for me is really the precise flying. Looking right to the runway, checking your instruments, turning on the landing lights when cleared, looking to the runway, back to the instruments and so on.
  10. Good evening all together, I have to revoke my bad statement about GSX causing my stutters. After I had deleted all GSX depending stuff the stutters were gone for a moment, that's true. But they came back almost immediately after I postet it. I had no time to investigate further in the meantime but today I found a little bit of time to do that. It turned out that with the windows update my Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 chipset, which I had disabled, has been turned back on and this caused the stutters. When I got my Oculus Rift I upgraded to the GTX1080TI and had massive issues showing even a picture in the Rift. I then disabled the graphic chipset as it seemed that Oculus used that one instead of my graca and made my 3rd screen flicker. After disabling that graphic chip everything turned to normal and when I went through my device manager I noticed it to be turned on. After turning it off again (I hate MS' arrogance) all stutters have disappeared. I will Maybe a mod could edit the title of this thread a bit so maybe anyone will be able to take advantage from my experience on the graphic chip. Cheers Marc
  11. Ephedrin

    EFB LBS set as default

    Good to know that functionality, thanks for clearing up, Kyle! So it's not a setting, but a function.
  12. Ephedrin

    Flight plans using Simbrief Question...

    Gus, what do you mean with „cut in the middle“? It‘s perfectly normal that they don‘t reach the airport if you mean that magenta line. You‘ll have to select the correct arrival and approach yourself. So the plan usually stops with the first fix of the STAR. That‘s how you‘d receive any plan as the arrival route is up to the airport and not to your dispatcher.
  13. Ephedrin

    Registry Problem

    And don‘t rename anymore folders on your own.
  14. Ephedrin

    EFB LBS set as default

    Then please check that you have excluded the relevant P3D folderl from your antivirus, could be that it prohibits any writing to the files. If that‘s not the case either and since nobody else has jumped in here after that time I would suggest a trouble ticket to the support guys.