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  1. That‘s why you can pretty well fly with an open gyrocopter through (light) rain without really getting wet from above... even this 600RPM-pizza above you keeps the rain away.
  2. Ephedrin

    GCFV approach problem

    By the way Matthew, as I've just read a bit back... it is completely irrelevant what your FMC says. You can perform a full ILS approach even if you have lost all your FMS systems or the CDUs are dead and so on... you only need the correct frequency, the course and you can dial it in. And, as said above, the runway must have an ILS system ^^
  3. Ephedrin

    GCFV approach problem

    Ok, ILS 01 works normally for me, ILS19 of course can't.
  4. Ephedrin

    GCFV approach problem

    Hi Matthew, what Runway do you approach? I am just checking the approach charts for Fuerte. Can you please check that the data I can provide here is the same as yours? While I will wait for your response I will fly the ILS's with the 737 to make sure that there is no issue with the Navdata or the sim. the 737 doesn't have a problem for sure, it would occure everywhere. You said you have manually tuned the frequency for the approach. On both sides is technically only required if you want to make an autoland. To capture the glideslope your side is fully sufficent. while it doesn't have to do anything with actually flying the ILS, can you please tell us your current AIRAC cycle? you find it on the frst page of your FMC, INDEX, Ident Fuerteventura has two runways with ILS, 19 and 01. Both have 3 ILS approaches each. RW 01 has the ILS frequency 109,5 on my charts and RW19 has 111,3MHz Important: While I actually have updated to the latest navdata for my P3D last month I see on the P3D Map that runway 19 has NO ILS in the sim although there should be one. So although I have the correct frequency for ILS19 the airplane will not be able to fly it as there is physically no ILS apporach in P3D. So if you fly the ILS for RW19 and you say Localizer is captured please look at the FMA if there is written LOC or if there is written FAC, it means Final Approach Course and is an integrated approach feature of the 737 to simulate an ILS approach but relies on GPS and is NOT a precision approach. Please check my data back and in the meantime I will fly the ILS for RW01.
  5. Ephedrin

    "Beta-Tester-Videos" are not allowed yet?

    You got an idea of how empty the roads are? biking man!!! Biking! 😁
  6. Ephedrin

    GCFV approach problem

    ICAO code for Fuerteventura XD but yes... information is everything. And we need quite a bit more. And if you have an addon scenery for Fuerteventura check on the map if your frequencies match.
  7. Depends on how well you have set up your computer of course... but when I unlock the FPS I run the PMDG 747 at 50-60 fps compared to 40-45 at v4.2 and the FSL Airbus at 50 compared to 35-40. so 50% is a realistic estimate, again, depending on the system.
  8. Ephedrin

    CANNOT control Trim Wheel again

    It normally does. What‘s the installation path of your FSX? If it‘s installed into the default location Program files (x64) then there might very likely be an issue with the rights management, even though you run it as an admin. I don‘t know win8.1 very well but it never let me use my FSX together with Accusim. PMDG went well but I can‘t say if that was „accidentally“ or not. No problems with win7 and 10, but 8 was unusable for me.
  9. That‘s a great automated solution! No manual „search and instal“. Thanks a lot!!
  10. Ephedrin

    CTD when closing P3D v4.3

    What for? >>most likely<< it‘s a scenery or tool, not an airplane causing this. There might be issues when addon airplanes try to save the panel state when leaving the sim but I am not aware of any issues with PMDG at that point. They had problems loading the 747 but this has been solved by LM. There are simply no compatibility complaints with pmdg at the moment (beside this VR thing), not even with any other addon airplane that I am aware of.
  11. Ephedrin

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    So... looking at my calendar, thursday next week would be great.. I don't have to work on Friday 😛 Hurry up 😄
  12. Ephedrin

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    I‘ve just had a little private conversation with Samany. I think he has understood your intend on asking for reference and him refraining from copy and paste now. He didn‘t mean to get on anyone‘s nerves with it and just wanted to help 🙂 everything‘s fine 😄 back to the evil flight director‘s cut