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  1. A little bit late to the party on this one, but if you're still looking @DAD, @regis9, @Drumcode, @ark, @Glenn Fitzpatrick then I've just created a utility that might help. TOD Calculator & Pause » Microsoft Flight Simulator Cheers,
  2. Hi Mike, Sorry for such a late response, no matter what I set notifications to, I never seem to get informed when someone replies. it's probably a little late now, but I'll reply anyway just in case. You're correct, you mic should be connected to the Pilot2Atc computer as normal. I recently (before your post) updated the app so that it now uses UDP which is much quicker and more responsive. I always use this app and I've never had any issues with delay or latency, even on wireless. If you've experienced any issues, let me know. Thanks,
  3. Hi all, I’ve just put a couple of bug fixes through as version 2.0.1. Use the link a couple of posts up or visit X-Plane.org use the link in my first post. Thought I’d share a tip which is working out quite nicely for me. I use the key switch on the Honeycomb yoke to bind to the XPDR TCAS rotary dial in my PMDG aircraft. As you might know, when using P3D, P2A can’t detect when we turn the XPDR rotary dial in the aircraft, so we have to do it manually on the P2A GUI. (A limitation of FSUIPC if I remember correctly.) I’ve assigned F7 as a XPDR hot key in P2A (Config > Btn menu) to cycle through the XPDR states. Then I’ve configured the PTT network kit to send F7 when I turn the key to 2nd and 3rd position. (R and L key positions) So now, when I turn the key all the way round to the right, (TA/RA in the aircraft, ready for flight,) this effectively presses F7 twice and places the P2A XPDR in Active status. When I turn the key all the way left (STBY in the aircraft) this presses F7 twice again changing the P2A XPDR to off. It’s a bit of a hack, but works quite well. Cheers.
  4. Hi Stephem, Sorry I missed your question, I did not have notifications on!! If it loses focus then yes you are right, the signal is getting across, this is good news. Please review the comments in this forum: Pilot2ATC PTT Network Kit - Utilities - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org) I have explained to someone in detail how to set it up It is using the older version, but the principle is exactly the same. Let me know if this helps. Cheers,
  5. Hi Steve, Sorry, it seems that the original link is now dead. I was really careful to upload it with the same name so it would survive but it killed it. Frustrating, because I can't edit my original post because it's so old now. Hopefully people will look this far down to where there's a new link! Try this: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvW6QMOWtCLXghWSrnWAAQF4VcO1?e=oGUPPW 🙂 Cheers, Mark.
  6. Hi all, Just to let you know, the link in my original post will now let you download version 2 of this utility. Change log: Updated the GUIs Added the ability to map up to 8 buttons on 8 controllers Changed network protocol from TCP to UDP to increase response times Optimised code to increase responsiveness of the applications Cheers,
  7. Morning Dave, I got myself into the same position this morning, and it all worked perfectly. Maybe not being able to find the correct voice triggered it. If it happens again I'll let you know. Thanks for your help, Mark.
  8. Hi Dave, Just an update on the voices. It looks like a couple of the default Windows 10 voices have become obsolete maybe? David Desktop and Zira Desktop don't seem to be available anymore. The David Desktop voice files are missing from their directory now as well. Oddly, the Zira Desktop ones are still there but they won't play. Anyway, it looks like they've been replaced with Microsoft Zira and Microsoft David. I've been through all of the voices and made sure they work with the test button now and removed the dead ones. I'll jump in a flight at EGNX again in the morning and make sure I'm number 2 if I can, and see if it happens again. Cheers, Mark.
  9. Hi Dave, It was a few days ago now, so I can't quite remember, but I think it kept mishearing me for a start. Co-pilot was off so it was me answering all the time. However, I started to use the predefined responses when it couldn't hear me. Then when it started looping, it was ignoring the PTT button so I tried with predefined again but it just wasn't responding. I'll see if I can find what's causing the voices not to be found. Cheers, Mark.
  10. Hi, This has happened a couple of times to me recently. I've attached the log and copy of the conversation to help with this one. Sat ready to take off (EGNX - P3D), one in front and two on final. First one on final lands, then the AI in front of me lines up and takes off, then the second one on final goes around because it was too close, but all the time, this message you can see in the text file is just stuck looping. There was nothing I could do to stop it. Changed frequency, tried to respond both verbally and via the menu, in the end disconnecting and reconnecting was the only way to kill it off. Remote network using WideFS Log File Download Conversation Text Download Thanks,
  11. You may spot it, but LIST2R has the same issue 🙂
  12. Hi, I'm not sure if this is P2A or Navigraph. When I've been issued the LIST2Y SID from 23L at EGCC it looks like this on the P2A map But it's actually supposed to look like this according to t e Navigraph chart: P2A seems to have put MCT DME-7 in the wrong place Thanks,
  13. Hi @Dave-Pilot2ATC, Sorry, post my last bug about co-pilot in the wrong part of the forum! One more I noticed, I'm not sure whether this is Pilot2ATC or Navigraph. It's happened for the last two AIRAC cycles. It doesn't show itself when using Navigraph for other products like the PMDG etc. The London approach, ILS 27R with the BIG transition, has an odd waypoint that's miles out and can't be amended as it's part of a procedure. Thanks, Mark.
  14. Hi @Dave-Pilot2ATC, I've seen this pop up a few times and I originally had this issue myself until you helped me, but it seems to be a recurring bug. I've noticed that every time you start Pilot2ATC, the Co-pilot responds for you by default. Even if the boxes aren't checked. If you 'clear' the options, it works for that sessions, then as soon as you restart it again, it's back to responding for you. It seems to be a bit bugged. Here's some pictures of what I see. This is after a fresh startup The boxes are unchecked and the respond to radio hotkey and radio button are either blank or say none. So this should not respond. However, it does. So what I do after every time I've restarted Pilot2ATC is click Clear against both of these settings which then looks like the below. Now you can see that it states Disabled and none, this is how you stop it. But as soon as you restart Pilot2ATC it will default back to the top picture again and you will have to do this all over again. Hope this helps, I'm assuming this is a bug? It only started since the last update was applied, Thanks, Mark.
  15. 🤦‍♂️ that was it!!!! I suspected it was something I was doing because it's odd no one else had reported it yet, but could I find it!?!?! Thanks for your help Dave.
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