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  1. Highflyer525

    Pilot2ATC Network PTT Sender/Receiver apps

    This can be downloaded from the X-Plane.org forum now as a utility. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54843-pilot2atc-ptt-network-kit/ Thanks, Mark.
  2. Highflyer525

    Pilot2ATC Network PTT Sender/Receiver apps

    Hi @joelpacheco, Great, glad it worked OK for you and thanks for the feedback. As it happens, I've also had a requirement to add some more 'non-standard' keys, as I use my laptop for flight planning as well, and whatever character you enable as the hot key in P2A then stops working in other apps as P2A is obviously listening for it. So based on my need and now yours, I've updated the PTT Receiver to present a much more comprehensive choice of keys, including function and other 'special' keys to keep it out the way of the standard alphanumeric keys. See how you get on with 1.3, same link in original post. Cheers, Mark. Version History --------------- V1.3 - 16/09/2019 * Added a more comprehensive list of keyboard keys to select from in PTT receiver V1.2 - 14/09/2019 * Fixed bug where pressing set for controller 2 highlighted wrong button box V1.1 - 13/09/2019 * Added controller names in drop down menu rather than generic names * Added the ability to assign the PTT and 'Say it' buttons to different controllers * Added menu strip with about and exit menus V1.0 Initial Release - 11/09/2019
  3. Highflyer525

    Pilot2ATC Network PTT Sender/Receiver apps

    Can't edit my original comment now, but I've already made some changes, that'll probably be it unless anyone has any requests. It became obvious yesterday that I really needed to be able to assign the PTT and 'Say it' buttons to different controllers. I also wanted the proper name of the controllers to appear in the drop down menus. Now you can and now it does. Welcome to 1.1 🙂 Please use original link. Version History --------------- V1.1 - 13/09/2019 * Added controller names in drop down menu rather than generic names * Added the ability to assign the PTT and 'Say it' buttons to different controllers * Added menu strip with about and exit menus V1.0 Initial Release - 11/09/2019 Cheers, Mark.
  4. Highflyer525

    Pilot2ATC Network PTT Sender/Receiver apps

    OK great, I've just tested it across a Windows 7 / Window 10 setup and it worked perfectly. Good luck, Mark.
  5. Highflyer525

    Potential bugs - Sayit hotkey and taxiway maintenance

    Hi @Dave-Pilot2ATC, Working on LOWW taxiways and it happened again. I happened to be recording it this time, only from my phone, so sorry about the dodgy image, but thought it would be useful for you to see. One key thing I noticed is that, once it's happened, the wait cursor permanently appears, but only when hovering over the left pane. I know the devil is in the detail when trying to track stuff down like this. Feels like it's trying to complete a task in the background still. I'd been working on it for 10 minute, basically imported LOWW, went down the runway entrances, deleting any points between the runway point and the hold short point, then right clicked the hold short point and changed the type to hold short. Created the odd new point every now and again, always clicked save after that to give it an ID before continuing. You can down the vid from my OneDrive. Cheers, Mark.
  6. Highflyer525

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Hi all, Created a new post with the previously mentioned applications here. Cheers, Mark.
  7. Hi all, I'm new to Pilot2ATC but I could see an instant need to be able to send joystick commands from my Sim machine to my Laptop where P2A reside. I'm an X-Plane user. I wasn't really up for paying for anymore software so I've written a couple of programs that basically run on each computer and then allow the transmission of a PTT and SayIt button over to the client machine running P2A. You can download a copy here. It's very basic, not very pretty, but it's only a quick fix to solve a personal problem, but judging by the size of the pinned P2A networking thread, I'm not the only one so I thought I'd share!! 🙂 All instructions are contained within the readme, I've only done minimal testing, but it works perfectly on my rig. Any feedback or bugs can be reported back to me here. You'll need to make sure you have .NET 4.7.2 installed as well. @Dave-Pilot2ATC, I take it it's OK for me to share .EXEs on here? Any questions, let me know. Cheers, Mark. P.s. Only tested on Windows 10
  8. Hi Dave, Whilst I've been working away on the PTT network sender and configuring airports I've noticed a couple of oddities that I thought I'd share in case they're bugs. I've noticed that when the Sayit Hot key is enabled, and you change the assignment of the key, it will not work until you uncheck and then recheck enable for the Sayit hot key. Only minor but thought I'd mention it. (This does not happen with the PTT key when performing the same task) Secondly, when I've been editing airports, after importing them from X-Plane, every now and again, quite randomly, I'll delete a normal taxiway marker, and suddenly lots will disappear, including all of their paths. I've since learnt that when this happens, save, quit the maintenance manager and then load it again, and all is as it should be again, and the one I deleted did actually delete. So it's working correctly from a database perspective it seems, it's more of a visual glitch. I've noticed a workaround is to delete paths rather than points, and this doesn't have the same effect. Hope it helps, Mark.
  9. Highflyer525

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Hi all, I'm on day 5 of testing P2A now. It's so awesome. I've got mine networked too, with X-Plane. I wanted to use my Saitek Yoke PTT button so I wrote a couple of small programs, one for the remote PC and one for the Sim PC, that lets me transfer button presses from my yoke to P2A over the network, so I can press PTT just like it's local. I'd imagine this will work with any combination of sims/controllers though as it's simply just transferring button presses and actually has nothing to do with X-Plane, P2A or Saitek. When I've finished testing tomorrow I'll share them with you all. I'm now already thinking, maybe I should have allowed a "Say it" button press as well, why do these things come to me when I've finished!!!! It's pretty basic, and not very glamourous, but it does what it says on the tin!! 🙂 So anyone else on the verge of buying additional software, hold fire, this may be of some use to you. Cheers, Mark.
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for the quick response. Ahh I see, I never thought about the different providers having different date maps. Looking forward to the next up date, sounds like there's a few great things on the horizon. I've managed for now. With some very carful comparison between P2A, Google and Navigraph charts, I'm pretty sure I've managed to work around the issue and put the few taxiways in place I needed to make sure I can get around the airport as it is in the scenery. I did import the scenery actually as it's an add-on, and some odd gates are what alerted me to it in the first place. All sorted now though. Thanks for your help, Mark.
  11. Hi, Just spent quite a bit if time updating ENGM airport taxiways, only to realise the satellite overlay the taxiway maintenance form uses is quite a bit out of date. If you look at Google Maps for ENGM, you'll see there's a new part to the terminal, lots of new parking spaces and taxiways etc. Is it possible to update these maps? I thought it was pulling them live, but I guess not if there slightly out. Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Mark.
  12. Highflyer525

    Handling Achronyms in P2A

    Hey all, I'm three days into a trial using P2A with X-Plane. Getting on well with it, considering I have to use the US voice recognition engine and I'm British. (Zed not Zee etc. 😉 ) However, one point, I suppose you could call it a bug, is the way it (or windows really) handles Acronyms. I find it hard to try and guess whether it's expecting letters or words. For example NDB & ILS are all said as letters, yet VOR is said as the word VOOOOR. I did some research and apparently this is because when an Acronym has a vowel in it, Text to speech will try and say it rather then spell it. This can be overridden however, by putting full stops between each letter, and at the end of the word too. The full stop at the end of the word is important, otherwise Text to speech will say the full stops too. So VOR become V.O.R. and then it is said V O R by text to speech. If we could do this with every Acronym, including SIDS, STARS, intersections and others, then at least we'll all know where we stand and we're not left trying to pronounce intersections back that can't be said and we know to use letters regardless. Other than that, I love the product, great, in depth, accurate. Love it!!!!! Hope this feedback proves useful. Cheers,
  13. Perfect, thanks for the response Kevin.
  14. Hi all, I've done my research but I can't find the answer anywhere so thought i'd post. I've just experienced an apparently common phenomena/bug in P3D/FSX (Although I have P3D V4) where the spray from taking off on a wet runway stays with the plane through the rest of the entire flight regardless of weather. An annoying extra jet stream about 20 foot below the plane. More details can be found here: Apparently this can be remedied by disabling/renaming the fx_SnowEngineWash.fx file but this stops the effect completely. I'd like to know whether the FSFX Immersion packages also fixes this fault either by replacing this file or providing the same effects (but better of course! ) so I can remove it without loss? Thanks, Mark.