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  1. Good morning, I apologize for disturbing you because in fact it was me who made a mistake! the frequencies now work perfectly. Prolem solved.
  2. Hello, Here is a short video to show you the bug. Thanks for your help. http://cd91.eu/P2ATC/BugRadio.mp4
  3. Bonjour Dave , I stopped simu fs 20 and XP 11 for about a year. And no longer having my old version, because I remade a new PC I downloaded your non-beta version then beta 5 but I see the same problem with these 2 versions. 1st it seems to me to be a bug that is in the voice recognition training menu. 1.jpg: I press pratice , a window opens without indicating any errors, it seems to me because the parameters chosen seem correct to me. http://cd91.eu/P2ATC/1.JPG 2.jpg: I close this window and 'practise' deactivates' and PTT in blue http://cd91.eu/P2ATC/2.jpg 3.jpg I press again on practice which is circled in blue and when I press 1s on PTT it is in blue and practice deactivates it...which makes it impossible to record my voice. http://cd91.eu/P2ATC/3.jpg again I press practice and the message window comes back, I close it I press again on 'practise' then on PTT which deactivates pratice which is selected in blue! A real obstacle course .... 🙂 So when in Atc or in voice rec windows training with your Atc phrases everything registers correctly. Merci for your help . Cordialement, Christy Desprin
  4. Thank you for your 2 images that allowed me to successfully import everything is ok now. You are super nice. in some time I will go to Paypal for you, because your software is really great.
  5. since you told me that the flight plan of RXP is the same as GFP I exported in RPX then I copied the file in my TDSGNTxi and I put the extension.gfp but it tells me that there is an error. http://img.cd91.eu/6gfp.png http://img.cd91.eu/5gfp.png I do not know what to do. 🙂
  6. Thank you very much for your answer, I followed your explanation but the flight plan did not copy to the .lnmpln folder. In LNM I have a flight plan in .lnmpln format that is open. but no file was saved in the specified folder. Thanks for your help http://img.cd91.eu/1gfp.png http://img.cd91.eu/2gfp.png Your info TDS : http://img.cd91.eu/3gfp.png
  7. Bonjour, I use your version 2.6.19 of your software. and I have TDS GTNXi FLight Sim which only accepts flight plans with .gfp extension. This is not indicated in the software. Do you think you can add the 'gfp' extension? I really like your flight plan tools, and it frustrates me to know that I won't be able to use it anymore because of this unplanned extension in LittleNavMap. Thanks https://www.tdssim.com/tdsgtnxi
  8. My reinstallation was successful I was able to create my template and add 2 more planes and I was able to modify the assignments, so everything is working fine. as a precaution I made a copy of the lorby_Li folder. I will email you a copy of my purchase. http://img.cd91.eu/lorby/temp.mp4
  9. Here is the whole LORBY_SI folder in zip. What I have done : 1) I uninstalled and deleted all the folders on my 😄 drive that were still there. 2) I cleaned my registry and reinstalled AOO. 3) I launched FS20 chose the cessa G1000 without creating templates for the moment, because I only made 4 events and 2 axes. (I have the manual open by my side ... I don't want to make mistakes again). This to check what I'm doing. The saitek radio came on fine and is working. The manual explains page 25 Master and clone showing the same aircraft with a different livery. is this principle cloning can be done starting from my 'cessna 172 g1000' model and renaming it to PA28 by unchecking the red bar as indicated in your manual? so that I can then make changes if I need to. or it's only for the livery, and for the other planes it's pages 27 of the manual, or I'm going to create my 1 cessna template and later I'll choose the name of another plane. But when I did this the 1st time on my uninstalled files, I couldn't modify the new plane and there was no red bar to disable like for cloning. I therefore prefer to tell you about it before I finish my first model. Le lien du zip I have not modified any files in the attached folder. http://img.cd91.eu/lorby/AOO.zip
  10. In fact my mistake was not to have opened the manual and see pages 27 to 31, because by reviewing this I understand my mistakes! I will therefore uninstall and reinstall and redo a 1st templates and follow the manual to the letter, that should solve the box I created .
  11. Hello, following the 1st message, and with the copy of the .xml file I took a good look at this one and it seemed to me that there were abnormal things, due to the fact of bad manipulation on my part in AAO, n' I didn't quite understand how to do it! Having made backups of my 1st PA28.xml profile (without another profile from another aircraft). I erased the 3 profiles and copied my PA28 backup. And actually I have the same problem. [snip] here is the second video : http://cd91.eu/template.mp4 this is the second time I have this problem, the first time I did not post, I simply uninstalled and reinstalled then I redid a new configuration of PA28. and it worked fine with the 1st plane, and the problems arose when I created a second profile for the cessa 172 G1000. This is due to errors on my part I imagine. But we must recognize that if there were separate profiles for each of the planes we want to use, it would be much easier to manage. (as it is possible to do in Fs20 or Spad next which I find slower to create a profile) hence the fact that I prefer AAO, but here I am pedaling in sauerkraut... 🙂
  12. Hi, Tonight I wanted to make a profile for the cessna 152. on the video observe that the chosen PA28 profile is not displayed. la vidéo 1'22 AAO is totally frozen, you can't see it on the image but you hear a repetitive sound, because I tried with my mouse to click on the button: green at the bottom left to create an action event. but I had to close AAO in AAO the 1st time I created a profile was: PA28 turbo single-engine aircraft Arrow.tmpl. then later I made a profile for the Cessna 172 and was perfectly successful. did I make a mistake? Here Xml files : [snip] Merci
  13. It looks like i didn't see your answer before i posted the new link. Anyway in your answer there is a super important info in order to find the folder that saves the position of the window. thank you so much so i have another option, to solve this problem. Brilliant of you.
  14. Finally I was lucky, having finally found a link where the different procedures to solve this problem were more precisely explained and I managed to bring up the AAO window. I redid the manipulation 10 times and each time that AAO did not open I managed to make the window appear again. I post this new link, to allow other users encountering this W10 problem in 4 screen mode including 3 in surround to solve this very annoying problem. https://www.futura-sciences.com/tech/questions-reponses/pc-deplacer-fenetre-situee-hors-ecran-12946/
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