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  1. The problem is resolving 🙂 the problem is solved, thanks again to Dave. and especially thank you for this excellent ATC multi simu. it is a real pearl for the realism of the simulation. The voice recognition system with its training is really super well done. My voice is perfectly well recognized with and the sentences interpreted, all this are just happiness.
  2. Thank you so much, I fixed the error .. my fingers crossed for it to work, I will test it tomorrow.
  3. Thanks Dave, I managed to retrieve the radio com window. i did a new flight and unfortunately i still can't hear the chatter .wav files! However, I installed the files correctly. I reread the manual translated into French by Beaujon and I noticed a difference in installation! So I modified my folder installation which was: E: \ Pilot2ATC_2018_x64 \ Sounds \ ATC-Chatter \ Regions \ Europe \ Controllers \ Apt by following the manual indicating a difference on under the picture below. despite this change in the installation of the files I do not hear any voice chatting! I spent several hours with this problem and now I do not know what to do!
  4. hello, Problem radio com P2ATC and Chatter XP-11-51 until now, I no longer used the P2atc radio panel, which did not want to open the radio com menu (only radio Nav)! Having a Saitek panel radio, I reinstalled it and it works great with small planes. Then I bought the 'chatter' files and there I am in the embarrassment, because 'radio com' not wanting to open does not have access to the volume control for the chatter sounds! is there an .ini file in P2a allowing me to adjust the volume to hear these.wav files Currently I can't hear anything at all! I found the AppConfig.xml file ligne 1008 at 1012 : Is it on this line: 1010 value volume that I can solve my problem? Here the file structure folder : E:\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64\Sounds\ATC-Chatter\Regions\Europe\Controllers\Apt http://cd91.eu/XP11/COM.jpg Merci for help 🙂
  5. Super nice thank you. Lots of modifications to the plane, super happy to be able to test this. For the flight model option we have chosen Modern?
  6. 1) I had totally forgotten the 'double click' and in the manual that I read as soon as I have a problem, not found. I just did a 'double click' test and it's ok now. A problem solved therefore 🙂 2)A new paid version won't bother me, because your app is a few years old now. Do you have an idea of a release period ?
  7. I closed the 10 'pc instead of restarting it and P2Atc is open without problem. But when I look at the task manager: it indicates that it is open 2 times! and that's not the case at all. I closed and reopened P2atc it opened correctly, but the same in the task manager. it is very strange that.
  8. I haven't changed anything on my PC and since that day when I run P2Atc it opens but does not display the interface.here is the error indicated: whereas I absolutely did not launch P2Atc twice. I restarted the PC and it didn't change anything. Ps: I am going to turn off my PC 15 'and restart it then launch P2Atc again, and I confirm this problem.
  9. I only tested on LFTZ st tropez airport and my plane was on the same number chosen on LNM. but I fear that this is perhaps not always the case it is necessary to check this and to indicate it on the forum.
  10. Merci dave, it would be nice if 'user defined' was not displayed on the map it takes up too much space on the map. a name like: wp 1, wp2 etc ... would be ideal. (this is how Little nav map (free) works) Suggestion: why your software does not allow the card to detach from the interface, and that we can thus put it to the desired size. Embedded in the interface we do not see the map well enough. I have to use: Littlenav map to have the moving-map map set to the size that suits me. And also to create flight plans with WP, without having the text: 'user definited' which is disturbing. then put p2Atc on the mini-screen and add the moving map (LNM) on P2Atc .. it's really not cool to have to use a paid software plus one (free) to get what you need. Cordially,
  11. Hi Dave , to create IFR flight plans, I find it more practical to use LittleNav Map which in addition allows you to detach the map 'only' at the desired location and size. But at the same time I use PAtc for ATC and vocal recognition. and I must therefore import the plans made under LNM in .pln here is an example of 2 .pln files - They are perfectly imported in MSFS version 1.8.3 but in P2Atc problem with LFTZ. 1) LNM : and problem in P2Atc : Here the files.pln .zip http://cd91.eu/MSFS/LnavMap/pvols.zip Hope this helps you solve this problem. cordially
  12. Hi, Since update 1.8.3 MSFS the flight plans created with LNM which did not load correctly, are now perfectly imported.
  13. sorry for my error ! http://cd91.eu/MSFS/LnavMap/pvols.zip If this problem is planned in your update, that's fine. and thank you.
  14. Here is a problem encountered on a flight pal made with LNM and problem saved in .PLN I want to recover it in Pilot2Atc which accepts almost all PlanVols files Precision for the name of the flight plan I believe that it is necessary to avoid (and) on MSFS 20 I fear a problem and therefore I modified the name. Import in P2Atc : P2Atc was unable to see the Pvol points and it displays a totally wrong path! What is astonishing on the other hand, is that he had succeeded 2 days ago on a 1st flight plan to import it correctly. the particularity of the (2 plans) that I realized is that I only use the WP on your card = red triangle AND in MSFS it was impossible for me to properly recover the LFTZ flight plan, he indicated the starting track LFTZ but without track and at 1640 feet Altitude. I started the flight and I was not at LFTZ (1640 feet) at all. Here is a .zip file with the 2 plans made in LNM, I hope that will help you? http://cd91.eu/MSFS/LnavMap/ln2.jpg Merci.
  15. votre question Albar : On my pc MSFS steeam is : C:\Users\Christy\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt 3) On my pc MSFS steeam is : C:\Users\Christy\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages : the folder is completely empty but here : E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\PublishedPackages : the file contains an .xml file : PublishedPackages_TiedToExe.xml , here is its content : On my PC is différent ! E:\MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR\PACKAGES\Official\Steam\ fs-base and fs-base-nav and folder community is : E:\MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR\PACKAGES\Community if it can be useful to you?
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