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  1. Have an ASUS 5700 XT that started giving me the "driver timeout" approximately after the December update. Went back to the August driver and have had zero issues since. Most of my flying is bush type, low and slow. Really loving it. All AMD setup.
  2. KSFB also has nice jetways leading to nothing! Just a little weird.
  3. I was having unpredictable rudder control on the ground until I made sure all the "Assists" were turned off. Now my rudder control is fine.
  4. Thanks! Can't believe how responsive you are. Says a lot about a person who values their work!
  5. How do I put the flight plan file into XP11? Is it a manual copy and paste into the correct directory? Where do I get the Navmap XP flight plan file from? Thank you! Can't wait to start using this.
  6. Thank you. I'm using an iMac 27, OS 11, and don't have a problem running in windowed mode. I think the two windows could run simultaneously and I could run them together real time...I think. I have a lot to learn, but the flight planning/moving map mean a lot to me! And free means a lot to my wife since I'm now retired and have to pay for a new roof (courtesy of hurricane Irma.)
  7. As a new Plane user this looks like what I've been searching for. Quick question. If I'm flying on my only screen, can I access this program on the same screen while still flying? Does it require a second screen?
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