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  1. FSX

    vFlyte has a 30% off discount on their own site until today (Labor Day sale) for all their products (sorry I can't post links).
  2. XP11

    Spectacular shots! I really like your light.
  3. It's live:
  4. Hi Mitch, confirmed. I do not have a superpowerful rig, yet I am getting very good FPS, as you can see yourself from my shots, with peaks of 84-92 FPS. Needless to say, I use Ortho ZL17 there. I am really impressed with performance. Tony found a great balance between quality and usability. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some nice details if you do not want to jeopardize performance.
  5. It is supposed to be released tomorrow. Tony let some of us try it for testing.
  6. If you like Alps, then you will be amazed at the new Dolomites 3D by Frank Dainese. It should be released in September.
  7. I have both versions for FSX and both are superb. Really a great news and an excellent addition to FSW.
  8. More from the air (there is a 20 pic limit per post):
  9. Testing the upcoming L52 (Oceano Airport) by @tonywob.
  10. Apologies. I also misundestood your post and was probably ruder than I should've been. Peace.
  11. HumptyDumpty's post was just a joke and was directed to the OP. Don't worry about that. All zibomod versions are stable, as far as I have seen. Obviously, none of them is perfect. Sometimes it may happen that you lose a feature with an update that you had properly working in the previous version, but this is part of the constant improvement. It is a real work in progress and I am really impressed about how it improved since day 1, update after update. Needless to say, there is still a lot of work to be done, but zibo is very talented and works with an incredible pace. In my opinion, this is by large the best freeware I have seen along the years and the best part is that it is receiving feedback and support from other users and third parties (the sound pack, in particular, is really impressive). Makes you wonder what the community is capable of doing when talented people join their forces.
  12. What's the point of mentioning PMDG in a thread about the 737-800 zibomod within the X-Plane forum? Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but frankly this is getting boring. I really miss the times when AVSIM was a place open to multiple platforms, where people discussed without constant comparisons and cross-references with the sole goal of feeding their own bias. Moreover, did you bother to try the zibomod? The FMC is being constantly improved with daily updates. If you care to read the thread on the, you will certainly notice it's getting very positive feedback from real 737 pilots. How does it compare to PMDG? With all due respect, I could not care less.