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  1. XP11

    Very nice shots. Excellent lighting!
  2. While nobody has hard conclusive figures (provided they ever exist), it is safe to state that X-Plane is being all but static. Quite the contrary, if one observes the trends on YouTube, Facebook, Discord groups, number of Twitch lives etc, then he can safely conclude that the interest for X-Plane is growing dramatically in the last months. One of the Facebook groups dedicated to XP, for example, is increasing the number of subscriptions at a rate of about 500 units per month with a rejection rate of 50-75%. I observe similar trends in the number of views on YouTube channels dedicated to X-Plane. Obviously, the release of the FF A320 brought another peak of interest on this side. How this does compare to the interest rate for other simulators, like P3D for example, is hard to say, as many simmers use both platforms (and often others like FSW, AF2 and DCS). One thing is sure, though: X-Plane is definitely growing and growing fast.
  3. No. Orbx will develop for X-Plane. Or, to use JV words " the cat is out of the bag that Orbx is developing for XP". Now it's official.
  4. JV has just admitted those screenshots actually come from X-Plane and why (sorry, no link). I think this pretty much explains and closes this issue.
  5. Let's wait. Maybe Orbx will come out with a credible and plausible explanation at some point. Or maybe not. Errors happen. Sometimes they are made in good faith, sometimes not. Time will tell.
  6. FSX

    vFlyte has a 30% off discount on their own site until today (Labor Day sale) for all their products (sorry I can't post links).
  7. XP11

    Spectacular shots! I really like your light.
  8. It's live:
  9. Hi Mitch, confirmed. I do not have a superpowerful rig, yet I am getting very good FPS, as you can see yourself from my shots, with peaks of 84-92 FPS. Needless to say, I use Ortho ZL17 there. I am really impressed with performance. Tony found a great balance between quality and usability. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some nice details if you do not want to jeopardize performance.
  10. It is supposed to be released tomorrow. Tony let some of us try it for testing.
  11. If you like Alps, then you will be amazed at the new Dolomites 3D by Frank Dainese. It should be released in September.
  12. I have both versions for FSX and both are superb. Really a great news and an excellent addition to FSW.
  13. More from the air (there is a 20 pic limit per post):