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  1. I am 75, have been simming since '84 (ATP anyone?), and am financially limited in my sim allowance. Having said that, I have not spent anything on other A/C (except the C-310R) so that I can make sure I can afford this one! Looking forward to it!
  2. Have an ASUS 5700 XT that started giving me the "driver timeout" approximately after the December update. Went back to the August driver and have had zero issues since. Most of my flying is bush type, low and slow. Really loving it. All AMD setup.
  3. KSFB also has nice jetways leading to nothing! Just a little weird.
  4. I was having unpredictable rudder control on the ground until I made sure all the "Assists" were turned off. Now my rudder control is fine.
  5. Thanks! Can't believe how responsive you are. Says a lot about a person who values their work!
  6. How do I put the flight plan file into XP11? Is it a manual copy and paste into the correct directory? Where do I get the Navmap XP flight plan file from? Thank you! Can't wait to start using this.
  7. Thank you. I'm using an iMac 27, OS 11, and don't have a problem running in windowed mode. I think the two windows could run simultaneously and I could run them together real time...I think. I have a lot to learn, but the flight planning/moving map mean a lot to me! And free means a lot to my wife since I'm now retired and have to pay for a new roof (courtesy of hurricane Irma.)
  8. As a new Plane user this looks like what I've been searching for. Quick question. If I'm flying on my only screen, can I access this program on the same screen while still flying? Does it require a second screen?
  9. I'd like to know what the performance profiles are for the Turbo Charger version. I need to document the A/C profile for my flight planner, and see many numbers being used by knowledgable folks. Would anyone care to share their turbo values with me that they think are reasonable? Thanks!
  10. Great ideas! Bought the 750, installed it on the pedestal, and hit my head every time i try to look down at it. So having it as a pop up is a good idea. It seems that the only screen the GTN pop up installer gives me as an option for the pop up is the Info Screen (shift+5 or 6, can't remember exactly). Wonder why it limits me to that page?
  11. Thanks for the info Ed and Kabronicus! I'll pursue the checklist and AP issues as soon as I get the 750. I went to the Carenado site and saw no 750 pix on the pedestal. Nevertheless, if that's where it gets installed, it seems almost easier to just use the non-integrated 750 pop up. Granted you just have to click on the integrated 750 frame to get the 750 up close, but how are the general pop ups brought up (when using the 750 on AC where it isn't integrated?) Maybe I just don't understand yet how to use a non-integrated 750 pop up. I just completed a loooong VFR cross-country from Key West to Friday Harbor (in 60-90 minute flight segments…all I had time for at a sitting) and I hardly ever went to all the trouble to look at the base of the pedestal and then zoom in to try and see what it says. I just did shift+2 all the time. Clunky, but it worked. It just never stayed up when I changed views. Anyway thanks a lot gents! It'll only get to be more fun as I learn to fly this classic better!
  12. Birthdays are extra special as you get older (i.e., grateful for each one!) As a retiree I can't spend much on my flightsim hobby, but I was able to get the Shrike (my all-time favorite) for Father's Day, and I soon turn 68, so wifie offers up for a flightsim-type gift. I have been looking at the GTN 750 for some time, and wonder if someone who has integrated the 750 would kindly post some screens of how it looks in the panel. Also, am I correct that you can put the Shrike checklists into the 750? If so, how complicated would that be? Anyway, thanks in advance. Now back to rereading the many posts here about how to realistically use the unique AP...
  13. Has anyone noticed that, with Greg's TC changes, the takeoff "feels" like it is accelerating REALLY fast? I like the increased speed in the air, but may not do full throttle takeoffs. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. Someday I'd like to get the 750, but that's a few allowances from now.
  15. I keep things pretty simple. I have assigned button 20 to lower the flaps one increment and button 19 to raise the flaps one increment. This way it seems easier to know where I'm at in the cycle. Wait, it just dawned on me you may not have the Saitek throttle. If all you have is the yoke, then you don't have too many buttons to spare, but if you want to use two of them, you can do the same thing.
  16. I'm new to the Shrike and am trying to learn more about the systems. I've looked on the Garmin site, YouTube, as well as the 530 doc I got with my Milviz 310R, and all of these have more info on the 530 than the Carenado info contains. So for those of you who are familiar with the 530, what level of realism should I expect to see as I learn how to use the Shrike version of the 530? Thanks
  17. Actually, it was a memory problem. I operate at a pretty high level of CPU use in FSX and when it gets too high, under certain circumstances (like using auto pilot on rare occasions) it would just skip the fuselage rendering. Hope to solve the CPU problem soon.
  18. Hey Dave, Great suggestion! Ordered a good (based on reviews, that is) powered hub from Amazon today. That can only help! Larry
  19. Good questions! Win 7/64 Ultimate just the three controls connected into the yoke (along with the pedals and trim wheel) yoke is plugged into a 4-port mini USB hub which is plugged into the MBP Hub has no external power Normally this setup works just fine. Thanks!
  20. Sorry for the longish post, and it's your own fault if you keep on reading, but... I have been using the Saitek throttles with my MacBookPro/Bootcamp combination. Recently, for no apparent reason, the throttle input (I use the standard T/P/M setup) started jumping all over the place. Reading in the forum, I took the unit apart, cleaned and lubricated the best I could, and it sort of worked but then stopped entirely. So, deciding it was a lost cause, I reprogrammed the remaining two controls so at least I'd have a throttle. All of a sudden a couple days ago, the throttle control started working just fine, thank you. Which was good because the other two controls started acting up - both only giving me about half of the throw from min to max (like nothing, nothing, everything!). I grabbed my AV8R and took my frustrations out in the air. I was very happy the next day when, having turned the system on, ALL controls worked just fine! Rejoicing, I went into MS setup and calibration to make sure I could preserve this now, three "working controls" unit. After returning from calibration, the middle and right controls went back to their semi-functional routines. I'm not thinking happy thoughts by now. I'm reading all the forums I can. Yesterday I fire it up, and…everything works just fine. I stayed away from calibration, fired up my Shrike and blissfully flew! But it bothers me not knowing why my unit is off and on! I'm doing nothing different each day. So a question: Could this be a problem between the MSFSX connectivity with my controller? (Not sure if that question even makes sense, but nothing else seems to make sense either.) If I registered my FSUIPC (yeah, I know it doesn't cost much but I'm retired Navy and on an allowance from my CINC) and set/ran the accessories through it, could that might make a difference? I've been thinking about that. Any way, if any of this rambling resonates with anyone, I'd sure like to hear about it. Thanks! BlueGhost
  21. All of a sudden today I find that when I engage the AP, it works fine, but then I go to an exterior view and my Shrike has no fuselage! I just have wings, tail, and the interior hanging out over the Gulf of Mexico. I turn the AP off and I have a complete looking aircraft. I'd put a picture here but not sure how to attach photos. I use much of my pc memory when I fly, but this is something new! Any thoughts? Or should I delete it and reinstall? Thanks!
  22. Reading old, old online articles about the AC 200 series, they say that aileron trim was not included (for some reason that wasn't clear to me). Guess I'll just have to keep recalibrating my yoke, hand correcting, and using heading hold on the AP. But I love the plane!
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