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  1. texerrn

    liveries will not load.

    my 737 for P3dv4 will not load any new livery. the livery manager says they have been added, but they do not show up and are not available in the sim. The default textures aircraft are there. I also have the cloudmaster from PMDG, new version livery seem ok and were added correctly. I Have tried 'repair' option but no help. I am reluctant to completely delete the product and reinstall. Lee Stubblefield.
  2. texerrn

    Nothing works... [SOLVED]

    OK I have flown the maddog. thank your sir. A learning experience. I have something to learn for the rest of the winter. Between the MD 80 and P3D vr 4.2 i am blown away! "KEEP THEM FLYING"
  3. texerrn

    Nothing works... [SOLVED]

    wow, outstanding! I am very close. I have only one small error and we are there. I have duplicate aircraft errors for the seven liveries. in maddog folder air.cfg shows all is correct, ? Now then what i did, reinstalled P3D version reinstalled new maddog installer. Your are now in the subfolder.
  4. texerrn

    Flight Sim Commander flight plans

    Would you expand. I have FSC but not familiar with how to export in plan. Tx
  5. texerrn

    Nothing works... [SOLVED]

    By all means. Using 64bit version ,p3dv4.2, pointed to my p3dv4.2 on a separate drive. After install numerous maddogX filers found in my users files. They are there. Aircraft show up. Setup appears, registration appears correct, states I am registered. Nothing on the panel works. No maddog appears in any menu. No way to switch on power as stated by above . Have downloaded and reinstalled until I am beyond frustrated. Ps note this is not the first complaint, see switches don't work from days ago. I hate to be so negative but there is a trend here. I am not the only person seeing this. I would love to see this work.
  6. texerrn

    Nothing works... [SOLVED]

    I have tried for three days, same issue. I do have a ticket open, only recommendation so far reinstall with a new download. This is not working. I would love for this to work, but I don't intend to wait forever
  7. I have yet to take off. Unable to stay on runway on take off. Have calibrated rudders. all other aircraft I have function well. As soon as i start accelerating and get up to less than V1 it gets impossible to track the runway centerline. trying to reducing props levers to about 50%, still becomes to squirrely to fly Using Saitek rudder pedals.
  8. texerrn

    Landing Gear Being Stuck

    i have the same thing. landing gear inop. So sick of this!
  9. I normally look around the cabin, out the window by holding the space bar and using the mouse. the cursor changes to a cross hair icon. when you release the space bar the view should change back to a pointer. Right. If I try this it locks the view and the sim is useless. What is wrong? I have FSX and P3dv3 installed on seperate drives without this issue. Even re loaded the whole full download today. same as before.
  10. texerrn

    beta testing by purchaser many issues

    try holding left CTRL + F2
  11. texerrn

    beta testing by purchaser many issues

    obnoxious pop screen has not reappeared. I have flown two great flights, Great model. Now I can endorse it. Carenado, when you read this, don't do this again. Poor marketing of a really great product.
  12. By now I should know better than buy a aircraft on first release! i. I have a popup screen telling me about how the knobs work. says it will go away in 5 minutes. There is no way to close this screen, X does not work. When i restarted the sim. here comes the popup screen for another 5 minutes. Can anyone explain why the altimeter has red and white bars. non functional the autopilot just does not work, impossible to set, remains dark I have only had thisproduct for 30 minutes.
  13. texerrn

    SP1 Released

    can not get the activation to work. always get an error. wrong serial number. coping right of the page and pasting into the form.
  14. Concerning my problem with the autopilot pop-up. Just reloaded the aircraft, now looks fine. That solved it, Nevermind
  15. A new issue with pop up auto pilot display. With P3d I now have a border around the auto pilot . The other pop ups are fine. It was working alright until I moved it with the mouse. Now it looks funny, with a border and says autopilot. Can,t get it back to the way it was.