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  1. I´ve been the screen shot moderator for quite some time. :-) But I dropped out approx. 2 years ago and get back here from time to time.
  2. Hi guys, I think of doing the same (I have arround 60 Gb worth of addons installed atm). Just one thing: Is there any noticable perfromance incease? If it won´t be for an substantial performance increase, I will refrain from doing so.
  3. You still arround?! :-) Great set, great plane, where did you get it?
  4. Yeah, indeed. It´s modeling and systems were lightyears ahead of its time. Btw. another Fokker I´d like to have represented with today standards is the Fokker F28 Fellowship. There was once the model by Project Fokker, I loved cruising around with that.
  5. The HS748 was one of my most loved planes! Too bad there´s no new version of it arround.
  6. Very noble, Ed! I think he would have liked that! :smile:
  7. Why don´t you just go ahaed and get an Academic Licence? How will LM find out that you´re not supposed to? I´ve just checked the EULA, nothing said about any age constraint for Academic Licence.
  8. Farewell my friend! Thank you for all you´ve done! You´ve changed my live, you may never be forgotten!
  9. I guess that won´t work (and is a breach of EULA apparently). Anyway, I´ve just waited on this to make the jump over to P3D.
  10. No Problem, mate. I´ve got some experience with AFCAD´s, so it there´s any problem, just ask.
  11. Looks good. If you need some testing, I´m ready for it. :-)
  12. Shoudln´t. It´s freeware. I used that one too, very easy to use and extremely good. Stepped up to ASN though...
  13. Sorry if this has been asked before but I´m not completely clear what this programm does. Does it just control the AI planes in order to be more realistic? And if doing so, what´s with the ATC?
  14. Seldomly flying...

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