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  1. I´ve been the screen shot moderator for quite some time. :-) But I dropped out approx. 2 years ago and get back here from time to time.
  2. Hi guys, I think of doing the same (I have arround 60 Gb worth of addons installed atm). Just one thing: Is there any noticable perfromance incease? If it won´t be for an substantial performance increase, I will refrain from doing so.
  3. You still arround?! :-) Great set, great plane, where did you get it?
  4. Yeah, indeed. It´s modeling and systems were lightyears ahead of its time. Btw. another Fokker I´d like to have represented with today standards is the Fokker F28 Fellowship. There was once the model by Project Fokker, I loved cruising around with that.
  5. The HS748 was one of my most loved planes! Too bad there´s no new version of it arround.
  6. Very noble, Ed! I think he would have liked that! :smile:
  7. Why don´t you just go ahaed and get an Academic Licence? How will LM find out that you´re not supposed to? I´ve just checked the EULA, nothing said about any age constraint for Academic Licence.
  8. Farewell my friend! Thank you for all you´ve done! You´ve changed my live, you may never be forgotten!
  9. I guess that won´t work (and is a breach of EULA apparently). Anyway, I´ve just waited on this to make the jump over to P3D.
  10. No Problem, mate. I´ve got some experience with AFCAD´s, so it there´s any problem, just ask.
  11. Looks good. If you need some testing, I´m ready for it. :-)
  12. I bought both Mustangs as I just have a hang for them. I hardly fly the civ one after I was able to put a limited AP in it (holds just height and wings level after engaging with "Z". Great for some longer flights as without proper feedback, e.g. sitting in the plane and feeling it move up an down, it can be very exhausting). The old military P51D all the way. But as some said, it´s very demanding on take off and landing. You might check out Ant´s T-28D as trainer. That´s of course a 1950´s plane but I feel it´s good training for flying with old prop planes.
  13. Shoudln´t. It´s freeware. I used that one too, very easy to use and extremely good. Stepped up to ASN though...
  14. Sorry if this has been asked before but I´m not completely clear what this programm does. Does it just control the AI planes in order to be more realistic? And if doing so, what´s with the ATC?
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