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  1. Not on flight simulator though......
  2. Thanks guys. Didn't sound right to me...but in this day and age...who knows?
  3. 8 Jets, 14 helos? Can those numbers be correct?
  4. What a wonderful thread. I never really thought about my life in terms of "defining moments", but this thread encouraged me to do so. The one that jumps out is the meeting with my guidance counselor in high school my junior year. I was thinking in terms of the local college to study mathematics, with no real goal in mind for a profession, simply due to the fact that I was completely clueless on fields of endeavor, or professions. He strongly encouraged me to consider aiming higher to a renowned university and a specific professional concentration. I did as he advised, and the rest is the story of my life and career. My life was changed and shaped in a one hour meeting with my guidance counselor. There should be a special reward for people in that profession. Rick
  5. Hi all: Does anyone know what the sounds named AB1, AB2, and AB3 simulate? They are located in FSX/Sounds/Carenado/XL560/Basic. They run in the background constantly and I find them distracting. I finally changed the volume to very low on these sounds so now I hardly notice them. Just wondering.... Thanks Rick
  6. Thanks for chiming in Glenn. I always wondered why more guys don't mention the haze. I like mountainous terrain as much as anyone, but I prefer it to look realistic. Rick
  7. A beautiful piece of work. One comment I will make concerns the haze we are all familiar with in RW. It seems none of the sims have managed to capture it and the effect on the colors in the distance. Maybe just a bit early for MSFS.
  8. My favorite was Pussy Galore, and Mr. Connery's pronunciation of same....RIP a great man
  9. Better will always be the enemy of good enough.....
  10. Well, I have this aircraft working at 1.2 level and I must say that I think this is the most complete Carenado aircraft that I have purchased. Good frames, reasonable VAS (running FSX) and everything seems to work. I don't ask her to do a lot, but she does what I need to get from Point A to Point B, and TO and landing safely. Still exploring all the functions, but so far so good.
  11. Well, after reading all the work you guys have done on this bird, I bought it today, installed it, and had the same problem I have had with other Carenado aircraft. Frame rates less than 5. Running FSX. I have a mid range system 4.6 on the CPU and a Titan X. So my system should not be overpowered. I have seen this in the past and sometimes it is cured by playing around with accesses to the Carenadonavigraph folder. So I changed some permissions and accesses with no joy. Before installing the 560 I uninstalled all my other Carenado aircraft as I have seen some interference in the past. Right now this one is dead. I know I can go to the GTN but I would really like to have one of the Carenados actually work in "native mode". I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks Rick
  12. Wink207


    Some guys like to run their sim, some guys like to fix their sim.....to each his own
  13. Hi guys This is indeed a beautiful aircraft. I own it, having purchased it some years ago. Probably an early version. My only negative comment, as an FSX user, is that the version I own brought a heavy VAS burden. It was flyable, but only just. Beautiful aircraft though.
  14. I have a 42 inch 4k and at .7 or .8 magnification the controls are just about full size. The looks out the windows look right. I'm wondering what magnification you run at in the sim and how realistic it looks at 55 inch? Thanks Rick
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