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  1. Wink207

    Pitch up on glideslope capture

    Me too 🙂
  2. Hi all: Has anyone else noticed a slight pitch up when capturing the glide slope from below? It is not a large pitch up but definitely noticeable. Also seems to happen on RNAV approaches. It results in an overshoot on the capture as the following pitch down is more than really required. Just me? Thanks Rick
  3. Wink207

    FA50: Fuel system

    Thanks guys. Very, very helpful. Rick
  4. Wink207

    Questions please

    To ALCON: Al's LUA is a terrific little tool. I use it on every flight. It allows you to set a time until the sim pauses. Simple to use and reliable. Highly recommend.
  5. Wink207

    Falcon50 - OOM's

    Hi Martin: I run FSX with everything maxed other than autogen (dense) and water (2x low). I run LOD at 7. I believe I have seen one OOM in maybe 30 flights. I was away from the cockpit and when I returned FSX had crshed. Assume OOM. One day I went into BOS and heard the "ding" just as I pulled into the parking spot. When I first purchased the Falcon I set her up in a deserted field in Texas and compared her to a group of other popular aircraft. An unscientific test mind you:). The Falcon was just slightly higher than the Lear in VAS and way lower than the MD90. So I do avoid flying over dense scenery in any aircraft but on my rig I don't see VAS as a problem (yet) with the Falcon. Rick
  6. Wink207

    Falcon 50 - N5107 Paint Complete

    Hi Scott Great idea! Maybe your next paint could be a "....woodie"....:) Rick
  7. Wink207

    HSI Red Bearing Pointer

    Thanks guys and yes I like realism and I like the idea that electro-mechanical systems are not perfect. This realism keeps us pilots on our toes. In the RW, nothing is ever perfect. Rick
  8. Wink207

    HSI Red Bearing Pointer

    Thank you for the explanation. Very helpful. The quote above tells me that, when in GPS mode, the green line will no longer automatically track the GPS heading and the pilot needs to make an adjustment if one desires the green line to lie along the flight plan heading. This is a change, correct? Thanks Rick
  9. Wink207

    HSI Red Bearing Pointer

    Hi Al: Running latest Beta 4.5, or maybe 5.2 I think. Fresh download this morning. Maybe I am misunderstanding this a bit but right now I am flying in GPS mode and ALT on the autopilot panel with a flight plan active in my F1 GTN 750. On the HSI a red symbol looking like a T is at the top and a red symbol looking kinda like a diamond laying on it's side is at the bottom. And I do not see a solid red line. The only solid line in the HSI is the green line which appears to be inactive as I don't have an ADF or VOR teed up. Am II getting this? Thanks Rick
  10. Wink207

    Help Please Difficult FSX Problem

    Hi Doug That is a slick little tool you have for the sounds. And it is pretty easy to use as you said. So I tried various combinations of my RealTek speakers and the speakers in my 4k TV to play FSX sounds and Win sounds. Unfortunately, I still cannot get the sounds from this add on to play. It seems they have created a sound generator which is intended to play certain sounds through Windows and not FSX. But it just won't work for me. Using your tool I was able to dedicate FSX to my 4k, although not entirely as some FSX sounds seem to leak out and play through my speakers as well. However even with FSX directed to the 4K speakers, these elusive add on sounds just refuse to play under Windows. Easily the most perplexing issue I have ever seen in 20 years of simming. Thanks and best regards, Rick
  11. Wink207

    Falcon 50 no custom sounds for 1 customer

    Hi Have you made any progress on the sounds? I also do not have custom sounds and wondered if you have made progress? Rick
  12. Wink207

    Help Please Difficult FSX Problem

    Yes I tried this. Windows mode, click some switches. No sound, but no message box.
  13. Wink207

    Help Please Difficult FSX Problem

    Yes. Sorry I didn't see that download on the first pass. I'll take a good look at this Thanks
  14. Wink207

    Help Please Difficult FSX Problem

    Yes. They all play fine and with good volume in Media Player
  15. Wink207

    Help Please Difficult FSX Problem

    Video driver is new within the last couple months. What I did just now was to open the sound card box in Windows. I could see my RealTech speakers as default, then I chose the TV (monitor is 43"4k Vizio) speakers for "Playback". I lined that up and tested it so I could hear the test chime on the TV speakers. Now if I could figure out how to get these missing sounds to go to the TV!