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  1. Landing gear horn

    Err, isn't that allowing the tail to wag the dog? :) Just joking....
  2. Thank you sir. Works perfectly!!!
  3. Hi all: Can anyone please tell me how to cancel the flashing red light on the FMA when the auto throttle is taken out. I find it very annoying while flying a short final and have the light flashing constantly. The reset button on the FMA does not kill the flasher. Anyone? Thanks Rick
  4. Ok, that makes perfect sense. And I do press TOGA at the gate before start, so I see blanf/TKOFF/TKOFF. One additional parameter is that I am usually light on TO, around 120,000 lb so what happens is I reach 60 kts pretty quick and CLAMP kicks in which either prevents the software throttles from reaching TO, or pulls them back to the hardware position. So I'll check out FSUIPC, which I have registered. Thanks again
  5. Actually, that helps a lot. Once in CLAMP the A/T system is out of the equation, presumably until lift off. So really there is no choice but to manually advance the hardware to TO EPR after CLAMP, or leave the throttles in a null zone and use A/T TOGA from the beginning of the roll. I'll check what happens if I advance the throttles to 1.4, kick in the A/T, and retard the hardware back to a null zone. When you say "move up" to a null zone, I don't believe FSX/Saitek would support that. I need to retard. Thanks for the help. Rick
  6. Yes, thank you. I have been through these. In particular, if you review the departure video you will see that in the subject sim the throttles are manually advanced to 1.4, then auto throttle is selected and the EPR moves up to TO and stays there. That is not what I am seeing in MADDOG.
  7. Hi all: I wonder if someone could clarify an auto throttle question. I have read all the auto throttle threads and I understand how the MADDOG works here and the importance of a null zone on the throttle hardware. The question I have is this: at altitude when the auto throttle is in FMS speed or FMS over ride, the hardware throttles have no effect on the sim. I can move 'em back and forth with no effect. Much like the usual FSX auto throttle sim. However, on the take off roll as we've seen, after selecting auto throttle and TOGA, with the TRP in TO, the auto throttle is affected by the hardware, hence the need for a null zone. So as another poster mentioned, if we advanced the throttles to say 1.4 EPR, then select auto throttle, in my system the EPR will move up to the correct value for TO, but then move back down to wherever the hardware throttles ended up. So the choices seem to be to manually advance the hardware to the TO EPR, or just leave them in a null zone and select TOGA and auto throttle. So after all that smoke, my real question comes down to is this behavior a limitation of the sim, either FSX or MADDOG? Why doesn't the auto throttle ignore the hardware position in TO as it does in other modes? I haven't flown the NGX for awhile but I don't remember that type of behavior. Thoughts? Thanks Rick
  8. Sound is not that good

    As I said earlier, I've paxed many times in first on the 88 and 80 and you cannot hear the engines from first, and the cockpit is behind considerable structure after that. Maybe with the window open......:)
  9. Thank you Michele for your response. I took a careful look at the brakes just now. Of course the serious problem has been fixed and the brakes do not lock up on the MADDOG so long as the sensitivity is close to maximum, not all the way on the FSX sliders but about 3/4 of the way. This certainly is good but the brakes still seem pretty binary, either zero force or maximum force. This is a nit and it certainly is serviceable but what happens is that if you try to "tap" the brakes to slow a bit while taxiing the brakes grab and the nose dips. Not great but something we can live with. You know, this aircraft is just so wonderful that we maybe expect perfection everywhere!!!! Thanks and best regards, Rick
  10. Confused about Speedbugs

    Hmm. I thought the 2nd bug was V2......
  11. Shiny MD 80 MadDog in the sun.

    I remember when USAir changed their call sign to "Cactus" . One of the great call signs topped only by "Speedbird", spoken with a Brit accent :)
  12. Hi Michele: Just wondered if you had any remarks on my question on any plans for further refining of the brakes? Thanks and best regards Rick
  13. Cabin pressure

    Understood. Check the rate knob.
  14. Cabin pressure

    Are you hearing "Cabin Pressure" at altitude or in the climb? There is a rate of pressurization adjustment that may be out of adjustment. I have never heard that aural on this aircraft with the rate knob centered. Pressurization is automatic with the lineup correct.