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  1. I simply use notepad or wordpad and use the "find" function with a few letters like "brak", or "autop"
  2. Can happen in RW as shown by the recent terrible PIA crash.
  3. Ha!!! Got me there! I guess you are ever so politely suggesting I listen when I move the throttles? Of course, I was just going to write to tell you that I installed the modified .mdl on top of the modified .mdl in 2.0b. I've been away from the Falcon for about a year now and you guys have really moved it forward. Without a doubt, this is the best of class. And now on sale!!! Thanks again Al. All is well. Rick
  4. Yes. I was running straight stick 2.0b and it seemed ok. When I introduced the 32 bit version of the new .mdl, the lights went out. Just in those two areas. I'll try removing the new .mdl just to be sure.
  5. Hi Al: I just installed this .mdl file today. The sound is great but in my FSX/Win 7 64 Pro system it seems to have affected the autopilot annunciator panel on the console and the alert panel just below the glare shield. The autopilot seems to work normally but the lights are out. Rick
  6. I think it is under "Manage 3D Settings" with the little whirling whirligig....:) Correction: "Settings With Preview"....
  7. Hi Al: One of the best tweaks I ever made was going to NCP and selecting "High Quality", and ended tweaking there. I spent years tweaking with NI and tweaked myself into mediocre performance. The "High Quality" setting delivered great graphics and high frames.
  8. The only firewall I have is Windows. I also have Windows Defender. But no other. I didn't think of that today but I'll try tomorrow turning off both of those and see. If not then I'll try disconnecting from the internet as you suggest. Thanks Rick
  9. Thanks Al. Update here: I went to the Flysimware store and bought a fresh license and the install bombed with the same result as above. Arrrggghhh!! 🙂
  10. Hello all: I downloaded 4.3c from SimMarket where I originally purchased the aircraft. I uninstalled the earlier version of the Lear, then proceeded to install 4.3c. I right clicked the installer and chose install as administrator after copying the key onto the clipboard. After hitting "Next" on the first dialogue another dialogue pops up telling me among other things to uninstall previous, which I did. I hit OK, then another box pops up with my key, I hit Next, and a small box pops up telling me "this may take a moment", I then hit OK and yet another box pops up and says "Could Not Open Request", so I hit OK again and the Serial Number box remains, grayed out, and everything seemingly goes dead. Could someone please explain what is happening? I am running FSX Gold, Win7 64 Pro, and have successfully installed and flown a number of versions previously with no problems, but not in about 1 year. Thanks Rick
  11. Alan, I believe that is wise counsel for any flight sim add on with the complexity of a modern transport aircraft. Best regards, Rick
  12. So here is an interesting thought. Does anyone have an idea how many customers these developers have for their offerings? How many licenses or units, however one wishes to think of it, does an aircraft developer sell for their latest aircraft? These license sales are how the developers pay their employees salaries and overhead. So imagine developer XYZ Inc sells 10,000 licenses at $80 per, that is $800,000 US. If they have 8 employees, that is $100,000 per employee for salary and overhead on an annual basis. Not a lot of money in today's world for salary and overhead. So how do these developers stay in business? Are they all part timers?
  13. I am very happy flying FSX on high end hardware with great aircraft and scenery add ons. Why would I ever go to P3D and such expensive aircraft, not to even mention the costs expected for Flight Simulator?
  14. I purchased the earlier FSX CS757 and I would give it an "ok" rating. One huge deficiency for FSX was there was no Terrain feature, which is absolutely required. I was told by CS to go pound sand and that they were moving on to P3D and forget FSX. Well, I went out and picked up the QW787, which is an immensely superior product.
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