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  1. would love to try the fa50 gtn  panel




  2. emb


    Thanks for all those that responded. I found the problem. I had mispelled the backup sound folder. Everything OK now. Dumb Me.:-roll
  3. emb


    Yep I can hear all those.
  4. emb


    Yes to all the above. Everything is tuned in and turned on. No Atis no nothing. I did make a backup of the sound folder because I installed Sound Enviroment. Didn't like so I unistalled and restored the original sound folder.
  5. emb


    Nope didn't use that. Just can't figure this thing out.
  6. emb


    I'm unable to hear any atc conversations. All settings in sound menu are enabled. I have the reqiured file in the sound folder. However I'm not able to select a pilot voice. Thanks
  7. emb


    Hi Rob Would also be able to send me those mod for the A319.Thanks Robmather9602@rogers.com
  8. Is it possible to have Ai Traffic fly a specific route. That is depart rwy, fly direct to a nav fix, then a specific airway to destination.
  9. Is possible to have AI planes fly a specific route between two airports.For example, take-off, turn left to 270 degrees fly direct to Yoo NDB then direct destination.
  10. emb

    Ai Traffic

    Wow Thanks for the quick response
  11. How do I get Ai Traffic to show their destination and what airline they are?
  12. Hi FolksGot a problem with the default scenery. When I load a flight all airports and lakes are elevated above the rest of the scenery. Help
  13. Hi FolksGot a problem with default scenery. When I load a flight all airports and lakes are elevated above the rest of the scenery.Thanks
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