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  1. Jim Thanks for the help I'm not really sure what I did, but everthing is working now all the drives are mapped and AS6 found all the files it needed to run corectly. Again thanks Dave.
  2. Jim Thanks for the info well I've got the drives to map now, but when I open as6 it asking me to navigate to my fs9 folder ok I understand. So on the client pc I click on z:my mapped drive on the server then navigate to programfiles where fs9 is located , but I get access denied! I don't get it c: on the server is setup to share yet it won't allow me to access the necessary files to setup as6.Dave
  3. >Dave>I had a similar issue (not with active sky) but another>program that was installed on my home network. This sounds>crazy but I got around it by mapping the drive on the "client">drive first and then I found that I could "see" it on the>"server" drive. It may be worth a try as Microsoft Home>Network works in mysterious ways. So if you have 2 PCs and>PC1 has the drive you wish to access from PC2, I "mapped" the>drive on PC1 first and then I found that PC2 could see the>drive. There may be a more elegant solution.>Hope this helps>PeterH Hi Peter I've tried all sorts of combinations so far nothing works it's about to drive me to drink. Dave
  4. Jim I don't know what's going on when I try to map the network drive all I get is a popup saying ATTEMPTING TO CONNECT CLIENTNAMEHEREC.Then I get THE NETWORK PATH CLIENTNAMEHEREC COULD NOT BE FOUND. I've opened port 8002 for WideFs on both computers the client will map to the server , but the server will not map to the client. Dave
  5. >Hi,>>So from the server machine you cannot access this drive?>>I will be away for about 24 hours.>>Thanks,>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/>Active Sky V6 Development Team >Active Sky V6 Proud Supporter>HiFi Beta Team>Radar Contact Supporter: http://www.jdtllc.com/>AirSource Member: http://www.air-source.us/>FSEconomy Member:http://www.fseconomy.com/Jim Yes the server is the one I'm having problems mapping a drive. Also I don't know where the smile face came from in my previous post sorry about that the word sould be (Properties).Dave
  6. >Hi,>>Have you shared C on the client machine?>>Thanks,>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/>Active Sky V6 Development Team >Active Sky V6 Proud Supporter>HiFi Beta Team>Radar Contact Supporter: http://www.jdtllc.com/>AirSource Member: http://www.air-source.us/>FSEconomy Member:http://www.fseconomy.com/Jim Yes- In the client C:Properties window I have the (Share this folder on the network checked) and (Allow network users to change my files checked)and when I go to my computer C: drive has the sharing hand under the c:drive symbol. Dave
  7. Hi JimOn the FS9/WideServer PC, I open MS Windows Explorer and from the menu, choose Tools -> Map Network Drive
  8. After reading JSKorna post setting up ASv6 with Widefs I'm having an issue tring to get the server to map z: drive so far the client pc had no problems just the server pc. I don't know what I need to post here so somebody can help so let me know and I'll post what I can.Dave
  9. So what's the truth? I've been reading the Level-D forums and people seem to be happy with mcp-pro yes there are issuse here and there but all in all the unit works. Dave
  10. Yea Baby! been waiting a long time.Dave
  11. Hi Gary one more question right now I have two monitors attached to the video card one on the vga output and one on the dvi output. Question is if I plug this third monitor in the s-video jack will windows see this monitor as a third monitor or would it still see it as my second monitor? Hope this makes sense. Dave
  12. Hi Gary Thanks for the info I will give it try and see what happens. I was thinking of using this 4 1/2" tft for the fmc hope it works. Dave
  13. Question: Is the video coming out of the s-video plug on the back of my gf6600 ntsc format? The reason I ask is a friend has a 4 1/2"tft flat panel with ntsc input ,but I'm not quite sure if this will work or not.So far I hav'nt been able to find any info detailed enough to determine if this will work. Dave
  14. I know there's a patch they are working on but I hav'nt heard anything for a while now their all kind of quite about it.Maybe someone else knows. To answer your question the mcp-pro sort of works , but not very well from what I read. I'm still waiting for them to sort things out before I buy one it's been a long wait so far. Dave
  15. X-keys (www.xkeys.com) usb board will do toggle swithes works just fine. Dave
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