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  1. Above All we have to thank Luis for his contribution. Your comments are really very much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. If pressurization was working, it will show negative on cabin vario indeed. Perhaps what happens is that with cabin alt at 0 (parameter not initialized) and aircraft at 40K the cabin safety valve popped... now that I think of it, this is very likely!
  3. Hmm... this is as you suggest due to local parameters not being saved... In fact I never attempted saving a flight and resuming it later... generally I do not fly more than 2 hour hops! At such poor initial conditions, the pressurization system safety mechanisms may refuse to get it working... or it simply takes time for the cabin to pressurize... does the cabin variometer show a descent? You can use time acceleration (But some issues may arise with autopilot or time-dependent variables). I know a gauge that allows me to save local variables for later re-load and may fix this issue for forthcoming releases... I am slowly accumulating little "requests" of this kind for the P-180 and the PD-808, and may one day release a small update for them...
  4. ...and another advice! Go join the guys at FSDeveloper.com Forums, that's the FS-Dev's hiding nest (see you there?)!
  5. I have been in talk with the guy behind it... still need to find time to test it out! It is a land-class, and it covers the entire globe, so if you want more city detail this will do! (OSM covered areas will be higher in detail, but this may cover areas that OSM database missed?)
  6. Thou Shalt consult P3D SDK! Generally, if an aircraft does not "use" specular or bump maps, they can not be added. Missing spec/bump texture files make the aircraft render incorrectly. If the aircraft does not ship with them, they can not be added... Just like FS9, diffuse (normal) texture contains an alpha channel that "should" add reflections (envmap). You can try add it if not there, but if aircraft becomes semi-transparent, remove it. You shall check texture.cfg (if present) as FS-X & P3D do fallback tricks so you can have a "common" texture folder and have single re-paints without repeating stuff as VC and bump/spec maps. This is where specular/bump map textures may be. Specular maps contain a color map for the shine (in FS-9, this is a color embedded in the model) and an alpha that dictates if the shine is "glossy" or "matte" (e.g. thin but bright or wide and gradual, think metal vs. rubber. Black alpha= metal, white alpha=rubber). If diffuse is black, no shine. Diffuse can be any RGB value. Bump maps are more complicated. There is a bump map plugin for photoshop, and then you need to juggle around the RGB channels and drop one in the alpha... do not remember how to now... you should try to google "FSX bump maps GIMP" or something alike... Final note DDS DXT5 is higher quality than DXT-3, better use that one! FSX (and P3d?) attempts to load a "BMP" file, if not found looks for "DDS". DDS may need to be flipped vertically. DXTBMP can do this for you... There is no strict naming convention for texture files, therefore a "_spec" or " _bump" file will not be picked up by the sim unless it is declared inside the MDL file...
  7. I was originally going to post a curiosity shot from this flight, but it proved so scenic of a flight I took more shots for the memory! This got me started on the screenshots... must be a windi day and someone forgot to tie down !!! Let's hope out there for a smooth flight, and this not to be a sign of things to come...!!! FL300 above the clouds, sun is setting! Did not have a view like that in a while!! AS we keep on going, the clouds a re still here breathtakingly tinting with the setting sun's atmosphere... This is why we love flying! On our way down at about 5000 ft, breaking through the clouds into the lights of Paris! Turning on the glideslope... We are going to seriously need it!! Somehow, we made it... a bouncy landing in the turbulent weather... kept me t5oo busy for shots on the way down... visual with RWY26 occurred only 5 miles out... aircraft not equipped with auto-land!! FS)-Evo + OSM World Western Europe work great together... !!
  8. So, the project is still alive, yes! I have been deeply entrenched in Photoshop doing backgrounds for cockpit panels, so this is what I show you today: 2D cockpit. So far the only working gauge is a partially completed ADI. It is a fairly advanced unit comprising a full turn coordinator... Side console, captain side. HDG gyro controls, HUD panel, oxygen mask... 3D details still missing. The area behind still needs modeling, but it is just a storage area... Virtual Cockpit. No working gauges yet.... textures still not done aside the panel itself... The pedestal panel. Throttles, radio, AP... Still lots to do here.... Overhead panel. Although most knobs are done (not functional yet) all switches are still not there... More to come in the future! Stay tuned!!
  9. I have similar issues. The kneeboard does not pop up when I press F10... although F10 again makes the selection buttons show as they are clicked... panning also reveals where the "backgroundized" kneeboard went... if you try and drag it with the mouse it then shows properly... also pressing ALT to show the main menu affects things. Try pressing ALT and see what happens!
  10. square lake borders are due to inland water-class at default landclass level. The mask-landclñass of OSM world South America tries to fix this, but making it more aggressive covers up landclass near all coastlines with a pattern of 2 different classes. FS has a strange way of rendering land-class in which a cell with a transparent neighbor is ignored and rendered transparent... I already "went over" by 2 px to compensate for this and sometimes it is already too much.... some others like above it is not enough... I with I could just decompile the default landclass and edit it up ....
  11. Hi All! Edition #5! I have completed external textures! Next up is work on 2D & 3D cockpit! Let's begin! Overview! textures are very hi-res. The aircraft looks "clean" until you close up and all the panel lines come into view! a closer view! note that "cockpit" textures are incomplete! I will work on these at DVC level and dwonscale them for the external model Wing, gear, engine...overall "blown dirt" effect on the aircraft... a closeup of the deployed thrust reverser! This is not a "texture" but 3D reverser vanes! all out! similar to shot #2, but with engine running and flaps down! You can use the built-in air stair to climb aboard!! So you followed my advice on the previous image... virtual cabin! ....unless you prefer traveling on the cargo compartments!! Spoilers are up! Hope you enjoyed!!
  12. From my understanding of default.bgl, it is only needed to place library objects in "texture tiles", e.g. normal scenery. As per vector roads, objects are called directly via their GUID in terrain.cfg. Installing the terrain.cfg from the russian add-on should get it to work as it supposedly affects only roads Also, a note to Sascha: I spotted an error in the default.xml provided, line 1686 reads "<<LIBRARYOBJECT>" instead of "<LIBRARYOBJECT>". maybe this explains some troubles you had getting the lights to show up?
  13. Thanks!! I really hope so. This is a freeware project as always! Will ship in a FS-9 and FS-X version (true FS-X with bumpmaps etc...) I doubt it will be ready by the end of the year! Maybe 1st quarter 2016... I still need to get 2D and virtual cockpit done, finish texturing, prepare the documentation.... at least external model is almost complete (some animations need to be programmed accordingly to systems, as of now they either mirror default animations or respond to SHIFT+E for testing ...)
  14. Thanks for the kind comments! very much appreciated!
  15. Well, here I am at it again. The project is still alive and well, and today's updates are: A paint job for the tail fin! Same goes for the main gears.... painted RAT.... Nose gear textured... Retractable air-stair unit. This and all the doors and cargo hatches will be operable via the door/hatch status indicator on the overhead panel (original unit is only a display, but in-sim I plan to make the lights click-to-open door). Note that the texture needs to be still worked on... the red line along door/hatch seams is only a temporary aliment color in the textures... stair going in. almost retracted. Air-stair modeled according to original AFM drawings! The animation is also linked to the nose gear suspension so it compensates for changes in payload and it stays on the ground all time. work on the interior has begun. Although textures are mapped, they are to-do. They are here disabled for clarity... the full cabin area... still missing seats and details! Cargo areas are modeled too, but without textures they still look too awful for a screenshot Stay tuned for more!
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