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  1. Above All we have to thank Luis for his contribution. Your comments are really very much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. If pressurization was working, it will show negative on cabin vario indeed. Perhaps what happens is that with cabin alt at 0 (parameter not initialized) and aircraft at 40K the cabin safety valve popped... now that I think of it, this is very likely!
  3. Hmm... this is as you suggest due to local parameters not being saved... In fact I never attempted saving a flight and resuming it later... generally I do not fly more than 2 hour hops! At such poor initial conditions, the pressurization system safety mechanisms may refuse to get it working... or it simply takes time for the cabin to pressurize... does the cabin variometer show a descent? You can use time acceleration (But some issues may arise with autopilot or time-dependent variables). I know a gauge that allows me to save local variables for later re-load and may fix this issue for forthcoming releases... I am slowly accumulating little "requests" of this kind for the P-180 and the PD-808, and may one day release a small update for them...
  4. From my understanding of default.bgl, it is only needed to place library objects in "texture tiles", e.g. normal scenery. As per vector roads, objects are called directly via their GUID in terrain.cfg. Installing the terrain.cfg from the russian add-on should get it to work as it supposedly affects only roads Also, a note to Sascha: I spotted an error in the default.xml provided, line 1686 reads "<<LIBRARYOBJECT>" instead of "<LIBRARYOBJECT>". maybe this explains some troubles you had getting the lights to show up?
  5. My main Sim is FS-2004, however my main "game" is gMax Small time voids are filled with: War Thunder: For now only aircraft Hedgewars: turn-based artillery 2D game. Like Worms but with pink hedgehogs and freeware. Light-hearted and hilarious If I have more time I may play online MechWarrior 4 via GameRanger if I have been too much time on gMax and accessories...
  6. Perhaps W10 caps out at refresh rate... I will see that as an advantage as it offloads pointless CPU/GPU workload, and 60FPS is great anyway
  7. Whoa!! I do not fly XP but this is wonderful! I tied a similar approach in FS9 where I attempted placing autogen buildings besides residential OSM roads. Although It worked the FPS impact was unacceptable. It was not very smart either as it could only choose a random building type for each segment of road... I had plans to include new bridges, tunnel mouths, trains, etc... perhaps you can do this in X-Plane very easily...
  8. Dear All, Courtesy of AVSim, this is the new Mario Noriega Deigns Forum! Although it is in the commercial section, you can post here your support questions regarding all my add-ons!
  9. Her I have a DIY solution at probably 0$... I started collecting bottle caps since i got my Saitek Pro Yoke a few years back. They work wonders! To make a throttle lever you need: 2x black plastic bottle caps CA glue (or epoxy) a swiss army knife, exacto knife or another cutting device. optionally a hacksaw How to: 1) cut a square hole on the side of one cap . That is where the saitek lever snaps in, so be very cautious to obtain a forced fit 2) saw off the top portion of the other cap 3) glue together the two caps. I also had some packing foam laying around. Filled in the caps with that. Do not use polystyrene foam as it will simply disintegrate... you can fill in the inside with whatever you find that seems fitting... optional step. I made 3 of those so Yan fly a 727, or use 2 and a prop lever for turbos (I use FSUIPC mix in prop and mix)... I also have a spiler/airbrake lever made out of plastified carboard (glossy black!!) and filled with the qabove mentioned packing foam... nos to great looking, but the different tactile sensation makes sure you do not operate spoilers instead of throttles...
  10. As long as you find a place to connect them both, no problem at all...connect the Saitek to an USB port and the CH pedals to the gameport... Done! then configure everything up in FS-9X...FS will load up as meny controllers you are able to plug in!!http://www.mario.wspilots.com/signature_forum.gifhttp://www.mariopilot.6x.to
  11. I don't see why it will be illegal to download the 4th CD from E-Mule and writing it to a disc... since you've got the other 3 to demonstrate you bought it... just conserve the boroken original one just in case...http://www.mario.wspilots.com/signature_forum.gifhttp://www.mariopilot.6x.to
  12. Hi!!Given that both yokes cost almost the same, the Saitek one seems to have more to offer than the CH model...BUT:Saitek yoke has experienced a problem where first run units had lots of hardware problems... it seems to be addressed by now...I'm looking to buy a Saitek one, but waiting a little (wait almost over anyway) to see if the problems clear away...newer SN yokes (Starting form SZ0051?) look to be fine so I'm just waiting for people to buy the old ones... :( http://www.mario.wspilots.com/signature_forum.gifhttp://www.mariopilot.6x.to
  13. Salve!Per quanto riguarda alettoni elevatori, etc... mi pare fosse così da sempre... ma per quanto riguarda flap e carrello almeno in FS9 venivano animati correttamente... ma FS-X potrebbe avere un ennesimo baco qui...hai installato la SP-2?http://www.mario.wspilots.com/signature_forum.gifhttp://www.mariopilot.6x.to
  14. OK... Let us know if it worked properly... I'm keeping in close touch with this new product and if the new batch of yokes works fine I will order one!! maybe with Saitek rudder peddies as well (the pedals are generally fine anyway, but some may "pop out" of track and lock...)... my modified sidewinder pedals do OK but are barely inadequate to fly airplanes...http://www.mario.wspilots.com/signature_forum.gifhttp://www.mariopilot.6x.to
  15. Hello!Here I have a strange setup: gameport joystick 8MS Sidewinder FFeedback 1) and gameport pedals (modified sidewinder pedals connetced to home-made gameport peripheral). It does really not matter if you have one USB or one Gameport controller as long as you don't assign them the same function (e.g remove rudder axis control from joystick). Windows Vista appears not to support gameports so again go with USB pedals (if your joystickyoke is gameport and or USB it will not matter as long as you have a place to connect the pedals). From here I don't see that much price difference between SAitek and CH pedals, and SITEK looks definitely better (I may one day buy their new yoke once it works properly and their pedals if I can affor them..).As long as you can, get USB thingies, they are faster, more precise and best of all, plug-'n-play!http://www.mario.wspilots.com/signature_forum.gifhttp://www.mariopilot.6x.to
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