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  1. rhumbaflappy

    FSX upgrade

    You don't say what CPU you have, or the amount of memory. That said, a 1070Ti is more than sufficient for P3D, especially at 1080p resolution. 16gb memory would help, but should not be a requirement. I'm guessing your CPU is fine. Just like FSX, sliders will need to be adjusted. Almost all FSX scenery will work in P3D. Very few exceptions. Aircraft is another matter. The 64-bit program requires 64-bit DLLs. C++ gauges from FSX will not work. If the FSX gauges are XML, they should work. My personal experience is that P3D runs better than FSX.
  2. I actually bought a scratch'n'dent Dell system. Best bang for my buck. One thing I did learn that would be relevant here: get 32GB memory if you can swing it. 16GB might be a bit shy for the future of our flight simming. Happy holidays to all.
  3. I think I'd take 'motherboard compatibility' with a grain of salt. A BIOS upgrade cannot change the basic hardware. You might end up with a V-8 in a model-T.
  4. rhumbaflappy

    “Microsoft Flight Sim 2018”

    This is the wrong forum again
  5. rhumbaflappy

    Flight Sim World, going once, going twice

    Wrong forum.
  6. rhumbaflappy

    which one of FS Global

    Wrong forum.
  7. rhumbaflappy

    Does anyone have the TFS A380?

    Wrong forum.
  8. rhumbaflappy

    Any real pilots who fly into Gatwick?

    Wrong Forum? This is For MS Flight!
  9. rhumbaflappy

    SBuilderX with P3D

    In SBuilderX315, menu Edit | FSX Settings... you can change the path and sim to P3D. If the Tools are not present (red) then copy the tools using the Copy From... buttons. Dick
  10. rhumbaflappy

    Alternative to SBuilderX?

    Luis Sa has created a new version. SBuilderX315. it is updated to deal with issues created by Windows 10, and it is compiled with the latest version of VB.net. This also solves some issues with memory. It is useful for Windows & and above. Windows XP users will need to use an earlier version. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/sbuilderx-v315.441705/ Dick
  11. Hi all. The newer versions of visual studio and the .NET versions have changed the behavior of the ANYCPU form of compiling. I have a zipped folder I'm attaching, that has been compiled as .NET version 4.7 with Windows10 64-bit. I'm seeking someone with a 32-bit windows version to try to run the batchfile within the zip, to see if ANYCPU is truly ANYCPU. The file produces some shapefiles and reads one. Here's the Google Drive Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0QpXWuJbh-bMFNzeGZBNjRYMXc Dick
  12. FS2004 or Microsoft Flight. Possibly FSX without any CPU intensive addons. Dick
  13. rhumbaflappy

    LOD8 Image tool

    Thank you for the files. I've used dotpeek to recreate the code, and I'll have an updated version 3 available soon. Dick
  14. rhumbaflappy

    LOD8 Image tool

    Hi all. I had a request for these files, and I have lost it and the code. Does anyone have a copy?
  15. Why not save the money for a new system, and then hold the money and overclock the old system. It it works fine (and age is not necessarily a factor for a CPU overclocking), then buy 16GB ddr3 ( which won't significantly slow your system), and spend the rest of the saved money on something more fun that a new system, that will son feel like an old system. Or just buy a new system, but don't blame the CPU's age or DDR3 memory.