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  1. Me as well. My performance went to word not allowed after the update. I'm really seeing nothing else that got "fixed" either that made it worth it. I should of just waited.
  2. XP's ground handling is pretty terrible. So there's probably nothing wrong.
  3. XP11

    What KABQ senery is that?
  4. XP11

    Is that autogen just overlays with Orthos? It looks really accurate.
  5. I think it's logical that freeware will become less prominent, but that was always going to happen if an increase in quality became deserved by users and I think we are at that point. It's a trade off. Higher quality addons will ultimately attract new players. But because XP has done such a great job in how they've built tools for freeware, we'll probably always have a lot more freeware vs. FSX/P3D, where it's non-existent. It's just so easy to go make your home airport and have it actually look passable. I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. From what I hear, the 7600k makes 5.0ghz just like the 7700k so that's a good compromise as long as you overclock it.
  7. Think of it like the "extended DSF" option in XP10.
  8. The major things are 64bit, adjustable autogen draw distance (nearly to the horizon now), dynamic lighting, and higher texture resolutions among some other lighting tweaks. There's a ton more under the hood and with performance but as far as eye candy goes, those are the major things you'll notice. The increased autogen draw distance is very impressive
  9. Not really, but I'm not satisfied with XP11 either. With P3Dv4, it's still the graphical limitations of the ESP engine that bug me (hard transitions to airport grounds, how water intersects with land, how city textures just spill over into the water, etc.). With XP11, it's the atmospherics, the ground handling, the lack of good weather, and the general lack of direction by LR on fixing long standing quirks about their program. The frustrating thing is that both sims generally solve the other's problems within their own context. So while I really like P3Dv4 when compared to it's predecessors, I'm still waiting for a holy grail moment. Another coat of paint on the ESP engine isn't it.
  10. Much, much further autogen draw distance, a first for any ESP platform.
  11. It bugs the hell out of me. Trust me, in real life you can see depth of buildings and trees further than the 7km ring of FSX/FSW (and previously P3D). It's especially annoying to me in urban areas, where the draw distance line is very noticeable. I'm betting FSW will correct this as it's a big eye sore and they seem to have a focus on fixing that kind of stuff. Just go watch Froogle's video linked earlier in the thread where he's on approach into KLAX to see what I'm talking about.
  12. You are confusing LOD with draw distance of autogen. The autogen radius in FSW is the same as FSX, i.e. very small and it is hard coded until they change it.
  13. The biggest improvement in P3Dv4 for me is the much greater autogen range. That's something that continually gets glossed over in this pissing matches but it's a big graphics upgrade for me, especially flying into urban areas. When DTG gets around to fixing that, I'll buy FSW. I uninstalled P3Dv3 and went to XP11 full time because I was so sick of seeing a short ring of autogen around the plane.
  14. Anytime you start seeing splotchy autogen loading at the horizon or even closer, it's because the sim can't keep up with the load you are putting on the system. What's your autogen draw distance set at? Try lowering it. If that fixes it, then yeah, only an upgraded system is gonna fix it.
  15. XP11

    What settings are you using to get the water masks so far out from the land?