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  1. I heard AMD will have two different VRAM options for their new cards. So you may be able to get 3070 performance with 16GB of VRAM from AMD's relative product (I think it'll be the regular 6700, not XT? that rivals the 3070).
  2. I don't need to check with "youtube pilots." I'm a commercial pilot. I've flown twin engine planes. Whether the default A320 is spot on is not my concern. But the idea that MSFS is more arcade that simulation is nonsense.
  3. Nonsense. I'm a real pilot and this sim is not "closer to an arcade" that an simulation with it's flight model. Not even close. Having problems doesn't mean hyperbole is helpful.
  4. 29% faster in 4K is nothing to sneeze at. But it's what I expected. The biggest gains are going to come for chumps like me still on a 970, not the guy who has a 2080ti already.
  5. No, I don’t think so. The purpose of the cache is not better performance. It’s to save internet usage for those with data caps. Naturally, when you ask a computer to stream and cache at the same time, performance may suffer.
  6. Given there was a whole thread on the reviews being bad in the first week, I think it’s relevant to point out they’ve rebounded.
  7. It’s a general problem with a lot of sims. Go 8x in P3D and the plane will go nuts sometimes. I think the simulation of the AP can’t keep up with the rapidly changing conditions. Maybe they could one day make it so wind/weather no longer affect the plane when accelerating time.
  8. Pretty cool to know you can do this even if one doesn’t have the hardware right now. The hard LOD ring for autogen buildings in FSX was a big handicap. P3D finally increased the range with v4. Two years from now, this tweak will be really useful for more people.
  9. That’s a problem in XP11 and P3D with vector addons too. I don’t know how you fix that without doing it by hand. There’s no world wide gro-referenced database for street lights unfortunately.
  10. The sepia filter at high altitudes is the biggest issue. Been complaining about it since the Alpha. But I understand what they are trying to do. It just needs tweaking. The color is a little off to me and it shows up in areas it shouldn't, causing that "lit moon" look at times. But I will say that the night lighting overall is the best in any sim. People that prefer XP11 prefer it because it's brighter and more "hollywood" for lack of a better term. But it's not realistic at all. Cities are not actually covered in overly bright, massive bulbs of light that lack variety. Those are the visuals of overexposed pictures and videos you see on the internet, not the human eye. MSFS' method produces a much more realistic scene except for the filter, which needs to be changed.
  11. Could be a color setting. I would never say anything is perfect, but MSFS' scattering and coloring is far superior to any other sim as far as what real life looks like. Maybe your eyes are just used to the more washed out, dull look of P3D? Or the incredibly sharp, dark look of XP11?
  12. It is available in some planes. Use the 530 for DME in the 172 steam for example. The 152 is just a basic IFR platform. It doesn't have DME in the game.
  13. A VOR is much more likely to be down for maintenance or a DME is much more likely to fail than someone is to jam enough GPS satellites to cause a widespread outage. And we have WAAS now, which is so reliable that the FAA doesn't even require a backup system to it like they did with regular GPS. Everything is a trade-off I suppose. In modern aviation, glass is far more reliable than steam and GPS is far more reliable than radio. But nothing will ever be full-proof.
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