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  1. Ortho4XP in P3D?

    Even if it worked in P3D, the engine just doesn't do ortho scenery well IMO. At least not without a developer spending resources to color correct it and annotate it properly. And the way P3D does autogen isn't really compatible with how XP11 can do overlays on orthos. Not as freeware at least. Orbx obviously has it figured out for their coming payware but it's not being done by a simple tool like Ortho4XP.
  2. Default XP11 is way too hazy compared to most real world conditions outside of bad weather. The simple way to get rid of it is with the art controls and fog be gone. Set it to like 0.5 instead of 1.0. If you turn it off too much, you'll get weird transitions at the horizon (that were previously covered by the haze).
  3. Until LR fixes the ground handling and some other aerodynamic issues, it'll continue to be off-putting to P3D users. If it were just about graphics, XP11 already beats P3D by a mile with Ortho4XP.
  4. Or LR could just fix the ground handling problems that have existed for a very long time. It's really not that much to ask at this point. Ground handling is not an issue on the margins. It's a major part of a simulator. Fixing issues is the developers job. That's why you pay them money to buy their software. This non-sense where everyone who makes a valid complaint is told to go fix it themselves or file some super-detailed bug report that tells LR exactly how to fix it is stupid. That's not how consumer software works and it's not the end-users responsibility to know how to fix issues.
  5. Why is the structure the way it is?

    Well, that structure goes back decades of FSX versions so that's the simple answer. There's no reason it couldn't actually be designed to be self-contained like XP11 is, but because it's a legacy program, it is what it is.
  6. 8700k You are just pissing money away with those other CPUs, which will not overclock as well. P3D thrives on a high overclock.
  7. DCS 2.5 OB Released

    It does everything better than both. The atmospherics, reflections, and lighting are much better. The resolution of cities and textures is also much better. The performance for such detail is loads better. Cities actually look like hand crafted cities and have a very 3D quality to them (somewhat like XP11 but better). It's head and shoulders above anything P3D's is capable of. But it's not world wide, so there's that.
  8. It'd be more reassuring if he wasn't still telling people to file bug reports. At this point, he's no doubt got 1000 bug reports on the ground handling issue. And if he wants data on the problem, he can boot up his sim and see how terrible it is. It's not like it's intermittent or occasional. Another user filing yet another bug report is not going to give him anymore usable data.
  9. I'm a fan of options. While it might melt your computer if they gave the option to increase the LOD on the lights, it'd be nice to have the choice because right now it looks terrible. Same way I felt about P3D and autogen radius. Finally in v4, they gave people the option to greatly increase it.
  10. I haven't simmed in a while so this is my outsiders perspective. I think it looks good but it's not enough for me anymore. These small incremental steps that cost $50 here, $60 there have just pushed me away. I'm tired of the expensive cycle that never quite pays off. Every few months something supposedly groundbreaking comes out and it's never really that groundbreaking. Maybe in a few years something will catch my eye again to get me back interested.
  11. Version 11.10.

    Me as well. My performance went to word not allowed after the update. I'm really seeing nothing else that got "fixed" either that made it worth it. I should of just waited.
  12. stearing problems in XP11

    XP's ground handling is pretty terrible. So there's probably nothing wrong.
  13. KPHX to KABQ

    What KABQ senery is that?
  14. Tri-Motor @KTTF

    Is that autogen just overlays with Orthos? It looks really accurate.
  15. I think it's logical that freeware will become less prominent, but that was always going to happen if an increase in quality became deserved by users and I think we are at that point. It's a trade off. Higher quality addons will ultimately attract new players. But because XP has done such a great job in how they've built tools for freeware, we'll probably always have a lot more freeware vs. FSX/P3D, where it's non-existent. It's just so easy to go make your home airport and have it actually look passable. I wouldn't worry about it.