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  1. How many times does this have to be explained? MSFS was always going to be on game pass. Always, as in that was announced at the beginning. Games on game pass are also available as one time purchases. This isn't complicated. You can pay for Netflix, or you can buy a movie on blu-ray. It's the same concept. BTW, seeing people who happily pay $60 a year to rebuy a barely changed P3D, and pay another $500 a year in addons to make it playable, spin theories about the evils of what MSFS might cost is a bit silly. Relax.
  2. I'm in, but I was one of the very first to sign up (like the first few days), so that may be why.
  3. Holy word not allowed...I had completely given up...and then I just saw the email.
  4. No way in hell I'm flying closer than 20 miles to a supercell and there's not a DPE that would give you a rating if you told him/her you would. But to each his own. The point is, it's almost impossible to realistically model tornadoes in a sim because of the nature of them, plus there's no reason to put any time into something that's so inconsequential to real world aviation. Seeing a water spout is far different than a real tornado, but that too would be practically impossible to model unless you just make them randomly appear.
  5. There's plenty of pictures of things on Google involving awful decision making.
  6. There's no situation in aviation where you are going to actually see a tornado. If you ever got close enough to one, your plane probably got ripped to shreds by the thunderstorms 20 miles prior.
  7. The current sims produce cirrus clouds way too often because they assume them for eye candy. Not every clear day has cirrus clouds. Quite the opposite. I’ve seen them in MSFS. We just don’t know how realistic their rate of appearance is yet.
  8. Google has better photogrammetry but there's no chance MS was ever going to be able to use their chief competitors data. Overall, Bing is not bad and bests Google in some ortho areas. It's a favorite among the Ortho4XP crowd for a reason.
  9. My main concern now is water color. One of the worst parts of XP11 is the dark blue water in the Carribean and blue water in muddy rivers. MSFS has to get water classes incorporated.
  10. I think they've already said that the AI system takes over in the airport environment, so hopefully that won't be an issue.
  11. Given those flights are almost certainly on a flight plan and will register in the data, yes, they will be there. VFR traffic that's not in radar contact or aren't ADSB equipped wouldn't be there. I'm guessing they'll have a mix of random AI to fill those holes.
  12. It's different all over the world. And it's just the nature of the beast. It's still going to be 10x better than what we currently have in our sims.
  13. If this announcement is something big, i.e. a release date or coming early access, they will have timed it just right I think. But I agree that they can't keep this up another 6 months. Something has to give or the hype will die out.
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